Turley Green River


I finally got around to making this vid.

A big thanks to Iz for making my favorite blade!, and sorry it took so long

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Video Transcription

alright so first off I have to does it have this knife for a long time and haven't been able to make a video about it two reasons I've been busy and actually I had footage of the knife but my computer was all messed up and figure out how to load videos for the longest time turns out it was very easy figured it out today anyways so the footage i post later on after me talking here is actually shot a couple months ago you can tell cuz there's no snow on the ground but I think it's good because not i can tell you my my real opinion with the knife had it for like i said a few months now it's the Green River surely Green River and I beat the crap out of this thing it's taking place of all my other knives I use this way up way more often 5 30 seconds thickness I can't remember how long it is but it's a good four and a half inches if I'm mistaken izle correctly i'm sure a brass pommel and bone g10 scales really like the knife i like the fact that the 5 30 seconds is just a bit skinnier than the 316 and like i said it's a beast now if you're if you're ever going to order on a from his and i should have learned this long time ago I've been trying to get by and just use another sheath sleep as a Brian Andrews sheath it's a really great sheath ken gave it to me it's a really nice but it's to sit fit the Green River very well obviously like just falls right out of it so when I came home one day I actually dropped this over the sheath and landed on my concrete porch and i dinged up the edge pretty good i just did Tucka is his advice with the the sharpening and i took it down to 400 grit and you can't even tell that i didn't get any more obviously you can't see it in here either way but yeah so it sharpened real real good and its back to hair shave and sharp so it's another good aspect of it but so here's the the video like again like I said after using it for two and a half once this is the real deal I don't want to like the 535 30 seconds thickness it's a tiny bit smaller than the three sixteenth as you guys know I kind of like the thinner blade a little bit I like the longer blade aspect of the green over to this oak that I have is pretty dry dead standing all the bark was removed already so it's been dead for quite a while

yeah the extra extra length really comes in nice when your baton I think this wood is overly thick at all but it's just I like the extra length trusted Green River some of those curls are so fine I could spark that right there with the Ferro rod and that is the convex night so I like to make a bunch of shavings like that like those fine shavings and then after that just take off the eggs like slivers it would almost it's not really necessary to have them all fine like that and in my experience in my preference like I said I'll do a few of those within mostly big ones I'll normally do the fine ones at the end and keep them for catching the spark right away and then just throw handfuls of the shavings like the splinter shavings on what I really like about this knife and the gasconade but this one takes it a little bit further is the pommel obviously so I can put the wood down and bury the tip right into it to split it but also the curve up at the blue at the tip of the blade here so I don't have to go directly with my tip right in I can now I do that though but I can also put the the curve in all right if you're worried about your tip which on utterly it's not really worried one second honey flatten this one put the curve in Baton it that way to split it or like I already said right with the tip so that's what I really like about this knife the blade geometry and the pommel apologist takes it one step further and that's the reason that I wanted to Green River my gas contains my favorite nightfall it's hard to say now but my guys think it was my favorite knife up until I saw the pommel now you can get Gascon aids with pommels on them so I'm sure it'll do that for you all the times when I'm batana ng my pieces if they're not big enough or they're not too big I'll just using my hand and finish it by a push cut this is actual it's very straight grain nature anyways but as a work with oak maple anything that splits relatively easy I don't know if you'd want to do with a birch or cherry I know those kind of tend to split off splinter off I do have my axe here i'm just using this knife like this for fun after all that's what we come to the woods for right fun i do anyways

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