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Video Transcription

oh hello folks how are you doing Joe and skilled in the woods today got a pretty cool gift they got from a subscriber I want to use and show you that'll be the focus of this video stay tuned walk into the woods

they cut a ton of trees down back in here these are all live Aspen wonder why it is like a garbage nuisance tree are you going it's this way this way big guy come on silly boy no joke look at all this stuff they cut down there all Aspen or poplar I'll give it all it's all open now do you different is it here that oklets down too I don't think they would have meant to cut the oak down that doesn't make any sense I was gonna wait until I got into the woods to bust this thing out but this seems like a good opportunity to use it check this thing out this is a South Korean chopper look at that dang I got it from a subscriber and I've got his name written down I'll grab it here in a minute and South Korean so I'm not really familiar with the name but did that thing it's got that Cecil rope on it hold it together this sheath did not come with it it didn't come with this sheath but I grabbed one to bring out towards me that day let's chop see how she goes do some Chaplin Chomper

so this is one of those dead Aspen not jets are one of the live Aspen they've cut this is very green it should be very soft and easy to cut through that again green like I'm saying and Aspen that's it right through easy peasy this gotta be half an inch quarter of an inch thick okay Scott you're gonna I'm just gonna take that okay he's gonna knock you oh very weirdo okay back to the chopper you're back are ya weren't you satisfied with your piece okay thanks pretty sturdy - pretty sturdy that's a pretty quick test on just dream live Aspen that's nothing let's get this back in this sheet I'll walk over head over to the woods proper find some oak and hack up on that with this oak will be the test it will be the test good boy I'm gonna have to cross on a log here I think place is not going to hold me look at all that yeah that I ain't holding me go up up scope

stay stay good stay there I know well we're gonna cross right now Oh Scott you get up buddy get up like a glove play all right we're gonna go that way I think that way we're in the woods finally all right before I go any further I'm gonna give a huge shout out to mV mt movement the watch and sunglass company I'm sure you guys have seen them all online to have a very good online presence they do a lot of advertising on Instagram and YouTube and stuff like that but a month ago I received a few packages from them they were kind enough to send me some watches like three or four watches and three or four pairs of glasses sunglasses so I'm pretty impressed with them already and I wore this this watch on my dollar store survival challenge overnighter held up fine obviously the cold and all the cold and all that stuff it's still wearing it it's going strong a little bit of info about movement watches they start just 98 bucks the equivalents can run about four to five hundred dollars I personally really like the simple design the nice leather band on this one and just a blackface nothing really much else on there for this one very classy and I could wear it in the woods to like the leather thick genuine leather so movements offering you guys $15 off today with free shipping free returns go to MVM t-dot-com and use the promo code joe Robinette 15 and now it's time to step up your watch game today Kota MVM use joe robin at 15 and get $15 off free shipping free returns join the movement we got something in here for scoop Magoo you smell it through the can Kenya what a good sniffer you got look at a good sniffer

to make a little brace here for them on the side so that you can push you can try to eat as help pushing the container all over I'll show you what I got them this is called blue wilderness minor percent green free go you're just moving the stick are you so this is a decent food I don't like to really feed him too much canned food but in this case it's really really good food so the first few ingredients are beef chicken chicken broth chicken liver potatoes the first five are legit and then you're on to like carrageen flaxseed and then into other random stuff that I really don't know what they are and whenever you're reading ingredients it's always nice to know what they are but the first five are legit let's open this bad boy for mr. scoots oh yeah oh yeah don't know me so sometimes I have to give him this stuff called NetCam let's go for his bones and joints and stuff like that but it's liquid and he doesn't like the taste of it I've tried to put it in peanut butter and stuff for him what I can do it never really works but what I can do is this this wet dog food and put it in there he heats it up I don't have any with me but that's okay he can miss today but yeah he's uh he's well worth it you know this is like four bucks a can almost but that's okay it's a treat for him once it once a week maybe twice a week I get it for him these are good boys back to the choppa so a little bit of info on this chopper again it's from South Korea I'll try and get you a better picture now if you got to see it pretty good earlier so see how thick it is I'm saying that's about a half inch thick maybe quarter inch but she's thick guys and it hooks down has this big like drop that Cecil rope a hole in the pommel there so you can hook the rope through I asked the gentleman oh let me grab two things with his name on it the gentleman's is from South Korea and his name is Kim dong-hyun or donkey Munna so I'm sorry if I'm saying that wrong no disrespect meant at all just me being white so this was from a another little like machete style thing I got from a guy in Quebec but this fits on there putting there pretty good hey slide it right down into the handle and I can hook that on my belt and then tie this part on my leg so I think that's what I'm gonna do so I can walk around freaking Rambo style so there you can see it it's all my hip pretty long it goes down to my knee exactly try this little shoestring part or on my knee to have it more snug quick-draw McGraw went towards school okay so what I think I'm gonna do for today just hang out for the day here with schoo play with this knife this chopper quite a bit I do have an extra little thingy that I haven't had before I don't want to try out I got sent these things called Jeeva cubes and they're supposed to be like an instant coffee so I have been drinking the coffee lately guys I've been mixing it with the the old French Manila and the hot chocolate it's taking me a little a little bit to get used to it but I am starting to like it this is what these things look like focus you can make him in hot or cold and this one is actually a french vanilla style - so anyway going after with this knife here yeah it's almost Christmas a few days for the families okay let's go do some you're gonna cut your tongue in there still okay that's it alright today I asked a gentleman d'amour him who who sent this to me what was intended purpose was for and there was a language barrier but he definitely said it

