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Overnight Bushcraft Camp With Scout 2 Cooking Food, Tarp Camping, Breaking Down Camp.


This is pt 2 of My Bushcraft Campout with my dog, Scout.

Join us as we have a great night, cooking food underground, tarp camping, and relaxing.

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clean off these sassafras roots all are you doing is literally cleaning them you're just trying to scrape and use a spine of your knife you can carve it whatever you feel like doing spine of this knife is pretty okay sharp so that's all I'm doing scraping get all the dirt off and then I'm gonna put them in the cup until I'm done some of the other ones and then cut much just into like just to open them up a little bit to expose more flavor this is what I was trying to show you before our offic got a good show clip of it just a blacked out flat black handle before anyone yeah anyone asks no this is not taking over the place of my knife I still do like my knife but I'm a knife nerd and I like a few different kinds of knives when I saw that he was offering convex real convex I was tickled pink so I just had a cop one you know got a cop one what do you guys think about this cannon might not my big camera now I mean main camera I mean I don't think it has the picture quality of the Nikon I think it's a little more flat but this is pretty good I'm kind of partial to my Nikon to be honest but she's working for me okay so I got these three anyway there'll be plenty go check on my water too well bail look at that that's pro there we go okay t-time finally getting cool enough where I don't feel silly busting out the gloves [Music]

let that steep now or maybe two or three minutes well ever since that smoke has been going that way when I put the chair here it's not been going back that way it's all just flowing this way right in my face

so I'm moving the chair back over there might

let's move this little tripod out of the way

assemblé yep see what I mean let's go

causing a ruckus oh my goodness everything's fine I left it for like five minutes

busy doing stuff it's got a good color to it it's a pinky smoke man very small freshmen okay

time for the taste test it has a really good color to mention that cheers guys mm-hm

sassafras very sassafras II it's kind of starchy to all it feels good I was gonna tell me I'm sure I'll get people saying that sassafras can be a carcinogen I'm sure it can huh good cause cancer sure I can I don't do this often maybe couple times a year drink this a suppressed e so just something to think of it's quiet other than the planes in the back there's like no wind it's very nice okay I want to have supper in about an hour so I should start cutting that up cuz it's gonna take quite a while to cook I need something clean to cut up on it cut my pork and stuff up on I can use the top of that dish that Scott was using for water with the outside of it but if I can use wood I'd prefer that because then I'm not worried about digging my blade up too much as a brand new knife so if I can't find a nice piece of wood that's thick enough I want to saw it and split it down and get it that's one plate you have my plates go get the plate and let's go come on bring it back to camp come on bring it there you go go back to camp this way big guy you like to camp you know proud he is they put the stick period it for good and we're going buck it and gum incomplete and then you're gonna eat the beef here's my birthday it's back this way big guy drop drop it good boy thank you leave it now that's for me okay I got a good piece of firewood nice piece of map got some wood on the fire they're getting the coal still ready for my cooking this is my plate all right


the best way to do this is I probably do need to get it I need to cut it shorter but yeah I need to cut it shorter there's no but there's no getting rounder this size because it's too small to cut normally I'm just gonna do it like this and you guys have seen me do this before it works really well okay oh my goodness really oh she's giving me a hard time fellows yeah look at that

that's not it's not seasoned back up back up dude here I hit him with it okay crazy okay

