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I'm Back - Steak in the Woods, New Gear, Updates and More.


My first upload in a while.

Scout and I hang out in the forest for the day, cook up a steak, show/use some new gear, and give you a rundown on whats going on.

AMOK https://www.amokequipment.com/collections/draumr?gclid=Cj0KCQjwiqTNBRDVARIsAGsd9MrLBOEaVl-mqQxM4MWjz1fl0v4JcC9K1TYCE8GPB6se0C8T7-OmW44aAkAXEALw_wcB

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Video Transcription

well hello who's this guy hey I would talk to you guys at some time it's good to see you you don't know my name is Joe I got my dog Scout right in front of the camera chewing up sticks he's about to knock my tripod over which is always hopeful I haven't put out a video in a month guys in a full month even more my last video was that family camping trip which didn't do well too well I think it's that 70,000 views now a couple videos before that was my California reps what I want to see my buddy Kyle yeah have done any any videos since then at all I have been doing stuff so I've been going on trips I've been sitting a lot of time with the family those the most part of it we went on a couple different vacations

we've got a cottage for a week yeah emerald my daughter went horseback riding and lots of fun stuff as have been happening it's been a very good summer to have been a very family-oriented summer I had taken time off since maybe December I've been putting out videos regularly every week maybe I missed like one week one time but yeah it's difficult guys I can't just sit behind my desk I'm my host and talk to the camera right I go out and I do stuff normally I'm trying I'm trying eight to ten hours in the car that's not the case with this trip this is just a day out I have a steak to cook I wanted to give you guys some updates on what's going on in future things past things yeah so let's get into it oh you might be asking yourself what the heck is this contraption this is a a mechanic's AM okay hammock you can obviously see what I was doing I was sitting in it like a like a lounger but what else she does what else she does I'll show you what else she does she drops down and she's a regular hammock but instead of going side to side he kind of front to back the ridgeline still goes side to side it's pretty cool I've used it a couple of times I just brought out to chill out in today as a seat so I can sit in front of my fire the thing about these hammocks is you don't use it under quilt you use a sleeping pad but it has to be a sigma pad with the baffles running line quais so I actually had to get an Exped to use this thing but anyways yeah it's different it's different that's for sure so yeah we're gonna test the road a little bit today I've had this for a year the guys from the mi cama company sent me this a year ago I've just only used it in my backyard a few times so I thought I'd bring it out here use in the woods I'm not spending the night like I said we got stuff to do got scope with me but yeah she goes into a lot of different configurations I'm doing scoot go boy I have a huge trip coming up it's really cool I wanted to talk about this with you guys so Doug and I on my buddy Doug outside from the YouTube channel Doug outside are going to do on a cross Algonquin trip so there's a river that flows far from the outside of the park on the west side to outside the park on the east side and it flows all through the park and out right so it's going to take we're gonna take that River it's called the Petawawa River so she starts down at rain lake access which is number four and she goes across the park up down and then down here and it's gonna take us full six nights and that's going to be doing it pretty quick we're gonna do about 175 kilometres of travel that's paddling in portage combined so really looking forward to that we're gonna try and do it very quickly but we're going to also film it and yeah I tried to make a good video about it so there is a fishing opportunities along the way and then Petawawa River fall not being the greatest time for tro brook trout but still the opportunities are there and then towards the east side of the park there's some Pike and bass and stuff like that so looking forward to that big time playing in that dehydrating my meals as we speak I'm just doing all that kind of fun stuff the kiddo starts school next week so just wait until til then before I start my full camping again my pull my full-time job camping so yeah we I felt like I was I wasn't home enough you know what I mean I was going too much it was gone all the time and when I wasn't gone I was I was home but I was editing editing taking a few days and then on to my next adventure and it's fine it's good I was making money you know I'm making good money but it doesn't equate to time lost with my young daughter I'm not going to get that time back you know what I mean it's just they're not that each forever she's five she's turning six they're not that each forever it's an awesome age I'm her hero right now and and that will change so I don't want to miss out on that kind of stuff so anyways that's a little bit of the reasoning behind my absence I hope that maybe some of you didn't even notice but I hope that the people who did notice understand why and I'm sure you do

