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LAST OVERNIGHT AT THE BUSHCRAFT CAMP-Saying Goodbye, Wool Blanket, Vintage Tool.


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Come with me on this last overnight at my bushcraft natural shelter camp.

In this video, I travel to the forest where my natural shelter camp is located.

I hike it for about an hour until I find the natural shelter, I get settled in, lay out my wool blanket, cook a steak over the coals of a fire, and enjoy being alone in the forest at my natural shelter bushcraft camp one last time.

I explain why this is my last time there and why I will be tearing it down in the next video.

Thanks folks, and enjoy!

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Video Transcription

hey folks how you doing thanks for tuning in I'm here finally embackment Leon natural shelter I'm gonna do an overnight at the natural shelter I have a wool blanket on my backpack I've hiked in for over an hour trying to find this thing finally found it it's still here it's still standing this will be my very last time at the natural shelter and tomorrow morning I will be tearing it down I'm moving far away I will never ever come back here and I really don't want to be just leaving this in the woods



all right guys come on inside with me this is the first time I've been here since before May of this year I remember I came here in preparation for my solo 10 days thing and the black flight started to bite me that's why I went a little bit earlier to my trip thank God I did alright let's go check it out I got mushrooms growing on the logs that's pretty cool okay so check this out this bench which is protected by my lean-to and the debris is dry it's way more dry

I'm sure it's damp you know what I mean I'm sure it's got a little bit of dampness on it but look at this one there's no mistake and I like this is soaking what could wipe the water off of it huh

so even though my shelter was not thatched still like a hundred percent good well it is good it's not the best but it is holding the water out with just this Duff off of the ground no live material was used for this whole shelter that is cool that is very cool look at that they're dry it's all dry in there bro and then wait oh that's very cool I was the first time I used the Duff like that as a full thatching material on the back to of use it as bedding and partly on the back but never just that and man this has been standing for years yours through snow wind rain she's good to go guys good to go very proud very proud of my lean-to you all the barest lean-to hidden woodsman deep woods Rock deep woods Rock and I'll get into this a little bit more later but right now let's just hang the bad boy up there's a beasty pack is an external frame no joke here damn son look at that fancy pants I have a little warm from hiking in probably get rid of this jacket too but today is gonna be a rainy chilly day

I've got my wool blanket I'm actually gonna get that inside inside the shelter just in case it starts raining or dripping or whatever for whatever thing or anything like that I don't want it to get wet obviously because it's much excuse me my warmth for tonight while I'm sleeping I cannot believe how dry it is in here boys and girls for reals like she dry she dry it doesn't seem like anyone's been here at all nothing's moved there's no garbage the fire hasn't been burned

all right team tripod from when Mike is here Mike was here used his red port paracord on it actually this is probably from before that would just retied I think I clicked a stake pretty high up there one time so it's a good cooking tripod just wanted to get it over there get a little bit more room I gotta get some firewood I don't have a saw with me I only brought an axe so that'll be fun I haven't used an axe in a long time so I figured leave the saw at home just leave this oddball that's Mike bit Mike's bed he made big old fire pit for those who don't know when I originally built this I was concerned about the Duff underneath the ground catching on fire like all of what I built all of what I built that with the fashion is very flammable so I found big rocks and I lined the pit with it this is all put here this rock is put here this rock is put here lots of working rocks here and you got a big ol blocking the fire reflector so it doesn't burst in the flames again this is a good setup guys I really do like this place and I'm proud of it and I've put a lot of time and effort into it but the fact of the matter is I don't want to just leave this standing knowing that I'll never be here again when it's like potentially could fall down potentially could if somebody's in it maybe somebody could hit a cut a rope or hit the wrong board or something and potentially have a fall on them at the very worst case scenario and at the very least there's paracord on the trees here that the trees will grow around and it will kill off the trees and it's littering right if I just leave this paracord here that's not gonna just disintegrate right so other than that there's no live trees class sort of God that cut no live trees for this I can show you after I'm tearing it down

not a one so I feel good about that and I use no branches no limbs no no needles no no pine bough was there anything like that on this for any kind of thatching or for rain proofing when I did use a national material for the bed I used sticks I use a bunch of bundle of thin sticks dead sticks so that's my reasoning behind it I feel okay about it being torn down even though it's a good shelter I feel better about it being torn down than just leaving it here so I will be building more up on my up on my property and I'm property I have access to up there that I'm allowed to I will be building a couple more up there so it's not a big deal I just really will never be visiting this spot again I know it it's too far from my new place and there's no point in coming here when I have countless acres of wilderness up right where I'll be I hope that makes sense you follow you dig the X that I chose to bring on this trip is my council tool wood craft there's a decent axe I don't have much experience with it only a few times it's got a thicker head on it as you can see it's got like splitting aid on it as well these little little flare that comes out but she's sharp as the dickens I believe it's a V grind not a convex might be a flat short handle maybe a 23 24 inch tops so it's a bit shorter than what I'm used to but we're gonna make it work I accidentally left my wedding ring on I don't like doing that when I'm camping because using an axe digs into it like crazy so I'm gonna put this away and then let's go chop some firewood because I have to have a fire all night long with just that wool blanket the temps are I don't know right around 9 or something Celsius but a fire will help all right now to not lose this we were so poor when we got married we got our wedding rings at the pawn shop all righty let's go find a tree now I have been here a lot in the immediate area it's pretty devoid of dead trees considering I use them for firewood and for building Lots all right we'll go take a little hike we'll take a little hike

