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HD Bushcraft Video; Axe, Saw, Cook, Enjoy the Day.


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I spend the day in the woods, I use my knife, saw and axe, along with firesteel to make a fire, and do some outdoor cooking.

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Video Transcription

man it's a lot of work to get out here no usually showing my effort on getting out to the woods but it's a haul for sure

so today scout and I are out here I've got to shoot a few videos probably three not three videos out and I want to spend whole five hours out here cook up a lunch just hanging out with the dogs nice it's pretty warm today about 10 degrees so it's almost Christmas it's crazy

should all be snow not puddles thanks climate change


we got you're gonna make it through there you go good boy it's easy old noggin Abel you just leave it there let's go ah ah it's a little muddy oh you got it up here did you good job bud he's carrying it up all that in between all the thorny stuff surprised surprised that you'd get it up here he couldn't be more proud of that tank

hey you got your stick big guy I'm just liking this pack more and more all the time again if the hidden woodsman de ruck just finding more and more things I like about it so I've already gone through it all everything but look at this so my bow and my frying pan will both fit in the moly on the side and they don't take up any kind of room once inside or anything they both worked out really well so the frying pan super slick to get a it's like a perfect width the handle it's just got this metal handle it's a nonstick I haven't used it on the fire yet but we're going to try it out and see and this one it takes a little bit more effort to get it out it's gonna take a ton of effort to get out now because it's on film for sure but there we go my old willow both from abode row I've had this thing for a long time I first started do bow drill like I don't know over 10 years ago so this is super old so first things first I want to get some firewood gonna little chili and hungry and I want to get this fire going fires gonna go for I don't wanna let it go for about an hour before I cook so I have a nice bed of coals on I want to cook on flames so I'm on the search for hardwood which shouldn't be too hard here in the hardwood forest I think I've found a good piece of firewood it said dad maple I believe it's dead I know it's a maple I believe it's dead

so test it in the winter time if you if you don't know a little little cut with your knife and it's brown underneath it's all good yeah all dead we're gonna get this bad boy down and you know what it's fun to use a saw I mean sorry it's fun to use an axe and all that stuff for the completely honest with you in this close proximity to this other tree how it's small this is and all that there's no need to use an axe I don't want to ding this other tree up by accidentally missing this tree and hitting it and this saw is so much easier and faster honestly there's a romantic thing about using an axe to chop down a tree but in this situation it just doesn't apply I'd rather use my axe for splitting up the wood to be honest with you so how are we I guess I'll have to adjust the camera so you can see where I'm cutting so in a tree this size that's all I want to do I cut through halfway and it's gonna start leaning that way I don't want to keep going because it's gonna bond see it it's just gonna bind myself surprised it hasn't already so I'll just take it out turn around and just go like a quarter of an inch higher and that will fall any minute I'm just going to help it because I don't want to fall onto a camera there we go nice has a nice hinge on it and everything so you can see the hinge it made anyway worked out pretty good see you didn't need to use my axe at all I got to carry it back for know reducing now I'm an advocate or of using an axe I really enjoy it it's probably one of my favorite things to do in the woods but sometimes it's just not applicable you know what I mean sometimes it's just easier and smarter to use yourself but we'll use our axe slitting this up no problem silkies cut on the pole and once you realize that a lot easier to cut wood you're not trying to force it forward at all and that's where it's kind of jams when you force it forward so if you're just easy on her and only pull hard on the pole pretty good if you don't have a sturdy base to work on or if you're finding it hard to saw another option is to just kind of hold it upright prop it with your foot and sawed sideways a lot of times I finally get easier cut that way again you just kind of hold it with your foot all right he's prop it up you can still cut it to the size you want just go down as low or high as you want I finally get a lot of force this way I'm not sure why pretty easy though

