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Gear for a 2 Night Bushcraft Camp in the Snow


I am about 6 hours from home, alone, in the middle of a bushcraft camping trip.

This video goes through the gear that I brought for 48 hours solo in the bush.

I will post the trip video very soon.

Backpack - http://www.ynotmade.com/en/shop/wildlandscout/?sku=5409

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

hey guys Joe here thanks for tuning in again well right now I'm about six hours north of my house it snowed quite a bit I've just built this raised bed I'm in the middle of building a shelter to spend two nights out here and they need to need to take this time to show you guys what's in my backpack first up I'm going to tell you what I had strapped to the outside of my bag it be my 26 inch wetterling's axe it's like a the equivalent to a grass for Scandinavian axe it's getting even forest axe but my sheath right here like I said I've been using these tools already I got my agawa canyon boreal 21 buck saw great stuff I've got my hess tro gloves that i've been wearing my leather gloves they're getting wet but they're uh they're still keeping warm there's insulation on the inside before I do anything else I need to take this over the back so I can put my knees on it right now because my knees are on the snow

I brought my in the back of my backpack where the sit pad normally goes I stuffed my sheet of reflectix in there okay so I'm going to use this to kneel on right now Oh much better much better okay so keep in mind the tempers temperature is fluctuating today from negative 1 Celsius and daytime to negative 10 Celsius at night tomorrow is negative 1 sellers in the daytime negative 4 Celsius at night my sleeping bag which is attached to the bottom of my sub my backpack is rated to negative 7 degrees Celsius so it's 3 degrees off of what it should be for tonight and that's at the very minimum guys right like when they test sleeping bags they test them for comfort or for survivability you know what I mean you can survive a negative 7 in this isn't not what it's supposed to be rated for and it's an old sleeping bag that's lost a lot of down so needless to say I it's cold it's going to be very cold tonight and I need to build a substantial shelter and a substantial fire to make this adequate X up the side pockets in the one I've got my zebra Billy can my 12 centimeter inside of it I have two eggs and a spork flip it around the other side here I've got two water bottles got a Nalgene and a titanium one that's about 3/4 the size of a Nalgene on the walk-in and halfway through the build I was wearing my outer layers as well I got warmed up building but I'm actually getting chilled now so this is a full raven granite shirt it's a wool shirt wool jacket kind of shirt and then this is my Mountain Hardwear down jacket I got my full Raven cab trousers on got my muck boots a toque and just normal stuff I have a Possible's pouch in here inside it I've got my phone I've got a notepad to write stuff down I've got an emergency blanket space blanket first-aid kit headlamp toilet paper compass keys to my car a backup fire steel fire-starting and a hacky sack next up I've got food we'll go through the food in one second I thought that was gonna close this is my clothes so for two nights three days fluctuating temperatures down to negative 10 I've got aside from what I'm wearing I have long johns to put on at night I have a polyester long shirt to put on at night or if I get cold a handkerchief

and that's it I thought I had extra pair of socks oh snap pair socks so that's not much clothes really that's just extra is to put on I'll show you my handkerchief hold Doug handkerchief that's just extras to put on in case I get too cold at night I got a bag of paracord some chapstick also got my 40 creak Mickey so basically this is what I got going on I've got a Certified Angus New York strip steak for dinner tonight big nice heavy one right from the butcher then tomorrow I've got a smoked bacon along with my eggs for breakfast I've got an Italian sausage that I'm going to put with these mini potatoes garlic onion and pepper and butter in tinfoil so that's my meal for tomorrow lunch I've got granola bars and next night for the next morning I've got oatmeal I also do have some hot chocolate and tea and excuse me some raisins and like I said my booze so really not too much food either for two days three days two nights I'm headed out early in the third morning but heavy meat lots of heavy meat and potatoes the potatoes are really good with the garlic I don't have much gear really there's no tarp there's no sleeping pad there's no kind of tent or shelter or anything like that I have the paracord we need to make a natural shelter that's why I brought the big tools all right lots of work so lots of good food lots of work minimal gear this should be a really good trip I'm already really really enjoying myself it's only been a few hours is probably about midday now of two days here so I'm going to post this gear video before I post the actual video but once I do post the video I'll put the link in this in this video somewhere one of these sides and yeah I hope you check it out I hope you enjoyed this video I hope it was eye-opening I don't know why I hope you learn something I hope that you'll stick around for the next video I'm off to have fun you guys have a good day goodbye

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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