so moving forward like I said after she starts school next week it's gonna be back on full-time I'm gonna be doing that big canoe trip I'll be doing a solo thing I'll probably be doing a canoe trip with my wife in Killarney and then there's gonna be the the hardcore fall stuff where it's like shelter building and on into winter which will be fun fun fun stuff too so I like to change I like to change what I'm doing seasonally whether it's you know spring spring time canoe trips summertime canoe trips then into the fall will be more like again bushcrafting and shelter building and into the winter big time bushcraft and shelter building along with hot tenting with my dog and and hopefully some other people and stuff like that whoa I haven't spoke to you guys in a long time and either you get some stuff off my chest you know who's blah blah ta yo doors has been blowing up it's crazy a hunting tower thing he made like I'm staying up on top of this stuff guys just because I took a hiatus a hiatus from making videos doesn't mean I'm out of the game you know I mean doesn't mean that I'm not paying attention to what's going on still Lily's come back pretty good she's been doing some some high number of videos high viewed videos ta outdoors is doing well scrambled scrambled o is on hiatus as well he's he's got some life stuff going on too which which I completely understand you know I mean you got to do what you got to do right so I'm sure he's not done I'm sure we'll see more more of him in the future hopefully I get to meet up with him again myself in Sean James from my self-reliance will be putting on bushcraft courses in the fall forgot all about that

uh-huh-huh that will be late September early October don't quote me again nothing is in writing but things will be up on both of our websites very soon I think we're going to do one course that time and we'll take maybe twelve students or something like that and that'll be up at his property near Algonquin Park and he's got a bunch of land that it backs on the Crown land and stuff and we'll be doing awesome stuff we'll be doing a friction fire we'll be doing a shelter bill then we'll be doing crafts and stuff like that we're going to bring in extra teachers who know things about certain things no specifics about certain specialties such as basket weaving or bow making or arrow making fletching stuff like that it'll be really cool to be across the board right cuz Sean's that whole self-reliant guy he's building a cabin right now I'm gonna shout right now my self-reliance he's building a legit log cabin he's been doing it all summer long he's got tons of views on his videos going really well so yeah really cool I'm happy for him and excited to work together again I've got a knife coming out of God I can show you it would you like to see it would you would you like to see it one second can't just talk about it can't you talk about it nice all right all right here she is the knife is handmade by a gentleman in the UK Weber handmade is his handle has his company name so we've gone back and forth a few times I'd this is like the third revision I'm very happy with the way it is now already see already see it so this knife and try to look backwards here one second this knife is my idea of a perfect bushcraft knife is a hybrid between two styles the fall niven f1 blade sorry is this out of focus faul NIV an f-1 blade but it's a Scandi grind which is 1/8 thick and then they handle is more of like the classic wood lure style with the little bird beak pommel very handy very nimble she's got like a caramel micarta handle with white liners 1/8 thick white liners you got your Joe Robinette logo Scout logo and then on the other side you've got the Weber handmade logo so the blade itself is about four and a half inches I'm sorry the handle itself is about 4 and a half inches and the blades about 4 and a quarter

foot maybe even before but yeah a very nice knife I really like it it's I've been using it quite a bit oh this is a special little thing I forgot to show we've got this tiny little baby choil all right with this tiny little baby choil right there ok so when you're choking up on feather sticks if you have a little bit of room to hold it like this this is how I like to hold my knife when I'm doing my feather sticks for really controlled work right so you're not going to cut your hand holding it that way it's pretty decent the contours are really nice very comfortable it's not thick not too thick not too thin it's not a Nessie blade and handle and it's not a I don't know a big old handle blade a little bit of a coke bottle going on I'm sorry this is a new camera to me I'm trying to figure it all out there we go oh coke bottle action going on it's a nice knife it's a very nice night so these will be available in the near future and when they are I will definitely let you know where to get them and how to get them and all that fun stuff but I think it'll be a run of like 10 at a time because he's he's a one guy shop doing it it's not produced or anything I love I love the sheath you've got a dangler option with this ring that he put on there and then it's is like just a straight pancake sheath or whatever I like the sheets that are rectangular like this I don't like the ones that cut out like good like a dagger style I guess you'd call it