anyway split this down to a plate now use a chicken stick guess what there's no good I'll have to try to baton this down it's just kind of spongy it's not really gonna that's probably all I'm going to do be honest with you to make the cutting board maybe try to make it somewhat flat on the bottom I'm not gonna try to split it like I normally do make like a shingle just too small for that not cooperating very well you see my thumb it's nowhere over here it's my hand there we go she done done it's time we get this all cut up prepare skillets food here you're going to need basically everything what I want to do is lay out my tin foil on the ground so that I can put this cut stuff into it because in the cutting board it's not very big so they're not gonna be keeping things on the cutting board keep things on the cut up on the opened up tin foil on the ground I'm gonna cook it tin foil shiny side in I've always been taught that that's the way to do it I know some people in the comments may have a different opinion and that's okay it's okay to have different opinions all right let's cut up the meat last I think taters a cup of soup a bagel seasoning powder a couple things oatmeal that are open apparently perfect potatoes are unwashed I'm living life dangerously I'm just gonna quarter them just for the shallot I'm gonna keep it in somewhat bigger pieces we're not gonna mince it but we will chopper chopper up decent and my Gerlich the garlic I think we're gonna leave hole now the piece de resistance the bacon wrap bacon pork wrapped pork alright so I think what I'll do is cut them in discs if possible I'd like to leave the bacon attached again if possible but that's not too bad right there little like a quarter ish inch piece slap it down or slap it down dirt slap it a box maybe try and do this one too this knife is pretty sharper also won't be able to do this yeah heck yeah boy do that little disc disc so good new all right you can see here how it looks pretty decent you want to rub this pork all over every square inch of my hands exactly what I want to do I want to get it flat it's going to cook better if it's not in a big ball alright can follow me on that right so together flat-ish we're gonna take our seasoning this is Valerie's all season and all-purpose seasoning I'm not sure if it's Canadian or not we've just in Canada I mean this is the pork seasoning I always use it's really good so that on there and we'll get quite a bit of butter to all this fire is what's that from


get a load of but ender should even probably bury the butter a bit so it doesn't just burn against the tinfoil okay so envelope you prefer big little seats here I'm going to rip this in two so I can rip wrap it three times and a plastic there in the plastic in the tinfoil

after touching all that pork I'm going to sacrifice a baby wipe a wet wipe that I usually use for my bum bum I'm gonna wipe down pretty good just to get the residue off and then I'm going to put hand sanitizer on I would normally just put hand sanitizer on but like my hands are covered in pig juice is just Pig is something just a little dirty like chicken you know like chicken I don't really care about beef but this hand sanitizer is good for starting fires as well it'll take a spark for my fire still double purpose sometimes I use it in my wood stove or my twixt oh okay what if what I think I'm gonna do because I can sit here and kind of watch it I'm not really putting all sorts of embers underground I'm bearing it up I think I am gonna fill in a little bit with embers on the bottom of this hole and then put my package I'm gonna meet foodstuffs on top of the coals and then put more coals on top of that and I'll just sit here and watch I have enough water to dose it after I'm done and everything yeah it's not the same as that underground oven cooking thing so I'm not as concerned but kind of minimize the chance here alright let's try that so we'll need to rake some good poles down in there first it's nice and hot underneath it she's pretty toasty meat stuffs there fill it back on top I'm gonna have to start a new fire here this is gonna take like an hour it's already five o'clock you eatin way late but that's okay all right so I can still get a fire going from these coals here let's use me no problem so you have to cut some wood now I like this there's a good idea do it up like this it'll either bury with dirt or anything like that I'm not too concerned about it this way sure okay cut some firewood now Joe you gotta give a shout-out to grant at Z so he sent me a few rugged camera cases for my phone camera cases for my phone phone cases this was a transformer it looks like a transformer and it stands up like a transformer the transforms I I told my let everybody know that they have new phones new phone cases for the iPhone acts galaxy samsung galaxy 8 all that fun stuff ZZZ oh and I'll put the link in the description as always thanks grant for my transformers case it's not actually transformers it just looks like transformers and then my brother said it look like transformers too so I was like yeah it's a transformers case but boy nice and soft I'll give them to now and I'll make them eat the rest with me for dinner

take a nice gentle dougie yeah five more pieces for to share with Daddy for supper not sure I want to see that to eat with me Dani I don't lose my sweater there I was getting too warm I cut up some more firewood so I'm gonna keep it off for a while - she's still pretty hot yeah and I can hear it cooking and sizzling in there so I will keep raking in some more coals as we go I can't flip it now that it's in there but I'm confident we'll cook it and if not maybe I'll throw it on the top for for a couple minutes at the end but she was pretty good you can't hear him but he's letting out these little groans it's a good birthday for you big on his actual birthday we celebrated with an at home with the whole family

emerald gave him a big blue squeaky ball and cooked up some steak and stuff I try to do this every year for him get out for his birthday it's a perfect time usually it's way colder I'm freaking t-shirt here boy some people were asking why I don't bring scout on a canoe trip with me and I'd love to link to but he's not very good in the boat he art he's really big and he doesn't like to sit still and my canoe is very small as it is so I don't think would be very enjoyable for either of us plus he freaks out when I go fishing he like thinks I'm throwing something he tries to go get it I hooked him in Algonquin the one one year with the family in the chest because he was swimming around trying to get it

