Gear for Camping out of a Backpack.


This is the gear loadout video for a full overnight camping bushcraft trip that I did with my dog, Scout out of a backpack.

The full trip video will be posted in a few days.

I also had a belt knife, on my person, which I didn't show in this video, but I use it in the trip video.

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Video Transcription

hey guys Joe here thanks for clicking the video I'm out on a overnight camping trip doing a camp out on my backpack with the dog obviously so I'm going to go over in this video all the gear that I brought for that for this trip and then this will be a separate video you can check out the actual trip video right after this or before depending there's a mosquito on my lens I can see it let's dive into the backpack so just keep in mind today is August 29th is hot day

hot weather buggy weather summer that's this is the gear that I'm taking for that on the specific overnighter doesn't mean that this is what I'll be bringing all the time or anything like that so tonight I brought it the first thing to come off is my sleeping bag that's going to come off the bottom straps on the scout pack the wild let's go pack pardon scout again so this is my positive 3 so sheís down bag and insight from Mountain Equipment co-op and inside here I also have a down pillow and this is my sea2summit compression sack which I have used for years now and absolutely love the thing it's getting a little holes here and there but she's still holding up good and it's no big deal I'll just replace it when it when I can't use anymore but I really like it lightweight and durable there's my my down pillow to go with my gallon sleeping bag I move my straps from the outside two loops to the inside to because my sleeping bag was kind of short and I didn't want to have it overhanging oh I'm getting eaten alive here I didn't I didn't want it slipping off the side he's my point so I put it in the middle and then there's no chance of that so those are all tucked up over the way I could roll them and velcro them together but I'm leaving tomorrow morning's no big deal I don't mind them like that let's go to the outside pocket so outside pocket I've got first up I've got toilet paper and hand sanitizer easily available right there just a little bit I don't need a lot for tonight hopefully I don't need any and then I got a 5x7 bushcraft outfitters tarp lightweight and use that a long time - I've used this for years so on the outside I've got my tent pegs I'm using my Big Agnes tent this touch strip so got my tent pegs and my poles in this bag as well as Camelback full of water a liter water there i turn my bag around you can see I've got a water bottle pouch and an axe this is my graspers Brooks outdoor axe I got it from Canadian outdoor equipment great axe great service of those that place - Tim is a great guy to deal with I'll be able to use this a lot today open up I've got another water bottle another liter there I've got a grill to cook on so that gets folded right down that water bottle or sorry that pouch it was like it's not even existent now after I snap it down like that we'll get over the back ice it pad I should have probably got that out first all right let's open the main compartment right on top I've got my small Possible's pouch I'll show you what I'm going through what what I'll go through what I have in there after and then I've got a larger one and I'll show you that as well I don't make fun of me guys okay don't make fun of me I got a cooler this time okay and there is one sole reason I brought this cooler it's not for my meat because my meat is frozen and I actually need to leave leave it out for a minute - dethaw I got a Angus New York Strip so that's gonna go get on the fire tonight this is the reason are you ready I wanted to keep my howler my craft heads howler cold this is galaxy hops a galaxy IPA super super good it's from a local brewery in Windsor craft house or craft head sorry so I'm going to keep that cold I got a little ice pack in there as well I don't care if you call me a pansy a sissy we'll see any of that stuff the fact of the matter is I want cold beer and I'm going to have it so that's that got that all packed away in there that steak is actually be thought well I'm gonna leave it in there okay that was the meat of the big pack guys like look at the size of it compared to their right so let's see what else I can pull out of this magic bag got para cord way more paracord than I need I've got a dog bowl for scope to give him water in I've got dog food for scope now we shall see if he actually eats this guy's okay he won't I guarantee it right now but we'll try

I've got Oh seasoning for my steak put that over there I've got the bug net to my big Big Agnes tent Big Agnes Fly Creek ul1 I've got a Nemo Astro air light sleeping pad very lightweight it has no insulation properties at all just air inside there I've got my parachute hammock and the respective straps my silky gone boy with large teeth and last but not least a book a big ol book this one's called alone against the north I have not read it that the author as Adam Schultz says an expedition into the unknown canoe tripping so Odie Clint let me borrow this I'm gonna read this tonight that's it guys that's the whole shebang

so I'll show you what's in my small Possible's pouch first I've got a Suunto compass with a mirror on it which is good so you can get things out of your eyes if you have something your eye or anything like that see how rough you look after a couple days I've got water drops

I've got bug spray which I'm going to need to put on right now I've got sunscreen I've got a little bit more baby wipe which I didn't know I had okay so heavenly I've got a firesteel calm fire steel I got a backup flashlight this is a three-night to1 so that's my my small Possible's pouch got over the way here's the big one so I've got I've got a tourniquet for the worst case scenario possible water filtration system a new Sawyer filter which it ended up being I did lose the o-ring like a bunch you guys told me that was the problem before with this syringe and everything in a bag so I've got that ready to go for water filter got a new through night th 20 head lamp it runs on a double-a battery finally so I'll go through they'll use this tonight in my other video in the actual trip video oh I got a giveaway to do two in the trip video so you better check that out first aid kit a journal a notes a field notes journal got a sharpening kit which is a DC 4 and a strop a little button compass chapstick and a roll of duct tape on a hollowed-out pen little cut-up PEG tube there you go a little rundown of my gear I'm going to use tonight for scout and I in the middle of the summer in the woods camping out of a backpack I hope you stick around for the actual trip video like I said I'll have a giveaway be doing some cool stuff so yeah I hope you guys watch it hope you like this hope you found it interesting hope you learn something see you guys soon take care

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