all right this is perfect this is exactly what I'm looking for is a white oak and it's just kind of falling out of a tree or falling itself falling over so this is perfect I don't have to chop it to get it out anywhere and it's a nice dense wood it's a little wet on the outside a little damp but it's okay once they get a fire going everything everything will burn everything will dry everything is gonna be a little bit damp right now same with that solid let go a little bit too rotted get a nice white pine here pretty petrified wood nice and seasoned okay

okay so this axe is a bit on the short side I don't if you saw that but on my second swing I really almost missed it I didn't I only hit it with the top part of the Ox head there so anyways take some getting used to but she works really well I obviously got this tree down very little effort but again it is a white pine and there's a lot softer wood then that white oak it's so pretty back in here there's so much Moss right here in front of you - there's a maple I can probably just pull down

when the bug was really long I was able to just drop it on chop away without it bouncing too much now it's short like this even though the Nets specific situation it didn't bounce normally it is gonna bounce so I'll put my foot onto it but that one in doing that you gotta really be careful when you chop in this way they don't bounce off and put the axe into your foot that's why a lot of times they'll see me chop away until it gets a good groove in it then come back has much less chance of of slipping and hitting you that way is 9 times out of 10 they'll get stuck in this groove if you do slip and slipping isn't something that this should happen if you know what you're doing anyways but accidents happen and having an accident out here with an axe and with foot let's probably have someone want to do close your a wack well BAM son so when I come down to a size like this especially in this situation where the end of it is all rotted from being near the ground it's not that desirable to burn anyway so I definitely want to chop this in half still this is way too long but putting it on the ground and trying to do like that is kind of too short and awkward so sometimes not always but sometimes I'll do it like this trying to find the middle just work out it around I'm putting this on the log on the ground here beneath it you can just put it right on the ground I like to work on a log gets it up higher and doesn't have as much give although this log has a lot of give she's old so you can see I'm not putting so much effort into it just kind of mark it on all four sides all right and by the time that's done you should be able to just do one of those nice and easy it still use this piece this is just not desirable right so that'll go on after a fire it's nice and hot still and again this is all just that white points go so so here's the reason why I like a saw right because you have this wood even if I got it and collected it without a saw or or even an axe a lot of it I was able to push over when you bring it back and you want to cut it into lengths I saw it just makes easy quick safe efficient work of it the ex works just fine just a little bit more work it's not as safe not as efficient and the ends aren't neatly stacked or neatly cut but that doesn't matter at all so again in in of having a saw I'm gonna try the tree method to break some I saw Les Stroud Survivorman do this but then I read Morris Cohan skis bushcraft look and he talks about it in there and in all reality I can't break this in all reality you learned it from someone as well he'll be the first to tell you that that all this is just rehashed people been doing this stuff for hundreds of years see if I can break it though see if I can do it Daigo so this last piece I'll chop or maybe hahaha they don't need no stinking saws bruv what look at that and of course they're not the perfect size but that's okay we break some down some Oh as the rain drips off of the leaves and falls onto monogamy so I wanted to show you guys something really cool as you know I'm moving away and I have very good neighbors I have neighbors that live across the street from me that I've known me since I was in diapers that have known my mom my grandma house has been my family my whole life they're very bummed out they're in their 80s and they're very bummed out we're moving they've become very close and willed knows them as almost grandparents and yeah been very very good people and very close with them but so Ron the neighbor man the gentleman husband he's been we've been having some beers every now and then every day actually go over and have a beer at around 3:00 shoot this shoot the bull with them he's been giving me stuff he's giving me really cool old outdoor stuff and I got a knife from him and I wanted to show you guys it is from 1957 to the best of my knowledge and it is a Normark Fiskars collab something like I've never seen and I really fell in love with it and I brought it on this trip to use as my built life she is really we'll get into that in a minute - all right guys now I want some help with this right this is special to me this means something it's in a very good condition I'm never going to sell it I want to know all about it though Ron if you're thinking if you're watching thanks man I really really do appreciate this okay so on the front of it it says Normark can you see that Norma great it's got a like lion standing up symbol all those old family crest tape symbols on the back it says this made in Finland made in Finland on Corp in 1957 tell me if I'm wrong tell me if that's not what that says

boys and girls please but to the best of my knowledge made him Finland encore 1957 encore from 1957 so old it's got the Swedish or sorry Finnish pouco type sheathed angler which I I normally don't like but this is legit and then the bottom looks like an old Swedish tape finished knife - all right we're gonna pull it out I swear we have a brass pommel on the end and you can tell it's a stick tank all right Norma Fiskars Finland stainless steel right so Fiskars on the blade nor mark on the handle Lu the grind it's not a fully knife it's about an inch 88 inch thick so I talked to Doug about this and he said that noir mark and Fiskars or noir marker martini are always switching companies or switching back for that might be the same company but those are all fully knives and this is 100% not a Felina if there's no absolutely no flex to this night like I said somebody thin CH thick looks like it had a Scandi grind on it and then either wrong or someone else has hit it with something that's left grind marks on it but still maybe just give it a secondary grind she was a bit she was a little couple hairs but nothing crazy I haven't touched it up again all my stuff is in storage I don't have a sharpener or anything like that but look at this knife like I understand it's not some crazy beefy like Rambo knife or bushcraft or survival knife or anything like that but this is a decent belt knife guys like look at this look at the size of it right on my hand who has a knife like this this isn't a normal type knife I love it it's so nimble the contours are subtle but defined enough to give you a good grip on I don't know you know what that is some kind of poly or plastic maybe a light kit man can you tell like I'm serious about this knife so obviously rat tang or stick tang whatever you want to call it so I'm knock I am gonna bite on it but I'm not gonna go crazy I'm gonna try to split big-ass rounds with it sorry Denise or big rounds with hit yeah man good for food prep good for making curls maybe I'm super stoked on it so please please again if anyone has any kind

