Fire in the rain


It was pouring rain, everything was soaked, so I decided to see if I could get a fire going

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Video Transcription

okay so on the bush today it's very wet you can probably hear the rain behind me all around me I'm sitting on my shoulder I had well what's what you can call a shelter it's it's nothing just a bunch of sticks I had the intention of coming out today and improving my shelter actually getting it waterproof that's not gonna happen today actually goes to show me though how much I do actually need shelter not just somewhere where I can sit like I've been using this mariska chance two hands heated bed so I actually do need a shelter to keep the rain off so today I'm going to try and cook a lunch first off I'm gonna put a tarp up try and stop the rain overhead Iowa woodsman style and get a one-step fire going took myself up some lunch and there's pretty much to test myself and my fire ability my fire waking ability to say everything is drenched like I said yes I'm gonna try and do that today I'll be back alright so I got my tarp set up I actually remembered some of the knots that I learned at the Midwest box which is really cool not to say that my tarp setting abilities are all that good but at least I learned some knots sorry actually not even a tarp it's just a rain fly from an old tent but gonna have to do we'll see we'll see how it holds up the water is pooling in the spots that are dipping obviously better tarp set up with what cooks at but I'm kind of an amateur at it right now so I'm gonna get my wood ready I'll do that all right so maybe it's going to be a for stick fire not a one-step fire obviously saw my pieces of oak into four pieces it's relatively dry on the inside there's a check here so the water's come in a little bit but that's alright it's completely drenched like I'm soaking wet so let's go so we're nice and dry well at least it's not raining under the tarp so I'm going to get to processing the wood and all that alright so I've done all my prep which is here on my bandana I got my shavings my scrapings which I'm leaving attached to the sick because of all the dampness I think it'll it'll touch really good on there so I split down the sticks to the very inner inner core that almost we have the smaller sticks in the bigger sticks here then I'll just beat on a few after once again I fire started I know I should do it first but I'm confident that I have enough here to get it going well I baton more more well it's well it's going so to do it on top of I've just split the piece of oak and I'm put it there in the fire pit to do it on top book and I'll try and videotape myself lighting it just once alright so this is what I'm going to start off with which is the scrapings but are there i'ma scrape my fire steel with my all wish me luck guys yeah a good base is key but I don't really have one see that she's lit ah she went up all right I'm not playing around this time it's lit see but I put the smaller pieces on first and across the bigger pieces on top so yeah that's it just baton a couple other pieces and throw them on so it took me I don't know I'd say almost an hour a little less than an hour to do all that it's pretty cool it's the first time I've ever done it and this wasn't really a how-to video this is more or less to see if I could do it or not try and test myself all right that fire is rip roarin that's a bits of big blaze right now that's not going out at all and I'll be able to cook my lunch and everything so yeah so I guess I I did learn my lesson I need to fetch my poles so it actually becomes a shelter but all in all is good today I rigged up the tarp even though show you I i left it saggy butt I was my first time ever doing it so that's it thanks for watching guys I had fun making this video I hope you enjoy it

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