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Minimal Gear for a Winter Survival Overnight-Load-Out and Survival Exercise Plans


In this video you will see the gear that I brought with me on a survival challenge.

I stayed out in the Canadian winter for 24 hours with no sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent, or most gear that people normally use while winter camping.

I used just my centerline systems mother carrier and g roll canteen carrier and a minimal amount of gear that fit inside.

I wear a lester river boreal shirt made from a real wool blanket.

I snowshow in the deep snow to a patch of spruce trees, make a shelter and try to survive the night.

Make sure to tune in on Friday when I post the full trip video.


Click this link to check out the Titanium canteen set..


Link for axe https://www.canadianoutdoorequipment.com/gransfors-bruks-outdoor-axe.html

Link for Boreal Shirt http://lrbushcraft.com/100-wool-boreal-shirt/

Link for Centerline Systems Carrier https://www.center-line-systems.com/

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

how're you guys doing thanks for joining me I just found about the past five hours driving up here this is my staging point my normal place I come to my buddy's place up near a lot of accessible places for me to camp so it's been snowing snowing all day lots of snow outside predicted to snow today tomorrow the next day lots of snow this trip I'm about to do tomorrow so let me tell you a little bit more about it so normally I come up here and all because it takes so long to get up here I don't really want to start my trip tired and after a long drive so I stay here the night it's good to catch up with my buddy

and then I head out the next morning whether it takes me two hours to get where I'm going or 45 minutes that's what goes on so it's more off excuse me I'll get up and drive about the 45 minutes from here to the property that you might have seen a couple couple videos ago a Martin's place where I'm allowed to meet lots of different options for me to do things there well my my goal for this trip is to live out of my my centreline systems mother carrier and G roll so if you guys don't know about these you can check them out settle in systems this goes together right so this this buckles onto this I'll show you that at the end of this and I carried it over my shoulder with a strap so that's a pretty small load for a winter of Canadian winter overnight I have no sleeping bag I have no sleeping pad all right I just have what's here in this kit I'm gonna break this kit down on put all together and show you how I'm going to carry it also I have things next to me like my snowshoe my gaiters and my boreal shirt done way to be wearing my boots know that so I'll show you that too this is gonna be a pretty decent trip I am only going overnight but it's going to dip down to almost negative 10 is going negative 9 Celsius at night with all tons of snow so that's pretty pretty cold for not having any kind of singing bag receiving pad or anything like that yeah I'll be relying on fire and we'll be relying on building a shelter that traps

he only using what I have here at natural materials I've been wanting to do this type of video for a little bit here and with the snow coming down and all that stuff had the perfect opportunity so we'll start with this one first this is the mother carrier from centerline systems you can take the strap off of it and just strap this to your backpack using the molle I've done that did that in a past video not so long ago actually this thing's stuffed full of gear so it's kind of really hard to do things but anyways so that strap comes right off like I said you can use this on a backpack my heavy cover canteen it's titanium full of water that's the only one I'm gonna have I'll have to melt snow for the rest of it I've got my canteen cup in here as well get it packed in here higher okay that's the pick some stuff up first so in my front pocket here there's gonna be a pain to put all that but about three things trying to keep it all folded as it taking it I've got to emergency space blankets these are like the five by seven ish right unused and then I've got an my trail poncho this is a Silla and poncho from my trail and that's like that one all maybe four by six I can use that as a tarp so that's very very small thin sits in there might even be five by seven so that's the front pocket of just the mother carrier itself panting carrier so that's an empty the side has these pockets remember I have this is all I'm carrying over here right so I've got cliff energy blocks the shoes in the side I've also got a Bass Pro bar the mint chocolate it's got like 20 grams of protein so something decent and I've also got a granola bar that's all on the one side well sorry energy G Hughes coffee thing and a lens rag for my camera the other side

a baby Bell hefty amount of jerky pretty good

Costco jerky that's it outside now the canteen cup can come Oh super easy put that in there to boil my water in so that'll be my my water collection system along with the lid link goes in the back and then I also have this looked in soup I just have the favorite where to put it it slid back in the back at one point but again this is like I'm saying this is packing this thing to the gills and being honest so it's said it's full but so all of this stuff right here you see we're just in this mother carrier a canteen thing its own so I get this off the side will open up the next part which is called a gear roll or the G roll for short a gin chip chip chip okay so you can see this is pretty hefty as well I've got my gloves attached to here these are my Hester Oh fall line gloves I do not know if I'm going to bring just these gloves because there's hatch this or I fall bring my new gloves as well it's going to be cold and wet so I might bring these I really haven't decided yet I might bring both I don't know either way whatever I've got these gloves attached to here my carabiner I've got my cool little Scout pendant I got a subscriber got commissioned for me a while back very nice so I'm very cool I love this thing it's got a paste beads on it too no it doesn't okay so we'll get this thing opened up before that I'll pull out my axe this is my main tool I don't have a knife on this trip this is my grass first Brooks Oh door acts a little fancier of needles of beeswax burn it up a bit I normally don't do that but I thought was kind of cool

