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in respone to pewdiepie $60 VS $135 WHISKEY (SCOTCH)


#pewdiepie #joerobinet #whiskey Pewdiepie did a $50 VS $500 Whiskey review about a year ago.


Which I always thought was a very cool premise for a video.

I was in the market for a good, smokey Scotch Whiskey and did not know what to get, so I bought 5 different bottles of scotch whiskey to find the right amount of smokey, peaty goodness.

I Invite my buddy Jake over to sample some fine (and not so fine) Whiskeys from Scotland.

We are amateurs at best, we did things incorrectly, we say some silly stuff, but we had a blast, and I hope you enjoy watching.

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Video Transcription

hey guys how you doing we have a different video today we have a special guest buddy Jake hey we're gonna do a scotch tasting this is a first for me first for me so we don't really know much kind of big-time movies on the sky so what the whole premise behind this a couple things I went to the liquor store a couple weeks ago wanted get a really smoky scotch I've only ever had experience with leg foolin and Bo more before and like foolin was cream the crop to me and I was since then about 2 or 3 bottles of different stuff and it's all gone downhill because what I'm looking for a smoke so I figured I remembered a year ago peopIe the youtuber did a video and don't knock me if you haven't seen him lately go watch a video of his he's I was actually one of the better bigger youtuber you he's not a bad dude at all he did a scotch tasting test about a year ago and I really it was cool it was cool to watch so I figured in that vein maybe I'll get all of these five bottles of scotch and we'll do a video on it that way although you'll know and I get some content out of it so yes so Jake's we do a lot of research as you know I'm not that type of person so Jake chicken was the man and took that initiative so we're gonna do be doing uh like a sip for thanks first we're gonna look at the color to see if it's later dark and I don't know what that means but we'll discuss those gussets in our layman's experience it's like this supposed to be sweeter okay if it's dark is supposed to be I think just more Eve or something to do with the cast it was stored in more sherry cask I don't know if that makes it darker

so we'll compare them anyway I guess see which ones latest darkest and how that effects definitely maybe I'm going for have you thought we've had a smoky scotch before or no I've got uh smoke Scott well I've had Johnny Walker red that is my scotch experience I'm pretty excited all right me too so down the line we've got tomaten or Toma 10 told me Tim you're doing your best Vanna White okay come on then it's an Italian Italian island

we've got scotch whiskey from the compass box called the peat monster I'm thinking this one might be a little bit PD says PD smoking complex the Tom Watson is bourbon sherry casks this is an IPA experiment we'll talk a little bit about each one more but this is this is totally there for hiding note is this considered real experiment is so I think it's gone it's just scored a little different know how to do flavors this is the leg of 116 years this was by far the most pricey 133 dollars all these other ones were around $88 this one was 130 and then the left wrong at the end the front of net Walt is supposed to be pretty good about the Italian when we got the French all the scholars and this one's supposed to be the smokiest five and five four or five oh five and this one's supposed to be the easiest peanut Pete Bo Peep so first up is our tomaten how do you think you say that I must say I think you are I think come on Tintin don't did let me know in the comments all right so it's a Highland single malt and there's differences in between where it's from correct yeah so it's doing some reading I think there's five main ones I think there's a isla I think we have two from there those are usually more smoky and then Highlands are just more hiding islands as the biggest area so really ranges a lot what they mean but they're not necessarily known for smokiness all right and I think I think this one for example is really low on the smoke smoke reading right zero out of five zero over 5 on the smokes all right so this is a 12 year all these are brand new never what what happened so if you follow my Instagram feed you'll know that Jake and I did a number on this bottle of go to week ago or so so we're pretty familiar with how this one tastes this is the only one I swear all the other four brand new we haven't yet over at all yeah they're sealed will show you but it's not very smoky as the zero to five Braden gave it I think it's a little sweet this one so we should just do a little bit then just a little bit that well we won league not to mix a little watering more you tell me Starks glasses all right yes we're good so what do we do first take I think first uh give a good smell good smell see what you can pick up okay alcohol hope I'm being honest this one yeah there's no smells of yeah no floral or vanilla or any nothing really yeah it'll taste the shuttle we set a so I think well we didn't open the color color is very light but it's pretty light it's not extremely light as you can see it's got a little bit of color but as far as scotches go I think that's a pretty pretty blonde you have to excuse my snoring dog and then what you swirl it I think it's really your little squirrel you see if something legs inside the glass there are there are there are there nice amount I don't see they're pretty viscous biscuit really that's pretty pretty thick there's some viscosity in those legs we're gonna give a finger three three or five esophagus solid three beside nothing to reason the middle so we go up now the other ones three it is alright see it tastes I feel it in my nose when I breathe out I'll just say Stella can't there's no there's no smoke at all there's no yeah pretty bland

