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My buddy Kyle came for a visit, we hit my local woods in the morning, and stayed the night.

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today my friend Kyle is here Kyle lives in Ohio figure out guys who don't know I'm in Canada he's in Ohio go to a lot of camping trips together but this weekend I haven't been out since Killarney which is May and this weekend I wanted to get out so I asked him to come over he came over we're just out with my local woods here we're going to hang out for the night it's only like 10:00 in the morning he's hanging out for the day and then camp here tonight you got it you got it nice

so our goal here is a good stick way up there and you tie it out on all four corners and that way it's rain and we stand someplace we set the fire out here not melt our be nice yeah go do not look at me like that a couple months ago I was gifted this grants first wall to catch it it's pretty cool tool I haven't had too much time to use it like I said I haven't been out in a couple months but I've been using the backyard spitting fire wooden stuff works pretty good so we're going to do is take this piece of sassafras and block it up into sections workable sections split it down like a slow fire so when using a hyzer like this and fine laying it on the ground and bucking it up like you would normally with an axe really isn't efficient you can actually get some pretty good swings out of this got to be care for your legs but if you hold your your piece of wood if you're working on up upright and just swing that out like that it do it I'll do it probably two or three swings I broke it and you can turn it obviously you want to be on like a like a 45 angle split it down some sassafras has a nice big pit in the middle of it I'll make for some good kindling this stuff

I love these mosquitoes yeah they're fun we're going to get a fire go on into midday cooks up cook up some lunch and smoke computer bugs were so surplus there we go when you do that Joe is supposed to make a fire supposed to make a fire like that yeah I got it there you go fifth tries a trim yeah

editing will help that maybe on my next YouTube video all I'll hang on the woods to make a fire you should do that you know you could do you could bring your dog so you know what you might want to do that like the first frame is to have them stand next to you and they'll be like he's at Belle in Malinois rolling a bell in melanoma my momma

he's a melon dog whatever the hell it's called whatever you say the word I usually want the bastard you'll dump real Wow that plastic bags into the season season properly so what's the best way to keep your donger a clean level fire fire and their third and five it's rusting Joe's it sees him he's going to rust apartment man perf

oh yeah she's a good she's a kiddin before you put the grill down put the meat on put the meat on it before you put the girl down why's out you let the you let the girl get hot first you let the stuff burn off of it and then I like all the car so they like the rust and the whole bacon extra flavor get some hamburgers get the ground bacon and cheddar inside before this we're not very good at cooking this is taking like 45 minutes that we didn't Basso it doesn't make very good coals we discovered I think I think you told me that but I wasn't listening America America for shelter tonight I went with the go light bug screen with the bathtub floor with just a SIL nylon tarp overhead I think it's going to work out really well give me a lot of space a lot of ventilation and still keep you dry obviously Kyle's got a Cuban flag or tarp with a baby with a bug net net on it

yeah I get another fire going we let our other one die out looking for a walk and came back and mosquitoes are just ferocious to start up another little fire

slime on the outside that peels off there's none

so we were able to find a nice supply of some leeks back just 20 feet that way they're nice and big and we're going to have steak and rice for dinner so we might either stop the snake with them or put them in the rice either way and be a good additive to our supper we go like you found a stash of 40 of them of a few seconds yeah no digging or nothing there it's far along enough in the air that where they're starting to push through the ground coming up to the surface so just literally pick them out nice and easy we were out looking at for the leeks we we found a good sassafras tree that had gone to Punk and we've now set up three little punk wood fires behind us we just took the chunk put it on the coals for a minute and we put it back there fanned it and now we're smoking out the whole woods and the mosquitoes have completely gone away so the pretty nice this work an awesome here we go you can see there's three piles side behind its side and it literally like just having one but that was the first one for a long time it made a big difference we're not doing seances suppertime now Kyle was nice enough to bring some snakes as well so uh-huh we got them peppered up with someone else takes place and we cut holes in them and stuff leaks into them so they're going to go on right now and we've also got some rice with leeks in the rice it's a seasoned rice probably throw those on yeah we throw them on the back maybe but give me some good dinner now I just turned nine it's real dark in here as you can see still light outside but the canopy is very as a strong cover so we're just gonna hang out have some Captain Morgan and relax by the fire probably head in just after 9:00 in the morning bit up for about an hour slept great no rain last night just waiting for my wife to come pick us up so I thought I'd show my gear for an overnighter definitely none of this is necessary could have done a lot less could use a lot more but this is what I brought this time so I'll first off my tarp this is a sill nylon ten buck number nine ten by ten nine by nine by nine that went over my screen shelter which is a goal like shangri-la three screen mesh okay so together it's not that big doesn't take up that much room that's my shelter ideally I'd like to get just a screen shelter that goes only about this high off the ground just long with a cylinder on floor it'll cut the bulk and the weight of this in less than half this is a bushcraft USA old-school ten-by-ten nylon tarp heavier than the steel nylon still not that heavy not that big but this made a great group shelter as you saw it did rain on and off all day we stayed completely dry we could have stayed in torrential downpours and a set up we had under this and been find really really useful piece of kit these are the poles for the shangri-la this is my sleeping bag and my suit and my pillow sorry sleeping bag and pillow in here just type pegs this is my femoris NeoAir a first aid kit with survival kit inside of it and a little flashlight and the lid to my cup and my spoke my spork is in there as well my Snow Peak Solo kit with my Nalgene headlamp bug spray which is necessary I find the pump ones work better than the aerosol I don't know if it's true but

grass first wildlife at shit I don't know my thoughts on that yet I find that my tomahawk could probably do a better job but it could be user error as well poor workman blames their tools so if you saw sack farmer blue Edition fire steel and don't grill so Kyle brought out steaks and burgers grill them up all in that grill reflectix see me use this in the past great great piece of kit so that's probably oh we made the the Bush Church as you saw and use the reflectix as the chair so that worked out really well I'll probably be the end of the video yeah okay end of the video you're just a good jacket yeah

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