wasn't meant for bushcraft that's not too bad

back up buddy I'm sinking in that's pretty good man for a night or for not an axe

you know I touched it up a little bit um I just saw my strop before I came like look at that that's not bad man make some shavings okay let's go find so over take off a chunk let's go back buddy let's go back burnin up okay I am gonna keep using my gloves just because the Cecil or the rope on the hand rocks oh well help I might even actually if this is worth that I might replace that with paracord if I plan on using it more often but it is more of just a novelty thing for me okay not quite oak but this is ash

it's a dead ash dead standing and it looks yeah damn it is definitely seasoned very seasoned to ash so I can use this for my fire which no will look for so oak but in the meantime let's let's upgrade you know what I mean we'll go from live asked me to dead Aspen - ash - oak [Music]


you are crazy snow it's my own fault he's obsessed with sticks my next dog I'm not gonna throw sticks for seriously maybe I'll have toys at home I'll throw for him when we come the woods it's not stick throwing playing time because it's too much it's too much let alone the crying which I can deal with it's the running underneath the falling trees and being all willy-nilly with the sticks he's gonna poke myself in the eye ball he's literally D living this this tree for me okay he's gonna meet along little nubs down tomorrow there's a straight Merc that stick bro it's yours so who's boss I think I have found a piece of oak it's really difficult because the oak in this wood in these woods are either live or deteriorated and standing or fallen and deteriorate it I don't want to do a chop test on a deteriorated piece of oak because that's just silly like people seeing people do that in the past and not even make attention to it like it's deteriorated or anything and just let people think that it's a solid piece of wood people are smarter than you think

people pick up on things like that you know anyways what the chop test if it's deteriorated so here is a piece of oak that looks deteriorated let's check it out I chopped into it a little bit already just to make sure and in all reality and all honesty and truth it is a touch deteriorated on the inside it's solid though like pretty pretty solid so take it for what you will we're gonna chop this bad boy down it might even fall over but we'll end up use it we'll chop it up into pieces to use it for firewood take it off the outside so you can see the quality of the inside

try and use this two hands no there's no way no it doesn't make sense to so Korea South Korea I don't know what kind of would they have there we'll kind of stuff they have there but it seems to me like they wouldn't really be having too many hardwoods again I could be completely wrong but this oak is very dense and it's it's doing well you know it's shopping er it's not as efficient or convenient as an axe well that's not what it is great right yeah I can't listen to him car anymore so this is coming down probably right from the bottom

it's a little extra wound up just because he hasn't been out in so long it's just only like a week you got that sure there's a little hollow stump no Cottonwood stump I'm not going to need this much wood at all to boil up a coffee or some water for coffee but again this is just for practicing and playing around

oh let's see if I can deal in these these dead ash branches with one swipe swipe move oh yeah ghost go that's not so bad leave it that's mine leave it back up man this is difficult with you it tends to bind this blade noticing when I'm what I'm hitting it into wood is binding pretty good loose coat okay seriously you got a call you're gonna get hurt so take this dog management yeah it's still blinding pretty good back scope let's go back okay struggle is real

