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New Adventure Sworn Knife, Bacon, Eggs & Toast.


I take my new A.S Mountaineer out, test it, and make some lunch.

Video Transcription

so a while back I got a new knife it's an adventure sworn Mountaineer I had this on order with Kody for a long time and I've had it for quite a while now I just haven't had really the opportunity to come out and use it so I'm going to build a split wood fire today I use my hatchet for some of it as you saw but I'm going to use this knife mainly that wood is probably an inch and a half thick there and I really want to beat this knife up I got it in 1/8 and it's a Scandi grind with a taper tang and I really just want to see how the tip holds up I've been doing this for quite some time now today and it's totally fine I'm happy with that the last knife I had was a Celilo bushcrafter I broke the tip off it real easy so and it was 1 eighths candy as well

Cody assured me that wouldn't happen with this one and he's definitely right so far

so it's sharp super sharp right out the box

I touched it up a little bit give it a secondary micro bevel I find that I can way that I sharpen scan D's even is the mousepad and sandpaper method and it convex is it a little bit the edge so it's finally it works real good I got white g10 handle with blaze orange one ain't neck blaze orange Liners I've got a four and a half inch blade on the mountain here instead of the regular four and a quarter I just wanted a little bit more length for batani I like the knife took some getting used to after that Celilo bushcrafter felt really really big like Salado bushcrafter the night the whole knife was probably from there they're almost the size the blade in this blade is four and a half inches like I said so took some getting used to but that was me that wasn't anything battle with the knife I just wasn't used to it but it's really growing on me feels good no hot spots all that jazz good in the chest leave a grip you know the real important things I'm able to get these real thin pieces this is a Elm I'm using dense dense wood just some things I really like about the knife the pommel area nice and rounded that Celilo came to a point almost at the end and I felt myself having to put my thumb on the end when I was pounding it in to split wood because there was no little guard here and my hand would try to slip down onto the knife and putting my thumb onto that pommel part there it killed me because it's almost to a point this knife has a little bit of a guard and it has the rounded pommel so it works really well for that stuff fits nice in the hand I find when I'm when I'm doing shavings my hands way up here and I kind of put the my index finger on this little lip works really well for that it's a comfortable knife the interest one really Kody really has his organ on works down it's got the coke bottle shape there you can see real pronounced not as much as the classic his wood lowers to take but this is a good good all-around knife I'm sure I'm going to get a comment on YouTube saying well you have that hatch out there ye baton Ian's putting your knife through this stuff because I want to that's why because it doesn't matter because there's no certain way to do anything because if I want to use my knife like an axe I'm going to if I break my knife that's my own fault but you know what it's not going to happen I guarantee that

Gold please stuck off what that way let's go go on dude I'm gonna try something a little bit different today I'm going to cook my bacon up then in the grease I'm going to have a piece of bread with a hole cut in it and then I'm going to put an egg in the hole I've never tried it yet I've heard it called a couple different things toad in the hole maybe that's all I've heard it called but that's what we're going to eat today Bacon's is done got to get a whole inbred

it's pretty good to me put some bacon on top it'll be good

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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