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Sleeping Outside in The Cold With Dollar Store Items-10$ Woods Survival Challenge (24 Hours) Part 2


This is part 2 of my series on dollar store survival.

Be sure to check out part 1 for the whole scoop.

Click here for part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0dXIyfXva4

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Video Transcription

let's do the cool editing trick all right tada

here we are okay so I'm pretty confident pretty happy with that let's get the bed made so what I want to do is I want to get a thicker log not the same one that was holding down my plastic originally I want a decent-sized one like a thigh size around that way excuse me I could use it for that same application but it will also hold in my bedding materials it'll kind of make like a crib I don't really need it in the back because I have that wall from my my shelter but I do need it in the front to keep it all in place because I can't I can't stuff those garbage bags full of grass and expect them not to expect them not to split open I kind of have to stack the grass and then lap overlap them with garbage bags garbage bags but in order to do that I need a spot for them I need I need them to stay in place this is oak so it's not going to be that easy the other stuff I was using mostly cottonwood house been laying on the ground for a long time so we'll see but even if I can just get this hook off here then I don't care really how long it is it can over can lay longer that it needs to I'm gonna try and break it in the tree in the fourth tree leave she's heavy Oh

she heavy she heavy let's go oh nice wait I thought cool I'll use this I'll use this side as much as I can for what I need and have the thicker side overlap just fall over on this side if it's doable okay that's gonna be a good size pull this down and make sure it's all gonna work beforehand no obviously that's just a loose put on there loose I can tighten it up after I just wanted to make sure that I had enough plastic to go around that log and they do so you can see what I mean

that log is gonna be gonna be part of my bed how do you say buddy I don't see anything man don't look in that way now are we what is it but what is he do you know what you're doing so I don't so that's a placement of my log back that's where it eats to sit all my research and development has shown me that okay that means my bed will be this wide Oh plenty wide rollover cool so what I need to do now is try to man I'm all dirty you go home now I got to find some grass that's not too wet I want to go along the top as opposed to the stuff that's laying on the ground so stuff that's kind of still standing and I'll lay the lay that all in there and line it with or cover it with garbage bags that's the word this is the kind of grass that I meant that the one that's sticking up here so all around their scraps even from previous years are laying on the ground but not too many standing and this is gonna be this is gonna be my bed you know no peasant grass for old Joey you gotta have the good grass and sleep on the ground tuck this the sheath away okay only like 500 more to go this is a new Joan Robinette bushcraft night coming soon 2019 anyway super super fragrant very nice smelling dried flower oh yeah I do this for Cobra weave a tale of this like this for a couple reasons I wanted to make my my sleeping quarters smell better and to to possibly persuade any ticks that are on there to leave I am gonna throw some smoke in there

optional my fire goes to and yeah well I'm not too worried about it bergamot is pretty dry I took my time and really selected the right one I don't want it to be higher up oh there's some what's up there I don't want it to be higher up in the middle and if I just pile it all on it will be so I want to make sure I'm breaking some doubling some up here my head to get more lofty feel near my like a pillow