this one's really the only one with any substantial diameter on it it's gonna take these things off the sides okay first I like it because this thing has a canted downward like I'm saying like a Halfmoon shape or so it goes in easily to the wood even though it doesn't really have a point on it tip save these pieces were able to split off and I'm not worried about crying on this thing or anything it's unconventional you know I mean it's not a knife or it's not an axe and I saw I'm using a split this wood down this crazy Korean chopper alright let's try a bit on this one this is the same one I was just working on get all those pieces off of it so it's got kind of a flat bottom not that work Vuitton yep perfect those are good fuel pieces I really even try to split this one down one more time I don't need to but because of demonstrate event playing around purposes so instead of trying to swing down like this I'm gonna bring it up with the with the chopper like I would with an axe there we go okay we're getting there I'm gonna take some off of that big okay this is that dead standing piece of oak that we grabbed I'm gonna take it and I want to chop it maybe like a foot long section out of it bust down some kindling out of it and some fuel and probably only use that much out of it it's not necessary I got all these twigs and everything around and again I was just playing around testing that chopper out okay let's do some proper Brittani now I was able to get these two pieces like you saw solid pieces of oak trying batting this one I want to make this just point a little more flat so definitely not gonna take the place of probably any of my tools but it's just really cool is it good something to play around with

you can see it inside solid oak okay split this one down too so I could use it for firewood but I'm going to split it a different way so it's already split through but she doesn't want to actually split off or split the whole way no if I showed this in a video I think I did recently if you if your Petaling would need baton all your pieces you don't have something heavy enough just grab a couple pieces together it's the same thing okay so we're looking good on the firewood front I'm gonna go grab some twigs but this is enough fuel especially with this we'll sit here huh no fire for an hour so I think some shavings see how this bad boy works with shavings not too bad but I need something to catch them because they're not staying on at all okay so I'm a little grill case bag I guess I'm gonna try and land the shavings on there and be the best case scenario for me it's not this like finger groove this little child deal here I'm trying to get as close as I can to the blade itself they're not great but they'll work I guarantee they'll work even if they don't there's some natural materials around here some tenders like milkweed and grass and stuff that I can use to help it I'll be I'd bet money that these shavings would go up though with the fire still all right this might take a bit there's something sometimes like trackers and the heck is it uh tom brown trackers they have this little lake pardon them or you can do these Curly's this way and they work a little bit on there it works a little bit on this it doesn't have this like cord that's what it's called a cord around down here you kind of just pull make these awesome ruff fleas roughly x' that's my voice : but this isn't that all right check this out I got a Cottonwood piece much better curls off this thing of course not now do that curls actually some curls proper there we go tell me those aren't decent decent but BAM those are gonna be the ones I strike with the fire still for show okay hold fast curl action simplifying everywhere okay this is not bad this is going faster Cottonwood for the win oh yeah well BAM son here's the thing the back of the chopper is not sharp enough to start to fire still at all it's very rounded okay therefore we're gonna have to use the plate which whatever I'm fine with because it's such a cheap blade and you know I hope mine if it goes in the dirt it is it's not that kind of blade for me what we're gonna do is set this up how we need it because it is a little bit finicky now that we have to use a blade so the way I'm going to do it I have two of the solid pieces oak underneath for a base that'll be a good start for the fire and I got least another piece of oak I'm gonna put for a brace so we got a base we've got a brace I don't want to make it so that I can rest my fire still here pull it like that and then have the the fire going so then then then have the shavings catch so I wanted to pick out the thinnest most airy curls I made and put them all together I did pick also some reads but they're gonna be my first stage they're not gonna be what I strike my fire still on because I want to see that I can do this with with with shavings

so I guess my brace is gonna sit here I didn't really think that too much my bears gonna sit there I want to pull like this onto again that's too high okay just work thinking as we're working here thinking as we're working we're gonna go like this instead this is gonna be the base now the brace will come in after I want to put that there and be able to strike off off of the blade okay are we ready I do want to do it on the bottom half of the blade that way it's not right in the middle and I'm trying to avoid all the ridges on here let's do a couple practice runs that's how it's gonna have to be right like that okay take three all my good shavings are gone now - all right this will work I promise grabbing the top like this holding it all together but I'm being very careful of that sharp blade on my okay well I promised mmm okay maybe we'll have to get grafts me you have to do with grass believe it or not the blades not that chipped up it'll take like two seconds to fix that with my my stone okay off to get some grafts I guess we're on it so fueled up some grasses let's try this now