I taste alcohol that's it like if they smooth yeah it's not like a bad very very smelly the rubbing alcohol or anything it's just a really smooth high overall kind of again this one was eaten but might even sixty bucks but I think around the 60-day you dollar Canadian Rangers over thirty boxing so then again this is a Highland right mm-hmm and the highlight have my cheat sheet Carter it's from the liquor store it's real so it's a Highland the Highlands is very diverse and offer a vast array of different flavors look at you Jake came prepared

typical Highland flavors fruitcake I'm not malt oak Heather dried fruit and smoke I get alcohol you know get a splash of water it's supposed to dilute the alcohol a little bit then if there is any hidden flavors you supposed to be able to bring it about makes it a little easier to uh discern for the new this is a learning experience for Joe we got our little glasses of water here look at us look at us prepared I want like a little like I think just a lot of follow your lead

it's just this why I'm really good no so much thank you much I blew it I did it okay this week we're gonna be the new boring mechanism yeah I'll get a spoke on this though for sure you see if there's Mellie different yeah a bit later alcohol

he's expo the water for LG's tips the only thing different no I really it does taste a little different difference it tastes different for sure not not just in the water down with look it actually a morph like floral like I get look at it a floral tone others it's a little hard to pick out exactly what the flavor is but dried fruit maybe root cake no it's fruitcake well I'm gonna give this one like a five I don't know really know cuz dog Andi what's the scale 10-5 I don't think extraordinary but there's nothing it's not a bad dress so I guess five right in the middle kind of read expect it to uh yeah it might be adjusted it might get all of this like it adjusted yeah every at the end there's a tag everything okay next up the peat monster so we found a review on what online by doctor whiskey and it reads cigarette smoking through a meal of scrambled eggs scallops and strawberry cheesecake pairs a bag of cinnamon

sea salt kelp lemon cheesecake a cloud of Pete peaches or nectarines player smoke he then summarizes it amazing balance from start to finish Pete and iodine to fruit baskets then burning leaves or wood outdoors distinct compartments of flavor that carbonized masterfully

if all the bit to constant on major thirds and fifths monstrance Cookie Monster maybe and I was tasting notes Oh Cookie Monster shocked I think you better open zoom in on the picture that monster

all right Wow yeah that's an intense looking peat monster you know what one of these guys came for me so this one again this one's later I think I think that one I think it looks like they added the water for us yes perfect oh man alright so we're gonna go a little less this time well let's catch all that's clear literally clear Wow so kind of excited about this one we never know if it's mainly just cuz the boxer in the name but it isn't it is still like you expected to be a little bit more complete differ the name keep monster I was expecting to be pull like chocolate milk it was what the planet I think I don't know what it says about the ideal was to balance beautifully PD smoky aromas and flavors with those that are multi of fruity yeah this blended blended PD