again so that it's not pumped in the middle like oh saying I might need more than this this is going to compress get all that wet stuff there I don't need that this is going to compress quite a bit once I lay on it all night so we don't want that to happen we don't want we don't want to be on the ground after compresses is a good thing by we I mean I I don't really see what I mean you can see the hump in the middle already - yeah I'm gonna go get another arm load I think and lay on it person see but oh it's nice in the middle yeah oh that's not bad at all comfort wise oh man where have you been all my life dead grass yeah another armful is needed I'm gonna put the whole thing up here my feet are okay I can even double some of that can bend some of that up to fold it back under because my feet don't stretch out as far as the grass does but up here I know I know I need more almost done the bed that's not bad now I'm pretty pleased with that too everything's working out pretty good today the old dollar store challenge a like that stop at the end can you see this we get frame and you kind of fold it back up okay all right I'm pleased with that lay on their smush everything down before I start putting my garbage bags over top of it but if you look I have a ton of room man like I could scooch all the way down if I needed to and still could literally sleep right here I don't that's not gonna happen and I'm probably going to sleep right here oh man I'm telling you this is not uncomfortable this is not uncomfortable trying to mash it all down oh yeah honk still here yeah yeah got a little seat now look at that shuffle purpose lug okay so I've used one two three three garbage bags so it should have seven left I'm gonna need two let's say two for the bed one for scouts bed one for my door one two three four five six seven I do have three left no what one two three I have three left okay so Oh AB twist ties bonus what kind of use these putting the the plastic up for sure okay okay I'll remember anyway so - for the - for the bed and I got plenty left still so that's a good purchase that garbage bag I could even literally could have done the whole shelter in garbage bags but I would not have any kind of super shelter proponent to it the heat would not go through the plat the black garbage bags like like it does the clear plastic yep I was gonna cut these open and why it lay them open like I did on the bath chair and only use two well because I have so many extra and it's really not necessary

I'll just gave us three I'm just gonna use three plastic bags and not cut them open just leave them the way they are so I'm only talking them in to the beside the log and then back here they'll probably move but it's okay it's just giving me a buffer of wetness you know I don't want to be laying on wet stuff oh I completely forgot about my my blanket my cover up action okay I might have to rethink this guys I have say that's done say everything there is done I need one for my door leave one for scouts bed and I have two left which could be my blankie it's perfect look at that I was meant to be everything's coming together

okay everything could stay like that and I need to make some some bedding some sheets or blankets if you will talk to Mike almost flat almost just like I don't know five inches why maybe four inches wide and then I'll be able to kind of burrow in there like a little freaking rodent stay warm I mean the sickness has been coming on for like a week has never been full-blown sick and I'm over like the main part of it it's just got a runny nose and this voice thing is going all crazy sound like so I'm like a prepubescent teen scouts out man he's laying laying on the ground freakin full rest mode oh happy I saved this pile of leaves I have to pick the sticks out of it but that's okay it's helping and there are in this trying to take the dry leaves as possible post-op but they're in this bag so I shouldn't be too big of a deal I don't think I think this is about as full as I want it really so that once it's tied up and distributed distributed properly within the bag it'll only be a few inches wide come on buddy lay down scope go on good boy okay that yeah that's exactly what I meant well get in there on top of my grass and then once I full plop this on my legs on my feet you know have another one plop on my chest yeah that's gonna work that's actually going to work very well it's not too heavy where there it can't be like overbearing but it's having enough but it feels like there's gonna be a lot of denseness for warmth so I think I'll try to fill up the next garbage bin with leaves - I don't think it's good for the straw the dead grass is just gonna poke all through it all out through it alright let's check out my peasant quarters for tonight come on stuff so there's my bottom half yeah I can feel it on me there's no no denying that hey buddy oh yeah it's tight tight quarters but that's what you want I don't want to have to heat up a whole big space for for no reason right you wouldn't be using the rest of space I'm using all this space it's actually like I've been saying a little on the long side but yes tight quarters it will do I actually feel like it's going to be quite comfortable maybe I need to secure these bottoms garbage bags a little bit better okay what I think I need to do now is close the the plastic down get it all situated the way it's gonna be make my door because that K it kind of does sound like they'll pose some problems and then I do want to collect my firewood because it's three o'clock now I only have two hours before it gets dark I've been out here all day guys go and go and going so yeah again no no tools so see me gathering firewood with the hands throw these in here cuz they're gonna go in here tonight more than likely