probably not but anyway it's nice knife man really nice knife I'll be using it today here to split down some wood make some shavings get a fire going to cook my steak on gonna right now nice and easy I like to slide the ring right down so it's tucked down I also like to put my knife behind the first couple loops in my belt because I like to have it more to the back of me then to the front of me when I'm walking around and that to me is perfect right there tuck my shirt down in there quick draw mcgraw went to art school yeah the lights is bright but I got a short fuse don't snooze but handle in the game too long my thumb's bruised sorry sorry about that it's my it's my inner Windsor so inner Windsor kid cover it out snuck away you're doing big guy come here big boy good doggy love you bud so Scout actually came with us when we rented the cottage myself and my buddy Mike and the two wives the two kids and scooter Magoo came and we had a we're up in Halliburton we had lakefront property it was pretty nice man so it was in the water the whole time he stinks stinks to high heaven still but we're gonna do Bay them obey the bush dog do you 190 pound bush Doug but yeah okay cool good times so maybe that's only about 235 I don't it's only about 235 only about exactly 235 I don't think that I'm really too hungry at the moment but maybe I'll go a little small fire going your are some of these little mosquitos that are hanging around and talk some more talk to you guys small talk at you guys so on if you guys are interested in this hammock that's the name there am okay google it I'll put a link in the description you can figure it out this is called the drummer 3.0 rip them over and I believe in Norway I'll check that out right now yeah designed in Norway made in Vietnam there you have it as I was walking around earlier today looking for a spot I was able to see quite a few like wrist size even smaller even smaller pieces of wood that were fallen over or hung up from the storm deadwood so I'm gonna go try I got my silky saw my silky gone boy here go try and find a suitable piece of wood or a couple I don't need anything too big but I do want to get a great coal base looking and see that hammock in the background I want to get a great coal base for my steak because I would love to cook a good steak for Scott and I out here are we gonna go or are those pieces we're worthy a little wet but sure we'll be okay we're gonna find a few more though there you take this one thank you you'd do it too of you didn't get all hung up on the trees take that back to camp bring back to camp

good boy

keep going

what a good dog what a good dog [Music]

seeing a see how easy that one broke it doesn't seem like it'll be good firewood I'm gonna let him have that one we're gonna go search for worn-out good boy good boy okay this is some red oak here another red oak is very very dense it's very good good hardwood to bar so this one piece will be more than sufficient for this whole day for me there's a bit on the damp side too but it'll be all right I think everything's gonna be that way after we literally had flooding like who lost their hoses and stuff it was legit it was all from that Texas one nothing compared to Texas that was way worse but we had a few teeth goofy terrain here so okay here we go and red oak has the smell and cut it it's not that Pleasant of a smell actually but it's unmistakable it's almost vinegary okay so I'm using my silky saw a couple things when you're using it silky saws are great you know I mean they're a fantastic tool they cut well they're very thin so they cut well but because they're thin they tend to break and snap off and Bend easily so the key with silk you saws like mine's all warped the crazy there kena soga saws is to only cut something that's like about half the diameter of the length of the saw blade right so you can see here it's like a cord or not even I have no risk and the reason we're doing that is because if you're cutting something like this size here you're only gonna get a little bit of purchase a little bit of saw action before before it comes to the tip you're gonna have to use the pull length of the blade and then once you use the tip that's when you get jammed jam it in there it snaps or bends or whatever what I suggest what they suggest is using something very small compared to the size of the blade right so half at the most so what I what I like to do I know always you're not gonna be able to find a cut off piece like this in the woods this is something that I've used previously in your past but you want a prop like that when you use this as a prop you can also use a piece of wood there gonna be a log off the ground that's the prop right to get it up off the ground to give you some leverage so what I like to do is I'm gonna hold it you're gonna cut on the outside of the log right because if you cut on the inside of the it's going to pinch the the how do I say this if you cut on the outside of log there's nothing pushing back up this way the gravity is pushing this end of the log down as you cut therefore it's not gonna bind its falling down if you cut it this way on this side of the prop blog its way to finish because you're pushing down on here you're sawing and this is getting pushed up because of the motion of pushing down Scott we need to go Rolly down buddy or just lay it right right in the right in the view there so anyways like a like I'm saying the proper way to do it is to get your prop there hold on that side and cut on the outside of the problem you can see I'm still coming pretty close to the end because I like to use a pole saw motion but I'm very comfortable using I'm very used to using it what I do recommend is only going about half but again this is very dense wood and I'm gonna be here all day if I don't actually push hard and saw it with the length of it this is not a substitute for a buck saw or bow saw but this is a very good alternative if you're not trying to do tons of big wood this size they do have Sookie does have bigger saw as they have like a what is it up Kitana boy or a big boy they have both of those actually some of them are enormous and a couple hundred dollars but to me I would go with the buck saw instead of that but for this for a day trip to slide in my pocket lightweight this is the way I'll do it I would even use this on a canoe trip or a backpacking trip so you got one solid piece of wood done you got about 20 more to cut hey that's my firewood homie this prop log is also is gonna serve double purpose as my splitting log I work and log so I cut a couple pieces and then I came to this piece that has this big knot in it so it's very very dense it'll make a great baton it probably won't be the greatest to baton through so I want to leave that as my baton and baton the straighter piece is just less work on the knife less less effort so a gun this is me about a four and a quarter blade

