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HD Winter Bushcraft Video. Fire, Cooking Tacos, New Gear.


Scout and I head to the woods for the day.

We Hike in, make a fire, cook up some bushcraft tacos, play with some new outdoor gear, and chill.

Kydex mask-https://www.facebook.com/Copperheadoutdoors/?pnref=lhc

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Video Transcription




as you can see for the previous couple seconds I'm in the woods it's meeting skills day today so sunny day it's probably about negative 3 degrees Celsius so not too bad got the old muck boots on not too many layers so the plan for today is listening to planes in the background and listen to transport trucks on the highway maybe make a fire and cook up some food to stick stay tuned guys got a pretty cool gift in the mail this is a tomahawk Kydex mask I got it from Ron at Copperhead outdoors so snaps in and it also has a leather strap which it honestly doesn't need but listen there's no rattle at all and then to take it off I like the fact that the leather on it is pretty cool take it off you just snap it off and then she's still on there wouldn't even come off you just take your thumb and push comes off super easy I really like the color I like the fact that it fits without any rattle and I also really like the leather just because it's a little bit of love it's cool so thanks Ron very cool I'll put a link in the description if you guys want to check out his page started the fire with a smaller fire steel as you saw that little light my fire one just for something different today as opposed to using my bigger one with this final my knife so a bigger one with spying on my knife works really well this little one has this attached striker and I figured you got to keep it keep it fresh got to keep using different things or whatever and even though this is the same as a fire stove just smaller it does not work half as good as a bigger fire steel I like the fire steel calm ones the best they just send out globs but everybody likes their own but in my experience those ones work the best fires dying down now and I want to cook up my food I brought stuff to make tacos it's actually pretty cool yeah cook fry up the meat my frying pan so I don't really care that my fire is just smoldering right now I'm going to actually just place a frying pan right on top of it this time there's a little bit of wood blocking from the coals to so last time for something we had tacos when we packed it away in here for me everything's in here what I'm going to do is try to get the cheese out of the top because it's gonna burn on the pan fry up the taco meat that's already been cooked already seasoned everything onions in here and cheese and then oh I forgot hot sauce anyways I got some some pitas here so tortilla is actually for Chile's and a whole lot of meat Scott's gonna get some too all right she's starting to sizzle getting nice and hot what I'm gonna do is I want to take some pieces of meat out of here put it in a container for scope and I want to add my onions because dogs can't have onions and my cheese right to this and it's going to all melt in there I'm not gonna let the cheese burn or whatever and then it should be pretty good I'm really bummed out that I forgot my hot sauce though I'm using a piece of sassafras to stir it like a spatula I took all the bark off it's important to do that so you get rid of all the bacteria it's not too big a deal using wood for for utensils and stuff like that as long as you clean them up good boy that good boy there's all my onions cheese and I guess that's it onions and cheese melt it all in there

they're nice that's good enough for me she done

not too shabby that's looking good I'm going to eat this one now and leave the rest of the meat in the pan so that I can warm it up because if I don't do it that way the second one will be cold by the time I eat it I got another cold gift from a subscriber from Greece which is really cool which is Camelback water-bottle Nalgene style I guess but Camelback brand it's got a couple cool features this heavy-duty handle or clasp or whatever then you can unscrew the whole thing like a Nalgene or you can unscrew this little mouth part the spout and then tucks back down inside the handle it is where it does there we go it stays out of your way for you it's pretty neat and this spout is a drinking friendly in the car when you have to stop or anything or hit a bump it doesn't spill all everywhere so thanks to my subscriber from Greece very cool man

so got this shotgun mic now on my camera rode shotgun mic video mic Pro I was pretty expensive but I figure it's an investment

and now that I'm doing this stuff seriously you know it's part of it so which kind of sucks though because before I bought it I was getting a lot of comments saying like you need to get a mic you need to get a mic blah blah blah and I've been using it for like the past 10 videos now or something and I haven't got one comment saying like oh did you get a mic your audio sounds better so I don't honestly know if there's a difference I think there is but I don't know how noticeable it is if nobody said anything who knows but anyways we'll keep using it let me know let me know if my videos now sound better than they have been previously let me know if you can hear all that nonsense behind me this constant like humming of trucks so much noise so much noise around here for that plane but this is my area that I get to come to when I'm near my house so I like it and I'll keep using it all done eating getting cold and I want to start my fire up again it's just ashes right now so let's go walk around the woods and grab some firewood I think I'm just gonna bring my tomahawk this time it's fun to use my gloves on to them old man let's go

I haven't tried to take this mask off with my gloves on yet be a plus if I could nice not too shabby it's no blue foam pad but that all thermal receipt works pretty good for that

I've been frequenting this patch of woods for like ten years or something like that and this has been this old sassafras like tree stump has been here the whole time and it's slowly deteriorating it's all Punk wood it was it was a substantial sassafras tree to be honest with you before a fill before it broke down it's full of punk like I said I used in the summertime to keep mosquitoes away burning it and stuff and I also like to throw a tomahawk at it because it's dead and it sticks into it I'm not hurting a tree first try you gotta find your your distance

there you go second try not too bad handle almost came off on that one well guys I think it's time to get out of here now been here all day and it's time to go home here we go Hey hey buddy thanks for watching folks hope you enjoyed it I hope you learn something if you like stuff like this please do me a favor and give a comment like subscribe and share it really helps me out and I'll see you soon with the next video

take care

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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