Oh honk-honk

a good thing this log is nice to have you I'm glad I switched from that other log on use another branch whatever it was and I'm ripping this as I go I can feel it okay there's a little bit of a gap here which I can throw more grass on top of but it's really not much you see there I'm talking about it's really not much all I can I will bear it with some more grass maybe it's not even necessary but she's all tucked in pretty good there and all along just gonna make it as taut as possible looking like home nice coat lookin like home alright we're good at door mate might be some issues hey this is the last garbage bag that I'm using for myself the next one is for scope so I'm gonna have to just kind of get it up there like that and have it flap open so I can crawl in and out of the bottom I will lose some feet though yeah I will lose some heat for sure maybe I owe you know what I can stack some logs and stuff and the spot where it's just gonna be open maybe on the Lots well do all stock two big logs going this way on the bottom and then I can even pin it hidden though the garbage right in between them if I break that one and two or this one somebody looks easier to break break that one into pieces Oh lay down buddy was eaten one bite of his okay maybe that's gonna help almost but much better anyway just tied up here I'm still on my first rule of twine that twine was a good purchase - they had that Polly twine that I've used before but my experience with it it is break super easily and then you don't have it for any other applications like I can use this twine for for fire making and for other stuff maybe just for fire making but anyways I'm glad I got it that's the moral of the story Oh story by a real twine I'll open it from this way when I want to get in and just tuck it back in behind the grass and the log but for up here you see here yeah I want to kind of close the off so it's not flapping and not opening getting all the wind in what I'm going to do what I did down here is I used the twist tie from the box of garbage bags so what I'm gonna do is just put a hole probably right here through both and run a twist high through both on I'd be a quick easy fix twist I doesn't want to go through the girls right - easy there we go there's repitch no choice Ripper bot alright thanks look at that castle of garbage okay let's give it a test run sorry couldn't startle you let's give it a test run with everything all the way it's going to be for tonight back up back up big guy you're not sleeping in there you're sleeping out here you're gonna have these garbage bags full of leaves in here for my blanket so this door is not very good I'm going to lose a lot of heat underneath here and this this gap but maybe I can make like a hay or grass door that I fetched together or something just to put on here as a plug but other than that I got tons of room I'm anticipating pretty comfortable night's sleep gonna be fun crawling oh there are three four times tonight the PE but no beers so maybe that'll cut that down too okay uh I'm not gonna worry about scouts bed right now I'm gonna make fart I'm going to make firewood I'm gonna collect firewood just look at this area in my situation I feel like I need to move some of the leaves away some more leaves on this side because really like I'm just sleeping on this half this half of the lean-to the super shelter not down at the bottom and there's a lot more room there so I do want to take a bigger step away than normal to have the fire because the sheathing the plastic sheathing is so thin so I'm take a huge step and maybe even then some and then all I'll start it here so yeah I definitely need to move these leaves these are all in the way here I gotta move them quite a few feet back past it there's gonna be lots of wet wood that's right on the ground so I need to find first to get a good base going watch out scooter so this stuff you can see pretty gray looking and I'm sure it's nice and dry this is only Cottonwood so it's not big dense stuff but it's a good start and there's as you can see quite a bit of it you want to carry this you think you're strong enough go ahead good boy take it go back to camp bring it to camp well you're just walking in circles homie just walked into circles so this is all stuff that's falling off of the trees all limbs that's fallen off of the big cottonwoods in here thanks for a great great wood just doesn't last as long as oak or maple and stuff like that but she's solid though oh yeah where's your stick

go get your stick man go go get your stick and come where's your stick get it bring your stick come on man you're slacking come come come come get your stick bring your stick oh you're a son of a gun you know good dog

teamwork teamwork Strother drop it drop it

just leave it the boy get in there they're getting to be that golden hour nice sunset nice Sun coming through the trees I mean my voice seems to be getting worse I got to see layered up it can't take off any like hat or coat or anything yet I probably will end up sleeping in everything I brought and brought and bring any change of socks or anything someone have to dry those out by the fire tonight before before bed obviously I'm gonna try to stack my wood near the head of my shelter that way when I have to get out multiple times during the night to get it off to walk around to that side or whatever to get the wood to put it on so I'll stack it off you still have to gather more but let's get it all properly stacked and sorted and see just what I do need oh that doesn't help that Scout stealing my wood as I'm doing this remember that wolf counterproductive raking the leaves story leave them leave them I'm so hungry and I'll wait to eat that beef barley soup

