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Lightweight Backpacking Gear for a 5 Day Trip


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Video Transcription

hey folks I got a five-day backpacking trip coming up I thought I'd take a look at my loadout I'm going to try and do this in a little different fashion than normal

excuse me I have everything packed and I'll show you how I packed it and why everything is which way so you can see all right in the top I got a lot of room it's over flat the lid that flaps over I could still put a bunch of stuff in there trying to keep it right around 27 28 pounds with with my DSLR camera so first off I've got a trash compactor bag and that that gets lined in in the bag everything goes inside that and then this is tucked in everything except for a couple things I'll show you but as soon as you open it up first thing I've got is reindeer Mountain Hardwear rain jacket Mountain Hardwear rain pants then I've got my cook kit and I'll go over that in a second I got my food my food is gonna be switched out of this bag into a five liter dry bag stuff sack I just have this in right now I'm gonna pick up the stuff sack on the way to the trip next in there loosely I have the bug screen body of my tent it's not in not enough stuff sack this time I've got next I've got my clothes and the rest of my clothes long-sleeve shirt and my sleeping bag and I'll go over to detail in a minute all this stuff I seem pad contracted satyr sorry they hunt trash compactor bag comes out and then I've got the fly of my tent on the outside of the trash compactor bag and my reflectix on the other side of the trash compactor bag side coach's I have the tent poles and pegs to my to my tent one liter water bottle on the other side a 1 liter water bottle so I'll be carrying 2 liters of water mostly in the top compartment I've got a bag of toiletries and a couple other odds and ends so some toilet paper and sanitizer fuel from alcohol stove extra fuel a bear bag line this is that reflective cord it's nice and small I've got a first-aid kit including some body glide chopsticks an extra this is a spool of like really durable small cordage first aid kit pills patch kit stuff like that GoPro accessories this time gonna bring a little tiny light my fire Flint or firesteel

actually works pretty good and then my new Houdini Patagonia Houdini coat I'll show you how that goes on and head left and then in the front you've got a selfie stick for a GoPro my al Chimaera all the canadian aqua mira which would be pristine drops for water a little bit of bug spray it's gonna blackball a season but black bugs bug spray doesn't really do too much for them and then to bread bags for my feet for a round camp this Patagonia Houdini shirt no wind shirt is new to me it was my birthday last month and I got this is one of the things I got for my birthday

so you can see just how small it is tiny and super lightweight as well so it packs down into its own pocket which is pretty cool and we're hiking up a mountain we're going to Killarney Provincial Park

the lush mountains and it'll be windy will be up high so this is gonna be a good windbreaker shirt it's a little bit chilly or whatever or if the bugs are eating me too bad it could throw this thing on super lightweight it's got a pretty good hood on it and I got it small so that it fits me tight that's it pretty nice little wind shirt and I think it'll it'll come in handy I'm not going to bring my prim loft this time because the temps are supposed to be in the daytime 65 ish Fahrenheit and at night upper 40s low 50s so really temperatures should be fine as long as it doesn't bring the whole of five days through thick my clothing system this time is pretty simple I'm wearing shorts I'll show you in a minute what I'm wearing but my socks have these tiny ankle socks that I'm gonna be packing and I'm gonna be wearing one of these two pairs I have two of these dress socks or super light polyester socks are we wearing one pair of these have one pair in my pack and another pair of my pack I'll probably sleep in these thicker warmer ones so three socks two of my pack one being one at all times long johns either just Stanfield's polar therms I've had forever throw them on at night if I need to and one extra shirt which is my Mountain Equipment co-op merino hoody I'm not bringing a toque but this hoodie you can come in handy if I need to cover my ears in the morning if they're cold or if it's windy right now I'm wearing exactly what I'm gonna be wearing when I'm hiking every day this is a Mon Equipment co-op polyester spandex shirts like 98% polyester excuse me and I'm like my shorts like this nylon polyester they're cool k Uhl brand they're like a little bit pricey but they're lightweight they have a little bit of stretch to them and I like and I'm going commando actually this trip to be totally honest with you guys last trip a couple trips I had some chafing going on and it wasn't very pleasant so I'm going commando see how that works this time and that's why I got the body glide as well I'm gonna throw that on before the trip starts and try and keep everything lubed up running smoothly so yeah that's it for clothes I got my this new hat actually it's a Outdoor Research hat baseball cap and it's it's all mesh on the inside I just got this over flap to protect you from Sun or whatever it's super lightweight and good for shoes it's gonna be the same old Mon trails these things are tried-and-true probably got one or two trips left on them tread starting to go and stuff but they're still okay it'll definitely last this trip so there are super lightweight all mesh is the way to go in my opinion hiking boots are a thing of the past for me something different I'm gonna bring this time as a pack towel super lightweight small and if I have to set my set my tent up in the rain this is gonna clean the inside of the tent out for me so I don't delay in the water it's worth its weight I believe we'll see as far as camera gear goes I am gonna bring my DSLR on this trip I'm using it to record right now it's a Nikon d50 500 but I'm also bringing my GoPro with this tiny little tripod works pretty good that's what I've been using for my backpacking trips lately but I think that DSLR will help break up the the GoPro footage and with that I've got a hat clip in here in this bag and extra battery I have to bring an extra battery and a memory card for this DSLR as well and then my selfie stick I tried getting something up with my hiking pole but it was no good and this doesn't wait too much so it's time I'm not worried about it like food for this trip I dehydrated my own meals for supper this time I've been doing that a couple trips for now this is vegetables ground pork and rice this is homemade spaghetti same same

