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Comparing my Turley varied convex with 2 other blades.

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I wall out here today and I've got three knives got my varied convex grind gasconade I've got my BK seven I've got my Scandinavian grind Elina get over here come so the reason I have all three knives is because I wanted to do a little test and actually explain to you guys a little bit about what the very convex Brian really is so the very convex crime is its thick near the base of the knife near the handle and then it tapers off in its thinner and has less material behind the blade near the tip so both this much of the blade is have use batani heavy knife use this part up here would be like feather sticks slicing cutting a notch things like that obviously you know about to be k7 just a brute knife seven-inch blade good for baton ting like chopping and the heli odel for any guys don't who don't know about it its a Norwegian knife about three and a half inch blade Scandinavian grind sharp as hell so the way I'm going to compare them is going to be tonsure these pieces of seasoned oak they're extremely hard you can tell and then I'm going to make feather sticks after that so when batani with the varied convex grind gonna put it close to the handle just pretty much like any other knife get rid of that little chip close to the handle

and the time got it in to their put it probably head in one so maybe k7 seemed deal towards the handle took three with that one bust him up again so my gasconade varied convex and once again on the BK seven ok

now when it comes time to make the feather sticks I'm not going to use my bk7 I just don't like for such delicate work I'm going to use my heli that's where this comes in so I guess the whole point I should have said was the very convex grind is good all around ninth it does everything that you needed to do whereas I can't baton I could but I'm not going to baton with my heli odel it's not a good idea to do so and really I don't want to make feather sticks with my bk7 so stay Scouts it there's a deer there he wants to go get it leave it see ya so I want to make some feather sticks with my with my heli little at first so obviously just and I've always told if the can you please relax if this if the shaving stay on the the wood it's a feather stick and if they come off and they're just shavings so really quickly that's a feather stick made by the hell yodel it looks fine to me and I'm going to do the same thing I'm going to use my my gas game my very convex gasconade i'm going to use the tip scalp relax i'm going to use the tip of the night to make the shavings with that one so i guess while making these first off a few flew off but that's not a big deal like I said they don't have to stay on works the same thing does the same thing so again just really quick that's all I needed to do the curls on from the hell yodel are a little bit more curly than the ones from the gasconade but that's totally fine because I'm not making them so that I can strike them with the firesteel I actually go ahead one step 4 make the scrapings so really all I'm looking for is little pieces of wood with a bunch of air in them that are going to take a flame extremely well so in that sense the gasconade does just as fine as the heli for what I needed to do now just going to Baton another piece here so I can get to the heartwood ok so I'm going to go ahead and make scrapings with the bk7 right off the bat it is feeling not the greatest like it's not making the greatest scrapings but we'll try ok well there's a fair amount of scrapings there I guess after quite a bit of effort on it now i'm going to try with my gasconade i'll try the same piece of wood just on the other side so let me get these scrapings off so I can compare how after up they'll just fell off well you saw what it look like this is Mark working much better see that that's the scrapings from the gasconade so I guess really for batani I would hit hit I would hit the knife or trying to get through the wood less times with with the bk7 but for the extra effort of one or two swings it's not a big deal for the gasconade the scrapings were definitely better with the gasconade which is cool and the fudge sticks are both the same like I said a little bit more curls with the heli than with the gas scheme but it doesn't matter one bit for what I'm using it for and I guess that's what i was told when I when I was researching the the very calm bucks grind the maker Israel turley of turley knives let me know that it is pretty much a jack-of-all-trades does everything you needed to do doesn't really excel in one area but in my opinion especially with all the questions lately like if you have one night what would you choose what one night would you bring the bush all sorts of those those posts in my opinion would have to be the varied comics right it does everything i needed to do and i really like it that being said bring two knives to the bush if you want to it's fun we have them you might as well bring them everybody i know has more on one knife right so yeah that's pretty much it I just want to have a little fun test test out the knives in my opinion if you're looking for one knife get a very convex grind get get something that does it if not big deal you know I mean bring bring a big knife bring a small knife bring ten knives it doesn't matter it's just whatever your opinion is if you are looking for a very convex grind no hit up Israel Turley from Turley knives he'll make you a pretty damn nice knife I know I like mine a lot so thanks for watching guys hope it wasn't too long this time take care

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