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Video Transcription

hey folks Jones go here we're just inside today this is a horrible horrible January very spring act but the cold weathers come in two more camping trips come soon I'm looking outside right now behind the camera and it's all tall green grass thanks for clicking on this video this video you guys can win some gear okay be here for free I can email a few weeks ago by gentleman named Tom and Tom runs a website called camping survival calm and he does this thing where you go to give away and then box it's full appear more that giveaway it's valued at over $350 us and what we're going to do today I'm not keeping this box this box is not staying with me this box is for somebody who is watching this is boxes for a giveaway so let's go through the stuff in the box and then I'm going to tell you how you can enter the giveaway get down here so you can see my beautiful face since you went rip doma Dobby okay let's dive right into it I haven't even looked at this period I have a rough idea because we talking back and forth with the guy but so pull it out first look at a first-aid kit right the Metro medical kit so something like this is a great starter is a great base to work from what I would recommend doing and this is a good case to I would recommend

catering Biscay Ordnung taking out things that you might need and putting in things that you will need maybe taking out some duplicates but anyways tons of stuff in here too much to read lots of stuff in here take first-aid kit you got a flashlight a 12 LED mini flashlight in the packaging this stuff will be great for a beginner camping gear camping or to fill your holes in the stuff that you don't have we got we got we got like straw you can't go wrong with a leg straw these things are off and you can drink right in a puddle leg straw and we got surgical instruments a us specific instrument kit so this is a surgical stress set with how most at curve chemists at things that I don't even know what they are alcohol white skeletal let me duty real cool stuff we've got a military campaign with a carrier we also have us I believe with aluminum not sure anyway standard campaign to go with it yo none of this is for you homie this is not here for you hey walk away come here let's people want to see it but people want to see you in the video tell me big guys come over here big guy come on board a big boy alright you can still see it that'll do that that'll do alright what else we got we got a solar wind up radio so one of these jobbies got a pat on the back I can see my phone's making noise we got silver gel ultimate skin and body care cosmetic product helpful skin healing naturally so yeah if you have cracks in your hands and stuff I would imagine or if you just want a little little softer skin either way we got here a pocket folding fishing pole sweet yeah very cool that's a fishing rod very cool stop bags so this is a large step back oh cool so this is car game or wild card identification card so like plant the entry identification card it's got a necklace thing on the back oh so it's not sweet it's a solar panel like I've seen these before I didn't know they were solar panels and then iced water proof as well and it can float that's really cool actually I actually want one of these

yeah that's I wanted one of those very cool

whoever wins I should send this back me oh okay cool so chlorine tapped for a water purification - super good to have what is it a silver solution I'll have to look and see what if you go about really want to take too much we do that this is a SAP ten silver solution immune system support silver solution scientifically tested that's new to me remote not familiar with that at all you got on base like it can't have too many of those oh my goodness the survival medicine handbook from Bible man it's written by Joseph Alton MD and Amy else on eight RNP oh sweet black match that's the one-handed fire starter but first he's going to push it down and it sparks itself those are awesome we got we go out we got go back that completely backpack you put all your gear in and when we got some glow lights like to make that's another one so there's also three things that I couldn't get or a couple things that I couldn't get here because I live in Canada now if you enter this and you win if you live in Canada

I'm going to get these things either because they cannot ship across the border for it but if you're interstate no worries

let me just pull it up here and see what those three things are so it says please know if the winters of Canada we not be able to ship the strike force firestarter the styro safe the fish food and then a different separate a medical kit so really there's no big deal I know it's a Strikeforce fighter starter it's not just black match because it doesn't say straight for first order on it anyways like three things one fish food nobody good all you do the camping survival calm and then scroll down a bit and there's a camping store on top gear pack all I do is put your email address in and submit and you are entered to win nice and easy you gotta he's got like everything on here from paracord MREs knives clothes but we're obviously this is in a complete camping kit with a sleeping bag tent all that stuff this is a lot of good items that you're going to throw into your bag or like I said for a beginner there's a lot of standard items that you're going to need so I guess go to camping survival calm to enter the giveaway look around while you're there see if there's anything else that tickles your fancy I'm going to pick up some paracord right now if you actually I'm all is it so thanks for watching this video I hope you guys learned something learned up a new website then you can get some free gear if you're lucky thanks for watching I'll have a big trip video come up real soon I'm excited for it take your guys have a good day say bye scope board screw

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