true story

I've been eating that the brand is primo primo beef barley soup being it my whole life

my mom got me hooked on it when I was young company hooked honest fed it to me when I was young and I liked it and yeah so I've been eating it for my whole life recently I couldn't find it that at the grocery store anymore grocery store I go to only had Campbell's and it's been that way from once now I go to the book store with the wife can't keep flying things for this trip for this video and I see on the Shelf like two shelves full of this primo beef barley soup so I was stoked to say the least and now I mean well I bought a bunch of all kept a bunch of home and am able to eat something that I really enjoy over here from the dollar store which is if you would have told me that I would have I do not believe you I guess would have been the thing right earlier when I was rationing out my garbage bags I never thought of using the one that I used as like a backpack to bring everything in so I could definitely use that one I just need one to bring everything out tomorrow and the two that are left that I'm laying on or whatever they're totally fine so I can use that if it's cold gets holes in it so I'm going to fill this up with leaves and use this as my door just make it the same size as the ones I'm using for blankets I think there's scope on your bed up on it good boy up up up no right here right here that's your bed yep yeah no well it's there if you want it big guy super glad I saved one for him not a hot commodity or nothing how can you be mad at this boots oh there you go big guy it's all worth it now you can't plan that kind of stuff you know I can't plan that kind of stuff all right campers looking pretty solid dog included sun's almost gone

oh it's almost down we got away well let's see about an hour tops good boy obviously have cell reception and it's kind of man it's kind of whatever one mo here to be honest with you I like it and I don't like it at the same time it's getting to be more and more where I'm having sole reception a lot of the places I go anyway he's not on canoe trips and stuff like that but a lot of like the fall tripping stuffing yeah anyways I was thinking tonight I need I would like some tea to drink I was like oh I know her some sassafras trees are I can go grab some roads but then I thought that bergamot that I grabbed earlier might be a good tea so I looked up on my phone too just to make sure because you want to be silly over here and drink something that's gonna mess you up or heat something while that's gonna mess you up so bergamot is actually it's called bergamot wild bergamot or bee balm and it is edible you can drink it it's part of the mint family and it has stuff in it that attacks things attacks bad proteins that can lead to heart attacks so hey that's better better or nothing right

anyways smells really nice I'm it will help me with my throat you know looking forward to that today that's good to know I think I think that's enough I don't really I don't think I really have made too much burger want tea maybe once before but I'm long enough where I forgot that if if it was even able to be drunk I'm losing it I'm serving I'm so hungry I'm so hungry right now what do you think about the book they should clean shaven I'm not really a fan at all

Floyd says it's okay no that's why I had to get this cut because I had this big little moppy moldy mess on top and she cleaned shaving down below it look redonkulous there's new Patagonia hood beanie

like it pretty good it's nice and warm try and keep this one I usually lose my beanies I've only ever been able to keep one and it's that black one that I've had since way before alone but I brought it on along with me is it dark yet to light my fire I got a bunch more water I probably do have to get some more I probably do that right now

