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8 Days in the Wild - Boreal Forest, Fly - in Adventure!


Shawn James and I spend 8 days in the Boreal Wilderness of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park In Northern Ontario Canada. We travel in by floatplane, and after being dropped off, we travel by canoe and foot, catching our food as we go, seeing abundant wildlife, and facing storm after storm, we become more and more in tune with our surroundings, taking hardships in stride, and being rewarded with amazing fishing, scenery, and still nights.

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Artwork done by https://www.instagram.com/gosssart/

Music by Jonathan Burton https://m.facebook.com/JonathanBurtonMusic/


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I'm real happy with that I wasn't really expected

Joe it's got a bigger one dammit that hit heard that was a big spoon oh do you guys think about that trailer are you excited yet or what look at a great time man we're about to jump into the full video just have to give red leg openers a huge show huge thank you for putting this triple on for us we're like oh fitara seeds be able to go to if you're going up to woodland caribou what he wants to do right now is offer my subscribers and eel supporter when they go first calm slash robinette you can look at a list of package DLC has and go into the park someone's called walleye primer in search of wolves lake trout in solitude got all these package deals wind up a computer to what you want to see in the park what you want to do in the park is the guy for sure so the cool thing about that is you can go there with the clothes on your back and rather go fitters going to can outfit you for a week for a couple days for a month they have everything from food tents sleeping bags shuttles biplane or or both they have canoes every single thing you could possibly need their Harland has a wealth of knowledge if they're ready on the satphone if you need them yeah just just very pleased overall with my with my experience so again if you are looking to go there I know it's not for everybody but if you are already looking to go there if you live in a city if you live far away it doesn't matter get yourself to Toronto there's a play from Toronto for 200 bucks you know what I mean it's really not that bad use that $200 that you're saving with the promo code Robinette to go towards that play so once again Red Lake Ohrid Escom slash rob and add to check out the deals and use the promo code Robinette if you are going to do it so you save that 200 bucks and I get credit for it as well listen I hope you guys enjoy this video I'm very excited for you for you to see it please let me know what you think in the comments Thank You Harlan thank you where they go fitters and thank you guys for watching

what folks are you guys do it as you just saw something I got dropped off here

middle of the wilderness doing ballet by flow playing though the awesome experience we're here in woodland caribou with McCarran this enormous Clark Far Far North Ontario like 15 16 hours north of the soup so we're here we just spent the last night and the Red Lake openers eco-lodge we caught a ton of walleye sleet some bad pike and how to add a nice old fish fry yesterday a good time we all rest it up from our Drive and today we're going to start off on our eighth day canoe trip we're going to be traversing tens of dozens of lakes we'll call it doesn't sure dozens lakes rivers all in search of pike lake trout and walleye we might see some moves so might see some bear there's tons of animals in the area especially when the caribou will be fantastic but we'll see come along join us we're about to set off and it's misty morning I'm super pumped we got a bear in the water guys right in front of us five minutes in whole winnie-the-pooh in the water

not too shabby huh as like five or ten minutes after we left left the lodge this morning on our first day of our actual trip I look over all there's the mooks in the water but wasn't a moose but still very cool that's a first for me seeing a bear swimming in the water did not close to it good omen karma bear wow the Sun is coming out - getting warm is a good thing they're going to switch up and fish in for a couple minutes not get mean bites I think I'm on the target pike right now because it's a daytime while I seem to be hitting hard at night and early morning but considering the sun's already out I'm gonna try to switch up something shiny some flashy big little egb copper color shiny on one side copper on the other try this one out

alright first fish of the day Oh spit it right at the boat I have yeah I would assume so

oh oh I jumped the gun guys so my lure is working I just control it you guys want to continue to do that okay nicely clip on my right put a recent beautiful place all right I got a decent fish on control in here the two the first first for me for today it's a beauty wall I put my rod in the canoe shabby right our first port eyes looking forward to see how well the trail is what type of condition at 10 so there's no real Mick trail markers anything there's these blazes which are just like scours on trees so we got to look for those and yeah the trail is pretty pretty well worn I see a pink Lady's Slipper let's go look at that so look at the pink lady slipper it's foggy lots of moss okay pretty flower a pretty different - it's a few are out here so how'd you good my first packs of my heavy gear I'm going to light backpack and my canoe this trip is a lot more relaxed and fishing oriented I'm not going to be paddling till nighttime just zipping through everything we've already taken our time this morning Big Sean caught a few fish I got that one walleye

