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My Transportation to the Wild : Swift Packboat Adirondack 13.6


This video is about my packboat.

I've used this boat every month since May.

Link to swift packboat


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Video Transcription

hey folks Joe here thanks for clicking on the video again well it's the end of canoe season or getting to be the end of canoe season I got this boat back in May and you've seen me using it through a lot of videos I probably used it each month from from May until now and we're at the end of October now so I've been getting a lot of comments a lot of questions about the boat and asking if I can make a specific video for it so this is that video so first up to make model all the specs stuff like that the company is Swift canoe and kayak throughout a South River Ontario that's their main office they have a couple stores one you know Gravenhurst I believe a couple around Ontario the boat itself is called an Adirondack 13-6 so Adirondack is the model thirteen six is the length thirteen feet six inches it's closer to 14 feet and it's a pac boat so it's not a canoe it's not a kayak it's basically an open-topped kayak it's on a kayak hull but it's open topped you can load your gear easily as you've seen carry it easily it weighs 26 pounds guys this thing is very light this is my left hand it's no problem to pick up it's a joy to portage and it's fun in the rapids I've surfed in rapids I've gone up against strong winds but taking taking strong winds on the side gone down probably only class - so maybe up to class twos but it's so fun it's so stable I feel very safe and sturdy in it as you can see I want super self-promoter and got my logo on there this is just laminate on a sticker on top then I've got another sticker with my robinette name there as you can see definitely want people to know it's me coming you know another thing that sets us apart from a normal canoe will be the pedals or your feet go that's more traditional for a kayak and a seat the seat is awesome the seat allows you to sit comfortably for a long period of time as opposed to a normal canoe seat where it's just a bench you have no back support on this I have complete back support

complete control of how far back I want the lien or how forward I have a lumbar removable adjustable lumbar that's attached by a dummy cord I move it anywhere on there and the base is this carbon fiber base that's super lightweight and you're up off the bottom of the canoe about three inches so once water starts sloshing around in there because it does get full of water sometimes you're staying dry your butt's staying dry at least what I really don't like about the seat is that when it does get wet from rain or something like that it stays wet because it's material but what I do when I know it's going to rain I'll just clip the seat down this is for traveling as well or portaging do that and then flip the canoe over so when you're portaging you can do that as well and it doesn't take long when you get to a portage takes all of two seconds to do it or undo it and then you're ready to roll ready to roll so when I got the canoe another thing I purchased with it will be this carbon fiber yoke this pad does not come with it it's kind of slippy so originally I had tape on there to keep it on my shoulders but this pad works fine just comes on and off with Velcro but the carbon fiber yoke has adjustable knobs and grabs the side of the boat when you want it when you want to start portaging I originally was loosening these and put him on trying to fit it it just took way too long at the portage so I found the right tension that I want and all I do now when I count come to Fort hard I grab this out of my boat hook it on one side squeeze the boat together and pop it on and now it's on there that's not slide around it's super sturdy and I don't have to mess with the bolts at all it's a very very quick process honestly it takes less than a minute for me to get to the end of the portage take all the stuff around boat put my backpack on fix up the boat and start walking and to take it off squeeze the boating together pop it off easy this goes at the front of my boat my bag goes at the back level and I'm good to go the paddle I use is a Warner c'mon oh it's 240 means it's 240 centimetres it's a straight shaft breaks down and it's it's it's a little bit wider or sorry longer than normal because I'm sitting so low in the boat that I'm not needing to go up like this I can literally just kind of paddle like this I really like this paddle you can see how the boat is two-toned red and white the white comes up halfway it looks cool but it also gives it some protection this is the gel coat you can see on the bottom here where I've actually got spiderwebs through the gel coat of cracking and that's from bashing off rocks and being uncaring over beaver dams and things like that but the gel coat will actually protect it and give it a lot more longevity so these boats come in three options the Kevlar fusion which is what I have it's a twenty six pound the expedition Kevlar which is a couple pounds more and the full carbon which I think is a little is obviously a little bit less weight you can be paying a lot more for the full carbon I believe if I had to do it again I would still go with the Kevlar Kevlar fusion it's worked perfectly for me it's only been a year but I've got a really good feel of this boat if you guys are interested in this stuff contact Swift I dealt with Scott there he's a great guy to deal with hope this answered your questions have a good day guys I'll see you on the next one good bye

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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