Oh get a little goat afraind er you know lay down right in front good boy

so this is red oak like I said this is a very very tough wood but it's also very straight grain which makes it perfect for one-step fires or split wood fires because you're actually going to get fuel out of it and it's easy to make kindling ohto because of the straight grain this of it wants to split very very straight as you can see so once it gets down to a little quarter size I tend to not even you need to baton too much just throw it on there and give her one of those pry it a bit if you have to but you can really see how stringy it is be careful while doing that you don't hurt yourself you can actually hurt the palm your hand pretty good on the spine but once it's small like this it doesn't take much effort to get through so you can see without too much effort at all and relatively quick I've already split that one piece this is half of it this is like my starter fuel mark my kindling actually and then bigger what I do need to make is pencil lead and pencil size things are about double the thickness of pencil and a bunch of shavings I'm glad summer's almost over I'm glad it's getting cooler in the in the nighttime and evens in the day stays not bad yes it was pretty humid but it's winter life for you see all my hand is right up on the blade I'm using that miniature coil I was never a fan of coils with this miniature coil is uh it's actually actually it's actually working out pretty good anyways so what I want to do is make a boat I don't know a baseball hat size full of these and then once we get our fire going she's gonna go up right quick Doug and I went to Buddy Mike's to watch the fight what about my boy on or less than ten rounds with old me whether I would he think of that I'm sure get some hate for that but I do not care McGregor is my man I absolutely love him he think he's the coolest dude he's Irish how can you not like him right how can I not like him her Irish half Irish Joe I thought he did really really well I actually would have put money on the thing if I knew how and I woulda lost I woulda bought bet on corner for sure I thought Connor was gonna take him I know all the the real boxing enthusiast didn't agree but dude that guy gave him the fight of his life you know I mean he hit he hit with me weather more times than me whether she's ever been hit in his career and I understand that was part of the game plan for Floyd too but it's not all that bad

Connor won at least four rounds the judges were messed up but yeah we went there Mike and Mike and Doug thought Mayweather was gonna win what you did and I actually bet a tomahawk steak and a few beers with Mike so I owe your tomahawk Mike but good times we drove up to Mike's house which is near Toronto he's got like a hundred inch TV or something like that so sat there drank a plethora of craft beers we actually stopped at Great Lakes brewery in Toronto on the way and then we stopped at the Canadian outdoor equipment too so we yeah we made a day of it it was fun slept at Mike's Doug and I and then the next day took the long drive home that was cool