I'm tired of it I'm tired of wood collection anyways like I was saying I do like having soul service out here and I don't at the same time I think you can understand that need little stuff too nice and dry there's some good ol Krait here too this will be decent to start with what else I still need a ton big stuff but a ton of big stuff but well I see this we've grabbed it once you open good yeah it's soaking wet that's sorry I mean a lot of it's gonna be no good on the ground scope I'll bring this over really great for a fire for kindling oak twigs hanging down off the trees I kind of alluded earlier who I learned that sheath from that bark sheath Terry Burke Terry Barney who is Iowa woodsman and also it's Turley who's a knife maker from from Missouri I learned a lot of my stuff from Terry Terry Iowa woodsman is my mentor is a biggest mentor I've ever had learned a lot of improvisation provenance improvisational skills from him like this kind of stuff using natural materials plus like manmade materials or things you find stuff like that was a big part of the lesson plan that myself and a bunch of other people did called bush class which was a free online thing over at bushcraft USA and I've talked about this previous years but he's a good good he's a really good dude him it is both I really like both those guys still is had a live chat so check both check both those guys social medias out is totally the knife maker would be Instagram would be under Turley knives or I believe and then he has an old YouTube account but he doesn't upload anything to anymore but Terry Iowa woodsman he's he's starting to put out videos again on YouTube so on YouTube he is IA woodsman Iowa woodsman let's go go lay down please fun and on Instagram it's the same thing I a woodsman check both those guys out what is the other day did a livestream on Instagram and both myself Terry and a couple other guys from the old old days were on there it was a riot man just just busting chops left and right so anyways if you want to learn heavy skilled kind of outdoor stuff go check out Terry Barney Iowa woodsman on any kind of social media you will be disappointed I promise you that dudes humble - oh she's what now okay let's go to mount of kindling here I don't need to really make any shavings I don't think I'm gonna go around and get really really fine oh you know what I'm gonna grab some grass to some dense dried grass and some really fine twigs and that'll be my my first stage of kindling you want your food now here I don't need to make shavings but I feel like let's figure out if this knife can big shavings right why not let's go go on buddy

please this is just not for you over there

oh snap those bad boys oh yeah listen choppy

the plan like a few of those bad boys yeah I've got two pieces of Aspen this one I found I used it before cut off piece of it but anyways this one I went and broke down this is gonna be my start to my long fire it's small right now I just want to build it up so I'm gonna line it with sticks as well on the inside that way the fire has something to grow on top of and the wet damp ground is not going to hinder it and grow it yes it doesn't have to be like solid or anything just just to get her off the ground right so that's pretty good there so we'll start my fire right here it'll grow this way along the bottom reaching these logs these sticks and then they'll grow the same way of reaching these and will grow up with the fuel that a place on top of it after it starts creating the long fire and I'll be able to hopefully if it hasn't burned down too much either set my bowl right here to cook my food or if not I'll just add bigger pieces on top and set it there and yeah long fire is great for cooking for warmth it's just a good all-around fire you know here I grab this to check out my match situation

excuse me scope this isn't matches I have a lot more than I had thought so I got a lot of matches 40 of them in each and I only need we need the one no we need the one maybe I'll build up a little match cabin light that on fire when I light the fire you know just for something to do it's just past fire the sun's going down it's getting dark and I cannot wait for food any longer so I'm gonna get this fire going no no I got some some really thick fine grass to start off with like a little tender

we'll use a match I got some thicker grass and some twigs put on it right away these matches are actually pretty decent being like a million for a dollar 1 million well that sucked I was doing the whole fire-starting thing I look up and my camera says cartful so yeah that's it's like a 64 gig card there's no way it's full it has to have been I left something on it from before or something

my camera is weird whenever I push play on it to look if there's anything on the memory card if I have taken the memory card out and put it back in it shows it nothing so I should have formatted but then I lose stuff I would have wanted and all sorts of stuff anyways this is my secondary sd card it's in there now my 32 gig fires going good I had to struggle with it quite a bit because it happened that the card happened as as the fire was going so almost 100 and all sorts of fun stuff anyways time has passed player is good camera is good I'm hungry

soup's on I rinsed out this bowl before I did it it's got wanted another drink so we got another drink rinsed it out pretty good look at this look how fancy this is gonna be a BAM no can opener needed don't need to add any water to it and it fits perfectly in the bowl as well so I'm gonna set this next to it and slow cook it at first oh man spoon I got a car voles eaten stick spoon thing has to be a spoon this is soup okay anyways one put this on here next to the fire slow cooker while I carve a spoon up I'll probably use Cottonwood bark if I can find another good piece of it yeah this this whole match thing isn't working either I need to get it over my way so there are chopping in now anti-climactic Joe anti-climactic soup will go here for now nice and sturdy

