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3 Easy Knots for Bushcraft, Camping, Survival.


I show the 3 knots that I use all the time Outdoors, Bushcraft, Camping, Survival, Fun.

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Video Transcription

hey guys Joe here today we're going to go over three knots that I use all the time in the woods the first night we're going to tie is called the taut line hitch it's not as suitable for tying up tarps this is the tie you all the time while I'm tying out my tarps go around the tree give yourself I don't know eight to ten inches on the tail and they're going to pinch it where the paracord comes together so you have an axe and your fingers are pinching it then you need to take your running on your tail go up through inside and down and you're going to do it a second time so two inside right same way I'm going to come the outside come over top down and pull tight so there it's loose and then when you want to tighten it tight tight tight loose again if you're scared of it slipping which you shouldn't be you can tie another stopper on the end yank honor if you want and then when it's time to take it off when you're going home it's just super easy never really gets caught up too bad just pull that one and done I'm just going to tie it again very quick so you guys don't have to rewind if you're trying to learn it so pinching inside twice one two outside once boom and then again to untie you just one and done this next one's been dubbed the Jolin not not by me but because I've tied the bowline raw bowline knot wrong my whole life in my mind it doesn't matter because it still works fine and I'll show you what I mean so I make a loop and I don't twist it or anything and just put it together I take a second part and I make a bite I twist it and I make a bite there so now I have a normal loop and then the twisted loop and then I take my running end or my tail and I go through the loop twice and that's it okay you pull it together dress the knot that's a small one but I'll make it again and show you so that so now I can yank on this hard and it still just comes undone very easy and that is the beauty of a bowline knot and it's strong and all that stuff so I really don't see the difference but I'm sure people will correctly I want to talk to to tie here the same way that I'm looking at it so you don't have to try to reverse it in your head so there's there's my piece of rope right there I am and I just make a normal loop like just just a hoop just hook it over make a hoop there you're not twisting it or anything I'm just pinching it together right there then from underneath

I'm coming twisting my wrist so that I'm getting a twisted bite or whatever you want to call it in there then you just take your tail you just go through it twice the second pole or second go through it twice and then if you don't want such a small knot just kind of keep it bigger there you go and again I'm putting a lot of torque on that and when it comes time to undo it it's still really easy I know it's not a real knot and not purist not Nazis are going to yeah if you're wondering what I use this knot for to be totally honest with you mostly it's only for if I don't want to do too taut line hitch --is um setting up my tarp I'll make a Jolin and then I can take my tail and just kind of run it around the tree like that instead of tying two taut line hitch is because in all reality you don't need to tight line hitches on your tarp all the time or on your on your Ridgeline story for your tarp so that'll just go lit through like a loop and I can pull on that and tighten it as much as I want and then it just slides in and out there's tons of different applications for this so this last knot is a jam knot it's called the Canadian Jam what we're gonna do is tie it and then cinch this down it's good for that or attaching bull blankets to bags and stuff like that so this is very easy knot you're just going to tie a stop or not or an N knot right there and give yourself an inch or two of tail excuse me and then you're going to tie a second knot overhead knot just right behind it

okay so that there's the tail the clothes not and then leave that not open so you're going to get whatever you're doing what are you trying to compress or attach this is my tarp is a long piece of paracord it's kind of hard to work with but anyways all you do is you put your your piece of paracord underneath whatever you're attaching you have your second loop that's tied loosely you're going to run your tail up through it I'm going to work it all the way down however long your piece your paracord is will depend and these two knots are going to come together and squash this piece of paracord in between them so and you can really wrench on this and that's going to keep it closed and then after that one's done you can go around you could go around and tie another one if you want it it all depends or you could just wrap it and keep it closed but this knot will do the cinching for you and then when it comes time to undo it there's this little tail here and you just pull it it comes undone really easy the second knot or sorry the first knot the clothes not that you tied probably won't come undone very easily if at all but that doesn't matter because you're only losing like an inch or two inches of paracord after you cut it off so again you have the stopper knot tied in the end very tight you're just going to tie a loose knot right below it and this is the second application I use this knot for a lot in tying up Ridge poles and this is a really good secure way to do it so you're going to come around your Ridge Pole and come up under it and next to the tree same thing as before just slide you're running in in the loose knot

and use reef on it as hard as you can and it just constricts like crazy kick off the support hole and then when it's time to take it down you just pull on the tail and there she goes super easy one more time got it on make my second loop on earth through cinch those notes together and if you want you can do a lash or two around it just for mental well-being and then you got to give her the test pretty good holds up my hundred pounds alright guys like I said those are just some knots that I use while I'm outside in the woods try mode if you have any questions just let me know I'll be happy to help you out thanks

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