A Knife for my Wife


Showing my wife her new folding knife.

Ganzo G7412P-BK-WS: http://goo.gl/9ehCvF

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Video Transcription

here we have the gonzo g7 4-1 3p black a knife for my wife so you know how you're always asking me to borrow my knife to open things in to mess around fix things yeah I got your own knife okay so open it up and see how if you know how to open and close it focus up here and frame okay so how do you close enough careful don't put your hand yeah I don't know what you're doing yep keep it up lies to the folks at home can see oh look now open it with one hand

why can't you don't have to really even use your wrist just use your thumb now okay and now so the lock is a access lock I believe probably say that wrong anyways on this one it's a little stiff pull down with your thumb or you can pull down with both and then fold it that way but the more you use it it'll get looser so yeah there you go good job and what's the catch to it so what is it my race whistle yeah so definitely so we've got will up for a bright flashlight to have in her purse in case any kind of situation she's and now she has this knife including including the rape whistle in there so not only can she use this like in all honesty this is going to be used for for opening things like I said but if she needs it this is protection right

so we don't want to or women walk around unprepared so we're gonna keep getting things for will to have on her person or in her purse to keep her more safe more prepared more more reliable more more better Wow yep so that's yours and put it in your purse but I want to finish this video up and you get on out of here hi lovely assistant and it is a capable knife - it's a folder right here's a piece of Deadwood I'm just gonna go pressure cuts through it cut it right through you can actually take off decent amount of wood these now this isn't oak or anything this is a softer wood to be all honest with you but you can see it's it's capable this is my old gonzo knife I've had for five months six months so much that so easy it flicks up and then when I release the access lock just kind of drops back down so it's super simple I can flick it out that way but you know that when these are brand new it's just not going to happen I'm releasing the lock here the blade is not falling at all I actually have have to force it down so flicking it up is okay

but coming back down is just not the greatest yet but it will loosen and I'll be 25

so for a little folder like this isn't strong work at all but what are you gonna do with the folder in all honesty I'm not even using this on wood when I go to the woods I'm not using this on on trees on on green wood on dead wood I'm using this thing and my wife is using this thing to open up letters to pry things that you can't get out with your hands to and in her case like I said self-defense protection

so here it is compared with my G seven three nine this is the one I've had for a long time you can see profile is a little bit different blade profiles a little bit different a little more belly maybe on this one and the butt has a more pronounced pommel on the new one whereas this one just kind of rounds out so this knife is under $20 $19 twenty four cents it's really not too bad for again a folder that you're going to beat up that you're not gonna you know it's not a Sun a safe clean it's a workhorse and I think it's a very capable workhorse that said the g10 handle the fold length is 12 centimeters the unfolded length is 20 point 8 centimeters it's a 58 to 60 hardness on the HRC so yeah I'll put up a link where you can get these in the description check it out I like it I like these guns or knives I'll probably get a couple more like I said and using that other one that orange one forever and it's not let me down I've actually cut through metal wire on it I checked out the edge a little bit we can fix it up and I don't mind it's a cheap knife so yeah thanks for watching guys Scott says bye

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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