Oh big guy he's about 87 to 90 pounds and he's maintained that weight for probably five or so years more eight years he's got this really big lump my hands on it right now it's like the half half the size of a softball maybe a third of a softball but it's nothing it's like just like a fat deposit thing a couple years ago we had a tumorous thing removed out of his tailbone area he's been fine he's got bumps and bruises and ripped off nails and he's all beat up but he when I open that back door man I'm telling you to let him go to the bathroom he's freaking on them squirrels like nobody's business so he's uh he's doing good doing good for ten such a big dog I've always fed him decent food like like basically right under holistic I fed him holistic for a while and he just it was too rich for him you would always have the squirts but I got him on pet value brand but he's been a good dog he's only ever pooped in the house twice both times wasn't his full one time was he was a puppy and then the next time was maybe a month or two ago he was sick you only chewed up one thing of mine ever in his whole life when he was a puppy is one of my hats

can't blame him this is my first real dog too I had I had a standard poodle before but it wasn't really mine shared dog and I have a story with that actually on my on my youtube channel on my youtube channel where you're watching this video but this is my first real dog first dog I picked Oh first off I trained

you just don't go boy oh yes actually there's a there's a video that same video about how he protected emerald from a vicious dog attack - I think it's in the same video I'll try to link that if I can remember I always say I'm gonna put a video link in there and I never do derp derp derp derp derp just pulling Joe's you know these gloves because I know people are gonna ask our estra they're really nice gloves I like them a lot festro fall line gloves this is all balsam fir sap on there I bought them a couple years ago I believe I bought them online this is my fall or even granite shirt these are my fall Raven the Vita pros I'm wearing Vasc

hiking boots just telling you guys because I will get lots and lots of questions so it's easier this way so got a little chilly put my granite shirt on these this buggers died on the coals I think I am going to try to flip that around flip the food around add some more heat to it smells good yeah it's not that warm under there anymore still warm just not cooking temperature see what's a room have under here good man a comfortable night's sleep I'm not gonna bother blowing my air mattress up right now I'm actually going to leave it sit with sitting back off of it it's gonna gain some air I'll blow it up in a little bit staying in there good boy in all reality there's probably no point in me doing what I'm doing with the hole here it's just I could probably just put it on top of the coals but maybe it is cooking a little bit slower so that the pork doesn't burn who knows maybe so it stays juicy we'll see you see

do you hear that I'm strange okay I want to dig this up and check it out do that poor falling apart oh my goodness yes sir you guys see this oh my goodness stoked stoked on that that's a pulled-pork look at that just falling apart some of the pieces on the underneath every bit crispy but that's damn son and of course the windows shifted again smokes one right in my face

we're gonna try this bad well Cheers oh I have to get away from that smoke it's killing me

we got a good beer to drink with supper this is a Karma Sutra by Great Lakes Cheers

