I Got a New Tattoo


I walk scout, cut the lawn, go talk to my mechanic about lifting my jeep, and get a new tattoo.

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Video Transcription

hey folks today's a good day I have a tattoo appointment I have had this tattoo appointment for almost a year now with a guy named Dean Sleeman who works at radiant median tattoos and he's highly sought-after so when I get my arm sleeve finished so yeah we're gonna finish it off with like some nature stuff maybe trees and a little mountain-man guy or cab and not too sure just yet I gave them a bunch of ideas and he's going to run with it I like given the the artist as much freedom as they can get that way they can have fun and then the work shows so right now so walk and scooter drop them rolled off at the bus stop not too long ago wipes off to work and I'm just waiting for my tattoo appointment I got to go at 12:30 [Music]



let's go

that way everything yes I'll have back no jack

oh it's funny we have to go Billy who crying be afraid of him what's that look avoid them right away he does not care at all are you on our Facebook pages no I don't want to please yep we're oh all right cool

all right have a good day bye well bud here

don't get your ox tongue sit wait wait Ali's coming on here you carry us go you got away from me that was a good little walk took us about an hour we walk down the pet store guts go to a ox tail as you saw he carried all the way home the ox tail is just like the cartilage inside an actual ox tail so he's chewing it up right now out on a grand old time I think I'm going to cut the lawn oh I got a cut I cut my lawn I cut my neighbor's lawn and these yards a decent side yards

I cut their front yard the other day but it has been raining which makes him so gay and hard to cut but it has to get done and if it keeps raining they're just going to get longer and longer so I think I'm going to cut the grass now I change out my shoes still only not even ten o'clock in the morning so got lots of time I got up super early stoked to get that tattoos got for like 6:30 in the morning okay so the grass oh yeah my favorite part of cutting the grass picking up scouts enormous dog poops I definitely learned living here that you have to keep up on the backyard situation with the dog droppings and with the the grass because if you don't it'll get away get away from you a lot more work for you so the grass is long wet ready wheels up just a touch

check out this sweet horse chestnut tree that I grew blending this like three years ago it is almost as tall as I am now grows really fast every year and this is really soft up here but down at the bottom

super woody it's just what as tall as I am

next year it'll be taller maybe maybe at the end of this year [Music]



hello I can only go so far back and along both saturated from all the spring rains because you can see here I can't test obviously can't move that but they every year they get these wild onions growing here they don't care if I pick them they don't want they don't want nothing to do with oh yeah the ground is putting little tiny onions I hope they don't get all rotten from how moist it is back here I should come up relatively easy

there are so much mud you can see them nice and small highly could dehydrate them use them in my backpack and canoeing foods yeah I got quite a haul off just that little one bunch oh that's a decent sized one there honestly that's a pretty hefty sized one so obviously they're not big but as I have found with wild foods they're usually more tasty like wild strawberries are small but they packing more taste than the big fake ones you get at the grocery store these little babies nobody bait my wife just called me like are you getting excited yet but for what because what do you mean for your tattoo appointment then go go go since I got up I am excited for my tattoo appointment it ain't some lunch get ready to go okay that was off one dig up that's not bad at all I'm just going to grab that for now I can come and get these any time maybe I'll use this in my lunch today like a Sammy like Sammy did you eat that bull tail already where's your toy where is he cooking where's ringing hello screw you Magoo eat eat it all up did you eat it all go get your ball where is it stay turn turn turn turn sit

said dude and what spring it the worst for this loud off carpets they would be black from the mud on his feet he probably goes out six times a day on average at least that depth we're not walking around but I don't lie could even my scooty Magoo you go turn turn wait it helps that he listened and he can move his body around so I'm not having to jump around too much although he doesn't like being clean that backhoe I think it's I think it hurt something listen lift

all right the boy clock I'll make up some lunch here we back in a minute okay change of plans I just called my car guy I'm trying to fix up my Jeep a little bit I got a 99 XJ for those guy who didn't know and I want to put a little bit of a lift on it has the original shocks coils all that fun stuff which are worn out and it's sagging so instead of just replacing those I'm going to let feel like three inches so I have to get there and on the other side of town talk to him but when four-wheel drive whoo and then get back here and do some stuff cuz I have a video that has to drop tonight top to get that ready and have to pick up my mother-in-law so that she can get emerald from the bus stop because I will not be here for three o'clock to pick her up because I'll be at the tattoo point it let's go [Music]


all right so hope it's not too loud here my jeeps kind of kind of noisy so you guys have probably heard the Wrangler started a video on it a couple other people in the community do video on it YouTube the Adsense has been cut down big-time I know that I just got my paycheck today and I noticed a huge huge increase in revenue so things need to be done to fix that I'm not going to change my channel I'm not going to stop my channel it's not what's going to happen but I do need to make a little bit more revenue aka money so I'm going to be taking on sponsors you guys might have seen in my last video I did a sponsor in the very beginning of it that worked well for me so I'll probably be doing a little bit more of those I mentioned this on my livestream the other night too if anybody out there has a company or knows somebody that might be interested in sponsoring some videos using their gear or the light Juvia email let me know but you'll probably see in one video a month I'm not going to saturate it with it at all and yeah that should help everything out I don't mind I asked you guys to give me money I'm not going to go the paid YouTube way I'm not going to have I honestly I have a patreon account but I don't use it don't send me money on my page here in account this is not a I'm not using reverse psychology literally don't send me money on the patreon people have in the past I've never they haven't been charged because I just don't have it set up properly but if you if you look I'm on there so that's the only reason I don't want to say I don't have a patreon because people will look and say oh yes you do I just don't use it and yeah it's not active but and I won't I don't want to do that I would rather get money from get revenue from sponsors and if that means doing a 90 second 30 second plug at the beginning of a video month that's what's going to happen okay I better stop talking I'm in the car now I will uh oh my goodness this guy just ran a red light I'll get back to you soon that all took a hell of a lot longer than it was supposed to it is 12:52 now I had to be in my tattoo equipment for one I still have not eaten correct having me lunch yeah lots of hectic stuff just happened stuff to do with YouTube stuff to do with my car so I have to go I have to find a restaurant real quick and eat it on the way to my tattoo appointment because I am going to be late and I hate being that guy so I'll check back in yet with you when I am getting something make sure you get my good side buddy that's all you say so get less expensive they're a little big not great so just like oh yeah yeah got a little bit soft here on this is gonna wrap this side of the plane you see like this like this every much can it be copier the funkadilly yeah like up in here okay manacles just cool yeah that's layers bacon

I made a cooler yeah in the drawing who's discussed the probably I made it cooler in the draw I just needed to win Roy

that's pretty fancy the old man oh yeah yeah hold under the bus I'm just drawing on you yep of course go away thank you [Music]

home I was a long day guys I got there at 1:00 and after eight now ten after eight I left there at around 8:00 we started tattooing at like 2:00 ish so I was a full day we didn't get everything done we have to you can see that it's wrapped up now but see where the purple is that house that's just stencil that has to be done but down below it I've got a fire smoke and a cabin next to it with some spruce or pine trees then I'm going to have mountains above it that's all drawn in as well still and then mountains in trees back there so it'll be a full sleeve because I've already got the top done I will be going back to get the rest done but not for like a month or so I hope you guys enjoyed the video I have to spend some time with my family now so I think that's what I'm going to do you guys have a good day I thank you for coming along and I'll see you soon well next one

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