We loaded up in the Jeep and took a 2 hour drive, spent the day out shopping, and met up with Doug of

Our families hung out, bbq'd and had a good time

This is more of a vlog style video.Hope you enjoy.

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Video Transcription

what we don't d-trip you gotta stay here buddy what alright be good boy I love you I'll see you later buddy hold the fort down okay

hey guys it's Sunday wipe doesn't have to work today we're going to do a day trip we're going to drive from Windsor to London Ontario it's about a two-hour drive and the reason for this trip other than to get out and do something because it's hot is he outside I need to buy a water filter for camping I need to buy some new drops for camping because my drops must have got some kind of bug Spurs something on it and I wiped the expiration that wipe the expiration date right off so I have no idea how long my water drops are good for we use them for about two years and they're getting empty anyways so want to get a canoeing shirt the wife wants to go to Victoria's Secret so that will cost me some money but yeah then we're gonna be up a dug dug outside we're gonna go to his house because he lives near there we're gonna have supper with those guys so a little family get-together thing what what do you say I say what's on my blanket a little baby doll Oh

any what you're doing there what

you were

you bit your lip where can be are you going to write you want to go to hospital tell me what you're doing that they don't know that you're you eating a doughnut or you eating the icing and the sprinkles off the day ten workers for the lid what are those mmm


good bye

what's one what I need it does not let picking missing got canoeing shirt a lightweight t-shirt light color good for the bugs I'll look my lovely it for the bugs good for the Sun it sounds illegal Anna lighten it up yeah I got some Pelican nothing's focusing kind of can seen drops and a bonk breaker chocolate peanut butter thing and they did not have the water filter that I wanted and I need that so now I'm driving to Cambridge which is an extra hour wanna meet Doug in Cambridge drop these guys off at the mall here come back get them and go to Doug's whose dog who's Doug all done its sale met up with Doug there real briefly back to a back to Doug's got an hour to drive now lots of driving today

like this

any like this all right now what hey spin again so the folks what you got it so MSR Titan kettle so violence oh oh almost almost yeah all right like this yay

all right we're gonna go get food leave these girls here okay go get to chat amongst themselves there's red wine Sophie yes we're awesome I brought some wood some wet wine you didn't put that in the fridge right no it doesn't know although you see the oven yeah I know but that only cooks hobby cakes

so what are we doing now make it some food some meats and steaks meat I need a moment my dad likes it he likes it when I make Jim analyzer yeah why are you like a cheesecake whatever Mike you know how the weather was Wow she said good wait was it her rape whistle yeah so I was practicing before I was going right don't get me please joking about rape mm-hmm photographer no there's the finished product and then I got some Cinnabons and then yep in the fire reflector oven

this guy's a Cinnabon right here you betcha

what y'all baby-boy here oh hi jump dogs oh you're good Doug's brother Karl he's got a YouTube channel CL outside catchin tons of fish nothing like my channel shall try anyway QK off the trail oh my goodness this looks nice and ticky back here oh yeah no oh look how happy he is hey big guy where's your buddies of course the other guys are growing some really big Oh like sniffing rights my fingers he likes me look it I'm a little covered in burrs allenbury no I did not they don't smell heavenly knows for sure look not too bad go see the reindeer kiddo

Oh smells funky dark the antlers a velvety yeah for sure the shovel is this one a little yep the front thing yeah the front little Rhino the rhino horn right there no you can't it depends yeah watch just give me a look okay it's a girl's playdate what happened we forgot them oh they're actually pretty good look toasty cinnamon buns wish 'cimmanon yeah it's a hot dog there's a Hot Cross Buns one a penny two a penny cross buns if you have a penny oh gee okay anybody know that please plan on trumping what's already born ready oh damn dissipation that's graceful willows tell you not to put it on everything why why would you know what that's crazy talk more sugar low well as lovely as that looks it's 9 o'clock I got at home I'm gonna drive my family two hours home we got some for the road yeah all right in your pocket well thanks just put right in yeah okay Napoleon Napoleon eat your tater tots no I'm not 12 i buyed uggs family and Doug I love this well that was a fun day what do you think family but any I'll take it alright guys some little different little vlog II hope you enjoyed it we got two hours to drive honey we got a two hour drive home it's 9:20 so I'm gonna put this thing away concentrate on driving and listen to my daughter thanks for watching goodbye

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