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Camping Gear for a 7 Day, 175km Canoe Trip.


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Video Transcription

hello folks as promised weekly video uploads are back I'm getting right ready right now to go on a long distance pretty decent hardcore canoe trip with buddy Doug we're going to do over 175 kilometers of paddling portage across Algonquin Park

so pedal all River starts on the other on the outside on the west side and it flows east kind of up and out through a bunch of lakes on the way we're gonna do the full thing we're going to be good going to be called a cross Algonquin so pretty excited for that we've heard some stories about the port are just being very bad condition this year we have like forty thirty to forty kilometers of portage during this one hundred seventy five kilometer trip so that's a lot of portaging we're going to be single carrying it all because if you say forty kilometres turns into what 120 if if you have to double carry as you going back three times but we're not going to do now we're be single carrying I gotta both thirty pounds in my backpack I just waiting it right now I'm also squared away everything is done that's food water everything all in so actually only have to carry water let's do water bottle that I'm gonna be using it's called the Canada Canada nor katadyn be free it's actually pretty cool it's though it's a water filter and a bottle all in one so it's small it's about 500 Mills here half a liter but the filters right here and the flow is like three times faster than the sawyer squeeze so it's just no brainer for me uh how you use it on a real real trip yet I used it on like so family stuff but yeah I hope it holds up I think it will and if not I do have water drops to make up for if this fails but I'm super impressed with this with the flow it's super excited to use it you don't have to carry water like I'm saying we're we're near water the whole time

scoop and drink scoop and drink as we go and then this is so small that's going to fit inside my car go walk into my pants so I don't have to worry about like accessing it just just okay okay well let's dive into some stuff I guess look what with something that's all the time in my backpack first my shoes I bought these at the beginning of season these are Morel rapids they're nuts of neoprene and they're really good shoes but they fall apart who's my second pair of shoes in two years but morale is pretty good or Merrill Morrell Merrill it's pretty good about returning the shoes if you destroyed them within a year they'll take your money back so I just got a brand new pair for frame because nobody do it anyways good shoes they dry out really quick that's the reason I like from the draw really quick they're very lightweight they have this constrictor lace on them so I don't have to spend time tying my shoes and the laces don't stay wet they're not very thick at all but more like a little wire yeah good shoes I'll be wearing these every day and then at Camp one life if it gets chilly I have a pair of neoprene socks that I'll put on how's camp shoes the small little nylon belt I don't like to use a leather belt when I'm doing this because you get wet it stays wet small nylon belt perfect these are the clothes that I'll be wearing I have extra clothes in my bag but these specific clothes I'll be wearing everyday unless it gets extremely cold or wet you have a pair of darn tough socks they're almost evening it's drew up a little bit my mouth I got a pair of like medium weight half white socks usually wear socks a little bit smaller than these but it's good to be Paul so under our underwear as always merino wool t-shirt and my Tilley nylon pants they're zip offs but the zip offs are so high it's so loose that I don't think I'll be using them because things might follow I'm like came here sure buddy you look kind of look all right what else we're gonna strike was the very small tripod for my trip tripod I'm using right now I will not be bringing because it's too heavy but this is a crappy tripod again I bought it this Mike

for when I bought these very light weights of twenty twenty or thirty bucks but it's small its light weight and then it also extends the full length it does what these needs to do but it's very cheap it's by a next tech it's I guess the source kind of brand or something and it closes this little nylon bag that I never used I thought maybe I'll burn at this time just in case I can strap the outside my backpack and if it's not working out too good then just follow the nylon bag up and throw the bottle so we go

so with that I'm using right now using I can an ATV well I'll be bringing my night calling D 5500 my old trusty old faithful because I have like six batteries for this I want to have three batters for that battery throughout at the hundred twenty bucks a pop and I I am more comfortable with this camera I've shot way more videos at this camera I know how to use this can't work better than the ATV which I'm shooting on basically auto right now I will learn it better it will be fine but for this kind of trip I'm going to use this I am gonna bring my microphone as well my shotgun later along with that I do have gonna lift this point shoot which is the waterproof GoPro Hero 5 that's going to attach to my canoe with this handy dandy bike attachment that my going procession which is on another little tripod so that's my filming stuff my camera I have extra batteries and all that fun stuff packed away I have my Outdoor Research ball cap I like don't like the traditional baseball or the traditional canoeing hats like the Tilly's that go all the way around or any kind of that they just look silly on the other big goof so this works alright I'll wear that one I need to keep the Sun off my head

we're gonna be on the river the whole time and this isn't a specifically a fishing trip this is more of a fast trip kind of light and quick but we're gonna be on the river there is Brook TRO and to not bring my fishing pole it would be silly