it was the first time I got away without the family and about a month or so so it's good had some some guy time but so Nate Diaz Colonel McGregor freak has to be the next fight there's no doubt in my mind he can't fight he won't fight Ferguson which is a hard fight for him I agree Ferguson's a beast and he khabib is not trustworthy he's not gonna he's not gonna make weight at all so I think it's gonna have to happen but who knows it's all crazy it's turning into the WWE I don't mind I like to that too back in the day WWF sorry real-deal stone-cold you know Monday Night Raw Austin 3:16 all that fun stuff I swear I'm not a geek so I hope you guys had a good summer I think YouTube videos you've outdoor YouTube channels views were down for the most part in the summer as another reason I thought it was alright to take a little hiatus

you know 70,000 views on my last video and I realized it wasn't a typical video what you want from me but it was a family trip and I've done those before and got bigger views but it's no big deal

back at the grind now doing what I love very fortunate I feel very fortunate I feel very blessed to be able to do this and support my well there's a big will not support my family my wife she was able to quit her job which is just awesome imagine that like you guys I was broke you know in my whole life like not just broke but like broke you know working paycheck to paycheck my wife and myself both of our parents never had money and now it's different you know I mean I'm actually my wife was able to quit her job she can stay home she can do what she wants to do I would love her to be home as she wanted to be home if she wanted to get a job after emerald was about 3 she had been watching mo for 4 years 3 years obviously and missed people and missed having relationships and talking to adults and stuff like that because I'm not no help with that you know but yeah so I said hey by all means I mean go ahead I'll watch the kid when I'm home you go to work and we'll get a sitter for the rest of the time we did that for a couple years she's sick of it she's sick and tired of her job she was sick and tired of coming home at 7 o'clock at night and only seeing the kid for like or before she went to bed and I didn't like it either but when she said I'm done I said yes you are you know I mean she was managing a spa so now everything's good she's able to stay home everything's really good guys couldn't ask for anything more honestly I'm gonna try and get a house soon I just made myself into a business Joe Robinette is incorporated now so this is it guys this is my life you know for as long as I can ride it out for this is what I'm gonna be doing some of you guys I'm sure thought that when you saw me on hiatus that I was gone for the new season of alone sadly I didn't get chosen there wasn't much of any kind of communication I got a couple emails I agreed that I would do it then I was it nothing no more emails after that so I'm sure they would have picked already but that's okay maybe if this season goes well on the redemptions they'll give give it another shot and I'll get picked for that and if not oh well wasn't it to be can't say I don't want to do it I can't say I don't want to prove myself something I don't think I'll be straight up with you guys I don't think I could win I honestly don't think I could win like do you see that see the size of me I'm a skinny boy sucking it in but I'm skinny I weigh like what some people lost you know I'm sure that's an exaggeration but and I'm not just saying that for that reason alone maybe I couldn't tough it out who knows but I know I can last longer than I already did and I wish that when I was on there I didn't just bail when I because I knew it was over to me it was like it's over I can't win so there's no point in being here but that wasn't the way to be thinking the way we think it was I need to just last this as long as I can what what three years ago and I mean whatever excuses or reasons you need it's just what was it what was what it was that's how it was and I regret it then I know better now so yeah I think I've talked about stuff for long enough and split up enough would it's four o'clock now so let's get this fire going we're getting hungry okay so I've got my stuff all laid out and I prep the big stuff the middle stuff a very small and my small mixed together and then I have a tiny little bit of good shavings over there which I want to strike with the fire still on and I've got big big stuff behind I always try to make sure that I have all of my prep done beforehand that way it's not trying to run around it get all my stuff going well there's a little flame struggling so I'll plant this right in there oh she's a rolling army boys and girls so let me play it this right in there there she goes my brace next to it so I don't smother it you see me do this a million times 1 million times little stuff on their head equate that to pencil wood and pencil size and I guess got a con and I just got a ton of bigger stuff she's gonna go good

I need feel like I need to a little bit more air mcq bushcraft but I don't really feel like it's necessary it will go good I'm just over here at this log a little bit aways for my camp you can see my fire starting to grow pretty good over there

Thank You leaves yep anyways what I want to do is clean off this spot on this old fallen ash tree just of all the weathered spots on and I'm doing this because I want to cut mistake here I want to cut a piece off for scope and I also want to season it and cut up my I brought a shallot as well shallots pretty cool you don't know what it is it's like uh Nene garlicky kind of thing a lot of people I'm sure know what that is

anyways we'll say that for a minute grit my so what is this this is a ribeye steak

