How to use a Firesteel Correctly.


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In this video I show a new firesteel and how to use it properly.

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Video Transcription

I use a firesteel a lot you can tell here so I've had that for over a year and it was over that long before and the other weekend when I was teaching the course I used it so much and was letting students use it so much that over the course of time and me using previously it wore down enough where I could snap it I'm not worried about that at all that's use that's fine so I've got a new one I made it up today and I used walnut so on my other one this one here I had a lanyard on it as you can see it's a paracord lanyard with a small plastic carabiner on it the end is whipped and had a big metal ring a big heavy handle everything I don't need that I like having a lanyard definitely it's super useful so you don't lose it but this time the diameter of this firesteel is a touch smaller than this one and if it wasn't if it was the same size I probably would have just popped this out of here and used this one again because it served me very well for over a year this lanyard works fine everything but it's not and I'm glad it's not because it forced me to make a new one and I think this one's a new-and-improved so what I did on the step using a square piece of walnut I actually cut it so that there's a lip on this side so I can hold it like this very secure and scraped down on it I haven't used it yet the coating still on it so we'll use it tonight today

all I did was drill a hole through some walnut and friction fit the firesteel inside of it drilled a hole and put the nylon cord through the through next to it and then I used what's been dubbed the Jolin not because everybody tells you my bowline is not a bowline so the Jolin not as a loop and I'll show you why here I like to keep my first still on a lanyard attached to me at all times so all I do is gonna slide the side with the loop in it through my belt loop

and past the fire still through that loop pull it tight and it's on there secure not going anywhere and I'll just slide it into my pocket and we're good to go but this video is about how to use your fire steel properly I've seen a lot of people do a lot of different things one of these pull away things that method works if you're using like cotton balls petroleum jelly or cat tail which cocktail isn't the greatest in my opinion but that's for another day I've also seen one of these which I don't know what that's gonna do nothing when you're igniting wood shavings or first fire when there's nothing else dry around you have to get to the inner core of wood to get anything Drive there's only one way in my opinion you look for your your small stuff your small can shavings and you have a good base and really you need to just push your fire steel down into the savings and start card may have to take a few times then once that was flaming up place your shavings on top and call it good you

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