so we're not gonna dedicate so much time to fishing but I'm hoping to grab a few trow got some braids on there and my nice little small six-foot fishing pole okay this is my food this is the bulk of my bag I'll go through this in a minute but this is in a sack it's a Kevlar bed you guys have seen me use it a couple times now it's got a lot proof smokes back inside of the Pullman food this is all my food for seven whole days we're going six nights but it's a seven-day trip we're not gonna get out we have to like thirty kilometers on the last day so seven whole days of food in here which is pretty decent it's probably well I've got an extra bag for my camera in case I'm using it and it's raining like trusty prim loft bake down cope tons of burn holes all through it but that's my main my main warmth it's supposed to get down as low as four degrees Celsius and as high as 20 degrees Celsius 20 degrees Celsius is like 68 I believe you know she's saying yes a4 is low 30s she said yes so that's the main thing from work for me again like I said when I get to camp if I do eat shoes if it's full of my fury what I'm signing I guarantee it this is water entries and exits in my boat but I have these map neoprene booties that I'll put on at camp not in the daytime because I don't need it but I can't if I'm too wet cold those are being like Footwear and they're almost worn out no big deal I got like half a pony sixer of copper pot it's whiskey 40 Creek copperpot not much for six nights I gotta that's it Huck not bringing a chair because this is Algonquin Park and nine times out of 10 there's going to be some kind of bench already previously made again I'm trying to try go that way - this is my reindeer this is a Arc'teryx range shell and moment hardware training pants hoping not to use those the leathers closely pretty nice that a boat repair kit my knife Algonquin knife Possible's poach the toilet paper bug spray which I hope there's no bugs because I'm not bringing a screen clean my tent sunscreen extra water drops compass headlight lighter batteries all the good stuff stuff that will just be loose in here than I need to keep together I got a new cooking pot this is a toks 1100 I was using a Snow Peak 900 for the longest time the one that with that had that horrible lid on it will always fall off so good my good buddies over at bush buddy the stove the twig stove company sent me this as a thank you for using their Bush buddy which is really nice because I'd be using it anyway so the lid is not a crappy lid it actually fits on and then inside I've got my Bush buddy click so which I love and you want all the time doesn't he bring his - so for communal gear Doug's bringing a full-size or a voice axe a 26-inch transfers and I've got my boreal 21 holding saw so we're gonna have no problem getting a ton of wood a lot of the sites will be out are very remote people don't go there that often so that I'm sure they'll be would and we have the tools to process it so got my snow feet poor sport as well my first aid kit and more extensive personally kidding here and my camera batteries SD cards all that fun stuff in there no the whole stuff set close to my tent poles and pegs to my tent my tent with just the footprint and the fly has no bug screen that goes saying it's very very small this is the Big Agnes fly preview l1 like always this thing is amazing loved them the only thing I could make it better is a side entry instead of the front vestibule my pillow the down pillow Old Faithful without it forever doesn't do much but does exactly what I needed to do lightweight packs down the love it my extra clothes I have two pairs of socks one pair of underwear a polyester or a hoodie thick polyester hoodie and a pair of long johns another communal piece of gear is my tarp this is a ten-by-ten sill nylon tarp that Kyle made I'm still up in the air but if I'm going to bring it or not it was only supposed to be rain one day so far I'm going to probably bring it and see you right before how I feel about it we do have some some logistical stuff that we have to do because it's a river trip we're not doing a loop right so we have to go up a day early because the start and the end is in a four hour or five hour drive away from each other so we have to do the whole a drop the cut one car off we've got drive up separately drop on car off put both canoes on the other car drive background stay in the hotel and drive back to the beginning in the morning so there's a little bit of logistical thing going on that's why I can wait see I could still look on the weather before we go and see if I absolutely need to bring this Your Honor I would hope not too but it's no big deal if I do have to Doug like I said has the axe he has some fish crest but then he has a frying pan for communal stuff and so far I only have if I don't bring the truck I only have the saw so we'll see how it goes this is my sleeping bag this is a mountain hardwear phantom spark negative to Celsius and my thumb rest NeoAir x9 that's gonna sting a bit path my backpack and bring my life vest and inside the pocket I have pretty extensive fishing kit for brook trout but that's about it I have a couple vinegar spoons in there I might do some Vaseline the end of it cuz we gonna get into some nasty pikey areas near the end of the trip and then in the other side I've got my fishing license a space blanket and a whistle as far as I like to bring up a bag in the car with me always because I'll bring clothes that I can change it to when I'm done the trip and things that I want to go over before I actually set off so you have three maps at three Japs Maps [Music]

because we're gonna have the Western the southern and the eastern portion or the western central in the eastern portion of the park because it's so big it's broken up into three three maps have to use all those Doug I think has some laminated things but all obvious abilities and one at a time is about the boggle my backpack I've got a new GPS system I'm supposed to test out this go telly so I got now I got some instructions written down and stuff here check that out I got one for Doug as well so we'll figure all that out I've got our camping itinerary where we're supposed to be every night and then the distances first days 27 clicks that's the big day yeah I'm 75 total at 23.5 km/h cars and try and try it's cool I've also got this soft platypus water blog which will go in my backpack that's for in case I have a failure with my water filter I can use the drops in in conjunction with that extra big ziploc bag of prints you never know that's my food so wills modeling the lovely will is monitoring the Kevlar bag for us see in there I want to open that up for me we have TVs chippies got mixed chip we've got party mix I'm gonna peanuts but yeah what else yep lip pours energy gels some peanut butter all sorts of yeah lunch is flatbread Monterey Jack cheese we have salami in there and dinners yes the lovely wife makes the dinners and ID hydrate them so six full dinners and I have a seventh half dinner of chili bean dehydrator right now so we only need six dinners but I want to have a little bit extra just in case we stuck there for a day hopefully there will be trust B spaghetti so we got formulas are so Daddy to Chili's quinoa and then I do like to take a break some of you have heard me say this before of all the protein and just do a whole rice meal so we got these Uncle Ben's finer of them wild rice two of those and those will go with like pepperonis each for dinner first person for two nights and I will break that up with Clippy I don't break the chili and some getting stuff up with that so six and needles for six nights again like I said I'll go grab a right now won't you ever came the folks there picks on with the drop back in there hold on hey Joe that's the chili more flaky chili flakes

anyway so that's a good half meal there at least that's probably as much as that yeah so yeah this will be good yeah pretty excited for this trip I haven't done any kind of actual canoe trip since my with a caribou trip like a big extended one so looking very forward to this do you uh alright guys well I think that about does it we'll definitely be able to be sure to post the actual video when I'm back now hope that you found this interesting or informatively you look taller than me so I can actually feel good yeah alright guys thanks for watching stick around for the actual trip video and I'll see you soon

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