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A Blizzard in the Forest - Hot Tea in the Woods on a Cold Day.


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Scout and I head to the woods to brew up a tea on my firebox stove, while there, a quick blizzard blows through!

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Video Transcription


oh my god he's a trip single boy I got my boy get out of there chili dog

hey guys how you doing Joe here with my buddy scout yes you're my buddy we're just having a little walk in the woods today I got my hidden woodsman Haverstock with me about that full of some goodies I'm just going to have a little foyer a little tea just relax for a few hours out here it's starting to snow which is nice maybe I'll hike around get some firewood good down


if you look here you can see just how glazed over it is super dense this is red oak these are red oak twigs and yeah that's how dense they are they glaze right over on the cut that's why I climbed up there to guess those are super dense totally good fuel pieces I'm alone

if you're wondering why I said that these pieces these small roto pieces will be good fuel and then I wasn't got about bigger pieces because this is trembling onsen gogo this is trembling Aspen this does not create a good coal-based this is a very light wood very styrofoam II imagine would go taking my good piece you can't have a good piece rope take my god Hannah anyway so I'll cut these up make some shavings go to this but this down so it will be much fuel I'm going to use my firebox stove I haven't used that in a while it's snowing pretty good pretty happy about that so I've got a lot of things in here Pat for today every thing I need for a hike I got a sip pad keep them a little bum bum toasty so I'm sitting down I got a handkerchief blowing nose collect shavings with pickup hot pots or whatever got a little bit of toilet paper a little bit of white I've got my heavy cover canteen set with the lid my firebox stove my firebox so fits in the sleeve in the back of this however stuck really actually perfectly and it's other pouch and then in the front zipper part I've got a sausage I think for wiping my lens some tea and a granola bar like I said everything I need for being out here for a few hours I've also got a knife and a fire steel attached by Elaine use I haven't used this thing in a while there we go nice and easy like always ready to go no the bit here just a bit man my goodness I'll get you guys some water boil in here ma'am reason I need a couple cup of tea they're using the old noggin a Joe there's using the stuff that came with it for that perfect fit sorry well I have to have to find my stuff now after a little dumping us no mojo but that's what I'm looking for my wife told me she tried Mikey here my David teeth and she told me it tasted like fish I said what the heck we talking about now every single time I try it that is the first taste I get in my mouth it's fish when I drink this to it all fish teeth I'm freezing I'm both shivering now guys it's cold the wind is whipping through here this wolf is not a good wind resistor it uh I need like a shell over top of it I but the team out of nowhere so probably drink this off and hike around to warm myself back up fishy it actually is pretty fishy dammit dammit wife influential wife hot wind is picking up guy even stronger oh fish water feels good and with smoke so this is the first time you guys have seen me with this hidden woodsman haversack I've had one in the past a little bit different with his older model

this is his newer model actually really nice I'm teaming up with the hidden woodsman welcome this year literally working a lot together he's actually selling my patches so there's my patch on the front there he's got he sewed that on for me a nice guy I got his patch on the inside reputable he's actually selling my patches now if you wanted a green patch you can order off his website the hidden woodsman calm but I do have the the gray and black right now but go over to his site check out these hips these haversacks two guys you can carry everything you need as you saw for a day hike in the woods there's even a an ax sleeve in the back here I think I'm going to do this an overnight or out of this thing but yeah go over to a site help mo cha como DISA he's a small American business you know I mean he works by himself we might have a couple people he hired now but Craig dude just a great guy I really like them support them

ha what do you say scooter what do you say go on a little hike get out here ok I'm good I like these little twigs go for this reason I mean this is my this is my my footprint it's no big deal I can't go on I think ich snow or mud around just dispersed out even more but it's nothing so this is already cooled down fit this back in my couch this is a hidden woods new coach as well and it fits it perfectly alright folks well I'm going to pack up now get on out of here go home edit this video get warmed up I'm freezing cold I hope you enjoyed it I'll have a couple big videos coming up guys I haven't forgot about that that you're just in the meantime so I will be posted a long winter camping trip video and possibly a preparation video for that trip I appreciate the views I appreciate the comments the likes all the love I've been getting lately thank you very much guys

let's see you soon

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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