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#joerobinet #myselfreliance #offgridcabin It finally happened! After 11 years of plugging away in such a niche genre, you guys have got me to 1 million subscribers :)

I drive to Shawn Jame's My Self Reliance Log Cabin in the forest to meet Scrambled o and Doug Outside for 2 days of fun, and good company.

Thanks boys for the memories.

Thanks to my over 1 million subscribers :)

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Video Transcription

hey guys how you doing I'm about to hit a million subscribers and I'd like 998 thousand something I'm on my way over to see buddy Shawn we're driving up to the my self-reliance cabin dug and scrambled oh I don't what side-scroller are gonna meet me there - so as for we're going to recap on our previous adventures and ring in the million subscribers together over over at the cabin so you guys are more than welcome to come with us let's go there soon talk to Doug and screw on the phone a couple hours late supper

oh man look who's here it's a reunion it's the French River crew first time yeah it's been two years two years since love yes we've all been together so I lied earlier when I told you guys I was hitting a million today I dropped 1500 subs yes that's a Shawn mentioned to me yeah I dropped 25 I think so do you want two thousand can you explain it real quick Shawn for the people there it's growing out people's old accounts and councilmen shut down or spam accounts stuff like that to everybody everybody I thought there was a anyway no big deal it'll probably happen tomorrow and if not that's fine too it's really really great to get together with everybody so fun times will ensue and Cali what up Kelly all right look at that steak shot you got Sean's wood stove rockin you got two ribeyes two t-bones on that bad boy looking pretty good grass-fed steaks yeah it's pretty good all right look at this how cool does this look this cabin is awesome

no but ready to eat Oh everybody shut up as soon as I turn up a bunch of youtubers or anything I didn't watch his videos like a year ago that's [Music]

happy right now don't you have a soul - girl salt I like to put it on the cut end oh and it kind of absorbs it is really good cool I bought that sixty after watching Peter McKinnon I don't know you were one of me who that is teaches you have it well it's nice to be all back together we should we should do a little toast alright guys well as you can imagine for a group of guys friends who haven't seen each other in a while we've got a lot of catching up to do poop to be talking so we've eaten our steaks that was a couple hours ago it's late now I can't even time is it 10:30 I could go to sleep if I was by myself now but if they're gonna have another beer and just stay up with these guys for a little bit more tomorrow you can expect more footage more everything Sean's got crazy amount of buildings and saunas and kitchens and cabins and all sorts of goings on here that I can show you a little bit more if you haven't seen it already on his channel but yeah that's it for tonight I'm gonna end it here and I'll see you guys in the morning have a good night are you sleeping uh over there in the Love Shack sure good night guys hey I'm filming come on help me out here good night guys okay thanks boys you guys Oh farewell Callie Oh Callie's up in my bed all right okay Callie geez Scouts gonna be upset yeah that's right get from here get from here so much banter just non-stop banter all right good night folks tomorrow morning will be banter and bacon there tonight guys just Martin oh there we go all right

Oh as well one good morning oh it's almost 7:00 in the morning we all survived the night pretty beautiful day out there already so I think we need some breakfast on go to explore a little yep hey good girl where's your toy where's your toy get you a toy you see a girl okay whoa full-tilt zero to 100 real quick I have it good girl

ready which way we going actually going over there no brakes on this one a good girl

get some chickadees kicking around - camera talk with the users that's the problem with all the conversations and stuff the audience doesn't do they got a bowl of bacon cooking camera wars well doesn't that look good well thank you for providing and cooking Sean I will do my part and eat it's a good friend [Applause]

and we need to again oh where we're gonna go for a ride and Shawn slid a hospital hockey card [Music]


playing songs got a new toy so playing with the tundra so for a ripper you bud let's go to sender what did you think about riding in that day let me sketch you but you like rough rollercoasters like old roller coasters that you're afraid for your life yeah [Music]

so we been counting down we're getting close just kind of hanging out here at the cabin not doing much so first know she liked him a little bit but right now we're at you see that can you see that there we go nine nine nine seven eight eight how many more to go seven eighty eight to 18 that's gonna happen it's gonna happen Martin 1 million followers what it's 212 I didn't do so 212 both see me do the dr. evil yep yep the shirts just oh it doesn't have I don't want to call myself I don't want to call myself weak it does but I know but I don't want to like admit to it anyway

