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My Fishing Gear for a 9 Day Canoe Trip in Northern Ontario


I talk about my upcoming canoe trip and show my fishing gear.

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Video Transcription

hello I'm pretty excited I'm preparing for a pretty big canoe trip my friend Kyle if you're not familiar with Kyle he runs a YouTube channel called Burley outdoors Kyle's my buddy from Ohio we do a lot of camping together and he's a couple years younger than me but roughly the same age so we've done a lot of camping trips together like I said and we have an awesome canoe trip plan so in a couple weeks we're going up north in Northern Ontario to the Temagami region it is awesome it's amazing up there I've never been I've seen pictures I've read reports at watch videos it's an amazing place and a huge part of this trip for me and Kyle are going to is going to be fishing we are going walleye or pickerel depending same fish lake trout brook trout and northern pike all those are in season when we go and all those are really good eating fish probably pike being my least favorite of all them and even still I really enjoy pike so any fish that we catch is going to be a good supper I think that I'm going to do this will be my fishing video like my fishing tackle video my my boat gear video then I'm gonna do a gear video I'll make I'll make this into a series I'll do my camping gear video and in in that video I want to touch on more of the why I'm bringing the things I'm bringing than just what I'm bringing in the past I've done a lot of preparation videos and I kind of just rushed through it because I've got to get a lot of information into one video well this this this time I'm going to do a different like I said I'm going to do my food as a separate video I'm going to do my fishing stuff as a separate video and my gear is a separate video so there'll be three videos before I'm even out there and then I want to make my trip video into two

two parts probably to try to keep them around 40 minutes each last time when I did eight days one was an hour one was fifty minutes

the videos so I understand that I got to try to keep it a little bit shorter but still I'm going for home for nine or ten days so there's gonna be a lot of footage I'm going to be excited to be filming as well so I'm sure it'll be even more footage anyways that's a little brief intro this will be my fishing gear video so I got a new PFD for this trip because I'm tired of lugging around the old blue and yellow ugly ones and don't write they don't they don't wear well they don't pack well they don't look cool none of that stuff so I got a kayaking PFD this one's my stole Quist nice green as you can see and it's got it's like I said my kayak cut so I guess I should tell you as well I bought a when Kyle and I got back from our last cabin trip our eight-day cami trip in the fall we stopped to this place called Swift canoe and kayak on the way back and he bought himself a pack boat which is a small his his 13 6 o 13 feet six inches long Kevlar fusion open-faced kayak basically it's a canoe it's called a pack boat it's a canoe but it has a kayak seat in it and you paddle it like a kayak but the whole top is open and it weighs 26 pounds like I said so Kevlar fusion has a removable carbon-fiber yoke and I was beyond jealous because I can't afford it I couldn't afford it Kyle bought one and I just felt really really bad about myself that I couldn't get one so in the however long eight months that it's been since we've since we've been back I've been stewing about with that and I decided I'm violin so I sold a bunch of gear I saved a bunch of money and I was able to get one so I'm picking my own Swift packed boat thirteen six up on the way there so we'll stop at Swift cut canoe and kayak Ravenhurst I believe it is we'll stop there pick it up in the morning and head the rest away to tomorrow me so this will be the first time I'll be paddling my my own boat and I'll be paddling it for nine or ten days straight right off the hop so I'm really looking forward to it and that's again a little segue back into my back into my lake jacket that's why I bought the kayak style you can see on here how it's a shorter back and the mesh kind of takes up the last quarter of the back that's because the kayak seat has lumbar on it has a back to it and you don't want to be pushing out if you hit this is full length of this PFD was a full length patty like this it wouldn't be comfortable so they have this little mesh part and they have its cut so that you can really move around really easily comfortable so you can see it on me it's nice and maneuverable I mean paddling like this my kayak paddle so nothing's going to rub what's really cool is I have these two front pockets that actually turn it look turn into tables I got a little bit of gear in there I have to make a little survival kit still to go in in one but these tables the purpose of them is for fishing so you can set your hook do whatever you need to do and you got these work with work areas in here right now I've got a whistle a firesteel a little light a little light there we are um a compass and I've got a knife attached to it so this is just a little Swiss Army farmer I also bought a new rod because all the rods I had were too heavy or too old and cracked so I bought a medium action ugly sick because they're super durable this one's got a nice clear tip on it suppose you're pretty sensitive pre react a Priya reaction II anyways and I also gotta lose twenty five hundred ten ten ball bearing reel so we will be trolling a little bit we will be casting I'll say we'd be trolling about a third of the time but again casting shallow is this this time of year early like this that far up north the Fisher can be higher up the water is not warm yet so we don't have to really get down too far I hope umm but yeah let's let's get into my fishing gear and show you what I got again like I was saying we're doing walleye lake trout brook trout Pike so I've got it organized like this this top left for me at least my top up I've got my big spoons in it this is a silver minnow with a little weedless rig on the two on the back try to keep it from getting snagged got spoons galore I got the old five of diamonds Leo's it's a little funky peach looking one bill Red Devils bright orange Williams and then this one that looks similar to a perch so I've got all my bigger spoons and a little bit of a medium-sized food maybe this one we called a medium-sized spoon in there and those are going to be patrolling and also jigging a bit so my second little compartment I've got things like wire leaders I've got five wire leaders here that's for the pike and the lake trout so when you're trolling and they get a they snap onto it they're not going to snap your line I've got a bunch of split shot lit not led sorry they took that out I got a bunch of split shot the reusable ones swivel snaps three ways swivels