I know the smoke is killing me like how many times I have to move this chair oh my food is good Foods good too it's really good the flavors go really well together we found it garlic Oh black in the garlic mmm oh that's what was missing one point son that roasted garlic real good I'm gonna think I'm gonna move my chair again wanna sit down but we're getting smoked la crazy you want some food yeah you do good boy slow eat slow buddy relax oh my god you know what if you did this you put a lot of barbecue sauce in it or something and just did the pork you could like make pulled pork at the end I mean or even you make pulled pork the end just add it at the end to a bit because this is like it's playing pulled pork you know we pulled pork pulled pork oh you shouldn't walk down all your foods but this would you like to know a little bit about my beer all right down karma Citra nuzen any hop coming from the Yakima Valley perks the ears of the IPA brewers everywhere Citra things were different buzz was bigger Citra was rolled across the land from the west coast we waited and waited finally it crested in the simple crashing of our pilot system after brewing it with all the buzz after bringing it with all the buzz made sense 1 after brewing with it all the buzz made sense comments range from well that changes the game to it's so good it feels like we're cheating today we procure as much Citra as we can to bring it as much of our this IPA as our little brewery can muster a hill Citra 6.6% it's nice and cold it actually stayed really cold today my fridge keeps things ridiculously cold now for some reason we're used to almost to drink out of it but now it's perfect good I have to interrupt my meal to change batteries in both cameras look at this battery battery bag in the battery day you see this battery bay its hefty it's a hefty battery bank changing batteries this is the camera that I've used for five years maybe nikon d50 500 right now have a 35 mil lens on it there's an awesome camera the autofocus is garbage on it so a lot of people don't like it but I learned how to use it without the autofocus really well and still my favorite camera I believe I felt like I should just buy a new one of these which is super difficult to get used to going from Nikon to Canon that's some more food left

not too much you getting follow all right food was good I gotta go get some wood Suns down it's getting dark in here

I know it doesn't really look like it but it is so I gotta grab a couple more pieces I don't have too much left and it's only 6:40 so almost seven o'clock so I don't this is my fire all right all right I'm saying all right guys see Doug's twig still video I was pretty good should check it out Doug outside put out an awesome twig still video you're not gonna see from anywhere else he has like I don't what he had six eight twig stones going not even comparing I'm just showing them showing different what he likes about him and not check that out I thought it was a really good video really well done video up on my pal Doug you know okay the trees do you see a dead tree this one's dead

it's always good to look next to a big one like oh no the same thing like that one normally does die off [Music]


ceil it's leaning it's gonna pinch so I had to get my solder there I was surprised I was able to cut as much as I did actually without it getting pinched so now I gotta take it out from the back we're kind of saw it on the sides and push it off to push it over and I gotta be careful of my dog so he doesn't get so he doesn't get squashed in the process because he likes to be right underneath

yep that happened before it gets too dark I want to take some paracord and tie it to this tree here's my shelter right here and I want to do that so that I can keep Scout with me I'm not afraid of him leaving and running away I'm afraid of him getting lured out by a female coyote and getting taken on we got those coils here I believe I see I believe before wolves I've seen them they are big like 3/4 the size of scope and I got to grab a different piece this isn't the big one but they are big and I don't want him messing on with them I'm just gonna do a taut line hitch a strong take off the amount of leash he has if I need to but have to do that so I have enough where he can get up get over the side of the tarp and pee and come back in that's it there I'm not gonna tie him up just yet you can stay off until you go to bed that's done and now I have to get a few more things done before before dark so that I have all my stuff off the ground basically I still have some stuff around but I know what it is and I know where it is and I want it when I go to bed tonight I might bring it in there in case it rains and sometimes if there's a slope I like to butt up against it and try to keep from from rolling it helps comfort wise but for now all my stuff's up there accounted for I got to get a garbage going I do have a garbage for this tinfoil and I want to kill this bad boy right now so get a garbage going pack our stuff out of here tinfoil doesn't burn very well unless you have a super super hot long fire but other than that it kind of just doesn't burn so I'm not gonna try and burn it pack it up with me grab a headlamp put it in my pocket my chest damn son