so off that one maple I took down I got all this wood and that could definitely be more than up that I need for all all day today by where I'm going to have the fire I don't have a working log I don't have a substantial log on the ground like this so I've just come over it's about 50 feet away and we'll work here so that I have a substantial log so that I'm not work working on smaller stuff and there's no chance to rolling around and so I don't cut myself there's a less chance of me cutting myself at least so I don't have to break these down to small because I have some other stuff I want to work with but this is too much to burn for a lunchtime fire I don't want to be here all day week for my coals to die down so the smaller pieces the smaller the coals are the less strong the coals are I guess you're okay not so I'm just going to split it down easy like that this maple splits pretty good not going to exert too much energy or anything bring the wood down with it with the axe and it kind of does the work for you here there's a knot in this one so it might be a little bit different but we'll see now nothing at all I actually might even leave because I need a base for my fire might leave these pieces long I put this down and have the fire right on top of this so they're flat be nice and easy to strike a fire steel against and it'll add to my coal base and it keeps the wood are they the fire up off the ground which is which is important it rained all day yesterday it's pretty wet in here so this is all I was doing the split so I'm just putting my axe face in my axe right on the wood then I'm holding the wood with my hand and holding an axe in my hand I want to bring out I'm not going to hit it here I want to hit so that the wood where the axe is hits the hits the bottom of the wood that I'm working on you just want to watch out for your knuckles back here that you're they don't get smashed so if you want you can move your hand up here I just hold my hand away from it but it might be a good idea to say to hold it up here just until you get comfortable with it

then I move my hand down there just watch you don't smash your fingers there's a couple different ways you can doing this and it sucks it hurts a lot but again if you don't want to do it like that there's nothing wrong with one of those right then you just kind of break it after or hit it on the other side like that so I'm collecting some thin twigs as well probably about pencil size pencil led to pencil size twigs you might be wondering yourself why I'm doing this if I was splitting down wood already why don't I just split down the wood and get get the dry pieces for this size - oh the answer is because I don't want to because this wood is right here readily available just break it and it's there I don't have to split it down I'd have to do all that stuff this is easier and it work just as good this wood is up off the ground and it's dry this dry ish just dry enough to go that's for sure so I will still make shavings out of my wood because in my area there's really not a lot to have natural materials from you can do leaves you can do some barks and stuff like that but the easiest and most convenient for me is making just wood shavings and striking my fire you're still right on the wood shavings I already brought the rest of the wood over there we go and I'm going to make these into steaks I'm going to try to stake a smaller piece of wood in place that so that it won't move so that I can work on it should be relatively easy I'm gonna have to grab another another two because I messed up splitting that one so I'll grab another two of these split them into steaks and meet you over there this is the log I want to work on right and I just wanted to show you I'll do it beforehand like it rolls right if I want to split this I am potentially see that that's not that's not safe right so potentially be in problem with this with this spinning or rolling my solution I think in my head at least is to hold in place okay so that's that's pretty sturdy now that's pretty stable yeah

it's stable enough to do to split off at least some small stuff nice so silly me I don't know what I was thinking I'm proud of these and on the other way crossing it we held it a hell of a lot better there's nothing wrong with the way it was holding what out the way I had it what this just makes sense all right makes sense today right because then now it's going to grab it as opposed to letting it bounce whereas before could bounce out because these will shape the other way derp derp derp derp still learning still learning boys and girls you know

making these big slivers on purpose to go after my shavings so about a bunch of those next to my shavings this fire is going to go up real good I'm going to use the fire steel to let me forward today for those times when you've lost your fire steel in the Pacific Ocean so for comparison this is a big fire steel alright look at the size of that thing a subscriber sent this to me I thought was really cool so it's really really big and I want to use it to start the fire today let's take my finest curls I'm gonna put them down first and that's what I'm going to straight my fire steel on I'm going to add the more course curls after that then this is the slivers and then work my way up from there man sings a beast our nice

