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It was a very nice day yesterday, so after work I grabed some gear and my dog, we went and spent the night in the woods, while there I completed a Bushclass assignment...make and use 3 different fire lay configurations.

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Video Transcription

there's my prep all laid out I'm going to attempt to do a teepee fire for cooking some rice never really made a teepee fire this style before we'll see how it goes now we'll see if this reaches the Billy Billy part I don't think it will think of hunt too high that's the case I'm gonna have to lower it and the winds kicking up as you can see it's pushing all that way should be going straight up but it's going quick that's for sure yeah I'm gonna have to lower this Billy part so I lowered the Billy Billy pot and it's starting to get licked by the flames I'll come back to you when it's done cooking worked exceptionally well I cooked that rice and I had no five minutes max it's just a little bit but it's enough it's enough to tide me over until all right it's time for dinner so I'm gonna use this other fire lake called the log cabin fire lay I probably use this 99% of the time never really called a log cabin fire lay but it's definitely what it is so there's all my prep certain from shavings pencil all the way up and I got these rounds over here to make a good bit of coal so I can cook my sausages for dinner so here goes I'm using a lot of twigs this time I'm in this oak forest the ton Z's dead oak like real real dried dead oak twigs they burn really good I'm just criss crossing it there for now laying it up on top in that kind of pattern the same type of pattern I'm just gonna keep feeding this making it bigger and bigger until I got a great big bed of coals and I throw my sausages on it so that's my use for this one it's cooking

as you can see like Terry demonstrated in his video it just starts to go real quick the it's getting lots of air up underneath it and the surfaces of the wood are all getting hit by flame you can see which way the winds going blowing this way parallel to my shelter which is good that'll help tonight with the long fire they don't get smoked out now that it's died down some I'm going to add those rounds off to the left of the screen so that I'm guaranteed a nice bed of coals you

so that burns down I'm just collecting wood from my long fire later on well that fires died down now and you can see how hard it the coals are there they're red hot so I'm just gonna put my grill over top of it and wait for the little bit of flames left to die down and it's sausage time dinner time you bow heard those suck those two sausages I still got to save them for later got only I'm not even about a half an hour left of light so I'm gonna take that time to do the prep for my third fire the long fire I probably won't light it until nighttime until it's darker but hopefully I'll get the prep done show you guys the prep beforehand and then I'll be able to show you lady in the foyer in the dark so again I've got the wool blanket for warmth the long fire in front it's supposed to be only around 60 degrees tonight so I'm laughing it's no big deal this is probably gonna look horrible but there's my prep shavings pencil bigger bigger bigger and my front log like and my the love farther away from me the rear love will be the set up for it like I said I'm not gonna light it just yet but I'll make sure I show you guys when I do all right fire

about twenty after seven it's pretty dark out I'll probably stay up till about ten or eleven so we would start the fire now keep it small and it'll eventually turn into a long fire so I started off just crisscross kind of like the log cabin style and later on we'll start laying logs parallel whole time all the while these these two big ones will start catching bonfire is one of my favorites I barely ever get to use it but it's definitely useful you can use it for cooking for warmth

it's pretty good fire I guess every fire you can use for cooking and warmth but the way it's set up is very easy for both

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