it'd be good having a good time people David's just good well I just got off the phone mr. Douglas turns out we are going on a week-long vacation we're gonna do three separate things so coming up soon we're going to go bass fishing and canoeing for two nights on a secret Lake we're going to go visit mr. Sean James his sweet cabin he's building go check that out on YouTube if you haven't seen it he's getting some real good views on that he's doing an awesome job to making some really cool videos drone footage and everything his channel is my self-reliance go check him out so we're gonna go check out his cabin estate camp at his place on his property for one night so that's already three nights bass fishing Sean O's place and then two more nights we are going to go backpacking we're gonna go do a two night backpacking trip you know gonca Park so that's five nights of camping and doing three separate things so that should be pretty cool we will get three separate videos out of that all that which would be awesome for me put some videos in the in the vault in the bank as it were you see the lighting here as far as cranking out the heat and the light so that's pretty cool I wanted to do I wanted to do a backpacking trip before the year was done I want to use this backpack I just got here this my trail one for the backpacking trip I wanted to go see Sean I wanted to see his property and I wanted to see Doug secretly so he's finally taking me there which is awesome super stoked on that so that should be up soon I should be happening soon in the next month or so excited excited for that same thing exciting times exciting things happening let's go it's passed out over there where the tarp it's only 8 o'clock I'll probably only be awake for another hour maybe two hours maybe 10 o'clock would be the late very latest something that by but this is a good time this is a good little outing overnighter with the dog he's in like a meat coma wolf down that food I wish I brought a little bit of chocolate for tonight but I did not I didn't know what I got one more beer left might as well grab for now I think let's see my breath - lets go away from the fire we're really trying really really trying for this it's almost fall it's almost falling the middle of October yay for some juicy ass yes IPA not my first time having this on film but I think they are almost out of these now so cheers oh I wanted to thank you guys I asked I didn't think my videos were getting recommended I didn't seem that way anymore anyway anymore to me but I asked in one of the comments and I got a bunch of responses saying yes no but mainly yes so thank you that was very helpful because I couldn't figure it out for the life of me YouTube is all crazy now it's all different man crazy craziness

I think there's some pretty pretty fine curls here one of the reasons I love a convex knife so much I'm just used to using these super dense woods these hardwoods ice-candy is great but it bites in kind of gotta fight it with this convex just kind of smooth slides by those are no joke alternate feather stick Altima for the stick just cut down a little bit just kind of walk past me and went in there anybody good boy so I think I'm gonna turn into it's after 10 o'clock got a rug good better cause I assume I'll have some coals left for the morning and I've got my plate full of shavings a bunch of kindling you ready to go in the morning there's a couple overheads and lots of the client like I said he's got enough room to get up walk around go pee in the morning I don't got much to do I gotta get up and out of here it's just honey oatmeal I know I know just know I do have that bag well I might grow up actually but I put my pork knife in the butter [Music]

oh all right folks good night I'll get with you when I wake up in the morning my hike out to the field try and get a sunrise little sunrise clip I'm turning it up early because I'm going to leave at about 8 o'clock try to get I put about 6 all right

morning folks

they're pretty decent sleep it's 7:20 now let me get up Suns coming up overlooking the field when I run I'm trying to try and check it out try and get out there but it's super thick this way super spider webby - lets go stay with me there see the moon up there Oh Herbert no birdie what a pretty morning that moon is a complete half half crescent Cup okay I remember where to go back into the woods at last big tall corn stock is when I can do some pretty colors man finally getting to be fall I'm gonna go around the corner up here see if I can get a better view no not much better pretty cool though well now I'm gonna go back into the woods and cook up my oatmeal before I take off I had to find my shelter again the woods are way more dark than oh here there's a little stuck in here both camp

glorious camp

no warm but there's nothing nothing left there to blow life into that's crazy BAM

whose approach up lay on your sleeping pad and deflate it that way much easier and it feels kind of good too you really appreciate how much comfort and warmth to get from a good sleeping pad

that's old me I was going down pretty good I wanted to bring bacon and eggs and stuff but I gotta go I really won't have time for that it's almost

well you guys think of this camp this is fun this is fun nerd than the last one for me too I had my dog with me a lot more comfortable stuff I told you some plans last night or have to come up in the future but also with all those things I want to do and I am going to do I want to do a couple like dare I say survival e overnighters maybe I'll just bring like a shemagh tomahawk in a pot or like a Tosh manga tomahawk you know some cordage or something like that three items well I won't be getting any food I know that I'll be going hungry but that's okay it's kind of more like a emergency shelter build kind of thing which would be kind of cool camp boat you do that way see

it's time to get on out of here got everything packed away don't like fire smoldered let's go tanks just to get over here - he usually doesn't sleep much on the road here when I was up in the middle of the night there he was on point just looking around freaking there a little noise I'm sure he'll sleep all day today hope you guys enjoyed the video I want to thank you for watching stay tuned for those videos they're promising in the near future good times see you the next one that's mama that's mama go get mama mama go here uh-huh your phone without me

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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