Triple A or higher it says I get my stuff from Fred's produce and Windsor they have like that's part of the shallot too late' we have a good butcher thing normally it's good I get my tomahawk steaks from there sometimes sometimes they don't have the greatest stuff but this one looks yeah looks decent anyway so I'm gonna get mr. scooter his pieces so we're going to cut off this end part we'll save it for a minute Scout just so that the good old folks can watch me feed you and not think that I neglect my doggie you gotta remember too we're just so here for the day he does have food at home right so this is just a bonus what he's getting I think that's what I'm gonna give him this part here I think I want all that but again he has plenty of food at home so let's listen to a couple for him

your good boy that good dude you like that get down we tripod over the way there's a couple more for you so you can catch it ready go boys

so good

let's see if he touches mine this one's for you here good way this one not mine this one good no more nope nope good dog and I do have some keg spice you guys got the keg in the States keg is like a fancy chain restaurant here cake spices like Montreal steak spice but a little bit better if that's possible at all let's go back over here check out my fire oh she's doing alright boys boys and girls see how we're getting there and I have a fancy beer to drink I'll show you right now I brought one beer one beer to drink with my steak you can't fault me for that right I'm gonna call me alcoholic anyways oh I'm sure Sons of Guns okay now she's fully warm but that's alright this one's called juicy ass IPA by flying monkeys flying monkeys is out of order Barry yeah Barry so this is a very very good beer taste the exact way that I want beer to taste I can read it for you juicy is the word when we use juicy is the word we use when we talk about hops our award-winning American IPA washes brighty fruit fruity notes Dan coffee bitterness and fresh verdant verdant resins with sticky malts for softly carbonated unfiltered flavor they won the Ontario brewing award in 2016 from the busy minds and happy hands of flying monkeys enjoy juicy ass IPA a golden ambrosia of beautiful hops with notes of pine tangerine and passionfruit plump and fresh juicy ass is a fun delicious craft beer so I'm real pumped to drink this thing with my steak it's only six point five so it's decent so King can 473 mils but will go really well with my steak I'm just trying to like bury it in the mud here trying to keep her cool waiting like a to do some fire maintenance right now tons of moisture coming out of this stuff you can hear it gasps I got to do a couple things before I put my steak on I want to get a plate probably ash bark and I also want to find some rocks that I can use to support my grill well I cook my steak so I think I'll go try and find let's go look at this ash tree that that I cut that steak upon I saw some bark that I might be able to use let's see right now okay I'm gonna use some of this probably will use this piece down here hopefully so I know what you're thinking it's a little a little dirty a little on the ground but again the same thing I did with the ash tree I just kind of take the spine on my knife scrape all the dank away I probably only really need like here to here yeah my steak will fit on there and I can clean that up pretty decently I do have some water too but I don't really think it's necessary to frickin scrub it old dirt never hurt Nolan right all right so I smelled it in a small little funky stone so I switched over to the blade and actually the curvature of the blade kind of matches the bark perfectly and I'm actually getting it dry getting all that dank off I just want 90 degrees the blade look at that compared to before so you can see dry all right I'm gonna put my grill on here let it sit for like five minutes get it nice and hot clean it off because I'm used in a long time well I spice up my steak so I want it to go basically like that uneven rocks bro area but there she's hot she's hot okay right there now we'll go spiced up that steak night good sizzle shallots on there - ba-bam getting there try go for medium-rare this time I've overcooked it a couple times in a row in my last two steaks you know here she goes might have cooked it a bit too long I was taking pictures it's tough on plate you got our shallots I got nicely cooked buh-bam all right now all I have to do is get into my contraption with the steak whoa buddy I can do it I can do it use the ridgelines Oh very good news the roots mind rule it's kind of a juicing kind of juicing a lot which is good I've let I've let it sit for a couple minutes I do want to let it sit for a couple more I mean my first Shallotte you're so good super mild when you roast something like that holds onto the sweet onion II garlicky flavor just subdued like crazy oh I'll drop my sport coat there but I'm not getting out again I'll just use my hand so there's a cool thing a bunch of cool things about this hammock one is there's a can or a bottle holder right here so I'll crack my little flying monkeys juicy SIPA beforehand I might have to drink a little bit of it before it fits back in there without spilling what was me oh yeah even piss warm that's the good smell cheers boys and girls Oh