blending peated single malt whiskies from different regions of Scotland creates its a style that is unique in the world of Scotch whisky you'll find a spectrum of seaside and medicinal pds medicinal along with kipper like smokiness all surrounded by a core of fruit pretty multi whisky character try this out I think so clear so clear clear it's clear oh I smell some different yeah I know this one it's all smoke heated really smoky mmm the factory smells really good and smells a fantastic burgers mom okay legs legs 0-0 very little a little bit stop there I don't get anything I'd be no good at home I don't I don't think you can do it wrong oh yeah okay well I got one what the other one was a three gonna go to 305 first I started it for sure it's the three for likes create a little comparison no okay maybe it is it to all this and someday I guess I think I think I think it too too solid too I think one would be like that's there's a slap in the face just sloppy all right - we gotta leave room for one you so - but like reading all right Oh smoky it's smoky this is a someone's APD not me because I don't know the difference I think it's a monstrous amount of heat raha Cookie Monster cookie buff maybe so right away it's 100% different than the last one like I'm not even in the same ball Jen will smell the alcohol they smell like the the smokiness overpowered alcohol correct same time I like this one

it's then it's got like that it sticks with you and your nose like when you breathe out did the smoke bubble if it feels kind of campfire you kind of smoke like it feels saturate II like I don't know does it feels like yeah no it's good it's good it's good I think I need to pour a little bit more so I can put some water in one that's good

it's totally different you want a little more um oh we didn't get a different water I think that apply the perfect amount it was like a flash like a teaspoon yeah yeah and again it does change the smell but just to in all in all honesty just a subdued what it was to me

yeah what do you know I feel I still taste this there's strong smoke flavor yeah it just even less do you sip it absolutely I know I smell the strong smoke but everybody's seems dull what that was different did change it for you really really really you pick anything else okay Hauser Heather

roll keep saying Heather fruitcake gonna be right I don't know why or what well he's gonna make a guess I'm gonna look I'm I'm gonna eat you want P my girl a good luck

yeah I don't know okay honestly like again I get like a more floral yeah when I had the water definitely definitely changes the taste though it does a little I find this one how much before I learned I'm gonna burn we drink it no burn nose smell we're either like Oklahoma or no I think it pretty happy with definitely a 7.5 for me I cool like me do a stick yeah do sex yep so that room to grow I hope I hope someone's noted my Scottish blanket huh

because we're drinking scotch I got a guy's discarded I got you it's colorful okay this is the one I'm most excited about this VIP a one this is an experiment when I went to buy these scotches the lady at the LCBO tried to talk to me out of body fits she said some people have been not impressed with it its experimental so that it means it's a little bit different every time because of the IPA cask that it's stored in or what is the word aged in even their aged so I said sounds like a challenge

we'll get her and see so they have interested in this one a lot it's got a cool bottle it's just by blend finish you guys have probably no one finishes a comment around here especially is very Thunderdome so this is a single malt experimental and untraditional the brew master suggested creating a Glen finished whiskey finished in IPA craft beer cask something never done in the industry for sounds like remember a lot of hard work for the people at the hopefully the brew basket or doesn't see this poor gonna be angry alright I don't know how long it's a 43% the experiment is it's not easy it's not easy at all I was almost like a champagne complete one it's a clean one we're the first pair of entries in the Glenfiddich experimental series so I'll sort it so or expert yeah okay that makes sense I'm going through she's a pretty like popular run-of-the-mill like everyday take Scott big so it's just does its finished in tasks seasoned with India Pale Ale

it smells like PD or smokey I'm not sure what the difference is but not as much as the last one no no Pete Morgan just an experiment see a Frankenstein Frankenstein but there's a little alcohol know if you like somewhere in between

yeah there's nothing and Pete monster I heard that is true I don't smell anything but that a little bit smooth what do you think a piece of scrap that each does Bernie okay it's cut it's gonna burn to it for sure he's got some decent legs holy she got skipped legs skipped like their mmm good day like that that's a decent legs on that one actually I'm very syrupy yeah maybe maybe for my job she's a for something like Carrie way okay all right I find even the even these sent is kind of Bernie he's got more yeah

sometimes I don't get I really wish I know how these people got these notes and these tastes and these like different this is specific you know what I mean yeah I don't really see it practice we just gotta go to practice drink a lot bottles it over and over again keep drinking until you remember goober yeah it's a bit stinky on the throat yeah it's got more burnt or like you know see that would change big time I taste almost like a cinnamon in that one

