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OFF GRID LOG CABIN Overnight!- Bear Ribs, Cold Temps, Firewood.. My Self Reliance Log Cabin Life


Join me as I drive north into the real Canadian Winter, to visit my buddy, Shawn James from the recently popular youtube channel, My Self Reliance, in his off grid log cabin he built in the forest with hand tools. We explore his land for animal tracks, and future cabin and homestead building sites, we cook bear ribs, and steak on an open fire outside the log cabin, cut firewood for the woodstove, and enjoy the cabin life.

The next day we set off on an icefishing camping trip, with a supermoon! .....but that is on next weeks full length video :)

Hope you enjoy.

Shawn's Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIMXKin1fXXCeq2UJePJEog

Canadian Outdoor Equipment https://www.canadianoutdoorequipment.com/

Adventure Sworn https://www.adventuresworn.com/

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

hey guys how you doing Joe here thanks for joining me I'm pretty excited I'm on my way up to see mr. Shawn James and his log cabin he's built we're gonna stay here overnight that's more we're gonna go ice fishing stay in a canvas tent stay along you enjoy this one Hey hello mr. James do it see ya all righty it's cold yeah oh man this is nice yeah thank you look at this warm inviting fire place has changed a little bit since I saw it last ya know it was a calm floor yeah you're still working on it but this is all new like it's looks like a like a house like a little log cabin look at this you made a chair up you made that table Oh looks like striped maple under there too yeah these are John's referring to our old shelter nice this is my bed oh maybe just for me Oh on the same level that's pretty cool man the fridge here keep my icebox how was that digging that oh it's real fun well it's been effective like it's 22 degrees Celsius up here what's handy dude yeah yeah summer in winter kind of thing very cool very cool yeah so it's a work in progress a little bit more ado next phase this week's of donal start making the countertop here you got a sink it's going in there a couple of shells maybe you look at Jam cover here and then a couple of chairs back there and then it's pretty well done like interior that I can get working inside yeah it seems like you've utilized space in it pretty efficiently yeah to a covered porch so full screen and porch yeah it looks bad there they will pawning back there yeah nice yeah yeah very cool man this is this is Oz new pretty uh you feel pretty accomplished our lives okay well hey I feel very accomplished my just working away I wasn't thinking but now that it's done I have to admit the first time I sat by the fire had to be all by myself and comfortable when it was freezing inside I think that's gonna really be nice - oh yeah this is it's nice to be here I can't imagine the yeah we gotta build some shelters and felt a cool hangs everywhere I'm loving it everything in here there's two kinds of camping right I'll still do both well look at the difference well but you look at you know the hut tenting wasn't really mainstream until recently you couldn't get oh yeah now it's more available information over there but also a lot heavier rates let's not stuff we like to do stuff yeah they're good for a base camp kind of thing and then go from there whatever yeah definitely has a place in so - just babies already oh I'm gonna throw up you got a pot of coffee pot of water on right now yeah okay cool I'm gonna make us some coffee oh yeah yeah oh yeah I've uh I've adopted the coffee way yeah yeah so I dunno I this one is caramel mocha okay its Columbian it's legit coffee it's cheaper cube stuff that's awesome I remember seeing that on tio doors yeah anyways um so I've never tried that's what do you do just acutely sniffing II I can try what you want you to care that almost caramel for sure I'll make you an espresso - OH fancy-pants all right cool oh yeah they dissolve after a while they're super hard the Columbian and then they taste really good also anything in it yeah no no was putting like coffee and sugar so I don't think it needs it at all so there's what some really worms is please got my demo booties those bad boys on no peasant legs in the cabin this trip is going to be split up into two we're staying here

