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Day Hike with Doug and Mike. JoeRobinetBushcraft.


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In this video, I drive to Dougs place and we head up to see Mike for the day, bushcraft, hiking, backpacking, fire and steak!

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Video Transcription

stupid doing hey guys back again this is not even gonna be a video plug you got Mike and dummy in me so we're walking around today Sam scratch all right we're leaving it's only been about 20 minutes what Mike dropped the ball and told us to come to the wrong spot apparently on the day that we're here they have some hunting going on we didn't know so none of us are from this area so we're gonna drive about 20 minutes down the road hang you to another spot maybe maybe this guy that was a lot of fun mmm what kind of jerky you out there like well it's a color even Oh Oh Doug so good yeah bye first okay oh you go Oh Mike what kind of kind of pants you got right did you 1000's those no sweet full ribbon Oh Joe Oh Joe what kind of oh there's a lot all right well we figured out we should have came here first off much nicer spot lots of woods I haven't seen anybody so you're gonna walk around and find a spot to kiss set up so we're gonna hike around for a while and find a spot to set up let's maybe make a fire cook up some steaks this guy over here I can't even get a word in edgewise as it were just grinning like a fool keep on keep on keepin on homey touch I'm back I'll trail boys and girls off trail oh my goodness

some Mike's likes been here before he's seen this but this is substantial there's a rope ladder oh there you go that's a good that's a good sign for here I'm a little confused but yeah it's pretty crazy okay nope so he just jumps up there like a madman freakin danger Doug over here Oh what is a cross yeah I told you this Bigfoot lair Sam scratch okay well I'll show you up get down show you how to do it but things are filament I'm not carrying you out of here still he can't pull his pants up with underwear thing hey hey big boy oh that was something anyways so like I said Mike's been here before we are going to go find his shelter post up get out of here so this is your shelter how long do you put at least BAM some yeah keep up the good work boys uh-huh anytime guys do you make a fire yet I'm hungry okay they're ignoring me now unless actually you know okay okay okay okay

thanks Mike running his mouth over there all time blah blah blah full reason a little substance in there yeah you did it you did it you put it out no I'm human too

I got be so rude yeah that's in the video now don't put those feathers in his little curlicues just throw it on there stop wasting my battery now this is like Killarney all over times - I wouldn't say it this time just like a sign here like that I'm here just talk memory from Pennsylvania yeah lots of camera time I was just telling a story but then the camera came out at me to get a little nervous a little nervous pool going on look at the crowd oh we would laugh Oh super you can focus on different things watch like tree all right and then that tree oh and then the tree back there and then back to Doug oh yeah because I'm doing this book spring mm-hmm if you want to admit you can focus so got this cool Canuck l brought some weights doing good bright notes have some what they're steak apparently the Canuck l all right now look at all of the head you just created

About the Author



Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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