Oh see this one I'm thinking floral kind of okay but I mean I didn't notice I'm the last one there's a stronger taste of something in this afternoon yeah something taste morning the definitely change the tapes complex with the first one Compton that did change the peace at all like on right just alcohol D it only table is this worse by far yeah it's it was Lewis schools but a key to keep nothing other night right like I can't pick up the flavors nice last two but they sit there they are there the strip scratch career so we looked at the points on that last one the IPA just see yeah see what flavors we were supposed to find and I can see really experimental part might be coming into this based on these flavors alright so when you but the nose did you smell but a lemon zest milky cornflakes with a sprinkling of white sugar I didn't I didn't pick these up I wish I did because I would be interested if you had a lot more today because it's like a bull Syria yeah that's what I want to think of whenever nice cold so you pull the cornflakes yeah so it gets better so the finish that Google Team Coco Puffs it's a damp green leaves its you know the white interesting thing and in the real estate but cinnamon is in the flavors really so ya know how I stand in the same ballpark as Milky it's in it's in there with the sprinkling of white sugar oh yes yeah next up the fro the Freud look look Prague the Frog it's fresh guy yeah so this is the one when I posted on Instagram my number one Toma Tim they were saying get this get look folks I've never had this apparently this is the smokiest of the smokey correct this is a smoothie for this movie oh it's like a light colored scotch as well but I'd hardly tell him to meatball or just let me be both because I have to say it's a green right and I just don't think that's gonna hold up it's probably cj7 uh I think pray

think of Mountain Dew and some Boop all right laughs frog so look online this was described as the the best breakfast coach so it's an open mind

yep I thought you might Scotch bacon and eggs good one piece like corn flakes this one probably just pairs well with it for a complete breakfast all right so what's up Pauly you solving no lo hago I got the call smoked yet so he it's a different smoky smell of pee monster hunter Senate is like people I sure smell like campfire botanic overpowering people on yeah they smelled smoke gear just really camp fire I like the smell this one I like a lot better

do you that's not a lot of gold : personally yeah yeah yeah I'm not gonna it's not much legs really nobody don't probably down there quite a 1/2 it's there but it's what does that even mean we just have no hook for the leg scale you're right yes that's what that's it I like I like my scotch is like yeah I like like - shit - shit all right wow that's really good smells uh teach small gear that's metals for me I find that little little yeah yeah I smelled like more oh-ho I tasted good amount of smoke

yeah I like it actually don't know I just brought it here one so far Donna's it's a very nice yeah I find it has like the peak monster - with flavors but it went a little extreme

with little washers and like yeah I don't want sir like a monster would do your friendships then overdid it the downfall of all monsters just go to the right gave it to harden Cooper took the extreme everybody get lot of mobs of villagers chanting with pitchforks and torches in this crater say whoa whoa calm down I think I like it this is my favorite one by far yeah that degree the frog frog that's why I like it so much good Frank yeah water I like that wife written down that one splash okay I did it right we're almost there this great stuff he smells the smell of medicine is smokin romantic life as we say I'm not sure with that last one photo that we were talking about how much we loved it and I looked up and it said you filled up an SD card cuz you talk way too much so you just fold the three twists what are you doing SDK I really like it very good

we've just added some water to it this is my favorite by far I can kind of see a little bit of a salty taste like now that you you read about the use in your head or the ILA one see you mention those flavors and you're looking for flavor specifically I can kind of see I think a little salt really come from like I can't see seaweed