info on this knife at all if they've ever seen one if they don't know one was someone no one someone with one or anything like that I really want to know I want to get as much info as possible and it's got a little switch on the top so it's called what does it a little switch but like 1/8 thick I don't know that it will strike a firesteel let's find out it looks pretty rounded I haven't tried all day all day boy not a problem I don't want no problem okay I'm even more stoked on it now that I know it strikes this far still very cool I know it's I know it's just a different kind of knife and whatever but it has a very big sentimental value to me and I like it I actually really like it he's given me a couple other cool things at twenty two and another old B few Rambo knife that he made and stuff so maybe once I move and I'm showing off my house and stuff I'll show you guys that stuff but I really appreciate them as people I never have to worry about my house my kid is always welcome there she's happy to see them they're happy to see her it's always like a good I never had a grandpa ever right so anyways thanks guys

for giving this thank you wrong for giving this and thanks guys for listening to me and possibly giving more information on it I'm gonna use it I'm gonna use it right now this is Dustin from Alone's built we went camping a couple years ago and he left it in my Jeep on accident and I found it and I'm wearing it alright so again I want my knife to sit back a touch farther I don't really like it up in the front I like it sitting more towards my back and this is like a nice light nimble knife I'm not really gonna feel on there too much which is awesome there's a Patagonia belt pad Iguchi dustin pad Iguchi i like a thin nylon belt when I'm camping big old one gets in my way give me some room all right damn son walk kind of jingle jangles as you go I'm not gonna fall out BAM check this out this is the time of year to see mushrooms if you're in the mushrooms this is right underneath my bed three decent ones I saw a bunch more over here I wanted to show you two all different kinds I really have to like take a course on mushrooms or something it's not something you can just read a book about and feel comfort comfortable or confident enough to go out and gather and forage yeah this just looks like danger so who knows if those are all the same they look similar they could be all the same but then there's ones like that little guy and as you continue to walk you're just gonna see tons more and more I saw a bunch over this way okay so look this is a fungus as well I don't know if you specifically call these mushrooms or not but this is more of a shelf fungus that's not even turkey tail or anything like that turkey tail grows like that from et's versicolor look at this this is from squirrels eating pine cones or pine nuts out of the pinecone squirrel mitten it's called there's another one more there oh these ones trip me out these look like coral to me you can see the poison down there look at that blue that's ready to mess somebody up yeah those ones always remind me of coral coral we're with the oh there's the big ends you know those parasols is that something was there cool-looking broken feels like poison I found a puffball giant puffball mushroom a couple times done closer to where I live and brought it home brought home one time cooked it up it was decent it's like a tofu type thing if you can call tofu decent there's put a lot of butter and garlic and salt and just tastes like butter and garlic and salt really but anyway yeah maybe uh when I move take a course of the College edible fungi course and it'll be a fungi dad joke this is more of a turkey tail here try me do some color and they call it turkey tail because it does get see there it looks like a turkey tail obviously it gets a lot more color and I absolutely love this time of year it's like rejuvenating invigorating for me this summertime is no good it's way too hot or like listen it's dead calm nobody's out here there's no bugs over here it's chilly like two two shirts a buff thick socks pants you know I'm chopping wood and I'm comfortable very comfortable if I could have all year round like this I would I'm gonna miss this place man been here a handful of times it's just got a feel to it I love the feel that this place has do you know what I mean does anybody understand I'm talking about somewhere in the woods that's not hard you know it's not like I don't see it's not a fight to be comfortable kind of thing I'm very comfortable here in every sense of the word has a good smell smells like fall well as much as I like to sleep outside and have people think I'm just some kind of wild man who doesn't give a care about anything the spiderweb right there bro ain't sleeping with that me nobody go to sleep a dead spider dank right there get from Hell so that's what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna go around and look ah that's probably the bet the worst of all of it anyway I just really oh there's one there is a decent one I just really don't feel like getting a million spider bites while sleeping or inadvertently eating them do you guys hear that statistic it's some crazy like the average person he's like 12 spiders a year and they're sleeper and their life and their sleep or something 12 is too many regardless eating them spiders uh-huh some pros up in here I need a couple things on my backpack so I figure let's get it down let me show you all about it I'll get the things I need oh and then I'll start to use my knife splitting up and make them some shavings and some wood I want to get my sit pad out of here though so I don't get my knees all wet wet knees no it's a cold but wet but or wet knees so again this is the deep woods rock from malcolm act the hidden woodsman Malcolm's a buddy who runs a company in New England handmade sewn stuff he started himself he's hired a couple people but it's a small business I really like the guy and I really like his stuff so again the hidden woodsman dot-com so it's a little bit of a mess right now just because I had everything strapped to the outside and coming in so first I've got my follower even granite shirt just up in the top here just right through the straps these straps come with the backpack well there's sunshine in boys and girls nice alright that'll come in handy later on when it gets really cold the straps go from the top all the way down through the bottom you've got to cinch points in there one there so you can really get a lot of things since the outside the front of it the top all that stuff nice and easy the bottom has Molly again I had my mice mice wool blanket that's what it's called I'm a wool blanket attached to the bottom there and that was good for on the way in like I was telling you guys before it's an external frame backpack which is really cool nice and heavy duty and I believe if I'm not mistaken this is an old army external frame that he made these these backpacks to fit on so it just kind of slides in there's a waist belt that he gave me aftermarket to just kind of slides on and look how padded that is though that keeps your back away from all this metal it just kind of pops on like that so what I've already taken out of my backpack with my soft sided cooler in here I've got some beer I've got a steak some Joe Robinette spy so I can show you that in a minute too but that just kind of went right in the top that flap over top of it nice and easy so I'll show you my food here in a minute but that's my old Coleman soft sided cooler that I got from my mom that she had like since she was a teenager look at the colors you can tell a by the colors baby blue and tan it's on its last legs but I love using it I like old stuff I like old stuff look at that look at the packaging look at the packaging boy isn't that awesome

