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Testing out my new neck knife, I pushed this knife harder than I will ever normally use it just so that I know I can rely on it

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alright so I got a new toy got at early neck knife Boone's branch there it is in its kydex there's a handle the handle is made of teak with black I think this G 10 pins so it could be wrong so what's in the market for a new turley couldn't decide which I want what I wanted already had a gasconade as you most of know and between talking is thinking a little bit I've decided that I wanted a small knife for more for food prep and one that's detik were on my neck I'm going to test out today I'm going to beat the crap out of it went to Baton oak with it and we'll make a fire with it using a fire steel I was going to do a bow drill video but I'm kind of short for time and I don't know I don't really want to do it today so like I said that handles made a teak Burrell and g10 are sorry black pens Black liners the knife blade is I don't know four inches no three and a half inches maybe anyways it's a really nice knife fit and finishes awesome on it as alt early knives are and let's go beat it up some coming up to my shelter now everything's soaked from last night we have like a torrential downpour almost there's my piece of ash bar I've got already my two pieces will cut they're sitting in there I'm going to use this piece of ash Park to keep my fire up off of the ground as usual see me from there my two pieces of oak I'm not going to lie they're not very big around maybe I don't know inch and a half two inches are out but it's all you need this one has no natural check in it like I normally like to look for we're just going to go dead center the first time I've baton with this knife those all right Oh for that that size would it's no problem at all really if I'm using this knife to baton I'm not going to go any bigger size would than that she's a full-height convex and she shaves nice so razor-sharp is trying to get someone's dead there sorry this wet wood over here

values on these pieces alright Honda making some feather sticks shavings

this thing has a lot of bite to it it's really sharp because it's new and because it has a full height convex so there's less material behind the blade to stop it from slicing through three let's go all right I'm going to do this for a minute I'll be right back okay so I've got a pile of shavings I'm just going to split some kindling into small pencil thickness so I've got the sticks that I was shaving my knife pick off the pieces that way try and get them why try and get them as long as possible but sometimes they break off there we go that's what I'm looking for right there I'm just going to keep doing that so I might be too big breaking it down farther and farther and I'm putting all my weight onto this knife like I'm pushing hard just put these Oaks and nothing nothing Bad's happening so I'm not too worried about stripping the knife or shipping the edge or anything like that is pretty much this is the hardest I'm going to be on it like i said i mostly you got it for food prep and just like as a seat as a personal carry so after i'm done doing all this stuff i'm going to set my tinder up on the bar click always wanna strike the i'm not gonna make scrapings this time I don't think cuz I always end up making scrapings and just igniting the scrapings which is easy it works for me every time I want to try make small feather sticks or sorry small shavings fine shavings and try and ignite them you got a pile here already I'm going to make a little bit more and then set it up on the on the bark and i'll be back and light my fire alright so there's my prep book polish shavings scraping or the smaller feather sticks I'm gonna ignite my first deal and tender all right my fine shavings and she goes up

the knife the knife worked very well for me was completely soaking wet conditions today and this isn't what the knife is intended for but like I said I wanted to test it i want to see it smokes on my face I wanted to see if I could push it farther than it needed to go and now I know in the future if I ever need it it'll be there for me once again found a knife that I found a knife maker that I'll continuously by from because his craftsmanship exceeds my expectations again I've said it before if you're in then if you're in the market for a knife go with turley knives

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