Axe, Bacon and Eggs.


Went out with the dog this morning to make myself some breakfast, and play with a new axe that I got recently.

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hate through a knot or not through a knot

no let's don't take my firewood bro stop for you you know I really like this axe well nine thirty or so in the morning and I got up I said to come go to the woods with the dog to me hey hey stop go to the woods with the dog to make breakfast I got some bacon and eggs I picked this axe up last weekend in Pennsylvania I had originally found an axe in my grandma's basement when I moved in this is the head and I Rehan all right I took it off the handle cuz the handle was broken I tried to sharpen it couldn't sharpen it so I gave it to my buddy Kenny suspect device he sharpened it up and half did it did a real nice job I didn't use the whip metal edge just the wood wedge sunk in real nice I think he made the wedge out of cherry he said sharpen it up real good first ten minutes I had it I chopped through the axe mask and I hit a rock and kind of mess up the toe a little bit but Kyle fixed up for me it's a good day to be in the woods I'm happy I'm out here so we're gonna go find a smaller tree and this is my fuel for the fire I need some kindling what not maybe I'll be able to use my axe again getting some kindling off a smaller tree so go the extra weight on the head really helps I'm used to using my water links which is the same size as a grants firs Scandinavian axe the 26 inch one anyways I can't remember that the weight on the head can't be two pounds oh and this thing has got to be I'd say two and a half pounds his head razor-sharp and I really like the extra weight and the fact that it's more of a North American style head or the shape of it anyways Kenny said it might be German but the style of it the shape of the head is not not the Tomahawks tell that I'm used to which it's good go on but I'm gonna let this thing burn down go chop some blogs for a pair of chair go on buddy get it don't let that stick win get it go get it get this stick all right bud that's enough what a month ago on Kyle and I went our camping trip I learned quite a few things from simple things like measuring the pulse for your parrot chair one time so that you know how long that has to be every time for you yeah sounds pretty simple but she's never thought of it so I'm about the same as his and his was seven feet are yeah seven seven boo planks one two so I'll be my third pole so got one egg of six pieces of bacon yeah nice breakfast well it's not for you scope maybe I'll give you a piece of bacon maybe don't let that cook up first because my bacon won't take too long some oak smoked bacon

this will be good looks like some good bacon too

hey so this thing is comfortable it's made of silicon and nothing like kicking your feet up having a backrest in the woods it's awesome weighs nothing till everything's done now got my eggs done my bacon and the best part is I can use that water to make it tea with Wow that's probably not the best part the best part is probably bacon

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