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I just got an axe mask, It was just shy of fitting, so I followed J's advice, and fixed it up proper...thanks J!!!

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this is why 19 or 20-inch wetterling's and i recently got a sheath on ax mask made for from j @j leather now j-just model after his his 19 inch for 20 inch wetterling's and his head must be a little bit smaller than this one nothing that nothing against jade all he had no idea he was just making she but mine it fits on I don't know if you could see I'm just kind of dirty but it won't snap so it's just like a couple millimeters away from being able to snap it won't go on if it's nice and everything but just once that so I talked to him throw p.m. and he told me to soak it so the whole thing in a bucket of water for 10 count and then try it again stretch it on so we're going to see we're going to do that right now I guess the thinking behind this is it's going to loosen the leather up and I'll be able to stretch it and once I stretch it and it's on there I'll set pretty good so that's more than a 10-count oh yeah her there you go clicks right on no problem on and off easy cool thanks a lot J that's sweet man I was uh I wouldn't have thought of that seems pretty easy to know you told me but so I'm gonna leave that on there and uh wait to take it off very cool thanks for anything Jay

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