set it up a little bit differently I guess consider I didn't have very much success the last time all right I think it has to be down in there a bit more to okay here we go at least if I get a bunch of shavings of fire still in here okay I can blow it into flame like luck the last one I almost blew into flames which is very strange and I'm this thing is too all chewed up man let's try it that way can't believe this isn't catching what the heck is going on this is freaking dry grass my new fire steel

this is crazy I don't get it I don't get this at all whoa there we go holy crap sounds a little ridiculous I got her

finally brace up there best laid plans all right guten tag now that was craziness guys like I'm a strict stricken stroke struck I've struck a fire still before you know I have swear okay let's check out the damage and see what we can do to fix it alright alright buddy so let's check out the damage on the fire still and the chopper for lack of a better word so the fire steel was already gouged up some but this really really finished her off so I'm gonna need a new fire still you can see the hourglass figure on that one's starting to happen anyway even if I are still soon that's alright probably get myself a fire still calm Armageddon anyways so no big deal again if you needed to do this like if you were in a survival situation if you needed to do that who cares you know I mean it's still there he still works still use it if you're using if you don't have your knife if you lose your knife or whatever break your knife and you're using I guess you could still use it if you broke it but if you're using a rock or something for your first if you guys have ever practice to anything like that this happens big-time a rocks rocks work some shells off the beach work it has to be hard very very hard so anyways this is a fire still calm one at Kyle buddy called me me years ago this is it actually this is actually an old grants first Brooks axe handle handle on that which is pretty cool but very old and now she's needs to be replaced so I got my IDC for my fall in live in DC for here with a straw let's check out the blade

so you can see exactly where I was using it where all the brown is from the from the fire steel the smoke coming off of it and then again there so it did did impact it it didn't take some little chips off of it you see it let's clean this off I'll wipe it on my pants a bit see it a little bit better I think this way so you can see it all right in there okay so that's not so bad though I believe this is just really like an old like spring spring blade a lot more normal or blade something along those lines and just turn it into that chopper so the phone live in DC for you have a metal side like a diamond side and then you have a ceramic side I'm gonna start with the diamond this has been used a hundred times too so the diamond side is a bit or at wore down so 100% needs the diamond side I'm just gonna go in circles oh yeah you can really see it now some chunks over there go in circles and you know what I'm gonna do the whole blade so it's all even do a little sharpening anyway you just want to keep your fingers off of the edge obviously away from the edge I go by sound what I'm doing this so you can different sounds for different angles straight keep it right around there [Music]

you spend extra time on the on the grooves if you want I'm really not too concerned about them being there I'm just trying to get sharp again but if you were to worry about it spend some time here it's taking it right now whoa she's stupid sharp very very sharp so then I would take my ceramic side and really just do the same thing try not to cut your $200 pens and all this is doing is putting a finer edge on it shaving down the borough a bit polishing it up I don't go for a certain amount of strokes on each side or certain amount of time or anything like that I just go it feels good a couple times back and forth really I'll throw it on a strop in a minute yeah she's sharp she's very sharp they're still okay I'll show you stops not going to take this out anyway the majority of the damage right down there there you go you can see it completely just a couple little necks and I really went to town on that fire steel with this thing so yeah no worse for wear I'm sure nice my water in there play wipe off that mud before put the lid back on my my grill case I carry a few things now I've switched it up a little bit I carry the old grill I carry my titanium spork and spatula and I thought my lid for my heavy cover canteen but I guess I have that in my backpack indeed indeed I do don't hear much yeah okay so we're gonna set this in the fire love that canteen love that titanium man super lightweight throw it in the fire throw it down the hill she bomb-proof

and almost there doesn't even really need to boil it's not dirty water or anything oh let her boil okay let's check these bad boys oh these G the cubes I got a bunch of different flavors and got like black coffee coffee a bunch of different look like what's saying french vanilla is my favorite so the instructions say open one individually wrapped Jeeva cube using one cube for every eight ounces of water or based on your preferred strength for hot beverage I guess not water else is a fluid because you can use milk too for hot beverage heat milk or water until a desired temperature insert cubes after 45 seconds stir your coffee is now complete enjoy