I can't move around too much now that's precarious that is a definition of precarious right there and get all man getting my knife Oh - oh there we go just take some time let's let that juice a little bit more all righty here we go hope I didn't overcook her not too bad a little bit of pink left in there well they're not shake it they're not rock the cradle just look good clothes get a lot of flack about chewing my mouth open or talking while chewing we're out in the woods guys you know and this doesn't this isn't just viewers that say this Doug frickin dog outside every time I see him hooves do a Pujol trick and guy we're in the woods you know I'm in the woods right now I don't care I'm excited about my fur we don't want to tell you about my food I'm filming you know I'm saying do you make a conscious effort to not do it too much I know people hate it I don't do it at home for my family or anything like that Keeble honest I do it more in front of Doug just to piss him off it's always a good time given Doug a hard time haha there's only a few things you can really get getting worked up a boat so I like the comfort of this hammock there's some stuff that's difficult about it like doing what I'm doing right now but it works ok fine we'll sit be really cool if you have like got a piece of land or a base camp or something no I mean you are hiking in far whatever you had some ruin your backpack you just throw this in you want to be comfortable because like literally I feel like I'm sitting my lazy boy at home it's comfortable but too big to bring on a backpacking trip in my opinion to bring it too big to brianna on a long-distance canoe trip but maybe that's not the intended purpose


you can't see my dog there right look at this mooch hardcore moochin not giving me any more stakes goat no more stake for the Scout I got him just yesterday I got him those bully treats it's a good Bullwinkle I think they call it a hook-up blood all over my pants my grow a lot of people have been asking about the grills lately so a while back we had a run of 100 mate and said to us I made one Instagram post thinking I was gonna make that a YouTube video about it later on try selling one Instagram post I sold 100 in two days so we actually have the second batch on its way right now and we got 200 or 300 and I will hop the McInnis I will make a youtube video with that where you can even get them on my on my website Joe Robinette calm but not yet it's like a month out not the most so I will let you know when they're available people have been using theirs from the first run I've been seeing pictures people been loving them no issues with the morphing at all even with like a liter of water on their glowing red so that's really cool yeah there are good quality growth no dope okay I'm gonna eat the rest of this thing up I see my battery light flashing at me so I'll have to switch batteries and stuff I'll get back with you in like 20 minutes or something this guy is just begging like crazy I can't say no to that face who can say no to that face fool you too could say Dino like my screen bro look my lens you're a good boy yes I love you hey we do good boy wait I'll tell you what that stings pretty good that beer was real good too and still I'll tell you what accent I end up giving Scout a bunch more that I scraped up the seasoning and gave to him

but anyways I'm full and my wife is coming to pick me up in an hour whoa where are we there we are she needed the car so I got dropped off earned emerald all right Applebee's right now having a mother-daughter supper so that's pretty cool even though it is Applebee's but I think I want to pack down now get ready cuz I gotta walk out of here and stuff I'll show you how small this is ham it packs down to once it's in it's packed for them yeah I don't really think I have too much more to say I don't think I have too much more to film but it was a good day there's a good deal here a good few hours at least yeah but how does it'll put out a video for you guys I really wanted to for a long time and just so had the opportunity so right now this is this is my opportunity the setup and takedown of this is relatively simple it's one of the reasons I actually one of the things are like a lot about it you got this loop here right it's all webbing you got this one loop and so to tension you're pulling the web that way to loosen you're pulling the loop that way so she's on there pretty good but she comes off easy and then here let's get it a little better look for you so there we've got our carabiner and it also has like this flap of webbing behind it to protect the tree so the carabiners not resting right on the tree but that's it that's one side down super simple the color-coordinated - I really don't know why but one carabiner is green one carabiners red I do not remember the reason for that so once that's it basically that's the whole hammock down take off switch the camera one second one second and realistically you could use this as a bivvy it does have a bug net attached in here and one the pockets and it's got a zipper all the way around for it so you really could use this as a bivvy put the bug net up maybe tie it up in the middle from piece of paracord or something if you didn't want to hang but yeah you have a sleeping pad in here this works with a sleeping pad not a under quilt I literally had to go buy this is another downside I had to buy this Exped mat because the baffles need to be running lengthways as opposed to sideways like my thermos