I cannot spill my only little bit of food I will not be a happy camper pun intended start building it up as long as I can put these branches these logs down going this way long lengthwise the fire will travel down them see the fire's already traveling this way to was nowhere near the bull when we first started weld I am I've confiscated scouts bad until it's bedtime he's not laying on it anyway so I don't think he minds I was able to get two pieces of Cottonwood bark that are suitable for a spoon I'm saying spoon loosely I'm using the term loosely there will be a eating device regardless so yeah I just want to make sure I have enough room on it I think this is a good good spoon part down here nice and thick and I don't need it any longer than that so again I'm gonna score it a couple times and try to break it off that work well for the beginning of my sheath last time perfect

yeah sometimes he doesn't really want to see I just messed it up I broke it off super thin sometimes he doesn't want to cooperate

anyways I'll just carve it off no worries

I want to get all the bark are not the bark it is all bark but the outer layers all off on both sides on the outer side and the inner side it was kind of slimy and like dankey over there you know it's on the side of a dead tree right but as long as you shave all that stuff off all that outer layers should be totally fine the soups starting to sizzle she's a sizzling soup they get the spoon made man ASAP he's a bird Plain Jane so without a crooked knife or a spoon knife I'm just going to gouge in and slowly widen it I'll bring the camera closer when I do that part of it we guys think about this over this video so far this challenge I'd like to see other people do it definitely not my challenge not my idea what it's kind of cool I'm having election on this in all honesty this is the most fun I've had on a campout especially around my host in a while the last one was cool I didn't like to leave so I didn't like leaving early but okay gotta stir that soup soup she's going good man I almost be done actually picking it up pretty good yeah I definitely not almost done I just tried some up the spoon and it was colder than cold you know ice cold

all right all right all right most the times when you hear me do weird things like that it's not just me making things up it's lyrics to rap songs which probably doesn't make it any better for a lot of you okay here we go I know it's kind of hard to see it's kind of hard to see for me as well it's done it's hard to see in this light but it's more of like a scoop you see that way no you can't more of like a scoop anyway so scoop like a scooping motion you know what we're here trying to be funny soup is done she's boiling okay that's hot keep it on this side so I'm just gonna pull it away let it sit for a minute okie dokie I'm gonna truth oh man doesn't taste like the dollar store at all my spoon sucks okay though I drink it if I have to mmm all feels so good on my stomach man was so hungry this is what I was waiting for man this won't fires warming me quite a bit the soup is from the inside too but I just put a piece of potato at me ah spark landed in my soup man I never thought I'd be so happy for soup oh okay that's probably slurping and sniffling you can handle I'm gonna eat this I'll be back with you have to well that was delicious

I gave Scout the last like couple tablespoons full maybe he was very appreciative of it and then I tried to feed him some kibble and he still wouldn't heat it I thought maybe he was you know I'll get his appetite going but that's all right we'll keep it here if he wants it he knows where it is oh man fire is warm as fires very very warm this is gonna be good and I was putting my hand on the super shelter on the plastic itself and it's way warmer than like anything else see if I put my hand down at the end where the fire isn't hitting where the heats not hitting it's way colder so it is doing something already and it's really nothing like I gotta throw some some big logs on there right now it's kind of died down let me show you so like yeah you can still see fire but it's very small it's just very small logs so let's grab a few big long logs set them on there and relax for a bit just kind of sit by the fire I think that it's odor piece the one that I'm using it to kind of hold it in yeah exactly that's done so that can go on the top and I'll get a new piece for the barrier watch where you going folks here's one of my uh my oak pieces this is that curved piece that I broke off the long piece I'm using right now for my shelter yeah pretty wet and solid okay so that'll be a good barrier log there nice just been laying here petting scope it's been a while since I talked to you it's nine o'clock now fires dying down again I fed it a few times I think we're going to do is throw a bunch of wood on right now and head into bed and try to start sleeping now imagine I'll be up all night anyways stoking the fire so we'll start getting some sleep right off the hop and yeah I'll get with you and then in the middle of night when I'm soaked with the fire I'm sure all right well sore someone this thing and crawling this in this cocoon see how she works out another front just pile it right on so hopefully I get a few hours before I could get up periscope

