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Winter Camping using an Olight S2 Baton and Giving it Away.


Giveaway! Checking out the Olight S2 while winter camping in a hot tent.

Amazon Canada: http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B017R6282W

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B017R6282W

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Video Transcription

you guys drove here wrote camping in the woods tonight staying in the hot tent for the first time overnight and I want to take a look at a new flashlight BioLite guys this is the old light s to cost about fifty or sixty bucks it's got 950 lumens runs on two cr123 batteries or 18 18 650 it's a suitable for EDC that's what they're suggesting turbo is 950 high is for medium is 80 low is 8 and moonlight is 0.5 lumens it's max throw was 142 meters switch located on the body weighs one point seven eight ounces black with blue trim all right let's look at it all right guys here's the deal Oh late sent me two of these flashlights I opened one I'm going to keep it I want to test it tonight in the dark when it gets dark and the other one I'm not going to open I want to send to one of you guys all you have to do is comment in this that you're in i'll let it go for five days and then after that i'll pick from the comments and send it to the person who gets it the last guy who got the flashlight never emailed me so make sure if you want this actually email me or put your email on the in the comment if you want to do that anyways so comes with the lanyard and the flashlight itself and it runs on the cr123 battery like i said lanyard comes with this little pin so you can slide it through the slot and you just got to put put it through like any other lanyard if i can figure it out you're good to go lanyard tying 101 stick around boys and girls so after much struggling i figured that the batteries go in the way that it says on the side of the flashlight so that's handy the button is on the side and it's one on then hold and it cycles through so i'm going to cut back to this tonight and we're gonna play this in the night time alright guys it's nighttime obviously I've been carrying this s to Bhutan on my hip all day and I've actually really liked it so it goes in light up sorry layup and then the end is magnetic so you got actually watch out I've actually pulled off my keys a couple times on there so you got to be careful on that one it's actually a really nice light it's a cool like how bright white light and I don't really like the the placement of the button to be honest with you on the side they're used to it more down here so I find when it's dark I'm trying to fumble around trying to find it but if you do position the clip right next to the button that's a good way to find it every time let's see how how good the throw is I know you can't see how far on the camera here but Brian's 65 yards away and I can see them with this flashlight pretty good on the high setting when I turn turn it down no I can't see him till the highest all right come closer Brian this thing is so bright like it's blinding Brian's about 30 yards out now and I can see him clear as day and the cameras just starting to pick them up and that's on again the highest it can go ok there's Brian at 10 yards on the lowest it can go higher higher highest your life I'm actually honestly impressed with this one this is it for this size this kind of light I'm going to keep this one on me this might be my EDC I don't EDC a flashlight but I fits nicely in my pocket yeah I like it there's another cool feature i thought i mentioned is the clip faces the right way so you could put it on a bill from a baseball cap and have a and have a ready-made headlamp so again if you want to win this comment below thanks for watching guys see on the next one

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