1 million coming up honey 100 P what I'm not waiting yo crack it one right now oh we're having fun just hanging oh that's actually you know we had all these ambitious things we wanted to do it's just like good to relax honestly it really is paint with friends and relax it's it's a nice day it's not very cold so it's good to get together again for sure cooling off a little beer here do you need one more camera alright folks we got 23 to go it's gonna happen any minute now Terry did you say you brought a beverage I sure do oh snap maybe we should all get one ready that might be a good idea does the Canadian yeah so my little fogginess has been triple filter that stuck Oh Terry okay we're trying to we're trying to do this properly nine nine five here we got five more to go oh man it's excitement in the air trying to get this fire going 0:03 19 getting text now it crews once they hit a million nineteen oh man dustin just attacks caught up on the phone video all very cool very cool you know there's not many other places I'd rather be right now with any different guys the only other place I'd rather be is at home with my family and scope but you know what this is this is really cool and epic and awesome being here with these guys and yeah man I really appreciate everything I appreciate you guys a whole lot and I want to say and uh a bunch of times because I'm pretty excited but this is pretty crazy man pretty creepy pretty crazy

okay this done don't you like the fire now oh man down to 23 man I got shit ton of messages right now oh he caught it he caught it

riggers caught the the million yeah Thank You Laraine beers Jeremy oh this is insane I feel giddy I feel like Suns going down we got some nice sunset and Purple's some oranges over behind the cabin little Doug walking in the shot here's how you test the quality the quality of the build oh just sketchy sketchy Doug Kelly get away oh sorry sorry Doug will be quiet now bleeding virgin ears ears anyone no Martin damn it oh yes yeah cuz then I put into my face that's the joke right cuz I'm not showing the sunset I'm actually just showing my face right you're a funny guy Oh colors let me see that colors flips your screen around to me please oh look at the colors go check backward sides colors take a deglet side the moon the moon so that's a thing perfectly cooked deep fried chicken wings the hot sauce over the fire in the Canadian wilderness [Laughter]

Shawn's got a surprise one more surprise tonight we'll figure out what it is in a minute when it goes in your eyes it hurts though hey guys oh yes thank you thank you

nice very good thank you we got some liable well that was nice John twenty balls man you can't get better twenty balls really alright folks it's the morning I'm not sure if I said good night last night you don't really know got breakfast going on John sticking up some snazzy jizz but yeah after that I think we're all just gonna pack up and mosey on home we each got quite a ways to go Martin's it the longest by four I'm not that guy anymore I used to be that guy right there but yeah alright thanks for watching thanks for coming along thanks for Sean thanks to Sean where is he there is for having us thanks to dougie for comment and Martin for coming all the way from a half but yeah I really want to thank everyone who messaged and was a part of the whole million thing yesterday and who's been a part of it from the get-go many of the subscribers anybody who's ever watched so very cool nothing but onward upward from here I've got a few videos already in the queue ready to upload so what no no kale or do you have to say watch this have you put those videos there in the cube that's a very good point as of this minute I got more videos we got more videos thanks for watching guys say goodbye boys boys yes right yeah that's right that was a fun trip it's great to see all the guys again and relax and celebrate the whole million thing with everyone I've got a ways to travel probably five hours left to me a home now that's the longest I've driven since I've been up here I'm just able to do trips in the immediate area one or two hours away or even less

but this is worth it and yeah I hope you guys enjoyed the video I know it was totally deaf or I know it wasn't like a skills video doing much stuff just kinda hang around the guys but it was an important thing you know I was celebrating that million is a long time coming man eleven years now and yeah so this video is gonna come out obviously after all the million subs and everything happened so once again thank you all

we'll get back to our regularly scheduled videos right quick thanks for watching I don't see you guys soon

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