BAM son yeah well Joe rub it on the bottom and then the the ingredients I'll read em to you but they are onion garlic black pepper sea salt coriander red hot chili spices that's it and it says it's good for fish steak chicken intense intense you can get these at shop robinette calm you can put your pre-order in now they're made in Canada they're vegan they're non-gmo and they're natural vegan steak rub vegan steak spice for one put it on tents it's really good it's like a spicy sweet salty savory yeah very good made in Quebec and yeah shipping them out soon so pre-order those if you want to I'm just looking for a couple pieces of wood that I can practice my curls on I'm gonna grab a hard piece and a soft piece so this is a nice straight edge on it so this is a piece of maple grab that and I'll grab a piece of pine you have to split it down to make an edge that's fine I'll use that one it's nice and it's thin enough at least and then let's grab a piece of oak as well we wrought it because it got the pine this would be sorry because I have the maple this will be Oak Pine I guess all right but don't mess around with these first then we'll split up some oak let's start with this maple not so bad as a rule maple is pretty good for curls well I've never used this knife before and I was able to get those like that right away that's decent they're not the greatest by any means just making it flat right now yeah it's working she's working just like a knife should Wow hahaha my favorite check out those them's my favorite type of curls Dems is look at that I don't like to toot my own curls you know Wow okay cool I'm happy with the way that handles man not too shabby at all who's the fast curls I'm fast Canadian curls boy are you guys excited as excited as I am that doesn't sound like it okay so that's cool let's try these are all good starters I got a little bit birch bark too but we're just having fun right so that's all good really really good starters actually you know what because it's not that imperative that I have these for the fire let's spark that and see how good it lights up you can see that right place Airy curls why I like these so much is there's so much curls at curlicue pigtails on there they're thin and they're airy and that all that combination is good for fire lady

you're flaming up so much so that woods not resinous at all it's got no SAP in it it's just a maple and you get fine enough curls throw a spark or three or four on to it then you got a flare this groan is very wet I'm just extinguishing it right now all right

land yard on the first steel feathers igniting very good like a lighter I'm ignant all right let's get this one split down now this is pine this is white pine and we'll see how well this does with the with this knife for the for the shavings to get it split down I'll probably cut it in half first and then use half of it as a baton and then that way we can see how well the knife batons as well before I do it before all I do all that before all I'll do all that Alma go put more shavings in the shelter Australia note of nowhere again I'm not getting full swing I'm barely choking I'm choking up on this a lot barely getting any hope into it but it's not needed

see see all right so both of these have a check going through them a line dry line this one's a bit shorter what was that

so when you use this one for the piece we work with I'll use this as our baton some of those limbs believe it or not spruce and pine limbs are very hard the knots

rozina to the knots where they connect to the wood are very dense very hard so it's always a concern for a blade on those those spots anyways what's baton this so I'm gonna try to go with the line the split that's already there oh yeah not too shabby it's fine curls man I haven't really tried this is just an awkward way of holding it pretty good pretty good all right let's check this bad boy out not as good not as good let's try it the normal way the normal people way ohh well I don't like it as good as the maple it's still making very thin curls I just can't control it as much but like nothing wrong with it by any means yeah I don't work that will work you got to get a good starting place right can't just be all willy-nilly about it nope alright

Oh only took me forever well it is safe to say very happy with my nor mark knife give me some info give me some info on this bad boy folks I know you guys know more than I do there's sadly somebody out that knows about that way more than I do all right pretty satisfied got some small pieces got some shavings I also got some birch bark and I can go around and gather some pine twigs and stuff and this would be a good amount of wood not done but it's a good amount it's good start why don't we get a coffee on sounds like a good idea they are french vanilla don't get me wrong they are French get a nice big fire going right off the bat with these twigs some good coals then I'll probably try to keep the fire going all day until tonight where I cook supper and then keep it for warmth for at least part of the night I don't know if I'll get up and stoke the fire too many times once I'm under this segment banger sorry wool blanket I'll try and retain my warmth tuck it all in and yeah anyways keep it going we'll get some more firewood after have a little lunch right now and have a coffee a Jeeva cube coffee all right let's get this thing going love's are coming off all right well I think I'll start it with my shavings just cuz I made them and they go up pretty easily then I'll be able to add a little bit of birch bark just to get everything going really strong they don't get my excuse my wet kindling on because these are wet you definitely have moisture on them they are not dry they're bending but it's okay they will we'll lit on fire all right well hoping this is gonna work there's just some random stick I thought on the ground it's kind of rotted not really

