Overnight Bushcraft Camp



I loaded up my new pack, and hit the woods with Scout.

Spent the night in a framed tarp shelter, and did a bunch of fun stuff.

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Video Transcription

scout and I are here in the woods we're going to do an overnighter tonight I got my new go light pack I haven't used it on overnighter yet I supposed to do a three day backpacking trip last weekend but it got cancelled so ever since then I've been really itching to get out I'm loaded this thing up with 130 pounds of gear a lot of food and some heavy gear in order to simulate what I would have for about a week so 30 pounds is right where I want to max this thing Oh dad walk around here for about an hour it's okay

the reason I switched up my bags because of tabs

Epperly stock pack had to lash my singing bag to the bottom I really didn't like that so I've got everything in here lots of food lots of heavy gear or saw axe not a Sasha snacks so we'll do an overnighter and I've cleared a big area where Scout sitting so that no leaves blow into my fire and catch my shelter on fire it's supposed to be a little bit windy tonight so I am using a down sleeping bag with a fire so I got to be careful I'm didn't bring a saw this time so it'll be my ax of my knife I'm using today for tools when I forgot this little 3 inch blade so see how that works out

a little bit of change of plans I originally went with a bipod for the half of my shelter but it didn't seem sturdy enough for me for my liking at least so I'm just going to lash a third log onto here no big difference sometimes things don't work out the way that you think they are going to so just I'm just adapting and dealing with it so no big deal okay

okay let's going to come down stop I want it to be able chest height oh good there

okay good there's a there's what my frame looks like now to get the tarp on I've never tried this kind of tarp shelter before I was researching a little bit on my in my preparation for coming over here and I watched a YouTube video again by I don't would call this just I think a modified lean-to but what's going to happen is I'm going to have a bit of sides to it as well to kind of keep the window out of the little shelter so I need to mark where I'm going to put two logs going down so I'm just going to outside up my tarp I want to make a notch my night so I know dialogue there and there here's the finished product it's a little bit different than what I planned on doing but I think it worked out fine for me the one that died well Woodson who showed in his video didn't have to use any steaks and I think that was the point but no big deal doesn't have to be a certain point so I got mccroskey slashed got one hole here one pole here both lashed I got the pole running on the bottom six inches from the ground lashed to the tube two of these poles okay so I've got the tarp the on a diagonal wrapped around the top its harp wrapped around the bottom and normally in his video he showed them tying together but it just wasn't happening for me so I'm just going to leave that piece down like there I've staked it out a tiny bit here and I pounded the stake wearing flush with the ground I'm just going to actually use as that as like kind of a ground sheet if you will it's not going to cover me or something - I'm not gonna be able to fit I'm willing to be bigger than it but it's no big deal it's just extra stuff on the ground I staked it out over there I tied up to the tree so I like it I think it looks pretty cool

but as you probably guessed or saw when I was chopping the logs these logs of punky and wet chop them really easily what but there you only use it a fire collector so that's totally fine I saved myself a little bit energy by chocolate through sturdy dry season wood I'm saving that kind of wood for my fire and I'm actually prolonging the life of this at being wet so I'm better I'm off to go get some more wood for the reflector now now here's my view from inside the shelter my reflectors all set up put a real nasty log on top there but nice and easy I got that and done in about ten minutes total cut in the stakes and everything so not too bad I've gathered all that wood right there in about ten minutes and really it's bone-dry and I haven't really had to use my axe too much maybe on a couple pieces that's one of the reasons I specifically chose this spot I was walking around the woods for about an hour looking for a spot in here great where I am right now you can see there's not really too thick of trees in the distance there is but right here there's I got quite a big open space right here lots of Sun lots of clear sky at least and and lots of firewood so I'm really happy in this in this location

I looked overhead there's not too many Widow makers or anything so one guy over there but even if he falls he's not coming anywhere near me so nice big maple tree right there I'm liking this spot the Sun is actually out right now for the first time today so looking good I would take a break anything since before I came over here which will three and a half hours ago we got to keep on that I brought to knowledge in full of water again just to add more weight to my bag I got this cooling rack for my mom and it looks to me like a great grill so it's what three inches off the ground with the legs I think I'm going to try that out today cook a steak up on that I ended up bringing that 14 centimeter ability it's way overkill I don't you need it really just to boil water I could have brought my titanium cooks a solo kit but again to add weight so got some eggs in there I'll be for morning my titanium spoon so it won't break my spork again I think it's going to be a good night it's going to be get to around positive three Celsius but feel like zero so I don't know what that is in Fahrenheit right around freezing a 30 30 35 maybe but kind of chilly I got my positive 3 Celsius bag with a sleeping pad and I got like a Down Jack I'm going to be more than fine about a book by John Crocker croucher I think it's the same guy who wrote into the wild so read that it's about a expedition on Mount Everest should be good just hang out with doggie okay so all that firewood you see there and plus more leaning on the rack I have to cut down to size now I've decided on not using a long fire tonight so I'm gonna have to break them probably each of these into two or three pieces and using my axe for that all right well done everything I everything that I wanted to accomplish already this trip which is the fire reflector the new tarp setup I guess that's not that much I do want to make a pot hanger it's not necessary I add that little bit of that little grill but I feel like making blotting or so I'm going to cut my wood here

it's not that much it's good enough to me until I want to go to bed though like I said I'm not gonna lie got some grasses from the field started that waving couple shavings or whatnot happy day from the side here you can see just how much coverage I do have on the sides by setting the tarp up like this I think it's going to work out pretty well I wanted to give this little knife a workout when you use the knife instead of the axe for this part of it I'm just going to get rid of these branches this part here will be my potluck so I'm going to keep a little bit of the nub for the hook itself that and just boy that's long enough there turn that off so have a little pot holder this is nothing new this hey hey hey leave my baton are you doing

starting to chill down a bit so I want to get rid of these little nubs and I want to make the end flat so it will rest in the notches that I made on the pot holder itself this will just be the stand or what's up keeps it in place

I like this little knife say Celilo bushcrafter should do and just got to make this end into a spear point I don't use any fancy Forks or anything to hold it up I just kind of jam it into the ground

kind of test out where it's going to hang and right there that seems suitable to me


potatoes that I already wrapped so in here there's cut up potatoes a bunch of onions garlic powder salt pepper and butter

this coat right now is so on my steak crazy so I would rather give him give it to him raw than cooked it's better for them

you better make this last dude this is all you're getting here good oh boy go on chew it up okay you're just gonna swallow it up first and use some of this dead grass I collected i'm knock i didn't make any shavings or whatever just some pencil thickness stuff so should be fine that's easy enough here's the beauty of a long fire we still have my fire over there cook on the coals on this side and have my potatoes in the coals here smoke is blowing sideways which is good everything's going good the grill worked good haha man

oh I'm so good oh yeah real good-looking out in the field enjoying the sunrise this morning and go back make some bacon legs still nice and hot try and build a fire up on top of it oh yeah the extra gun performative there you can see the framework without the tarp on it got everything packed up on my my pack just got to take down the paracord disperse those logs I'm going to end up walking around for a couple hours just to test the pack out some more 9 it's 9:15 right now probably picked up around 10:30 or 11 or so beauty of using these lashes that's super easy to undo and you're not ending up cutting your paracord because you can't get undoing a lot or whatnot so never really use lashes too much before but I didn't purposefully this trip and glad I did these were all the logs using construction of that shelter there were seven of them total oh this is where the shelter was type of history tripod is gone Carter footage on everything picked up


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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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