so trolling around the shores and yeah just taking our time which with a novel idea right enjoy yourself on a canoe trip so just bless your butt into the ground hug so really want the bugs are starting to come out you got bit like a few days ago on the way up here we stopped at some waterfalls let's go to the superior and my bid on my wrist buy a black fly and it's ridiculous it looks like poison ivy like it's all blistered up way way bigger than it should be it's dying down now it's a few days ago but I need to stay covered up I need to protect myself on the black fly by to have a little allergic reaction to them so thought comet got all infected sick from it

it says had to do my due diligence and keep my long sleeves on even though it's hot sprain done bug spray we've been wearing a bug net when I have to first port ours complete still do another hit everything's good back on the water now I will next a huge rock face which one you see me rolling get a chain of like four or five smaller lakes small still decent sized stuff and then some small poor cautious we're just looking for our port ours I think you see it up ahead of us going to be some login to get there [Music]


I will rock and make sure it isn't or hush boy we do all this how's it going Joe good I think this is the trail it sure looks like it find out here in a minute

this is spring - so the water should be higher than other times a year but yeah we're good here yep so how I can tell is how I can tell if there's this cut taken out of the tree and that's a big wall blaze so that's a good portal show [Music]

so of course money thank you we should tell each other I heard these are all water entry Portage's there's up to our knees and water here but it's a nice hot base it's welcome but the crashing DeSean better move can you see me check well guys it's lunchtime and look what I got Oh pack a mustard oh yeah got that stuff going on got everything a cheese lunch meat rough trail mix doesn't so we get a little bit overheated this midday hungry too so a little bit of shade behind this assembly jackpot but it's about as much shade as we can find right now so I'm just going to go up some lunch took some waters got my soy squeezed full of water so really really really trying to keep on top of water it's a hot day so look at the map and are realizing we lagged that we'd lollygag dal ittle bit this morning so we've got to make up some time

so energy and then paddle our butts off for a little bit the end of the road here on an overgrown horosho

so the only be hundred metres or so folks come out mm-hmm I think we're both a little done for the day I got one more portage today we're just going to chain the bunch of our clubs back to that and it'd take up some time because we're double carry we've got one more to go and then we're on to Linsley I believe I'm going to stay there the night let's go get some fishing in tonight I'd be nice I haven't really fish since I caught that walleye this morning got chunky mode is too hot there was nothing biting and now it's threatening terrain it's been raining all around us and it see the walls are rain coming down and stuff which would be good if for all I we just got to get to our campsite want to set up possibly before the rain if we can that make an ideal that would be ideal all right this is who this one's gonna kick for dinner tonight we're almost up Oh looking like Cameron we're almost out yeah just a small E but I'm eating out for eating them so we're almost out of camp for the night Sean's leg throw your throw your line out troll a little bit so you can catch dinner and I said all right Sean and look what happened look what happened yeah the old man is right I was going to cut you off and he said the old bad part but all right cool so this guy is going to be a part of our dinner I'm sure Sean's gonna catch one right Sean Sean Sean chirping me over there he just got one like two seconds after they say any eats a lot more people it's going to be a bigger one he doesn't got it in the boat yet that's a baby what are you talking about that's it oh my it looks like it's about the same size while I were eating good tonight boys and girls wait wait till we see what I get what is it Oh Oh another walleye well they're a little bit bigger than last time

mommy shit all right we're gonna eat this one too Shawn got to I've got to that is the makings for a feast home this is our first campsite of our trip it's actually really nice we've seen a few here and there there were a little bit smaller than this there's a decent size yeah really excited to be here really excited to eat my fish too the first things first I want to set up my tent I don't know what the weather's doing it's a rainy and not and windy and not so and if then I'm like that give my whole living space all squared away eat a little bit like a snack while I'm doing that before I do that and then cook up my food my sleep system all in there I went through all my gear in a previous video you want to check that out I'll have a lot of info on my gear put a link in the description okay so these flies all over the place here's our spread Charles going to clean these guys up and I'm going to build a fire so we can keep some food we have a fire pit here next to the shore I do not this thing hasn't been used in years and there's plants growing in the middle of and everything so we are the first people will be here put some time I'm sure but this part gets like 500 visitors a year not much at all so that's not not hard to believe stuff dries apart - I'm excited okay for some fishing


cutting up my firewood controlled on dance

look at these spruce very rocky so we got to be careful around here I think I was just chipping edge I didn't but I thought it did dance would man all right so as we were walking on the trail I thought I should grab some birch bark in case there's none when we get to camp there's some rappers in here too and you look around and there's absolutely none at camp this is all jack pine and spruce so I'm glad I did that there's some nasty nasty clouds rolling in right now super dark I'm really hoping these passes by anyway so got some nice fluffy birch bark strike that with a fire steel dark this is real dark but there's some blue system clear path is hopefully going to roll top that even if it rains a little bit and then clear out I'd lick the fish again tonight NATO's side against Red Dawn and that's dinner three negative three I might say we're doing some crazy crazy things right now if he news over we both had to grab a side and fight it against the wind it almost ripped it out of our hands Turk enough you just kicked up man like wow we're not in southern Ontario anymore