I don't know if you can tell what I'm doing but I'm tying my dog over around come come

tying him up obviously there's no fire over here there's no light like I was talking about earlier for the heat come here big guy Oh be right back bear with me I need two hands to do it two hands

oh dude she's warm warm to the touch nice you see it yeah you can see it you're there very cool okay I'm gonna start off in bed with all my clothes on and just laying on top and see where we go from there I'll talk to you in a couple hours no my players over see the pro few hours I don't really know what time it is we're gonna go slate the fire back up see a few embers out there look at my walks next to fire I think it's been a few hours I just throw a bunch my word on I've got too much left maybe enough for one more stoking I stripped down my clothes earlier but I got chilled now I am back on I'll give you guys in the morning 6:30 now I slept till 1:00 I talked to you guys and then I slept again pull a toll three fish through the rest of wood on the fire and then about half an hour ago at 6:00 scrounge some litter around or whatever it's you were back on long fire back up I never I'm not making that tea last night so I think want to make some right now while waiting for the Sun to come up I don't think it comes up till those 7:30 so yeah I've got about an hour or so before the Sun's up uh-huh no breakfast obviously because I didn't I didn't have any breakfast to buy any money to buy breakfast it was comfortable I was nice and comfortable on the grass that's for sure it wasn't like painful or no sore spots or anything like that but I went to bed at first I told you guys I left all my stuff on I stayed so long I got all right sweaty

I'd take like a lot of it off but then again as it goes I forgetting God chilly put it all on bundled up warmed up again and then I just couldn't stay one after after waking up so yeah I don't know man I'm probably got five six hours of sleep it's not so bad really I got four hours I didn't at the first stretch so that's that's better than better than I was expecting so yes Oh as well let's make up that bergamot tea I got my bowl up here super-high starting to get some light in the sky over there oh this is a pretty fun challenge like I said I had hummed and hawed about it for about a year I wanted to do it I just didn't know if it would suit my channel or what not some people were saying it's kind of gimmicky and stuff which maybe it is I don't know man that's pretty cool challenge pretty cool like exercise so if you are gonna plan on doing this make sure you have an exit plan make sure you somebody knows where you are if you're not coming if it's cold weather like this like you do have the prepared man like if I didn't have this grass and the supership oh that um those graphs blankets worked amazing it was fantastic they just kind of laid on top of me kept all my heat in I didn't need them right off the hop with the with the fire but when I was cold I put all my clothes back on and everything it was great it was it worked phenomenally and if I had one more or if they were longer it would have worked better because I had a gap but Norris Scott look at this dog he is on point man he can't see I don't know how much he slept last night anyways if you're gonna try this out just make sure that you have safety measures in place yep pretty pretty pleased with it I'm going to tear it all down as soon as the light comes up and get out of here cuz I'm starving

as soon as I drink this tea I'm sure we even even hungrier but you know I still got about an hour before the light comes up fully

you see please when I upload this on Friday

I like uploading on Friday it seems like my subscribers are waiting for it now Friday nights at around 6:30 seven ish Eastern Eastern Time - because that's different all over the world hey buddy I don't know how much he slept I don't use whenever I looked at him he wasn't lay on the bed he did not make good use of it

