Bowdrill:Sassafras Bark Hearth


I heard from flatlander88 that Cottonwood bark works for a hearth, I had to try it with Sassafras bark.

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Video Transcription

you can see I've taken bark off of it before uses a handhold for a boudreaux now when I was at the Hard woodsman's meet I saw something that I had never seen before and that was a dude by the name of flat land or 88 on the forums real cool guy real down-to-earth and lots of skill he was using Cottonwood bark as a hurt for a bow drill so I figured he can use Cottonwood bark for her if I might be able to use sassafras bark of her so that's where the inspiration for this alright so got my sets all worked up this is uh these are two pieces of that sassafras bark this is the whitest I could get it doesn't come very big like the Cottonwood bark does so and i made a spin a little bastard because this both are very soft so that's the end of it that the spindle compared to that should be all right I mean it small on purpose I think this might work just too easy to drill right through it and that's what happened right through


where did my spindle go yup haha wow that's pretty cool that is a new one for me especially this thing on fire I stinks real bad but anyway so as you can see sassafras bark earth with a boxwood spindle BAM

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