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Improvised Pack, Minimal Gear Survival Overnighter


Quality improves after about 10 seconds...

This was another lesson for the advanced bushclass course over on BCUSA.

I made a Yukon Pack and used it for an overnighter.

Video Transcription

we're out in the woods again I'm going to do another all-nighter tonight this one is a improvised pack and I'm going to do with minimal gear so my awesome patient wife showed up this pack strapped for me yesterday things called the Alaskan pack strap Terry called it and here's my path a bush drop us a 5x7 mess and it's got literally maybe seven pounds of gear in it ten pounds tops there's there's not a lot at all so we're going to get going and find a spot to set up it's 20 to 1 so we'll be here overnight I think I found a suitable site it's a lot more crowded in with trees than my last site but I think it'll be good there's a lot of basswood around I'm going to try to get a boat draw a fire going so that will help I have this other set I can see all that's in here is my camera gear extra camera gear it would have went into my bag no problem but I forgot it and I really didn't want to undo this thing and put it back together so that's what that is fard my pack and you've got Slipknot's on here with a overhand knot over top of him so he didn't slip okay so I walked around the woods for close to an hour carrying this with Emmett enrolled comfortably it rolled really well actually I was really happy with it this is the Alaskan tax trap that my wife showed up for me did an awesome job on it this is just ratchet strap wedding ideally it would've been thicker but this is what we have so is what we used all it is is that folded into three sole and it has two pieces a long paracord attached to it as for the pack itself the Yukon pack this is a bushcraft u.s. a mess like I said and then all I used was bowline knots and slip knots to attach it really it really easy to easy to learn so this mess is going to be my shelter okay so that's one piece of kit it was the frame of the pack and the shelter next I've got my sleeping bag in there okay and I got extra paracord I left the pair 4 lengths longer than they needed to be so I can use them for rigging up the shelter and using for other things too so that's me a second piece for those I had my sleeping bag also wrapped two times on each side if you guys want to see how to do this I'm not going to show it in this video but just go over to aisle woodsman's youtube video and check out the yukon pack it'll go through everything step by step it's very very comprehensive and that's how I learn how to do this so inside had the sleeping bag folded into three this is all of the gear that I brought with me for tonight I have an extra pair of socks thick wool wants to sleep with my down pillow my down jacket long johns first aid slash survival kit a book my food my cup and water it's a titanium Sophie and one algae for water and my singing pad that's in that you can probably tell it will have a sword or axe all I brought was my Swiss Army farmer so that's going to be my cutting tools and all my cutting tools for this trip is this this knife so we're gonna just want to test myself a little bit more before I do a personal survival kit overnighter

right now my priorities are fire and water well I want to do the bow drill to get fire it's not necessary I do have a couple matches in my survival kit what I don't have is a lot of water I only have one Nalgene full of water and I have a rehydrate hydrated meal I need to rehydrate that meal I need to have water from drinking we need water for tea and I need water for my oatmeal in the morning one Nalgene is not going to cut it so I'm going to go search around right now try and find some water I have this heavy-duty plastic bag I'm going to fill up this bag with water keep it in there until I need it and I'm gonna have to boil it as I need it so hopefully hopefully I can find some I know there's a creek over there it's quite a ways from where I am now and finding my ship my sight again might be a little bit difficult but I'm gonna have to be oneself markers along the way well

not the clearest water little bit with water with water taken care of this turns to the next priority fire this is exactly what I wanted to find a basketball tree that's stripped some of its bark and has been weathered a lot of bass but is sometimes too punky when I find one it's just rip this rug like this and turn that a grayish color it's pretty good hopefully I can get tinder from the inner bark and fire from the bass wood itself right off this tree it's kind of cool the way the wood split this circle this round piece like even you can see how I can just peel that off this round piece I didn't carve like that it came out of the core of the wood like that I'm just gonna use that for my spindle I don't even have to carve it down or anything that's pretty cool I've got a decent amount of firewood here a lot of its marginal that's alright I'm going to continue after get some more I realized I don't need to get the fire going right now and actually if I do get it going right now it's going to be a problem because I don't have that much fire where to keep it going all night it's about three o'clock right now so want to conserve that in the meantime I'm going to set my shelter up I was waiting to do that so that the ground could dry out after I moved the lease it's been raining a lot lately and I started selling the ground dry enough so I'm going to get that goal and maybe do a couple other things and then wait till later on before I start the fire if I can't get the fire going with bow drill I'll still have all the prep going done and I'll be able to play it with matches there she is home for tonight as extravagant as my other set up but that's the point that was maximum gear this trips minimum here trying to get this rock up out of the ground and been digging at it for a minute here now rocks are impossible to come by in my area and this one by the looks of it is big underneath the ground if I can get it up I don't really necessarily have to build a fire reflector I can just use this as a fire reflector and since I don't have cutting tools this is going to help greatly so hopefully I can get this thing out of here it's in there pretty good dig dig all right

that's a hefty sized work as Bodrum nonsense isn't working I've made two sets so far it's too spongy just drilling right through it so screw it it's kind of strange not having a backpack to put things in when just around Campbell or not so I've been just bringing stuff up left and right I put my first-aid personal survival kit here hung up partly because it's right there if I need it and if I wander away from camp I can see that the red really visible so we're not going to be using the bow drill like I wanted it's not working

so got some matches in here use those and you won't catch me in the woods at night without a head good headlamp but again to test myself from a bring minimal gear I decided just to bring this little tiny pen pen flashlight it's actually really powerful it's good good flash that my buddy Brendan gave it to me

you should we different not be able to mount it's my head maybe I'll try and rig something up it's time to layer up get this nice Bowl jacket it's got this Omnitech stuff inside it this silver lining this was a retain heat I think it works pretty well I like it a little bit different when you don't have an axe or saw that works I want to have to go down and get more water before it gets too dark out okay my dinner is served I don't know how much more footage I'm gonna get tonight it's pretty dark out so I'm gonna eat that up and read my book and just hang out I rigged up this little flashlight as a headlamp I used a piece of paracord and some duct tape that was in my survival kit now I'm able to read my book without hold the flashlight I'm pretty uh pretty happy with how it turned out doesn't wobble too much it's pretty good


it's almost 8:00 in the morning rained on off blank last night nothing too bad when it did rate of just more or less light rain it's not a nice day already windy chilly get some breakfast in the middle really something about four hours last night

this guy kept getting up and trying to chased off coyotes so I got worried he was going to go fight one side to tie them up and of course once you get on your sleeping bag and all that nonsense now as she is all ready to rock got every piece of gear I'd brought except for my camera my tripod in there so put this bad boy on

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