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Scout and I backpacked about 8 miles total in the Huron National forest, we did the Byron Lake loop in the Hoist Lake part of the park.

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Scott and I are here in the here on national forests in Michigan we're trying to find this POIs Lake Campground we're going to go backpacking overnight we stopped at this scenic loco there's no Sabah River behind me it's a nice chilly day it's supposed to be up to about hi-hi 60 67 and then at night tonight some you about 45 there's perfect weather it's really really nice over here Scott's going to go take a dip in the in the we got to get going I'd often find the trailhead to start backpacking gonna do about 11 kilometers today so got to get a move on okay well we finally got here to the trailhead it's about 10 after 10:00 in the morning this will be our planned route start here at number seven just go up around back up to about no-name lake we're going to refuel water there because that's there's only a couple leaks on the on the on the trip we're doing so we're going to come back down to twelve up around a byron lake we'll camp near byron lake again for the water purposes and then tomorrow morning we'll have like a to two or three kilometer finish to that to the truck should be good well scouts gone he must have saw a deer he freaking took off like a bolt of lightning I think it comes what it's so quiet at the oh here there's no one over here it's really nice come on buddy you catch them so quiz it well somehow in my preparation and packing I forgot to pack any tea for tonight it's going to be kind of chilly just going to pick this wintergreen while I see it here and I'll be able to make a tea up with it later on just really big eyes Chagas sticking out of it and then on the other side of it there's a bunch of drug as well but I have no use for that that's 12 o'clock and I've been hiking for about two hours finally came across this lake it's called no-name lake we're going to stop here and have a bite to eat I'm sure Scott's going to go swimming and try and purify some water it looks like it's real mucky all around it the the edges of the lake so but they figure out a way to get in there I wasn't lying when I said it was all muck so I just got almost got stuck in it it's like and probably up to my hips so get into that water is not going to happen here or it means we're going to have to conserve our water and wheat we get to the next lake to get water with good stuff

Thank You constant clean water I clean I mean not mud yeah that's pretty mucky Stern it up there you can see is that better buddy drink your fill that's relatively fresh you old Coon some ate them up those sorts of bugs in their intestines right there - we'll get out of here I'm just taking a break here I did the most difficult part of the trail just now and we'll beat from it just rest for 5-10 minutes and head on back on the trail I'm not too far away from this campsite a couple of miles or something like that not even so we'll get there and set up camp get some firewood and relax with the doggy well he found Byron Lake I came up and all these big fish started jumping I don't have a pole and Scott wouldn't let me fish anyways but looks like it'd be good fishing in here nicely I'm gonna camp right around here it's almost 2 o'clock in the afternoon and I don't mind setting up right now and just relaxing less today it's beautiful out here scalp see there's just another fish just jumped right there there's a ton and it's midday it would be great fishing here and I don't know what it is it keeps jumping right there unless it's a carpet I wouldn't care about that but probably bass I've been here like 20 minutes in Scout hasn't got over the water once there's fish jumping around him and I think it's he thinks it's things to go play with so he's chasing them I really wish I knew what kind of snake this guy was I'm kind of worried that he's venomous his head's got like this arrow shaped to it that tells me that he'd be poisonous no rattle on the tail but that could just be because he's too small they do have massive sagas around here I'm really not sure what to do I'm sleeping on the ground and scouts with me so I'm kind of worried to be honest there's a bald eagle fly up there there he is it's hard to see I only have the 50 mil lens on but bald eagle pretty cool I found camp this camp is just about perfect in my opinion the lake is right there just down some little set of stare at wooden stairs and if you look around there's some logs to sit on there's old pit they dug for a fire there's a bunch of trees and it's shaded a little bit I was kind of worried with that snake on the sand I could be just playing it out of proportion like crazy but I don't have any experience with that stuff and I'm not risking it out here with me and the dog so we're up off the sand that's a good thing anyway and I'm going to sand in my crack sleep in there and it's nice it's shaded so probably ten degrees cooler in here good campsite okay real quick I just want to do a rundown of my gear everything weighed in about 27 pounds 27 28 pounds including my path my pack is eberlestock have a little brother good pack okay so food wise get a Nalgene got 10 centimetre Billy can watch oats go I'm going to fool the cup and ass fork scope go on bud fold a cup and a spork food wise got trail mix cheese lunch meat oatmeal listen chocolate chips in it backpackers pantry shepherd's pie with beef my first time trying it it's gluten free I hope I don't get sick from it we'll see I can't imagine that it tastes too good but we'll see first Scout I got a sample of his dog food bowl for Scott to drink out of when we're on the trail or to eat o2 I have my MSR water filter I'm not sure the exact brand of it but it works good for filtering water obviously MSR might micro-mini pocket rocket or micro rocket one of the two it's smaller than the normal pocket rocket and a canister for it sleepingwise to have a down pillow I like my little pillow my thing I got a war bonnet so myelin tarp real good piece of kit thumb rest NeoAir emergency blanket for Scout to lay on down sitting bag goes down to positive three Celsius toilet paper and baby wipes baby wipes are the are the jam I'm telling you man your butthole feels fantastic after those things and some alcohol swabs I know you guys wanted to know that some paracord for my line kit headlamp compass first-aid kit close why's it got big thick wool socks to sleep in I got a toque the Under Armor sweater that I actually wore in I have long sleeve shirt and long johns and I have this sweet down jacket packs down nothing and it is awesome I also got I can't forget one of the most important things a couple of most important things got my adventure sworn bushcraft USA knife and I got a little bottle of Captain Morgans for myself to sleep better so that's a run down to my gear like I said oh and a silky saw to cut my wood with tax down about 28 pounds I'm doing pretty good on the trail making time good I think I found what looks to be some pretty good fat wood it was in a stump and I just I saw it it off it smells really really piney there's he stumps all over the place so if it is the case I got a abundant supply fat wood here I'll just go for ya that's fat what it's got the ribbony look to it I decided to not use any frame like I normally do a bit like a front porch kind of deal on it it's going to be good tonight there's no no no rain little wind so it'll be good I really need to get myself a second battery because this thing's almost dead alright that backpackers meal thing said two and three-quarter cups of water so that's what I got on there hold the cup has a measuring thing in it so that's good start up this snow follow this stuff ain't that bad Scott wants it but I could eat for one or two nights for sure

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