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3 Day, Bushcraft and Fishing in the Backcountry.


JULY 18-20...NOT AUG.

Myself and a friend set out, each in our solo canoes, for a 3 day, 2 night adventure that would take us through a couple small lakes, and two long stretches of the Nipissing and Tim Rivers.

Shawn's Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIMXKin1fXXCeq2UJePJEog

My canoe http://www.swiftcanoe.com/#!adirondack-pack-136/c1u96

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription




Oh is lid nothing more manly than chocolate chip oatmeal in the woods hey guys minnow gonca Park with my buddy Shawn we're doing three days yesterday was our first day we got in early paddled around within you mid what we're doing Porto's we didn't fish didn't fish at all so today today is not a big day yesterday we put in a little bit of distance to get here today is not a big day at all we're going to devote the day to fishing

even though I'm here and we'll see what happens

so it's good day yesterday was uh not too buggy not too hot and didn't rain it was supposed to thunder storm we got a couple drops so yeah looking forward to today looking forward for some fish in my belly

let me get our boats we left one at the other end of the portage tried out some fishing last night so you don't have to do the portage with our with our boats just this morning just our gear that's a that's a nice thing and then I faith we've only got maybe five or six hundred meters of port otters broken up today if not even that we tried some fish it Shawn lied to me and said don't bring food we'll eat tons of trout I had rice some blueberries leftover surprised you're still around taystee

you're dangerous when you're on your own you know we fall and get him pill but wrench down the dope you made that look so much easier than me but it is not over get another one pull it right up fishing on top on top I got a decent sized perch here we're going to throw that guy in the pot we've got a three small smaller than this trout a couple chubs small perch and then this guy party no no no I'm talking on camera

not going to get much meat off this guy but combined with the other five or six fish we have they're all relatively the same size we'll get a meal and put it with some panic or something - that's done I'm getting hungry we're going to cook up those fish now so I'm just going to get some firewood I'm going to do a couple different methods I left my sunglasses on back here to protect my eyes from these twigs the last thing I want you'll stick in the eye nice neat fire pencil it can actually cook on instead of a big thing that we're having bonfire in which we're not going to do nice level spot for the grill to go on you get a fire going behind it then push the coals in there then a chimney rock at the back higher rocks that draw the smoke in the heat uncle reflects back into the back of the pot so it's more like cooking in an oven instead of just in the frying pan making me hungry so here's our pot oh fish Menasha fish there's a perch fall fish oh and frame ball fish slippery fish perch and then there did you what are these ones that's the Bell Sean caught a monster fall fish like I don't know not even comparable to the other side ones and then he's also got two Loeb rookies in there I caught two brookey's as well but that's what everybody likes about you know yeah we're going to fish three different ways tonight I'm going to fish crisp fried fish in the frying pan we're going to do I'm going to stuff one of these fish you've got some stuffing your breadcrumbs onion garlic pepper so let's see which one we like the best something you don't want to try at home when you're cooking for your family your wife because she's probably not going to like it but these little parasites in their flukes I think they're and pop those out easy enough get rid of them did don't do anything to harm the meat but they also don't do any harm once you cook them to eat them either so anyway just leave them in there that end the little block parasites so I'm just cutting it open so I can stick a little bit of the stuffing right directly inside the fish so it cooks so a nice little flavor we're just going to stick that at the edge of edge of the fire not over the coals of cook slowly otherwise it'll burn

Pender mm-hmm yeah that stuff really falls apart it hits the ball fish fall fishery and test the fault cheers Cheers oh nothing wrong with that you know the good thing about it is that true Algonquin er throw it anywhere for our risk somewhat is a global warming especially but you know anytime you can put pressure on another fish that can take it take it off the trail it's a good thing no Gong Qin vast perch tall fish great target species you have those perch leet the exit mm-hmm yeah Brooke herring fry now I can open up the perch which is like a stuffed perch here and then we have our fire-roasted full fish just to get everything I wanted to do this just to get a real sense of what it actually tastes like with a without spices and fish crisp and stuffing and stuff on it so to me that's something if I was hungry forgot food or didn't bring as much food like I've done on other trips including this one and that that's probably I got hog enough to eat I'm not gonna have spices so see how that tastes I'm sure it's fine but also sure it's not as good as trip perch and stuffed full of fish the steam coming off of that that smells good mm-hmm yeah perfectly cooked Thanks that should be good look at that that monster perch he's tasty though that's a real-deal full moon - beautiful morning

they actually got pretty chilly last night and the most do I've ever experienced I went I went without the tent fly and the inside of my sleeping bag sorry inside of my tent and the outside of my sleeping bag I'm drenched there's a puddle in the bottom of my tent if it wasn't the last night I would have put my fly on when I saw the do or my realize it was going to be doing night but no more sleeps out here so I'm not too concerned about it we've got a pretty decent day ahead of us it's 7:20 in the morning and we'll probably go until those two I think so we get to the car a nice long drive oh good a good trip metal up on all right folks well in my own car now we got Dunkin wing back to the car at around 3 p.m. it's now 7 p.m. Sean and I drove to his house in his vehicle and then I've strapped up a canoe on here and I'm heading home so I had a great time Sean's cool guy we had never camped together before we didn't know each other we met through YouTube he started putting videos out about a year ago I started watching him he does awesome canoe trips tons of fishing very knowledge will do it very down-to-earth humble guy really go along with him well so I highly suggest you guys check out his youtube channel he's going to have a video of our trip as well he's got tons of other really cool videos that that are worth watching if you like it give a subscribe help nobody's got like a thousand subs or something like that a small Channel stuff hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope hope you guys enjoyed it I had a great time I'm going to go camping again soon or make another video of me camping and between that maybe I'll get some shorter videos though before you guys few times

hope you guys have a good day thanks for watching my videos goodbye

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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