Sean's cabin full day and night tonight and it's more we're gonna go for really and hike out from here Sean those are pretty cool Lake couple settled Lakes we can go to we're gonna I go that way with our sleds behind us Sean's gonna used to over here I see right here and and I'm gonna be drilling a hole ice fishing all day and we'll set up the canvas tent and the snow trucker it's uh it would be almost as comfortable as in here yeah no well yeah actually when they're oh well know what stoves humming it's hotter and then you have the option is staying up all night and stoking the fire just letting it go oh that's I go to bed I don't be I'm not trying to no no if I brought a like a sleeping bag that wasn't ready for it obviously anything that be part of it but yeah it's I don't know my sleeping bag the mummy diaphragmatic Rosanna - 30 or something down to minus 30 yeah yeah possessive no it's down to call this storm in the cabin here which I didn't know either

even though it's not fully changed if I let that die completely that wood stove it's about 10 degrees Celsius when I get up in the morning still after how to figure out the date right up till all really alphai stoking for last time see 11:00 at night right Dyson clear till the point it's actually cool when I can take the ashes all teed up they're just really trivial thing so your period 10 degrees Celsius in the morning you know that's pretty decent yeah go to bed say 22 23 no in fact most of the night I have to keep my sleeping bag over my host in Huntsville yeah yeah actually my first house was my story home was really well insulated but we heated we know we had electric like you did not spill they didn't put it on yeah we go to the wood stove wood I come home late at night and it's like two degrees bottle it up try to watch our movies as possible yeah have a couple of kids yeah trying to sharpen up this actually it's pretty sharp so I just put a strap on that I sharpen it last week as you saw before I ended it with my wife face fishing so I just touched those up this is actually immoral everybody's into more of mine so this is a more awkward play soccer so it's so it's an old style and it's I've had this forever and nothing really can happen to it you can replace the blades if you do each other they love painting of baby blue ones yeah so if you guys don't know that or haven't watch which probably isn't too many of you Sean James here as a YouTube channel called my self-reliance and he's built this cabin by hand with with hand tools and he's got a whole list catalog of videos billion from the ground up starting one last spring yeah I'm a spring till now and he's still he's done the cabin nine percent down the cabin as you can see tons of stuff more to do on it more home any stuff to do so check his channel oh I'm sure you guys like it's very interesting it's blowing up right now it's you got to get on in on the ground floor got a couple of new knives here Joel brought up for me from adventures for I don't know do you yeah I do this is the fisherman model this is his first I believe first run at the take of the the fisherman models so he had a little bit of trial and error with the sheets but came with a really really holding sheath I think oh they made the oh yeah everything yeah everything so we got pretty good Bend on it mm-hmm from fillet knife and that's cedar that's a cedar wood with OD green spacers so that's really nice I've never seen a cedar wood handle before mm-hmm when I saw that they were doing that I was pretty interested in and then it turned out to be yours and then he sent a matching matching classic which is a really nice knife I'm actually pretty jealous of the color combo and this one in the hole we'll get it but they're matching cedar with green again it's a pretty nice knife there yeah and then a matching fire skill so yeah make some of those guys yeah thanks guys appreciate it very cool I got I showed you mine so I got the same one Tom's order came to my house I got mine I got the white one with war

a matching fisherman as well we'll try to get those put to good use especially that fisherman come on I'll teach you how to throw fish yeah lots of fun a grocery store well I got the guy who commented the McDonald's thing man I got him back I'm sure I sure I'm sure it's him I guess I'll come of the other day about like sure Canadian leavin without camping or something don't forget to take grab the ticket to put the McDonald's of the Tim Horton out of frame well the camera and I was so trying not to just write back Tim Hortons we were red for the record I eat one of these it's not Shawn knows I can't people I think we've stayed in here chatted long enough catching up losing light so uh not really but it's gonna get dark in a couple hours I think we're going to go outside and picks up the fire pit there's a lot of snow around there needs to be dug out Shawn brought some bare ribs and beef steaks that's better so yeah do that we'll grill those guys up outside of the cabinet instead of sitting here and cook on the what stores grilling is a little bit tastier yeah oh yeah yeah there's actually saving them to go outside to go get something yeah all right cool they're little brighter out here so that's the fire pit we're talking about where did you get that uh metal thing the fire pit thingy iron arts iron hiker so we made this little paper out of ionely spikes okay oh yeah that goes to killarney and he'll put that on our little Ridge taking close-up photo so it looks like a full sized person oh that's cool