this works before but I've used longer sticks so who knows we shall see Oh BAM sign that will work this place has such an awesome glow even in the daytime I can feel and see the glow coming off of that fire it's very enclosed right it's almost two or three sides enclosed here so now almost two sides closed really bounces off and reflects so in my search and quest for not eating wheat as much not cutting it on completely but just trying to cut down on it look at these corn tortillas second ingredient sweet anyways but they taste like corn my do not you know like tortillas you get to dip like cheese in or whatever you nachos stuff like that that's what it tastes like it's not a bad thing just different smells like play-doh though 100% smell their play-doh which is strange all right guys so you see me use this before this is jiva cubes this is my coffee this is an instant Columbian coffee premium instant Columbian coffee says open one individually-wrapped G of a cube using one cube for every eight ounces or based on your preferred strength for hot beverage heat milk or water until desired temperature insert cubes enough for 45 seconds stir your coffee is now complete enjoy to enjoy cold just dissolve in two ounces of hot water with the top or cold water and top with cold water or cold milk so I really like these things check it out is it legit good tasting pressed into this so it's very handy for camping and jiva cubes wants to help hook you guys up they're offering 10% off so check out the description

there's gonna be a coupon code in there and a link go check those guys out there made in the States I like them I've dealt with them a long time and they're very good my water's boiled let's get her off so that's that's a lot of water actually that's way more than a cup so I'm just gonna that's good that's good writer

oh wow

she darkened up real quick smells good hold man that's completely dissolved that's been a boat a minute BAM look at amber good boy also look at it slug boy oh my pillow even a slimy trail just leave a slimy trail on my pillow there buddy


well I did forget up a cup that would have been ideal but that's okay I can drink right over here it won't be the first time won't be the last definitely mmm strong it is strong maybe a dumped Oh too much water that's good it's a nice manly drink out in the woods you know french vanilla anyways check them out all sorts of different coffee something you like I'm sure and very convenient cheers guys and cheers - jiva ball


well that coffee was really good sat here and almost let this thing go out that's squirrel so I want to stack it up a little bit more with wood Stoke it even and we'll get some more firewood because this ain't gonna cut it I've already put a dent in what I had no sit pad good for more than just sitting on hey again as I've said a million times this is my phantom ex sit pad I don't know if I've ever shown it really in detail one sides large one size multicam it's got a little bungee not bungee but a paracord on the outside straps and it's a velcro so you can put a sneak out switch out whatever you want inside here just a blue foam pad I don't know what he's doing lately I don't have any affiliation with him just used to be buddies on one a forum excuse me I believe he still has an Instagram going I'm not sure he's making things or not but check them out Fantomex I always get lots of questions guys

but what gear I have where to get it how to get it all that stuff so I've been doing this a long time I've been through a lot of different providers of makers of gear and things like that and I just like to show you guys as I'm progressing as I'm changing just the different stuff I have and use so not all of it is has anything to do with me some of it does but I will let you know definitely when it does stuff like this I just been using for a long time you've seen me use this for a very long time it's good stuff you know I mean like you can't go to Dick's Sporting Goods or Walmart or Canadian Tire you're from Canada and be like can I have this specific sit pad for being outdoors and honest to god you don't need all this you can just get away with the blue foam pad which I've done forever but like I said in case there are questions about it and I know there are that's why I go through it all I think I saw a piece of wood that I stacked up last time I was here just right against the shelter so let's go check that out and see if it is good to go it might still be or it might be very wet from sitting there in the rain oh you're I could probably get rid of my vest gonna work up a sweat I'm sure this is sliding all over the place I really don't like that and it's really burying itself into this wood this is some dense dry season petrified wood

see that if you can hit it in the same spot every time or close to it supposed to be the most efficient it's good like that solid piece of wood see we got split it

the hamsun not too shabby get it right on the crack splitter open good you can see a gutter right into her rotten dura not too bad now thank so it would I'm not hating this axe let me tell you

come up in the middle of the woods here look at this turning just pine rock moss and grass I come by this tree and check it out if you watch my last trip with Doug there and handle Gong Qin you'll have seen something similar to this and I told you that it wasn't very uncommon to see it this is a much larger scale so you see this tree fall in here look at the size of that rock that it pulled up in its roots like that's big very very big it came from right there and you see the depression the little cut out in the rock and the moisture that collected see the size of the rock that it flipped up when it did and this is all quartz this is how you would be able to find flint do have it with trees flip up it's easier than digging down through the ground to find rocks right maybe I can show you actually right now oh I can't the knife is stainless steel I can't show you if I had a carbon knife it would actually spark off of the quartz lots of birds so the course is super sharp

there's my plane right panky white brittle you see pieces flying off there but sharp very sharp so if you had a carbon fiber get a carving knife carbon steel knife you could take sparks from that and this together but then you need something charred to take the spark and Ember it up my mind it dig my lens up there so it's a good resource it's a good thing to know if you need rocks for certain things you can look for upturned trees and that's the whole terrain around here right it's like what I'm sitting on right now is moss ferns and rock just all on top of Rock it's all Canadian Shield and there it is right there it's barely even any substrate maybe an inch or two pine needles old decomposing matter new pine needles moss ferns that's about it it's interesting to see the variance of how far along the leaves are back in here I see nothing but green the back out closer to the trail that I walked in on the ground which is littered with red maple leaves and the drive in I saw yellows oranges Browns reds so it's different back in here maybe because there's so much shade but I'm sure once it starts to change it will quickly getting cooled down now that I'm not chopping wood and I took off that vest oh that's such an inviting look Oh inviting that looks I'm way up on the hill and all I can see down there is the Chateau and a little warm fire

