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New Backpack and Gear Loadout for a Spring Overnight Camp


In this video I am up north, searching for a camping spot.

I stop along the way to show you a brand new bushcraft type backpack, and what camping gear I brought for this overnight camp. Feature length trip video to follow!

TheHiddenWoodsmen (backpack) http://thehiddenwoodsmen.com/

Hammock https://www.facebook.com/campingking.ca/?hc_ref=SEARCH

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

hey folks Joe here thanks for tuning in again I'm camping and I'm very warm hence the ridiculously looking t-shirt I'm about seven hours north of where I live I'm in a brand new spot I've never been here before and we're going to camp overnight out of a brand-new backpack hence the reason for this specific video this is my brand new bushcraft style backpack this is made by the hidden woodsman Malcolm and his name is Malcolm this is called the day Rock 2.0 Joe Robinette edition Malcolm will be selling them on his site the hidden woodsman calm let's dive into the backpack and my gear for this trip right off the hop let's take care of everything on the outside of the backpack so first off we see a sleeping bag this thing is packed to the nine this is probably thirty pounds this is as heavy as I would want to carry it the only way I would make it heavier is if I had a wool blanket on the bottom as opposed to a down sleeping bag so the down student bag is a positive one degree Celsius Marmot down slash synthetic bag the synthetic is on the underneath underside of it I can show you more of this more detail in the actual trip video as with everything here this is a sea2summit compression sack which can actually compress a heck of a lot more but I like to leave it longer so that the bottom straps can actually loop around and it won't they will pop out off of it these bottom straps don't come with a backpack but Malcolm will sell them as an add-on I got black online and I have black zipper poles to match the black on Scouts face so this isn't going to be the exact backpack that that will be for sale it's story it's the exact backpack it's just that the patch scheme is different all these patches will be gone and I'll have a two inch this is a three-inch skill patch there'll be a two inch skill patch up here sewn on and then you'll have all this hook and loop available to put your own package on and Malcolm sells awesome patches these to her from him it's camp life in the wilderness and his hidden woods been one I digress so we got our sleeping bag off next we're going to get our poach off so this poach is a one-off he won't sell this coach this is just something I have but he has other potions you could buy out on the side for sure or even Maxpedition bottled water bottle holders or condor or anything like that with a Molly will fist and accept it so I'm taking these off for a reason just to show you what the pack looks like without any coaches I'll go over what's in here in one second this is an awesome feature an axe leave on the side with a generous sleeve it's not just a band you don't have to have one at the bottom either because it's so big it kind of just sits in there and this will slide down behind this post which kind of adds more stability for but again not necessary so I have my Ray Mears Edition small forest axe this is a gift from Malcolm because we're working together it's a really nice guy sent me over this I've never owned this size grants first before and for this to be a reindeers edition is just the icing on the cake things razor this is the only cutting tool I brought other than a knife so we'll be using the crap out of this today on the other side I have a military like a legit genuine military canteen carrier canteen pouch Malcolm actually sells you so these are military surplus that have never been used but yeah he buys them in bulk and sells them so this is a great addition for this kit especially when you have a heavy cover canteen it fits in there perfectly I don't have any kind of water source inside my backpack at all like a pot cuff anything like that it's all contained on the outside here in my pouch so first out comes my heavy cover spork just slides down the side then I've got my full canteen set right so now that's empty that can be flattened down whatever you don't need to worry about that