yeah I've seen things like that before it's like a little like Bigfoot statue yeah yeah that's kind of cool the song's gonna let me use this fancy Erik's tell me all about that axe please it's one of the original models I think they were made from 1976 or something like that went out of business or you guys shut down production for number of years they just kind of made a resurgence recently I did a review on this and a couple of other channels like crazy Russian hacker and Wrangler star and it's kind of been a resurgence people are interested in it can you show me the yeah the way it works is just a spring in there pin with a spring when it when it bites into the wood when the bitch bites into the wood that spreads quickly right and just shoots the would openly splits it like crazy yeah like mechanically cool yeah that actually does an amazing job so I'd love to give that thing a shot yeah you'll need to swing very hard you'd come straight down on it nice long handle less energy for sure cool

yeah Wow okay and because it starts in series 1 2 anyways we could just yeah it's not biting in so you don't waste energy biting in and trying to get it out here

- that's insanity that was no effort at all yeah Wow the grant these are pretty straight green pieces yeah but I'm sure well that's when I was testing it on my videos I've got the chunky is maple the old gnarly rotten everything still still over a couple swings you can't do it too hard to be searching for your wood the whole day affiliate link for the actor yeah

that's nuts dude that's really makes things a hell of a lot easier that's how I found it there in business again I was looking for spare parts thought I should at least have them on hand but yeah they have a website again so you can get them so the only thing that would go is the tens yeah or the springs would weaken right fins - probably last what you thought it loose yeah sorry this is pine that's cedar yep Peter off from the it's like I feel like I'm not swinging it like nearly hard enough well I'm pretty impressed if I ever need a splitting axe this is where I'm going like this this brand for sure there's no doubt in my mind well it's still crash what do you want it what are these things are on anything there we go okay well uh fixing up that fire pit didn't take too long Shawn now we do so we're gonna go take a walk down to the old shelter we built the old shelter location some punk kids yeah didn't know what they were doing but yeah so we'll go down to there the lumber location we'll go check out the pond maybe see if we can see any animal tracks so we'll go on got a little winter hike way here to the north of us there's major one of the biggest deer yards in ontario's tons of deer but also means a lot of wolves hanging out in this area so we're right on the southern fringe where they come down to so might be some wolf tracks or a moose tail in here fringe

you might have heard Shawn talking about it earlier but for pretty huh lucky right now we don't have to use snowshoes same thing with my last trip there snow is there's a loss over there the go punch it - we're not punching through much - sure with these trucks are not in themselves - though normally Fox right and this is prime firewood Oh here see a lot of this sometimes are a lot of the time actually an old ponds are even in lakes these tall dead cedars a completely petrified wood rot resistant make great firewood but they're always super hard to get except for the wintertime this is the area that you hear the wolves howling from normally six years old six or seven feet long pure white that's cool he really is and the deer are fed just north of here by the ministry it's not far-fetched for me to believe it

watch that people shelters build video back in mutt last March will recognize this spot oh look at that she was a pagan oh man we put some work into this thing I forgot how big it was what we can't blow it here for two nights the adults in the campus for two nights first night back to the shelter just don't worry nothing happened that's a shelter that's shelter guys no what happened was the the one support tree uprooted that's all that happened but that's stood for what six months seven months it pushed it over when beauty of this is that nothing goes to waste so what you see here I've got well I made the table legs that you saw earlier right in a cabin yeah yeah I'm building the stairs up I'll build the workshop walls

it's structuring the store in the spring I get more use out of it that way you know it's seasons oh I knew this is gonna happen I was like we're just you know this is money in the bank for later yeah that's like a log cash yeah yeah this is a fun project we wanted to build this together and had a good time doing it if you guys want to check out that video like I said us from last March Sean and I both have a video of that on our respective channels I think mine's called um no I don't think I know I know it's called 48-hour camp and build large semi-permanent Adirondack shelter on newly acquired property if I can run if I remember I'll link it in the description both of ours but yeah that was fun that was I guess there would have been ice on that little thing because we were walking back and forth cutting wood we did walk we were a little scared to walk the edges on the way over here these are all balsam fir logs tons of balls and fur around here that deer backbone or the deer learn something about making things of all confers though don't sit on it fresh because all this SAP gets all of your phone in fact we're both wondering the same pants both who are in the pants that we wore on the last march trip to do this I've got also first SAP all over the butt of these my wife is not impressed washing