oh yeah the roof and everything now I love this place I really do do I say that yet how cool is that man hold mom ah I don't know how well it's translating in the video but like this is eerily calm like really the calm before the storm it feels like rain it feels like it's gonna storm I am gonna put my tarp up on the top just over the over the roof of it maybe draping down the back of it yeah I have it here why not

and then tomorrow when I am tearing down a shelter it was supposed to rain all day tomorrow right so tomorrow when I'm tearing down the shelter I can leave that part for last tear down the other stuff film it have somewhere to sit and relax if it does rain all night or whatever I'm sure will permeate through a bit and start dripping so yeah why not we have it this is my 9 by 9 sill nylon tarp the Kyle made that I love to use you guys seem to use a whole bunch we've got some paracord already attached to it for my last trip and I have this nylon cord that always keep with it it's reflective cord so we might not need that but let's see I'm not even too sure how I'm gonna get it on just yet but that's pretty slick and I mean it's big enough it covers quite a bit on the top all over the back you know a little bit of wind block there on the on the side I do not hate that one bit so the part that I was worried about being crappy for burning burned first so it couldn't be not wet no they go good watching a lot of British shows lately can you tell I have a theory and it correct me if I'm wrong British people my deduction from watching a lot of British shows lately is that if somebody's at odds with another one another person or if they've had like a little tiff note if instead of saying like I'm sorry or like do you forgive me or let's talk about it or I think that is it do you ask them if they want a cup of tea is that a thing draw cuppa have a cup of tea with us ever cup with us John cup of tea chalk drawn cup of tea and if the guy says you all right yeah right we have a cup of tea with you then it's okay you know it's not that big a deal but the person says no I don't want tea you drink that tea by yourself that means like we're not good yet you got some splainin to do with the weight but time heals all wounds am i right and we even close chalk up tea y'all right then you're good draw a strong cup of tea no you're not good is that something not even close I think I'm right

I've told my wife this and she just looked at me like why am I married to you John cuppa tell you so you can see all that smoke in there right it's just coming out exactly where it needs to it always has a draft going this way parallel to where the bed is it's quite smoky it's a very good design and it's not even done two beds would have another lean-to there and that would definitely affect the airflow too but amen

even a good one it's after five o'clock now I'm getting a bit hungry just want to buck up some wood in order to stoke up the fire a little bit more I'll get some good decent coals and then grill up my rib eye steak these are some rockin coals already but this is a piece of pine here it's up high and completely burned up I have all hardwood coals some maple I got a big piece of oak to go right on top that'll burn really well ah he's in the pit go get one more piece of oak on top action

BAM there we go put the old jewel Rob and I blend I'm gonna put it on and just loosely cover it back up with this butcher paper after burn this piece just no bugs get into it all right pretty soon and I will have Scout with me and he can share it with me me so I was joking earlier about the vegan steaks place stuff but you can obviously if you are but you can put it on mushrooms vegtables whatever prior up that's what it looks like a little spicy little salty a little sweet a little well good big good someone asked if it was Montreal steak spice and that's a good question but no it's not it's not even really that similar at all other than this B salt in it all right so that's the overall look of it a little on the orange side smells delicious oh my goodness oh there it sits it's already the BAM son well the flames are still hot on the fire might as well boil up my vegetables I'll probably yeah maybe just get a little bit rid of a little bit of that but you need most to have a lot of vegetables here

I really wish that brought butter but that's alright I'll throw a little bit of time this place on after tell it good broccoli and yellow bean all right that's good right plenty water in there for that I think the vegetables are boiling check those on a minute ago I've got a couple rocks here that I might need to prop up to get my um my grill in there we're gonna prop top I mean all these here are what I want all these are red Hardy coals numbers not so much the flames so I can leave that fire to burn a little bit right there and kind of just put a grill in here and a rock in there and probably grill up at me well it's hot so hot you can really hear feel the warmth when you're in here compared to outside of the shelter on the plane


Oh having trouble here I can tell there we go there we go I'll put the spork ah Danger Danger bro get from yeah oh I don't mind a little Charbroil but I do not want it all Fellini all the time all flamey all the time oh my heavy cover sport goods in this perfectly there you well that part's done y'all party's done all right I'm calling her done just sit here for a minute or five while I deal with the vegetables it was the time where I would have made hot chocolate with that loader potato water tank all right I even got a little dish to put no butter did I mention no butter no on second thought I think we want to leave it in the pot that way they'll stay harder and I can just pick out it with my fork fork I could have a beer I can have a beer I have two beers and I save them I can definitely afford to have one with dinner right that's what they're the that's what they're here for I'm not sure if I want to like this one I've never tried it and I've made the mistake in the past of trying the new one first and not liking it and having to drink it whereas if you drink that one you know you like first then drinking the other one and second isn't that big of a deal so we're gonna drink the Karma Sutra on Great Lakes brewery hmm let me in let me in where we go cheers folks it's all so hoppy it's worth the wait okay excuse me let's eat one vegetable one vegetable and then break out the steak oh man those look good no mean arms she's really good even myself lid goes back on stake time now you see all the juices all the red juices on top check her out boys and girls ah this camera setup is dodgy okay should put something underneath me see how she goes it's tender try not to cut through right to the grill Oh surprise surprise I overcooked it again it's not bad alright let's try it sated it's very soft there's lots of fat which on a ribeye is a very good thing it might be most people's opinion all right there we go have taste is through the roof bro oh that is really good no joke comment below if you want scramble though to come back overhead oh no I lost the it'll be on my watch I'm sorry but when autofocus guys for real

