Overnight Winter Camping Trip


Myself and 3 buddies go on an overnight winter camping trip.

We camp in tarps, tents and bivys. Cook massive tomahawk steaks over the fire, relax and enjoy the time out.

Check out Shawn's video from the trip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKCvQdmFvmU


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Video Transcription


been watching my channel at all a couple videos ago told you I was going to come and do this camp with a bunch of guys with Sean Mike Dustin Doug and myself last night we all met up I'm Mike toast had some fun but I ended up injuring Doug's eye accident last night and threw up of stuff stacked to him in the paracord the not on the paracord must have cut his eyeball or something because his I got all jacked up overnight and we woke up this morning at Mike's I was ready to come camping he couldn't even see out of it so we had to bail and also I said that this was going to be a hot time camp we're gonna have two hot tents camp over here as a bunch of guys well you can see I'm not cold it's not it's like plus three degrees right now it's going to get down to make it maybe positive one tonight Celsius so we had to switch things up I didn't carry in or I didn't pull in a sled with my food gear I have my big canoe bag and it's full very full so basically I'm tarp camping I'm going to set up between this tree and this tree I'm going to have to pack the snow down or shovel it out I don't know about a foot there so that's a very wet very wet snow it's challenging this is challenging conditions more so than if it was just very bitter cold I prefer it to be cold [Applause]

I know I'm going to get a lot of people saying you're not supposed to blow on these in the wintertime it'll freeze on you well I've done that for five years straight and regardless if it freezes or not I'm still alive - it's fine my last therm arrest I still have a still usable

that's the one term arrest NeoAir this is the therm-a-rest NeoAir xterm this is the first winter with this one no lightheaded little numb numb on the lips

when I get to camp one of the first things I want to do is let my sleeping bag law stuff I want to take it out of its compression sack open it make my bed and let it loft up during the day so that I'm not going right to bed at night and having it all compressed bill and not having its proper warmth this time this trip I have a negative ten sleeping bag negative ten Celsius this is a Mountain Equipment co-op talent or something like that anyway it's a good sleeping bag so I'll put my mess my 5x7 nylon down first sometimes I'll double it up if I'm worried about it I'm not worried about it tonight and I really like to have the extra room the floor room that I can have some of my gear annexed to me and stuff without having to rummage through my bag this trip should be good not much planned more of just like sitting around and camping and having some camp like cooking some good food having some good beers just kind of hanging out by the fire so I don't know how long we were to stay might be one night lend me two nights we're gonna make that call tomorrow just having fun so that's my sleep system all ready to go what model is this the hill a bird something I can't remember he none no it's the it's the one man without a the vestibule yeah una una papa tags oh snap yeah so really to put two guys follow me and you right circus or yoga sticks is ahead and Max like he's like part of the team and sticks I feel thank you to that again oh yeah alright so yeah nothing new you know the gist John works I talk brought a small steak to eat for dinner I have to hang it up it's nice and frozen so I want to thaw it out and I think that is a pretty sweet hanging meat you know what I am hanging meat don't let your meat touch my meat bro you ready gang sign good exactly mean streets white light like that music thing that like something to me touch my nose I thought we had you out like you were trying to the Wiener water you didn't save the Wiener or nacho get over there she doesn't know as you saw I've got my tomahawk steak cooking and as I'm cooking that I'm going to fry up some zucchini with onion and garlic and maybe have that with it kind of kind of fancy you know a little bit more than just meat for once this would be all week diet look at that hey still gonna cook that up a little bit more they don't get some steak drippings in there'll be bonus you know this saucy ass guy I can tell you were dedicated to that think about actually saying that have you told him over and over all colors on point boys that on video yeah oh yeah I have fun is all right it's bitch worth it was this steak I feel like that saucy salty I know somebody'll get it somebody'll get it hmm look at this I just started so just started look at this good okay good that it is nice and pinky look perfect actually

I like generic generic pasta sauce for the window key nutrient this guy was that the steak you employer how much left of it were down that half a pound from two 1/2 pounds you won tonight I'm sure it will find very very Manning it [Music]

all right guys good night I give you a lick morning sleep it in pulling it out there you got home I'm going to strip down probably just to my boxers because that's such a warm sleeping bag and that's how we'll spend the night there's that bug on my face not only flew away good night the brother of snoring there I'm game oh my god are you water it so has something to do with this restaurant Agra day when it doesn't go get some water I've been able to just drink the water that I packed in up until now but just cooking breakfast and drinking up my water so that I get some more and we're lucky enough to have this little stream running through water is a little Tannen II but that's okay so snow fleas in it too I think we're all going to start packing up now nobody really said anything we all just started packing up is well it's kind of clock it's time ago I'm gonna I'm going to drive all day and stuff so maybe I'll take you over to my camp and break down camp a little bit these snow anchors really work it's really easy to do these snow anchors a lot easier than trying to spike into the ground or stake into the ground or just know like I find how about this life hacks scramble though when you're deflating your sleeping pad lay on it and your body weight will do the work for you it's a hack a life hack get the remaining air out of it and this is insulated it has our value now it doesn't say but I think it's right around five point seven or five point nine okay five point something anyway so when that's rolled up it's pretty small and lightweight too and I can get that smaller if I really try believe in yep well drop those guys off a while ago I've been driving for a few hours stop to get some gas driving through this crazy fog right now hoping it clears up pretty soon let me get home pretty soon thanks for watching guys stick along for the next video I'll see you soon

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