see the Moose Tracks going up through the deep snow here kind of feeling there was moose back here you saw them last spring but they haven't been out that many around so this is just a single moose walking through pretty good-sized rack so probably a bull bring came through also melt so frozen now in it pretty pretty defined I'm not sure how well it'll show up in the camera but look at this the hue of blue spruce there heard of the pine there's still some remnants after we get over this snow all right Sean you think that axial split this would be the grain I have the head boy yeah well I got twist on a walking stick

there's a nice homely feeling to it you know like I'm going there basically [Laughter]


hey I stopped it on the way up and I stopped to see a buddy that works there but into this pillow so I've had the same pillow for quite some time it's worked out fine for me but it's it's losing its its pill it'll Lake features so it's all I'm doing next one this one seems pretty cool it's actually way smaller than my other one my other one was down and it didn't roll up so much like down this this this one rolls up and that one lost its filling and it was really kind of flat so I guess I'm blowing this one up there's a little valve here for I think a pump but it didn't come with a bonus I'm supposed to roll this bag no I don't think so

so we'll blow into her see how it goes oh nice so it's like this soft fleecy kind of feel to it it's got a little contour and some some bubbles in there and I'm sure I'll probably end up doing this one of these and left me some arrow like a dream thanks Brendon Brendan's the friend that works on Mac if you didn't catch over that time to light the beacons all I can smell that cedar like crazy somebody said to me when they saw me putting vlog ends off now they should left them on what you normally do leave them on until you need them urgency fireworks oh yeah yeah that would be like killing almost lady so I got like plus three on my thermometer but that was sitting on the on the floor in there away from the wood soap so I want to hang it

maybe over on the old house out there on the nude who scooter and we'll see how cold she is my hands are pretty cold oh is it

well that'll work - all right it's just a big hose can't miss it it's pretty big right oh man I shouldn't be holding my tripod with no gloves this is cold night oh it's negative eleven maybe made eleven Celsius I guess I don't need to hang mine I'll hang it in the in the cabin hold that that'll make sense right hang it in the cab of it ain't kind of near head height will see the top attempts it's short for temperature stick with me boys girls oh there we go right there oh I got a gloves on looking like gear pile sounds nice clean cab and everything is immaculate it's got all its own spots where it needs to be and I got a gear pile Oh Joe making himself at home ah it's late I got a late for the top of my camera as you can see it seems to be working out pretty decent it'd be good for like swatch go over on the corner if I shut the light off if I shut the light off

pretty big difference gets all grainy right and now my lenses get a little foggy too so take that into consideration coming in and out of the cabin with the whip what's so gonna that happens yeah it almost sounds like a glass breaking sound yeah with the ax yeah no play he blends in very well in my camera he's sitting off eating something yeah


what's the file stack up inside and out you'll fire gone Sun just set sky was nice and purple and pink actually very pink but we were out getting firewood and did not have our cameras that's alright

yeah that's really nice dude so I don't know how long that this thermometer has been sitting up here but I'd say about an hour so let's check it out plus 11 or 12 Celsius so that's pretty decent it's about a live left negative 11 or 12 outside it's probably dropped even more now though as well when we look and it's that inside so nice and comfortable I'm gonna go out and sit by the fire now cook up some steaks and pair of ribs Big Sean look at Sean over there yeah shut this off this is kind of creepy just walk down work whoo Sean's treating me to some steak tonight those things look really good dude and grass-fed Dexter beef my favor it is Dexter breed of nice we race them ourselves actually so they're only like like Great Dane sighs yeah really yeah so full-size deer you got like 600 pounds about 600 pounds live actually so we got the whole thing those are the bear ribs stirrups their ribs bear bear bear bear bear [Music]

potatoes are looking good hello feast okay that hands yeah [Music]