I don't feel seaweed but I don't know what's even easily never see me juice no no yeah I don't know it's good it's smooth I like the smoke it's not overpowering read about it yeah 500 500 gonna be crazy smoke cause I'm fucking parakeet monster just paint it a smaller monster

yeah I know can I say floral gammon is that just a broad spectrum I don't get anything else on the network floral is a floral floral I like it I'm definitely let's just check up yeah I thought I might give that one okay it's hard seven eight definitely definitely a good breakfast coach uh-huh did you just say yeah you can't eat that with the flap shit makes sense now pears mangoes lemons seaweed and it all talked off I don't

oh I know I know I think so okay well iodized salt people Arthur was there salt in it though there's salt salts one of the characters really well I mean it mentioned it on there is one of the flavors that could have and he doesn't want his name well that's well that's pretty good yeah they take it out yeah I didn't get it no floral a no floral sorry job flowers jackal to 500 each bar below blue frog comes with the gift of friendship oh it's right here in the instruction

we should have read the instructions before we started you're probably getting it all wrong is the last one up this is leg foolin I might have heard of Ron Swanson talking about it this is by far the best before all of this the best Scotch I had ever had I'll tell you know two minutes what I like better than that of the Frog but oh she's a darker one though lady darker than all of them put together hey yeah really really expecting you put that bowl upside the Pete monster oh she's got a wooden ball just orange Oh like we're reading like let's do our things it's fine later safe she's a father so this one is definitely in it hila I did it all right smell it from here

just smoke all this is like a peat monster tape yeah I don't know what people are talking about with this is a four and there is a five on the charts because this is already I can smell it it's martial arts monkey yeah hey they're still over two feet monster level smokey oh ma no you're right monster with wild more so than look they're all more filter yeah problem mmm this is what I think that what I think of scotch

this color yeah yeah we found the legs oh no no no no no it's pretty good that's a strong leg I was looking a little a she she's got legs she knows that I use them you know what I use yep no at least we agree on that she's a fire all right okay it's good yeah Emily I would put this definitely both this might glue the top that's a heavy smoke it's heavy smoke this is this is a smooth good smoke it's not overpowering smoke around I like this

okay heavy smoke cocaine campfire smoke through scrolling

say Brad filter she's gonna write to the top of my list that beats leper all right thing I like that one a whole lot that's really nice that's really nice scotch it's close this one on the Frog I don't think bring it it's not supposed to be the Frog someone's gonna call you yeah what Scottish so Italy they're frying brother nice tires the broom somebody told me I butchered the word Husqvarna almost as bad as they butchered the word fall or even he's supposed to make yeah I know so I'm gonna call it fall over even he's literally smelled like FJ yeah yeah okay no that's the Swedish between I love you I mean somebody's definitely gonna tell you that they're doing this wrong 100% and the fact that for myself there's my experience I do most things wrong yeah turns out a right dog that's so you can say you take you things personal say you learn yeah that's true I've never done this before mmm that's good yeah I might even drink one of these this Anais the Amazon smooth this one smooth like this one little frog yeah Wow look very look the Frog yeah those do it very smooth there's their good level of smoke really close for me between those two I'm gonna go over the limit say this one's a 8.5 and the frogs a 7.5 I'm evening than 8 but I can't really I like them all really except for the IPA and assuming the Tomatina though those two really work what I was looking for see although if I think I had the rated it would be the leg of Wulin that's a number one then the left wrong is number two the peat monster is number three IPA in the Taunton what do you think I think I'd do the same except I think I swapped the Compton in the yeah I get with the a pager bar okay talk about that Wow

but yeah the IP was just kind of he's not agreed it was different it was experimental no is this not a good way yeah it was an experiment and experiment we're gonna ye Frankenstein thanks again yeah yeah yeah yeah alright guys well maybe we're gonna wrap this up now you're talking for a long time I hope you enjoyed this this is obviously just a one shot video if you know what I mean I'm not going to be doing a vodka room down the line oh we enjoyed it well yeah we could do media Kabir Kabir one more time beer one I don't know more about beers I think I think we'll not old I've drank with my share of yours I think I only did so yeah yeah yeah we do that cool well we're gonna wrap this up thanks guys for watching I tune in soon for another camping video I'll see you soon all right the heart of the Klein recliner camera

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