my heavy cover canteen is made of titanium bomb-proof this thing has like a eighth inch of soot on the bottom of it absolutely love this fully contained everything is great about this kit in my opinion so that's everything off the sides and bottom I guess I'll take this off again just to show you so that's your standard pack with no pouches on it so let's go through my pouch those on the side so right off of that and I've already used this today to have my Sawyer squeeze water filtration system I have a signal panel this is a hidden woods and signal panel which you can use obviously for signaling but what I like to use it for is sitting on the ground if it's wet or collecting my wood shavings this is like I don't know what is 500 d but it's super tough water resistant also have my lid for my canteen and an emergency whistle and flashlight spare flashlight I mean inside of my pouch is nice and bright so I can see and help you did that on the inside the backpack see with X which I'll show you now okay like I said earlier have this thing packed out to the nines this is on purpose like ridiculously way too much stuff first thing that comes out is my extra lens this is a 35 millimeter lens with the F 1.8 it's a cheaper cheaper lens that Able's need to get good video and pictures next up is an immodest brew from Nichol Brook you know you got to have your priorities straight 9% so you can see actually it opens right down there's a mesh pocket here next up I have my food this is also a hidden woodsman tinder bed but I keep my food in I have enough food in here for two days

next up I have my sleeping pad which is a thermo ask me Oh err x-term next up is my hammock the super ultralight squishable packable bug net webbing Whoopie slings everything in practice is meant for lightweight stuff this is made by camping king I know the owner Bruno he's out of Quebec awesome guy really helpful so we'll go through more of that in detail in the video as well next up is my tarp it's supposed to thunder storm tonight so I got my 9 by 9 still nala still nylon tarp I've got my grill so that now now we're basically done at all except for I got paracord in the bottom of just you know super neat like nice and neat paracord it's what you got to do organized guys organization so now we're at the back there's nothing else in the pack except for my can't cactus candies from my mummy but now the backpack has this pouch I guess or sleeve in the back where I put my hip pad slides back down in there and then also my grill slides right in there easy and it's turned around we got this zippered front next front on the inside in front of it I mean I got my Possible's coach in there I've got toiletries pills toilet paper not it

no that's not it there's a poach on the outside there's a coach on the outside inside that I have gloves I have extra cordage for my tarp you have two titanium stakes now that's it that's all she wrote now for what I'm never good at the technical specs of the backpack so we're looking at MOLLE webbing on both sides this is 1000d construction with 420 d liners there's a brightly colored inside as you can see the orange is wrought proof thread and 2x sleeve like I showed you spot to lash a bedroll at the bottom the velcro patch panel inside mesh pocket the inside sleeve and the fabric is highly water resistant now Malcolm is a small-time business owner he's an American business he started from scratch he works at home does all this stuff is this all hand sewn this is in a factory you can't pump out 100 of these at a time so what we're going to do he's going to do a run of ten at first and I'm sure that later on there will be another run but there'll be a run of ten first come first serve and all done through Malcolm's site you guys are probably wondering what kind of food I have and what's in my possible is poach and how the hammock is going to set up and all that stuff I would love for you to actually check out the full trip video it's going to be a feature-length like normal it will be up really soon I really want you guys check it out I'm sure you like it this is a rejuvenating kind of trip for me I'm not chopping down a bunch of wood and building I'm kind of relaxing and hanging in a hammock and just soaking it all in there's a really nice River here I'm really loving life right now so this is about a twenty five litre rucksack and I was able to set all of my gear for overnight camp plus some way too much gear extra gear in it I didn't have to bring this hammock at all I could have completely skipped this part of it because I have my sleeping pad with me I could have just slept on the ground with the tarp above but I wanted to put more stuff in the in the backpack I wanted to trauma hammock so in reality this because I got cut out my D I have two beers my beers could cut out my extra lens cuz it got cut out a bunch of stuff I don't know if I mentioned it I do have my sweater and my prim loft that I wore on the way in it just got way too hot to wear ok so I have to pack my backpack all up now and hike over to this awesome cedar grove that I found right next to the river and I'm going to camp there for tonight hopefully get that thunderstorm that they keep calling for so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope it was informative if there's any questions about the backpack itself maybe direct those towards Malcolm because he has a better understanding of the products seeing is how he is the one who makes it will be for sale through his website like I said the hidden woodsman comm check it out there's a ton of stuff on there already some really cool stuff yeah and we'll be working together going forward I hope you enjoyed the video I hope you learned something hope it's informative I hope you guys have a great day stay tuned for the feature-length trip video and I'll see you soon good bye

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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