do you like spinach yeah Martin so the temperatures drop the amorous negative 15 outside and for some reason it's keeping up it's positive 15 on the inside when it was negative 11 outside whose negative eleven inside and now they're 15s sighs negative deposit Fatimids yeah obviously it's just coincidence or yeah morning maybe live that's actually my last video was minus 22 22 good Cheers yeah sure all right Sean oh what's the temp over there here 25 degrees Celsius would you have known that if the Fahrenheit wasn't put on the do the conversion yeah yeah all right so sorry what what 20 20 degrees 25 degrees Celsius system pretty well at 80 79 or 80 Fahrenheit okay that's the coldest literally this was the coldest broadcast not furthest from there okay it's the north wall it's the coolest out there I bet it's like 40 well I have mine here which should be it a little bit different I assume I got just right at 20 I think he's out that says - is that what it says to you maybe well we're gonna call it 20 ish Ray's right on the with the kicking excuses excuses anyways it's around 20 to 25 in here and let's go outside to the outhouse side to the deuce Oh Sean and then 48 oh it's warm it's toasty all right thing don't let shun to get mad at me sterling over we're not late we're not warming up the outside my mom used to say okay I can't really see you cuz this lady's so bright in my in my eyes so I wouldn't turn their own sorry we got negative 15 right on the dot and that it says it's like 2 or 3 degrees Fahrenheit something like that so like that all right we're gonna door handle Nick prenta key stuff negative 15 yep and that's only like 2 or 3 degrees Fahrenheit which doesn't sound very cold [Music]

so it's just paracord on it it's not wide enough that's all long enough this is some little old-school rope I've had four years ago from Canadian Tire Crowley

I had this before will and I went on our first Algonquin trip so that was like 15 years ago or something anyways bigger thicker rope maybe 20 feet long maybe a little bit long but I can always bunch it up just cut it a little bit because he owns were all afraid so I'm just gonna burn it up and burn is just like paracord most ropes do kind of like melts at the end solidifies so it doesn't fray anymore it's easier to get through things too so all my sled I'll have to make the holes bigger I mean well hold the paracord through but I have to make them bigger get this through that's alright the idea of having the longer rope is it helps going up and down hils I think you just bunch it up is there many Hills you think Shawn we're going is it very aloof e steady downhill nothing I don't know so then yeah so anyways make it a little bit easier on myself uses room let's let's outside so I'm not gonna bother put it on today I'll look definitely in the next video I'll show you how how I'm doing that and what I'm doing so I want to split it up into two videos if I haven't already said that today I'm gonna end this video tonight when I go to bed and then tomorrow will be the ice-fishing video on the camping video and stuff I'm not I'm not really sure what order I'm gonna offload them in later so it's a whole little mystery if you heard it here folks

yeah he just pumping out of there yeah I like yeah yeah put that screen on there you don't need to you go out all that rocking front yeah so I'm gonna pop it that far no yeah fine I'll light your thing on fire oh good stick of those kids are gonna turn in here soon as oh whoa whoa there we go turn in soon it's always 11 o'clock but I gotta go up upstairs and see Shawn's and John's see Shawn's quarters

come on Shawn oh oh this looks a little bit nicer than what I got don't stare I am appreciative of the bed you made for me

don't let it sound like them oh wow yeah this is alright it's quite warm up here Shawn it's like unbearably warm actually so you got the I'm gonna shut this off so you can see the whole effect there that the lights and the deer antlers it's too hot up here you're not gonna be able to sleep up here I know that's this is unbearable oh my goodness very cool very cool not literally all right guys I think that's we're going to end the video for this one for me yeah I was a cool time cool day out here in one man's log cabin in the forest yeah no guitars and tomorrow will be a good day to go and wish the presets we'll start off early in the morning head out find a suitable spot to camp turns out that 10 ice fishing done auger a hole manually Oh hopefully catch some fishies cold weather so challenge just inflate the water off people tomorrow yeah yeah so that'll be good lots of fun Shawna's promise fish but thanks for watching this video guys I appreciate it like I said earlier check Shawn's video so choice channel of my self-reliance be sure to tune in for the video that we're going to shoot tomorrow but we'll probably up in about a week I believe again I don't really know which order I'm gonna set them up in so maybe that's all null and void but watch both videos that's yeah that's a cool day tomorrow actually this was cool but tomorrow's you I think maybe a little bit more yeah I'll be more of a camping kind of thing over to venturing yeah I haven't done that this year yet yeah it was for me I'm looking forward to it and I'm sure we're gonna get on some fish you know your time has all been wrapped up in Si yeah yeah so yeah be cool do alright guys thanks a lot see nice batteries good

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