insert cubes and after 45 seconds stir your coffee is not complete to enjoy cold just dissolve in two ounces of hot water and top with cold water milk cool I'm not gonna do that it's cold outside so I imagine it's the desired temperature now check this thing out smells like coffee like this so I guess for me our for us the preferred usage of this would be like a backpacking or lightweight kind of thing where you don't have to worry about bulk or sigh I guess bulk or weight really both in size they're the same thing alright let's put this in Jeeva Java Java maybe I'm saying it wrong Java cubes jiv eh oh yeah holy whose darkening up already just pretend for take cool Wow okay I guess I'm gonna take this off I put my gloves on gonna put my gloves on fool me once burn me what say fuck me bourbon twice you burn don't get burned again still loving this coat to this triple fat coat triple fat goose coat of gut upgrading

all right

see dark dark oh it smells super good that's good

pop you got my coffee smells good those are the french vanilla and obviously you can add stuff to it if you can use half milk or whatever already it smells decent I'm gonna wait a second because she's piping hot alright I was watching a scrambled O video the other day plane comes overhead oh my god working parties getting it - he's like Joe's planes over here I had to laugh thanks for the shoto buddy Martin's a good good guy he's a real real friend you know a friend in real life an RL they come a lot actually wouldn't mind getting together with a Martin you want to go camping can I come to your house can I come to your I come to your lean-to I'll Drive there let me know let me know buddy would you guys like to see that want to get together a shot who I can drink that yet I get together with Sean soon - we have an epic trip planned they'll be really cool haven't seen that guy in a little bit since I shot that the video about his cabin which is looking amazing right now then all the snow and everything up there there's no snow right here we got dumped on late maybe like I don't know a week and a half ago and everything melted because I live in Windsor land of the not winter not real winter the soupy winter


the taste is there the taste is there boy it's too hot to really tell well yeah so got I got that plan was Shawn already for late January early February [Music]

I got so loath well with scout I'm gonna take my new snow trucker tent that I got the canvas tent and I'm gonna go for a few days with that thang with Scott not thing and then I'm also gonna go back to that shelter that Mike and I were working on maybe I'll bring Mike to that shelter with with me again next time you guys seem to like Mike which is cool Mike's a solid dude 100% chill that guy yeah that's good that's decent and there's like I think there's three cubes in this little box Oh for left so if you're looking for them I don't know if I'm pronouncing correctly but it's jiv a were made in in the States

oh that's sweet made in the States in Miami Florida manufactured by nor acts Noonan in Georgia and I think they're out of Miami Florida so that's really cool thanks to the guys at Jeeva driver Shiva we're sending me those too appreciate it I'll be using it on probably next few videos actually because cold weather it's perfect all right well I don't know what else to say I don't think we're gonna do much else go tonight we're just kind of chillaxing ones the last time I heard some BC chillaxing it's relax and bro keep getting real about a fire like it likes it christmas is coming up with christmas is in a few days this is the doesn't doesn't tell me on there oh it hold up to the baton hang of course it did I'm not surprised but second hand is going normally yeah everything's good why don't we all do something cool to the holidays why don't we all try to just be a little bit nicer to everyone myself included being nicer to everyone try maybe go out of your way a little bit to help your neighbors or if you can get a homeless or people in need maybe a needy family Christmas dinner we try to do things like that when we can I think it's important I think it's important for some of the world to be kind and our Jean or I might as well be it all right I might as well be the kind people we really got no reason to hate you know all we want to do is camp we just want to go to the woods and hang out so there's no no real controversy with controversy no real controversy with that at least there shouldn't be all right right just want camp this little camp and bro Coffee time with Jones go the old train the old train came in so you know what really sucks is I just got this camera not too long ago it's the Canon a DD 80 D and I'm noticing that you can hear focusing sometimes I'm not sure if that's just the lens though but my Nikon I had four and so that's with the the mic in the external mic inside oh I bought a new mic thank you to personal care memory named off top of my head but somebody donated a hundred bucks to it as well which is very cool so thank you I emailed them to thank you but thank you again so that Mike's back everything's well but I don't know if it's just because of the lens I go say my Nikon I used to have it would do it but as soon as I plugged an external mic in it would stop and was the kit lens the whole time was the 18 to 140 lens and I had that for years I still have that as use as my be your old camera now this one I just got I know it's not a new camera it's an older camera but even with the external mic in I can hear it I can hear it focusing so I'm hoping it's just the lens but even still lenses are expensive right ones their marks better than the body a lot of the times all right well I don't know how much more I can ramble on I think that's about it thanks guys for watching this video hope you liked it hope it was something different playing around with that chopper it's not something normal from me but have a very Merry Christmas treat each other well I hope nothing but the best for everyone thanks for watching I'll see you in the next one goodbye

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