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Awesome Tarp Shelter; Bushcraft Survival Camping


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In this video I show an awesome tarp shelter configuration.

I originally saw what inspired this set up on another channel. Forrester Bushcraft https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_TTAAzvybA

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Video Transcription

hey guys first off sorry about the horrible music in the background my neighbors are the epitome of white trash so I'll have to listen to that for the next five minutes or so I got a sweet news tarp shelter set up a long - oh I got the idea from YouTube channel the guys name is Forester I believe he's a British guy I'll put a link at the bottom of the page if you know Perez I'm sorry he's a European for sure well let's check it out so this is a nine by nine soul nylon tarp and I have it rigged up in such a way that it's like a modified a-frame almost with more protection in my opinion there's a lot right about this shelter it gives you the back wall it gives you three walled protection from elements in rain and gives you this front opening for ventilation so you can see it's plenty roomy in here I have my bag on the diagonal that way I'm completely protected and if I didn't if I had it straight on I would still be and I could fit another person my gear or by dog my hiking pole is canted - off to the side because I'm by myself in here if I always in with two people I'd have it right in the middle it makes no difference one of the beauties of this shelter is that really it only takes one piece of cord to set it up now it's set up to a little clothesline but that would be a tree obviously or use a hiking pole but all the rest it's just the tights are pegged right to the ground so I've got 8 8 Toyota on there sorry 8 pegs on there summer wood some are a lot of wood some are aluminum like normal just a shot from the back to show you how wide it is at the back and you can see it's pegged right down to the ground like I said pretty tight to the ground - so there's no real worry of wind coming through that way or rain or anything like that I'm going to just assemble this and I'll show you how you set it up takes 5 minutes so this is what you're going to need in total from left to right so Hank a paracord boat 8 feet long there's nine stakes in that bag I was wrong when I said eight there's a nine by nine salon Island tarp in a hiking cool now obviously any of these things can be substituted the hiking pole could be substituted for a stick that you might round off the top and put like a bandana or shemagh over that's what the gentleman who I saw the video from did you could use all wood stakes instead of metal stakes and you could also use a different art doesn't have to be a nine by nine but I think you wouldn't want to really go any smaller than nine by nine maybe eight by eight but that's about it the square I think was is ideal squirter first you start by laying your tarp boat flat on the ground and pegging out both that corners tight to the ground then we're going to come around the front and we are going to hold the two corners into the middle and PEG them down together just for a minute then we're going to put a pole and it's in them in the center and hang everything out and open the front up so apart from pegging down the sides this is basically the shelter that Forrester YouTube channel I saw I did it and I like this idea you're all enclosed but when I went in there to test it out it was hot very very very hot no ventilation at all so instead of keeping both of the pilots in the middle here we're going to separate them and it's going to take some tweaking did the pole is gonna fall and everything go that's fine so push this out to the side is tight a little girl same with the other one so now is where the paracord comes in you have to tie this front piece out there's that awesome music again so when I do this it's just like any other tarp I do I just make a loop pass it through the loop on the tarp possible both pieces through and just pull them out and that's going to create an easily undone attachment just like that

polar piece of paracord up and tie it off to a tree in this case we're using an old clothesline post but that's no big deal

use your imagination tie a quick-release taut-line hitch

cinch it up now we got a peg out are our sides are you okay maybe should put shoes on so I'm not gonna lie it does take some adjusting so I'm gonna pull a couple these pegs out excuse me babe thank you Joe yep thank you excuse me excuse me so you can see how big it is compared to emerald plenty room to sit up stand up in there it's pretty tight right now this sides a little bit better than the other to be honest with you car scope but again you can see there's plenty of room for me and the dog I mean other person or me on my gear could take the pole move it off to the side if I want to pretty cool setup so I'll put a link to that other guy foresters youtube channel in the description give it a shot man it's pretty cool thanks for watching guys

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