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Backcountry Lake Superior Canoe Camp Part 1


WATCH IN HD...Ken and I spent 3 nights in the interior of Lake Superior Provincial Park in Northern Ontario, This will be Part 1 of the trip.

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Video Transcription

ken and I just got to our first portage and it's seven o'clock we decide to set up camp it's been raining all day it's got a break in the weather right now so we're taking this opportunity to set up camp and get some stuff done well it's not raining this is our campsite that they there are designated sites here in Lake Superior Park so got a fire pit somebody made a bench and I'm sitting up right there I got my third ball set up last time I was camping I have my tarp set up over my tent and the wind broke my aluminum tent poles and it sliced through my tarp here so I went out and got some seen grip our seal grip so our seam grip and some nylon patches and it's like a rubberized on there now so I'll let you guys know how that holds up this little guy want us taking down my tarp it's a real cool color they don't usually come in the color he is where I'm from

he's real slow because it's been cold gone but lucky me I get to listen to this babbling brook look better everything 10 and I have read about this place is it has awesome brook trout fishing so you can duck we're gonna be trying to get some brookey's for dinner [Applause]

oh yeah this is the life guys they bit off I love the Northland big slabs a birth bar to get a little bit of a scale where's my knife okay that one there is about the size of a long piece of bush for wow this is pretty much end of day one I only really spent a few hours here since we got here but the sky cleared up it's a lot nicer now it's not so windy Ken's just in that one sticking it real good in that fire stoked up we're going to have some hot chocolate I'm gonna head into bed after that

oh this is our second day which would be the first morning it's very foggy and hazy oh it's seven o'clock in the morning so we're gonna just finished eating lunch and whatnot we're gonna pack up and head down to series of lakes and the reason for this trip I went out and bought some new gear I got this down sleeping bag goes down to negative three Celsius and I got a new suit and pad this bag is awesome weighs nothing and I'll show you how small it packs down to in a little bit and I stayed warm us and it's a little chilly here and I'm the fold sleeper but this thing is awesome it's goose down right here that might be big and it's stuff sack and because it's down the good thing about it is like it's up to here right now I can stuff it down about half the size we've got it talking about half the size there and it comes with this good compression sack you can get all the air out of it then roll it up on itself buckle it

pretty nifty

we just humped our gear past the second portage and we start out the canoe to go it's a little bit shorter reportage but the rocks are pretty precarious to say the least so this is where we got to put in there's all these blowdowns so I imagine we're gonna have to go down pass that away to put in there at the port our sign

apparently Trevor was here it says Trevor was here guys here's another trade um to play with a lot - balsam fir if you look at it's got all these little blisters on it everywhere if you pop one oh whoa see an idea of some of the terrain were walking through

examples of some real filbert shoes there's one is just shed in his bark like in ribbons like crazy and then one right next to it peeling them slabs this cool little footbridge reminds me of I've seen in scoggs videos with the Adirondacks pretty nifty just a log hewn in half

all right we're on the dead moose lake now we portage the canoe and all the gear obviously and it wasn't so bad so we're feeling a little bit better now that this is all done then the sun's trying to come out a little hazy still but it's not raining the water is very still well red squirrel getting mad us there's one of the many beaver lodges we keep sand long lake and there's a Tamarack

all conifers on this lake I haven't seen one deciduous tree maybe a couple Berkshire in there all right on our second port harder for the day the first one we've got all of our year and come back to the canoe as it we've made it to our put in spot it's hard going it's a long one and it's uphill I haven't had any luck with the brook trout maybe we'll give this a shot there's a really old yellow birch when I get super old like this the bark isn't like an almond bark anymore it's got its big and thick it literally get shingles of birch bark okay we're done traveling for today 11:00 in the morning poor tires twice nude through a couple lakes and we found our campsite throw a little looking I found this blaze orange campsite sign and it's actually not a bad sight it's better than our one last night we've got a somebody built a little chair there and there's a bench and some firewood and even cover it up for us in a bag you

so all firms up to Ken's waist or higher just saw a couple moose tracks ferngully here's the last lake which is belongs a lake so our destination tomorrow it's nice like it's got a huge Hill back there nice clear water we will actually be able to catch some fish campsite it's looking like home kind of went with the traditional tie on your leg pole and I did the old suspect device stuff it's just gravity just friction that holds it on when you sit down yesterday the brookie started to bite about 10 o'clock at night so we came out about 8 o'clock right now our just sit around for a while and try and catch some fish we're used to catching and fishing for bass so this is a little little bit of a curve for her moment of truth here we go hours and days and days and days in the making

I can't see oh snap that's a pike no at the throat nice size trout Oh broke it I broke it

Oh No so beaver over there I want to see if I can give him the smack his tail dive into the water eight beaver smack your tail and dive into the water Hey alright then second night still no fish can caught a real nice sized brook trout right on the bottom of the lake and we almost out in the boat but the line was too small and it snapped but now we know that they're on the bottom and tomorrow we'll get some

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