I'm sitting on it right now you guys hear that constant honking it was like all night I really need to move really needs to move that way I don't have to drive so far to do overnighters and stuff like that you know what I mean like don't get me wrong I don't mind traveling and it's fine and I will continue to do it but it's just easier it'd be so much easier if I could just go to the woods around my house and it was actual wilderness not just like little bush Lots but I'm not complaining I'll take what I can get it takes what it gets okay let's check on this water there we go well stir it around a little bit in there push him up well let it steep I left it in a clump so I could grab it out really easy I'll let steep for a few minutes oh we got a plane now plane joining us smells fragrant very fragrant


it's like a floral minty definitely under tournament which bergamot is a mint it means he's a man is what we flirt her in there now lay flat ah oh man I got a new snow trekker tent a smaller one than I originally had the one I was using last year was a a tuck kanga and it was a pyramid this one's not a pyramid at all you don't cut your pole you bring up your bring the poles with you it's like an a-frame so you don't lose that space in the middle where the pole and the stove go because in this new one there's no pole like I said frame and then the stove goes in the corner I'm probably fit three guys in there two guys in the dog means go so it's about me it's go fit perfectly it's 30 pounds total so the tent and the stove together are 30 pounds and it's relatively small I can fit this the tent into a large stuff sack

probably like that this big got around so I hope to get a camp in before the snow with it would be nice to go on like a canoe trip and just set up your little near the water somewhere with that before the the lakes freezin work I'd like to do that but if that doesn't happen once there is snow it'll be using it a lot I'll probably take Scout he's limping a lot this morning but he hasn't been up for a little bit too so maybe you just gotta get used to it again but I'll take scout out for sure this winter both a couple buddies I'm gonna do some ice fishing this winter for sure ice fishing for trout hopefully my perch whatever would be fun too

the plans never stopped I got a go go go keep doing these trips which is awesome like they again like I've said before man the seasons change and the activities change right the the methods of doing things change so it kind of doesn't get too stale which is awesome it's a helpful helpful for me Cheers the bowl so what did I learn from this lesson this exercise plastic sheeting is good whether it be the bags I used the bags are the best I think because I use them for many different purposes

and add so many of them they came in to play of drip big time the plastic sheeting also is huge the knife in all honesty I could have probably got away without using the knife I have my gloves it's a little bit more effort but you can kind of twist the grass and yank and it comes up I really didn't use it for anything else

I made some shavings that weren't necessary stop calm down buddy he's on point

yeah using just the plastic just the stuff from the dollar store I would have had a rougher night but incorporating natural materials was the key in time and that's what you should try to do what I would suggest anyone try to do always if they have the option all about being rounded you know oh well rounded yeah good times Oh in the matches I'm in a spot where I could have done a bow drill you know I mean I needed one match and I have what hundreds it's kind of waste as well kind of a waste a light would have come in to come in handy for filming more so than anything else I really didn't need to get up and go walk around or do anything like that it would be nice to read a book because last night laying here with scope we just laid here literally like just pet him for hours before I went to bed which is okay a book would have been nice and then with the book you need to flush yep these are my thoughts not yours already it's that time when tear this bad boy down it's why you're still going a little bit in the middle I've took all the doggies all the burnt ends and shoved them in the middle lots of times actually now this is just the rest burning up so I still have maybe down to the air of the water through the water left so I'm gonna try to save it I'll take a sip or two before I go I'm gonna douse the fire I'll let it burn all of it it'll be all coals before before I try to leave but I'll douse it really good all right here we go



yeah I'm hungry hi I'm so hungry I'm not one of these people who does any breakfast I'm all about the breakfast breaking that fast I need some food let's try to make everything as small as possible get all the air Oh got one support log I'm gonna leave standing because it was here when I got here everything's squared away players out shelters dismantled and I am on my way home to edit a video I hope you guys enjoyed this one I really did I had a really fun time this is Lego saying one of the funner ones really cool my butt out of here right now already warm so I don't need my hat thanks for joining hope you join it on next one I'll see you soon

device computer oh I haven't said this in a long time subscribe to me if you don't have your notifications on you don't get a notification a lot of people don't get my notifications follow me on Instagram lots of cool pictures peace

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