besides this thing let's freaking enormous it's exped downmat light 5lw so it's got I would have seen down in it look at that it's way wider than my thermal rest anyways these are a lot of money a couple hundred dollars so after you get the ammo kamek you got to splurge on the unless you already have it obviously the expensive super pad but that's no big deal really you want it if you're gonna go that road that's that grab this stuff sack oh yes oh yes the stop sack is attached which is good for people like old Joe you tend to forget things every now and then I think that I just stuffed it in last time I don't think any rolling up is required which is always a big plus in my book I ain't rolling up a tarp or a tent you gotta just stuff her in you know what I mean it's just much easier less time consuming less frustrating way to do it the key is to not get tangled up in the cords again stick with me boys and girls whole joel gets you there if we can't laugh at ourselves who can you laugh at really what are we gonna do here what are we doing in life alright so you can see relatively simple to take down the setup and it does come with or how they do sell I'm not sure if it comes with it a specific tarp that goes the direction that you would need the protection from for rain and stuff obviously normal hammocks would be this way but this one runs this way to the trees at least so there you have it that's what it looks like pack down I'd say don't quote me two pounds two pounds not even and a boat as big as my sleeping pad let me assume my sleeping bag well I can honestly truthfully say I absolutely hate this Exped air mattress I can't even get it back though I came to get all the air out but I have no idea what's wrong on this develops all weird if I'm doing it wrong it's already more stuff than I want to do to be able to empty the air out of my air mattress in the morning so yeah I hate this thing won't go back into its stupid case and it's but you have to you have to pump it with this silly silly pump I'm not a fan at all

you know attempt to put it back in its case because I know it's not gonna fit that's a big fail in my opinion I'm not not a fan of that that's it bad anyway I'm sure it's comfortable I'm sure it's warm I haven't used it overnight at all I literally bought it last year to use with this hammock in and have it so anyways I think this will be like maybe if I go camping with the with the wife kind of like a winter car thing keep her warm but other than that I'm not bringing that oh I can't I can't be expected to smash that down try and get that in there anymore that's way too big and heavy and way too wide for what I need anyways I brought everything out today in my backpack I got from the company that used to be go light go legs done they went like they're not even a company anymore but this is the equivalent to the go light Jam this is called the my trail LT 50 so it's a 50 liter backpack and it can cinch down really really well to like what 25 liters or something like that but anyways always like go light I had a goal like Jan before but as a 70 it was way too big but I feel like this is a good size I would even do us like maybe like a three or four day solo canoe trip out of it I bought a liner that I could go in it like a dry bag liner a 50 liter one that can go inside it so anyways it's cool that they're around still or again whichever one you want to call it but yeah go lights always been a good company I thought I always got good here it's stupid sleeping pad man I really do like the way it works the way it folds down and cinches down so like I said you can make this into like a 25 liter pack or something like that it's got the roll top when you cinch it there and on the sides just already done but good good back i wouldnt want to put too much weight in it 20 25 pounds tops maybe okay I think that's it all packed up ready to go I think we're just gonna hang out in here for another half an hour or something till I walk out but yeah I'm glad you guys came along I'm glad I was able to come out here and get a video done for you guys be able to spend some time with my buddy it's been a while so we'll be back we'll be we'll be doing a video a week maybe a video maybe two videos a week but at least a video a week now we'll be back on the grind so expect to see more of me expect to see me lots more whether you like it or not have a good day guys again thank you very much for watching thank you for the support thank you for subscribing thank you for sharing for just being there always it really means a lot it's helping the old in life legit so I appreciate it and I appreciate you P so P so he says [Music]

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