Fireside Chat-Solo Winter Camp.


The last video of my solo winter camping series, I relax by the fire, and chat with you all about future bushcraft plans, trips, my channel and more.

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Video Transcription

Moton another solo overnight I am up an Eastern Ontario again this is my second night out not in succession so I came up on Friday and stated my buddies 'ghost that night and then on saturday Saturday morning I drove to Kevin Collins house if you guys don't know who Kevin Callan is he is a an author he's a big-time canoe guy speaker teacher is good guy he has a youtube channel called Casey happy camper so I'll link that here if you guys haven't heard of him he should definitely check him out he's a good guy like I said pretty funny character so uh yeah um sure you'll like it we met up when we went to the Cora the Highlands for so much of camping so I have a video of that i'm not sure what will be posted first it might be this video it might be the trip video that I'm on right now it might be that video so basically this is my second night out like I'm saying so I spent that night out with those guys and went went well and was good to meet them all then I went back to my buddies 'ghost spent the night there and I came out this morning just another fireside chat nothing going on really I know you guys like to hear these like these informal little little videos and I'd like to do it just talk to you or whatever so the the temperature is tonight is supposed to get down to negative 15 plus the windchill so I have a negative 10 down sleeping bag in my natural shelter over there and I have a wool blanket inside of it so it's seven hour drive up here something you know that I've said that before and I wanted to get a few videos out so I want to make this as a separate video obviously so I'll have three videos coming out to make it worth it you know what I mean it's a big commitment coming out here for this long if you get a babysitter I have to drive here spend gas money all that stuff so all to make videos but I like doing it and I'm glad to do it tonight will be my sixth night out of the year it's februari 29 so that's not so bad to this year's going to be a big year for camping and for videos I got my eye on the prize guys so yeah it would be a good year you can expect to see a lot of trip videos a lot of skills videos a lot of overnighters I had a subscriber message me and tell me that I went from like 19 or 18 thousand subscribers to 49,000 in one year so I'm really pleased with that about to get lit on fire here because I've had that channel for five years guys and you know last year would have been its fourth year so to only be at what fifteen to eighteen thousand I can't remember the exact number and gear for and then one year more than double that very very blessed and very happy and appreciative and I yeah I am appreciative of it a few things help that being on alone helped in a good way in bad way being plugged by survival lily a few times really helped and by black owl block of all those guys and I'm putting up more videos and actually trying to do it correctly I've got advice from Z advice from Lily in the past on how to run the youtube channel better so that really helped as well and then things are looking up it's good it's a good feeling okay guys well I have to get up and move because this fire is going to burn me alive so I move the camera and all that I'm going to end this well having a good time I'm anticipating the cold with this fire next to me elixir of life thanks for watching boys and girls bye

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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