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Joe and Doug, two fools in the woods.


About 2 months ago ol' Bushtramp came down for a visit.

I finally edited the crazyness into what could pass for a video.

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Video Transcription

far far oh good job Doug that's Doug's backpack it says that he's a tramp let's hold the first three and a half pounder those breaking the wood with it break BAM on the skin and avian for sex a little boys axe whoo that's about it we can play knife that dougie look I'm more skiing ski just because I'm not I don't need a belt to hang my knife on see a long time you get that thing oh all the cool guys you're this way you got to wear a belt because we're skinny up here just be honest the fuck shut up we won denied Jill it's uh I'm pretty hungry are you yes that's what the f you can do mojo and use this virtually bumbling Roger what's history Joe that's a blue Beach nope muscle would nope yep that's Ironwood now you're wrong except you're wrong nope okay folks kids at home what's this I am huh Ironwood nope

yes there is a hickory it's a stinking hickory what's not are you serious you're wrong nope this is Ironwood to me to you in layman's terms this is Hickory oh that's not everyone well let the folks at home decide I can't believe it where'd you say anymore that's a big letter ours if you carve that in there when you're a teenager range you started Ranger Joe but he gave up one looks pretty brush oh you trees I'll just did it last week really it's okay one week old so what do you want to do with your sheath before you start chopping let's say yeah yeah well you can just leave it on there if you want but I always take the Sheep okay okay all right no chop through it or lose it best of both worlds right gilligan serious


Karim I would thanks to a little wood yep that was horrible

I just rapidly like tricking ah Doug cut big angry you'll be 50 he'll put the big sticks in here what that's not good

I don't kiss that's part of the tenderly with a stick in there we've had crap in there like so I did like so so like there was no one there you go Sonny are you cranky work a little baby Cole mr. mature of course you don't know it's scary we have burned the crap out of yourself

Oh just stand behind it and hold it that's what I'm gonna have to hear don't my dear

well just execute it poorly at least up all over anyway come Pete you're up close on that go ahead push train why why because the other way was dumb so we have here the the improved upon what would you call it the improved No oh crap

I can't think anymore okay I guess it Hey Joe what do you got bacon got a 1 kilogram of bacon it's thick cut and was that in miles and that is real bacon that looks good where'd you get that Canada okay you're on

Jojo we're leaving now it's all over you didn't see the do we show the baby damn showing bacon or nothing maybe yep if you want to see just check all of my youtube videos yeah and potatoes potatoes Irish potatoes and this is never going to make youtube is it Joe no all right then you wanna shoot that awesome Thruway have you been an eyewitness a pretty good

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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