throw my sticks that I gathered right on top right now I want everything on it all at once Scott you're gonna have to move buddy this smokes going to get you okay because this is a cooking fire I want to get a nice bed of coals that go Sam I'm going to throw a bunch of good size pieces on right away just throw a bunch of them and I'll probably take a while maybe 40 minutes before I eat or so I don't here for a while already a few hours I always pack a Clif Bar with me notice the toll my ex is a little dinged up when I was using it earlier so I have my little sharpening kit still using the same old phone live in DC for broken in half everything just going to use the ceramic side because it's not that bad and really need to hit it with the diamond the axe I'm using today because I'm sure somebody will be curious is sandwich one and a quarter pound head and it's on a 20 inch grants for his Brooks handle my friend Mike Hannibal handled for me with just a wooden wedge so for years I've had a 19 inch wetterling's and it was a great axe I really like and I still do this is taken his place the head is in half is wedge-shaped as the wetterling's is handles nicer its thinner I love a thin handle it's a good axe man really really good axe so my ding is up here at the toe just trying to spend as much time there as possible still touch up the rest I want to keep it even but that's the sore spot there my little leather strop I carry around with it I love these pants now let's die down enough for me I'm hungry I've been out here for too long without eating so how many eat all right so I have to redeem myself after my mishap the other day with Mike dropped the eggs in the and the fire so I brought out pretty much the same stuff make it a little bit different way though so first goes on this turkey burger that got kind of maybe a little too warm and smushed on my bed and kind of falling apart but I'll make it work get this paper off here I don't know about that one and I will see now I'm going to melt this butter in my pan because I'm going to cook the egg in the pan normally I wrap them in a paper towel and put them in my Billy can this time I just was careful I just wrapped in paper towel it was fine hands getting some heat in it now not nearly hot enough normally it would turn white right away that's going there it's getting there no English muffinz this time got bread that'll work it's okay because uh this was actually a burger not a not a breakfast sausage so it's a little bit bigger everything's working out pretty good breads getting toasty without getting burned this egg is shit oh yeah I hear that nice nice I didn't pop the yolk on it I don't think I'm going to want to try and flip it without that happening see if I can do that BAM son

oh-ho yeah things are happening today oh oh what's that marble cheese marble cheese to go on that piece yo but yeah it's all done breads toasted nice and crispy not burned at all I've cut into the turkey burger and it's done so now everything's good I think I'm just going to butter the one piece because it's gonna be easier I'll dip it in so I'm gonna get this egg onto this piece all in one piece oh ho yeah look at that and then if I do this all as well okay oh man you can't buy that you know that right you couldn't go somewhere and get that well I would like to think I've redeemed myself from my mishap the other day about Mike's not here to enjoy it but here's to you buddy look at that yoke it's like soft-boiled to perfection oh man thanks chefs coats up oh boy let's get skilled a nice chunk so Scout doesn't eat kibble when he comes out guys get a lot of questions about that too giving him a quarter of my sandwich okay I'm a human being I'm giving my dog a quarter of a sandwich he doesn't eat kibble when we come over here he won't I've tried it tried it on multiple day camps - I really like this little pan just like a stone where I picked it up specifically to cook eggs in because it's super nonstick and it's about the right size on 'lets in it to really easily flip them easily and the fact that it fits in that side of the backpack bonus you gotta love that look at that and if I didn't have my my bow here which I might just leave here I'm not sure yet it fits a lot better it kind of rounds out the top portion of the backpack suit I mean like it just kind of fits in there pretty good with the bow in there it kind of stuck out but I can even carry the bow no big deal look at that like it was made for a like it was made for it god I love it I think I'm gonna get out of here they note here for since 10 and it's too so quite a while daughter's at her grandparents and I don't want to over overstay our welcome because I want to be able to come out to the woods again so I had a good time over here eat some good food shot three videos I don't know what order I'll put them up but he'll be up shortly I'm trying to get videos out for you guys two or three a week sometimes it's difficult and sometimes they might be at home and stuff but you try it so I hope you guys enjoyed the video hope you learned something I hope that the amount of time that you put into watching this video you don't feel like you wasted and if you like this kind of stuff you want to see more of it I would really appreciate it if you like comment subscribe and share because that helps me know greatly and that will be the thing that keeps these videos coming so thanks again for watching I'll see you guys soon on the next one right

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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