Bushcraft in the Winter


This one not available in HD, sorry guys. I have to get better editing software.

We got a pretty decent snowstorm today, I had to take advantage.

Tarp,fire, cooking, knife/saw/axe use, tripod, improvising.

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Video Transcription

that's really coming down here hey buddy snow is coming down quite a bit right now so the priority changes awning of my tarp up first before I do anything hang on my bag try to get my gear up off the ground so that's what I'm going to do I heard the wind coming up my back pretty much this way it's almost on a diagonal and normally you've always heard me say that I like to set up parallel to win like I've learned and that's true but for just today I'm not spending the night over I really want to get over the sill half the reason because my camera's of the expose so I want to set it up this way the way that I attached my tarp to the ridgeline to just take a loop put it through the tab on the on the tarp so there's a loop of paracord in there just slide the toggle through there I learned that a long time ago on a Midwest school bushcraft course

so my tarps all set up except for one corner and I haven't had to use pegs to go into the ground at all I imagine the grounds not too frozen where I couldn't pound it in but it's it's on its way and soon it will be too frozen for that so I'm going to try and simulate that so I've got every other one tied off to a tree this is the only side that needs to go down to the ground because there's no tree around it so I was watching a YouTube video and I saw a pretty cool trick that I never knew the the snow right now isn't deep enough to do a snow anchor and I've done that tied the paracord around a piece of stick and jam it in the snow and stuff done and it freezes over well snow is not deep enough for that so this is the alternative I got quite a big stick big heavy log here we want to wrap it around there I'm going to wrap the paracord around that and try to do it that way nothing fancy I'm just going to wrap it tie it off then I can place the log as far away as I need to creating the tension

I didn't going anywhere that log talk move okay you can see how I set it up I'm going to be awning and then the backdrop a couple of things I did that I didn't show or I had this awning flat I ended up raising it up on a higher pitch so the snows not going to collect so much up here and I put a middle tile going back right here so I have more rooms kind of caving in on me so I'm all set up I can get out of the snow keep my camera out of the snow when I'm done filming and build a nice fire in front cook up some food I run down on my day camp for today a day like out in the snow today

so clothing wise I got these thin slit workman's gloves they're like the leather normal leather of rawhide gloves but they have some kind of insulation on the inside they're good I like them I got my silky saw we've got this axe I've only ever used once I busted my finger open on it pretty good to kind of put the end of it but I'm not no I'm not a leather worker so that it's a cardboard and duct tape sheet you know real fancy that's a strike master I think it's me to China used to be in Canada whatever sharp I got a nice straight handle on it straight ish handle on it so we're going to play at that today it's about 24 inches long

my Maxpedition condor 2 I have had this bag for three or four years it's not fancy I know a lot of people have moved on from Maxpedition it's like yesterday's cool thing but whatever it still works for me works really well it's bit bomb-proof to uh put some blood all over it from my finger okay what else I got an algae I got a titanium snow peat pot thought I'm going to mod I put a bail on it while I'm out here I'll show you guys a different way to do it can of soup oh this is pretty cool some of you guys are on the forum know that I haven't been able to eat gluten for a couple years I thought I had an intolerance to it I want to get tested next week and for me to get the right results I have to eat gluten so it's it's really I'm really happy about that I'm at chicken noodle soup in two years so it's as simple as it sounds it's awesome I want to have a stuffed crust pizza later on today too so that's kind of cool some lunch meat paracord my tarp I got snow pants on I got like snowboarding pants on I've used these for like three four years they're great tasting fine all I have on underneath is is a pair of Stanfield's polar thermistor they're good got a foot and steel kit and my first aid kit that's it for today I got this really nice red oak it's dried red oak plan on being out here all off for a few hours all day and so I'm going to have a nice fire out here cook up some food so this right Opie's going to burn forever

as you can see how how long cuts me takes me a cut through just a small piece it's super dense now this log here that I'm working on top of this wasn't just here over the luck of the draw I brought here I went out and chopped it and brought it here it's half punky so it was easy to chop through but it serves a good purpose huh in my mind anyway he's a little see I had this this size that I was working on top of this can roll that's how I split my thumb with the axe the last time so in my mind a big solid work works station like a big log like this is is useful very very important can you tell it snowing is it snowing let's go is it snowing snow snow snow can we go goofer

save some of the smaller pieces of oak from the top of the tree to use as a base this will help me get a nice bed of coals and keep it up off the ground obviously my tinder bundle protect it under my clothes got some char cloth and a piece of Flint I'm gonna try and use my knife to start it I've done this before but

all right

that was kind of cool you can see just how much it snowed I've had this tarp set for me what an hour it's uh almost an inch snow not the fire is just our roaring I got my titanium Snow Peak mug here and I figure out a temporary way to put a bail on it now I'm not saying that I made this up I actually saw that the gist of this on a Iowans own YouTube video obviously like all my stuff but this is my own little spin on it so this is just like braided cable almost wire stuff there's probably five or six strands braided together so what I'm gonna do is wrap it around and just pinch it and twist it together as tight as I can okay now that's secure on there but the neat thing is I want to put the rest of the wire in between these two handles and that's going to act as the bail so unroll it however however long I want my bail I don't need it long probably about that much so then you slide it in between and that's going to act like the bail you don't have to like secure any more permanently than that and once there's weight in the in the pot it's going to hold even better the lid can still go on and then easy easy easy to take it apart but the really cool thing about this is that this can even has a use I'll show you guys that got three sticks for a tripod the two front ones have wise in at a certain spot there's my flying suit can goes over top all three if I do this right it's going to lock it in place if I don't it's going to fall on fire that already happened once so I need to move it back some I don't know how this isn't any more easy than just tying it together but it's kind of cool so I thought I'd try it out okay so that's all set up I've got a crosspiece to go in two forks this doesn't fall then I've got I rigged up bail that I was doing it works totally fine and a little pot hanger I made out of a stick so hopefully this will work this time BAM there we go useful kind of necessary no but fun nonetheless there's the old soup can up there holding it together that's the gist of it there that's kind of neat I think probably never do it again but some fun too fun to try stuff out okay soups done I just wanted to show you guys how to take this off super easily so that's it just untwist and that's it man I think it's pretty cool it's nice and simple cord already wrap back up together for the next time that's a good idea oh my goodness screw you ray mirrors just tie the damn thing up

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