I'm almost done mistake I got excuse me got that much left eight almost all my vegetables it's 6:30 halfway done my beer I'm feeling very content feeling very happy I was able to come over here feeling very glad I did come over here sorry one more adjustment I'm gonna have to get a light in here Stoke with that fire soon it's not even that dark really out there it's getting there and gonna be dark and him maybe in an hour so the Karma Sutra in years past this is a sessional beer from Great Lakes yours pasty you guys I'm sure I've seen me drink this it is a hop from the Yakima Valley I'm not gonna read at all but it is just off their tank ten series it's 6.6 percent four point seven three melete know the leaders milliliters I don't know what that is in in American Karma Sutra it's a good one so like I said earlier in the video I'm not going to do the teardown of the shelter in this video that's gonna be tomorrow morning before I leave it'll probably take an hour or so I'm sure at least I don't want to just leave a pile of everything everything just right here either but it'll be a completely separate video so you have to tune in for that one it would call be called like destroying my shelter or my show my shelter destroy it or some long those lines yeah I'm hoping it does well I'm a really really cool little like surprise for that video I don't know if you've noticed lately but there's been some changes to my videos and it's pretty cool so I hope you're accepting it I hope here I'm thinking that it's cool anyways I'm just trying to get on my grind man you know I mean that race to a million hitting a million is a goal of mine never thought that would be possible and it would never have been possible without you guys just been a long road you know I mean people get that in a year and that's taking me a long time partly because of the genre partly because it was a pioneer in it to be honest with you nobody was making those long videos before me now it's it's the long for the for the genre and I'm glad that it happened that way but in the same respect I want to be a pioneer for the outdoors community to get a million who else has it like maybe Wrangler star primitive technology but in the same respect those guys really aren't my specific genre it is in the overall broad thing I get that for sure but anyways I think that subscribe button in that Bell notification I say jokingly but I'm dead serious tell your friends so it'll happen it'll happen soon and I'm really stoked for that

it'll be I'll put up him in my studio album sure I'll have my new house mice to do all that stuff built by that I put it up on the wall boom next to my 100,000 subscriber plaque when you get a hundred thousand subscriber plaque from YouTube YouTube sends you a package and there's like a note with it and says like it won't be that long until you till a million till the next plaque and a million and you just think I just thought out of hundred thousand like sure bod

you know but now it's so close I can taste it well right right now as I'm speaking from out like seven hundred ninety something thousand on YouTube subscribers and I know by the time I get back upload this video and by the time it said I'll have about eight hundred thousand so I'm really close man like two hundred thousand will fly by I'm sure especially if you guys hope she'll explode so oh sorry Doug has made me contra self-conscious of this one second so they tear down the whole destruction of the video will be in the next video a whole destruction so the tear drown so the tear down the whole destruction of the shelter will be in the next video and it's not as just gonna be me tearing it down like I said I have a surprise planned for it and also I'm gonna tell you why I put things where how I did things the purpose behind things if I regret doing certain things if I think it all worked out well all that behind it I'm hoping it'll be about a twenty minute video but we'll shall see how it goes hoping that video does well to as I started saying so alright I'm eating lots more and almost done now I'm all that's loved better it is and tears all right so where I grilled my steak there looks colder still nice and right pretty awesome that's because of the oak and the maple hardwood and then over there I was just burning mostly pine so let's get rid of that rock and put some more wood on the fire she gonna be hot so it's important to put the gloves on leather gloves that that's why I really prefer leather gloves in the bush especially for this time of year working getting dirty working harder and grabbing rocks whatnot dealing with fire all the time fires mainly the reason so good these amount of coal still getting together it's just possible this fire poker can go into that's nice nice people with a piece of maple something light like the pine will be good to put down too cuz that'll catch quickly I can throw more on top of harder decent wood to get more coals and have the fire lasts longer that's pretty good I could let that sit for a while I could fin it will probably have to let it sit anyways but give it a little bit of a fan to start it's not a bad idea

another thing I like to do is to burn all of the steak stuff the dank off of my grill to kind of clean it up a bit so once that flames up I'll throw that on there and burn it all off these are tough these are very tough gonna be that time I need to grab my headlamp before it gets too dark and I can't find it oh you know what I did unscrew the bit so it didn't turn on my path that's exactly so nice new fresh battery we good to go to me a lot of times I'll just hang it around my neck until I need it however there it's not so bad there but Hannibal he but if I do have a coat with pockets or whatever like this vest does I'll just till necessary yeah she goes see all that stuff on there needs to burn off well after 8:00 no decent time to have that second beer so this is again flying monkeys they have a juicy ass that it really like but then they also have this optical illusion that I do not like it at all flying monkeys out of Barrie Ontario let's check her out theoretically zero 4.8 alcohol percent so that's small low unfiltered to preserve the tropical aromas in fruity hops this the elegant finish of this beer is a refreshing session in each complete complicated sip with zero hops in the boil theoretical zero in theory has zero IBUs experience hot flavor but low isomerized isomerized bitterness this hazy hypothesis is reflected in this fresh unfiltered session ale does that mean it's a wet hop hop

oh my gosh I don't know did you know it smells good kind of soapy smells kind of soapy Cheers it doesn't taste like anything must be a wet hop that really doesn't taste like much at all it's not bad just doesn't taste like anything it's been a while at least an hour since I drink that last beer so it's not like I'm just still tasting that I got a haircut I snapped a mullet on the sides in the back left the top a little bit longer you know styling profile enjoy here [Music]