I've got chips like party mix I've got chocolate covered almonds I've got jerky I've got oatmeal for breakfast every morning I've got a Clif Bar some fruit bars and some crystal lights I will be adding eight Clif bars to this that I'm picking up along the way as well for lunch and oh sorry and I have to grab a stick of meat because for lunch every day I'm going to be having this have already cheese with some meat probably like a dry salami or something like that but everything's laid out per day

I have something different every day and except for except for the oatmeal to be pretty good like I said earlier I carry in two liters of water and these old water bottles and I'm not gonna bring my platypus this time just these two are gonna be good enough we're gonna be hiking near water for most of the most of it so it'll be all good my cook kit is gonna be the same as it's been for the last three trips Snow Peak Solo titanium cook set with the Snow Peak spork that I bent the top of the spork cut stove windscreen fuel and then it all fits inside and I put an elastic around it and it's secure I like the system I did away with the stuff sack for my tent and the reason being is that if it rains and we're gonna be there for five days so I imagine it will I don't want to put this fly back into my bag in my backpack wet so I'm gonna put this on the outside of the trash compactor bag inside my backpack put that away from everything else and then the inside of the tent can get smushed inside the backpack it looks a lot bulkier without the stuff sack but it's not because it fills and forms the cracks I really don't think that stuff sacks are called to necessary

I really only have two sorry three including the one with the poles but this one's going on the outside of my bag so I kind of need the sub stuck on anyways nothing but anyways that's my my method behind that my theory behind that anyways a sleeping pad an astral air light Nemo air super lightweight it has a built in pillow and the baffles good good to go sleeping bags am i always use reflectix reflectix gets put underneath my tent and then as I'm sleeping in a now since I'm awake it's it's my chair lean up against the log or whatever I like this is it invaluable piece of kit oh and in my backpack it's my backrest my backpack doesn't have a frame in it so this is my back my back support just as i'm repacking my backpack I don't want to have to make you watch it in full speed so I'll speed it up a little bit give you a little bit of info boat the place I'm going so as I said it's Killarney Provincial Park it's up near Sudbury Ontario the lavash mountain range is one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world all that's all that's left is the exposed quartzite so it's super white the rocks are all white very very nice place it's a it's not an extreme mountain chain because it's been so eroded away it's it's a lot more subdued but you're still up on really high peaks you get shots of Chris actually aquamarine blue color water because the lakes are very acidic there and a lot of the lakes are actually dead Lakes so I'm really looking forward to it this is a trip that was planned six months ago I was supposed to take from my buddy Kyle it got cancelled so now I'm going with Doug and it should be fun times

forgot to mention I'll just just be bringing my one trekking pole again that's the way I like to do it and this time considering I'll have two cameras I think one hand being free is going to be optimal so that's my gear loadout for almost five days backpacking it's 80 kilometres Northern Ontario and June Peak black fly season I hope this helps somebody hope you got something out of this if you have any questions let me know have any comments leave them below as always thanks for watching I'll see you next time you

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