and then a bunch of loose connectors and swivels and stuff on the bottom that's just like the the little messy yep that doesn't make sense next up I've got a piece of reflective cord that's going to be my my stringer for all my boat will be each in our own boats like I said so hopefully I'll be able to roll boat up to Kyle and show my stringer of trout got a little pocket pliers a multi-tool this can be useful for taking hooks out of fish and just general use I might keep that in my life jacket I'm not a hundred cents shirt right now next up I've got my jigs I've got mostly one kind of Jake but I'll show you the different kinds I do have got these a lot of these white ones with red I and then my next cut most popular one is this one little peachy silvery it's a little bit bigger and then I've got a weird orange one one that looks like a fish head jigging is all new to me and I've not done it a lot at all so and then this yellow one but and then I've got underneath that a lot of the white ones still I have like two packs of white ones in there I got a ton of them up next is probably my favorite type of lure because you can catch a lot of fish on it just these spinners right not not this one specifically but all of them in this compartment just spinners and smaller spoons this one I weight up up up the line a couple feet with a couple split shots get to get it down I'm going to spin that things like a black fury AMEX black fury awesome lure awesomely with a big ol treble on it again another one of those first ones I pulled out the spinners these Williams wobblers this little one is called a says Northwest on it it's orange and silver it's a perfect little size little wobbler another Williams water another little spoon little Cleo a bigger Williams Cyclops and then this one which I just got it's got a back barbed hook to keep your your bait on it another favorite a type of lure of the wrap loose this big old bird's nest of Rapala so a lot of these are floaters I got a couple divers I'm not going to bother trying to unhook them right now because you can see what the problem is my favorite are these orange ones but there will not fished up in Temagami so I don't know I don't know what's gonna be good we'll see this perch one two probably good but yeah those are all super tangled so I'd be using these wrap Liz for a pike mainly I imagine some a lake trout might hit them now it's into my brook trout fishing part which if I can catch a brook trout I can die a happy man I think it seems like such an elusive fish to me but I've got a bunch of little Black Panthers and little MEPs like egg Leah's and number ones and zeros and twos a lot of them have fur on them a lot of them don't I have one two three four five six seven eight about eleven of them my biggest one being this one which is a number to compare it to probably my smallest this is a Panther Panther Marten and that's a number two Panther mine so it's a little bit different but that's probably my biggest that's why my smallest for the brook trout like I said a lot of little MEPs and hoping these will work guys I'm really hoping these will work in here I've got a couple little fake fake lures or sorry fake bait some sense it want little minnows and whatnot just just to throw on the jigs see if it'll work and then loose in there I've got just like little white worms and random stuff this one I got some pink mister twisters last but not least I have my fishing license in here that's a good thing to keep in there guys you know you gotta you gotta stay legal you don't want to be have your have your license back at camp or your fishing or anything like that so you need to keep it with you then I've got just this is more of a random kind of section but let me pull it all out and go through it because I do like a lot of the lures that are in this little section my channel bug is one of my favorite lures of all time it's top water action seeing bats jump out of water for this at night wanna calm lake is probably one of my favorite things in life honestly I don't know if I'll get any use out of it there may be some pike at night it's more for fun than anything but I have room my tackle box I'm bringing my my frog Jitterbug just a bigger spoon that wouldn't fit with the rest ones this was this one's a little Clio of three-quarter ohms okay my favorite lure of all time Jeanette's egg Leah there's a MEPs excuse me there's an EPS number three silver egg Leah there's a MEPs number three copper egg Leah

there is a MEPs number two oh sorry they're three three and number two gold so I got three silver three bronze two gold my favorite lure I catch everything on these things this is one I just bought yesterday it's a nice big heavy one it's called a lil tic five super bronze super flashy so this is going to spin attract fishies hopefully this is a crappy little bottom bouncer I got a little small compact one the idea is you tie your your line to that you have like a swivel a three-way swivel you have your lineup

here you have this down on on the bottom and then you'll have your your bado here a little bit and it's gonna be bouncing along and the baits me up off the off the ground this move balance along the bottom hoping to open to attract things but like I said I I don't think we have to fish too deep this time here another Red Devil and then this little guy this is a Canadian wiggler I have not used this to catch anything but it looks to me like it would be a good lure super flashy

I hope it Wiggles because of the name so so that's it guys that's my fishing gear for this trip we're going to be like I said up north Temagami region for nine or ten days we plan we plan on nine nights but we're giving ourselves a day extra because we've been very lucky in the past and not been winded too much these are big lakes and if we get winded and we have to hole up we're doing a trip right we're doing a big loop so for the first two or three days we're still going in but day four day five even day six we're out there man we're far far far interior so it's like we do have to have a grace day it would be nice to even maybe take a rest day if we needed it if not a worst-case scenario if we're winded we can we have an extra day for leeway we're not bound by campsite restrictions or anything on this on this trip so it's a lot more free it's a lot more decide what we want to do well we're there as opposed to stick to the regimented plan right so I'm looking forward to it I'm really excited about it and it's coming up really soon so like I said a couple weeks look forward to a couple other videos before the actual trip videos like I said I'll do a gear video I'll do a food video I'm just dehydrating some food right now so if I can get that all done I'll get that that other video shot today and maybe I'll upload it in a few days but yeah thanks for watching guys I hope I hope you enjoyed I hope you learned something like I said in all honesty I've caught a ton of fish in my life but not angling I worked for the University and I was a research assistant the biology department fish every single day we would use gill nets we would use electro fishing when you use Seine nets so I've caught trout of caught salmon of colloid but never angling never out of a canoe angling for them alright

excuse me tons of Acts tons of perch tons of baofeng tons of gar things like that I know I have a lot of experience even Pike I can catch bike no problem trout is what has eluded me and walleye have knocked a wall at kata Walla yet so this trip boys and girls has to be a first for me okay if I don't catch a walleye or a trove this trip I quit I will sell my fishing gear I will sell my canoe all to sell my camping gear and I will sit in my home thanks for watching goodbye

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