never guys remember that from previous video

not just from what is from well I have no flash that on now shut it off the reflection it from the fire is all you're saying the radiant light I don't know what words all supposed to be using excuse me slate I glow of the fire if you will this will be my last outing before I move so I have this as one video the next video I put her as a standalone video so I'll be 2 videos and had this is October 1st and I'm moving in two weeks so maybe I can stretch it for two weeks I have one shorter video I did like a trail stories video when or is it overall quick when I was in old welcome portaging I'm not sure if that would even be a good video probably not too good so I might not put it up but thing is I'm moving in a couple weeks and it's gonna take a few days obviously to get all that situated stuff so I'll probably miss a week I'll probably have a video up for next two weeks and miss a week in October and then I'll again which will be not so not so bad I'm sure you guys can understand that we'll be starting straight away on like bushcraft camp I have a property that I want to thin out eventually and have a few sparse spruce trees in there right now I have balsa fir and half spruce and they're young or I don't know yay big round if I pick at the most so most ristic they're thick it's a thick thick thick balsam fir spruce bush I want to take about most if not all of the balsam fir and this is mine I can do whatever I want with it right it's my property

I want to thin it out to make a better yard or lawn later on in life for when we're there so I'm gonna take down most balsam fir leave the spruce but I wanna build a shelter right in the front there so I have two acres and my host this way in the back and I'll be building us right in the front I'm not trying to like pull the wool over anybody's eyes you know I mean this is not some kind of remote camp this is a family type like in front of my house when I want to escape from my family or when I want to have my family outings that I can just do that they are easily me and I'm what kind of spend the night out mean a scope could spend and I don't mean the wife it's for the nose so I'll build that shelter there and I'll be able to use all of the trees that I cut down I'll be able to use all of the boughs the balsam fruit spruce boughs which are good for building flat

for everything I want and I won't have to feel bad about it and I won't have to worry if I'm being illegal or not it's all mine I'm totally allowed to do it and it's just good for the forest itself because it's gonna be spinning it completely out and letting those spruce grow to the big mature trees and then in future 1020 years from now I will have a lawn of either grass with few spruce trees or pine needle Duff on the ground with few spruce trees I could hang hammocks there I could potentially build another house there or a mother-in-law suite there I could potentially do anything I want there how about croquet a permanent croquet course if I want or golf or anything I want a cabin anything I want because it's mine crazy it's so crazy it's so surreal guys it's so surreal like I maybe I'm going on about it I'm sorry if I am but I'm so stoked I'm providing for my family and we're doing something we really want to do you know I mean like this is such a I never thought in a million years this would happen never thought in a million years I'd be able do anything like this I never knew what I was gonna do for a job struggled man we worked paycheck to paycheck for so many years coming from that to our parent my parents her parents everybody know nobody to look to for guidance or anything like that never thought it was possible never even considered it now barring the house of my dreams bought the house my dreams have a great family moving up there with them it's a different life guys it's a completely different life autumn is never gonna even know about living in winter that's a huge plus for me that is like a an accomplishment a personal accomplishment thank you all to this wouldn't happen without you guys obviously right not at all if nobody's watching my video is this I'm not getting paid I'm not getting sponsorships I'm not becoming a bigger youtuber big youtuber I'm just dead in the water but because of you guys and because of all your support and because of all of your continued support and growth and new subscribers and every single thing buying buying merchandise buying things from my sponsors so that they'll wanna sponsor me again it's all because of you guys I think yeah I can't thank you enough for real furro furro [Music]

alright guys well it is almost 9:30 9:27 sitting here for a while now beers long gone just been listening to a podcast the fighter and the kid probably hit the hay

no rain has come yet well I expected to during the night so I grabbed my backpack and my coat and all that stuff throw it all inside my backpack and lucky dummy has to be signed by my shelter here and behind it try and stay dry if there's a thunderstorm or if there's a lot of rain or something at midnight I'll grab the camera to show you guys other than that I will get with you in the morning and yeah we'll get up and tear down this camp it's a little surreal alright guys have a good night wish me luck sweet dreams I expect I'll sleep pretty good got a nice flat bed I got a seat pad I got a wool blanket I am warm like I have there's something undone I could definitely take it off it is nice and warm under here alright guys well first almost died down I gotta throw some wood on it it is raining started Grand Stand nice and dry under here though that's good good morning guys it's just after 7:00 I got wet my feet got all wet from the rain coming in this way probably but that far up my my wool blink got wet I just tucked in turtled up and I stayed relatively dry Road to be warm the rain slowed down the rain just started slowing down anyway so should I not say that the rain started to slow down so I thought it was a good time to get up and get out of here I'm not gonna cook eggs my fire is completely out burn wood tilled whatever 3 in the morning

spiritually and then that's it so a little bit of sleep until about 6 then really good sleep from 6 to 7 yeah I had to tear this thing down in the rain I'm not gonna cook breakfast I'm just gonna eat a bar and hike my butt out of here so I want to end the video now thanks for watching guys really enjoy you really enjoy piu hoid this one we hope you enjoyed this one I really hope that you tune in for the next video which is me destroying this thing be a good closer good closure right anyways I gotta get going I got to do this and bounce out of here I got a hike like at least now a good hour out of here I'm gonna get drenched a sleeping bag or my my wool blank it's gonna be on the bottom then and that's gonna pick up a lot of water wait so let me get out of here before it starts kicking up too bad again you guys have a good day be nice to someone subscribe please subscribe I'm on the I'm on the game I'm on my game on the hunt on the quest for a million please subscribe to me oh good day thanks for watching [Music]

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