a charred the end that is not black spray paint or marker and it's just chart I am chart the top a bit and rub the crap out of a beaters beeswax so I just heated it up a lot for a beeswax all over it it's got a good grip I'll be able to do a lot of a lot of work with this guy a lot of yeah this would be helpful anyway Oh door acts by grants FERS Brooks I got this from The Canadian outdoor equipment I'll put links to some of this gear Jack's canteen mother all that stuff okay so way this opens up you do not have to open it all the way up you don't have to take these straps completely off you can just kind of loose them up and there's this little tab here to stop you once you I really like slide it off get your gear wall here all spread out sorry I'll spread out and yeah easy easy access so right off the hop I have my spork this is just on their shock cord and one of these webbings is a Snow Peak titanium spork I like this one a lot I've bent the the handle on it if you've watched my videos for some time you've seen this a lot oh well have a polished piece of shock cord for no reason at all you got a fire still calm fire still here nice big orange handle big pretty hefty size first deal okay let's open up the first poach I got my silky saw in there this is a silky gone boy so this compared with my paired up with my axe will do a lot for me remember I'm I'm relying on fire for warmth in negative 10 ish Celsius degree weather in the snow with no gear with no no sleeping gear so I have to rely on fire and these tools are not big so they'll have to be put to their limits for sure I'll be using them a lot it's my point okay my big shelter is my 5 ways haven't messed from bushcraft Outfitters I'll put a link to that too we've got a little piece of paracord wrapped around it I've used this for years is a really good piece of gear we're gonna probably rig up some kind of crazy shanty that draws the heat in as much as possible I got a bit of cordage here quite a bit I've got a nice tank here of brown and then some of the surplus cordage that I got from this or video a little bit of this stuff too because I do expect to be using a heck of a lot tying things up in different ways trying to draw in the heat from the fire that's all for this coach I got my food I got my homemade you hydrated chili first off that's my food for the supper for tomorrow I got a pad I have to get a pencil still so I can take up some time a night and write I don't have a book or anything or anything to really do so so I have two packets of oatmeal for breakfast I have fire starter fat rope stick and they're starting to spiral ends and a lighter some butt wipe some babies wife is always important those will probably go in my pocket to be honest with you so they don't freeze let sit for that pocket

it's next pocket I've got really crammed in there I'm going to take a minute here yep

all right so I got my compass this is a sin toe but snooping the doghouse who knows what that reference is all right sue college what then I've got a little little tiny first-aid kit that I have to get another plastic bag for now chapstick tape band-aids antacid gauze antiseptic wipes just really basic excuse me that's it and my last pocket I've got a headlamp with spare battery that's it for the G roll as far as my footwear I'm wearing my balance once I bought recently I'm really liking them the name is the Yoho Yoh oh say they're down good to down to negative 50 but who knows anyways those are doing me well this year excuse me you get my gloves like I said if I bring them so what I'll be wearing is Sam fields long johns they were kind of thick I'll be wearing a wool sorryi merino wool undershirt teeth a t-shirt a merino wool long-sleeve shirt my ever trusty green hoodie that you always see me wear everybody asked me what this is this is a mountain warehouse Cody I got this right before I went on a loan and I was trying to buy good quality stuff yeah I don't even know what the model name of the sweater is but I've had it for a long time merino wool socks and probably what's going to save me and the night is my Lester River or real shirt made out of a wool blanket this thing is a legit heavy shirt made oh very heavy like will blanket I'm gonna curl up in this thing by the fire and really just try and just wait it out it's gonna be a there's gonna be a long night of huddling by the fire and try to stay warm but this thing gonna go a long ways I'm going to wear this too underneath there's me my coat was on top of everything I already showed you my GoPro as always I also have my chest mount for it and this is the GoPro Hero 5 I believe the black one got the LCD screen my gaiters these are met Gators they do well I got full reason pants my snow shoes because there will be a ton of snow it's gonna even not stop snowing until I get there well the whole time I'm there from now it's still going now so lots of snow anyway that's my point it will snow shoes either Cubs adventure 30 yeah so interesting this should be a legit truck I packed everything back away which if I'm being honest ok so let's wrap everything up this is the G roll I normally or what I haven't doing when I'm testing this out sliding this in after so roll it up roll up

simply easy since your data actually you know what keep it loose for a minute so see they're durable then to pull on the bottom what I do is I'll wrap it the straps through the other straps go one on here I know I'm talking circles here I'll show you the me through the handle here that's what I meant but strap them through the strip see it's on there pretty good all right let's check it out see how it looks on that's it that's my kit about three four hours give or take five ways like yep alright guys well that's it thanks for watching I appreciate it I hope you liked this video stick around for the actual trip video it should be up this Friday so I'll be excited to see what you think about that will I survive

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