we're gonna make me I'm gonna make you fish and chips oh yeah yeah that's alright fried onions fry became to all I eat that we said we let's get you dinner mmm played her we had down to fifty not you she have a nice bought actually all that heavy win we still get man pretty good shelter yeah and I'm bet she's officially breaking plans come everyone pizza that's a real bargain crystal this is shortening this is actually learn properly Dolores pig fell I got lured as well no he didn't yeah I was looking I was really angry and on the Crisco is a tons of different ingredients I'm like I don't know this look on the noni one that large like perfect syllables that's I didn't even realize it something cool or exactly that actually a success I've done some my drawing and I still do maybe

good after all that the Sun comes out and now it's raining or there's a huge dark old man super dark over there this is some nuts weather guys absolutely nuts man

awesome very cool experiencing a lot today a lot of different things oh man now there's a rainbow boys and girls is it a double rainbow what is this mean man oh you can see it a full arch I can see where ends

BAM son what a man over there I was literally just saying like all we've experienced so many things today and then Sean who's yells over here it's a double rainbow I didn't say it like that exactly man

day one day one probably go fishing after we eat - yeah yeah yeah that'll be a lot more excitement I'm sure Google system big one since we're getting so many units on forget the bigger good Zack and a lot and one one get the big place in for you yeah big beast got some potatoes onions Sean's whipping up some fancy pancake batter fish great flat right close to our flatbread fish and you know standard recipe so do I think of those kid just try not to compiler would so that when we get done eating we can go fishing and then come back and have a fire put is very good you got everything in here we got the fish onions and potatoes evening that's a lot of food that's a lot of food using the free rock well that's on the corner how you gauge things here in between Philip in me that's why good yeah okay that's definitely good oh man I'm just a little boy that's just a little guy a little like in the mind right like a ranger he doesn't like lichen on their stupid bloody and go on Apple tea nice shovel it in there oh yeah always you have to look up it is good one point money frame though one point mmm yeah it's even better than last night well you better I really like this mmm-hmm man walleye boys and girls you got try this to go get some more oh man I feel good wall-eyed tonight and probably tomorrow and then covered lake trout following the record and a lot I don't know if we'll end up doing Pike for bother I'll lead up like if if we catch one near eating time mm-hmm yeah for sure I like the plate the jack I'll see what I can do for you this guy okay

sufficient time I'll be a catch and release kind of night I cannot eat another bite but that's still lots of fun especially when there's fish to be cut pondering that sky behind me just beautiful what a nice night man who'd have thought after today this was the night we would have this beauty I want to catch a fish nope get a loan and some annoying bird over there let's go check out the sky over there looks amazing I'm gonna troll this troll it food not even feeling the walleye bite at all it's like he's checking my line every now and then to see if it's tight or not when I'm trolling a lot of the times is tighten there's a walleye on there just not fighting too much finally this is what I wanted this is exactly what I like nighttime column no bugs at all I'm on the water there's a legit possibility of cake fish I'm happy I wish that bird would shut up though you don't get to see stuff like this unless you're over here man this is very rewarding it's only going to get better this is just epic we've not even really been fishing we're just paddling around in circles looking at the sky I haven't done I have an experience this type of night since two Falls or two autumns ago Kyle in Algonquin Park a trip just man this is so something else I'm really really happy to be here right now I've been searching for this for the past two years to replicate that bit on solo trips been on trips with other people I just haven't had this type of night I'd other cool things good things but not this what is going fishy no I don't I hope you guys are enjoying this video this is not an epic day one an epic day one so many things happened it's crazy when you're out here um anybody who's been out will understand this time goes by fast but it also goes by super slow like you'll think something that you did a couple hours ago seemed like it's forever ago all the time but as you your day's going by like you're just cruising through lakes and Portage's it's hard to explain how to climb I know what I'm talking about

ten o'clock at night is still that's much later spring keepers are starting there's loans there's songbirds just awesome




this is my Luke oh thank you today again what do you think of today Sean I was at ups and downs had its ups and downs start off alright well start off awesome actually there in the morning when the cross leg never seen that before and we get into some nasty portage as we whipped out we're show was he kept click on the map it's like come on we didn't only go that distance canopy then it what an awesome night yeah the double rainbow double rainbow his for us yeah yeah it was really cool a good day yeah day one only two right eight seven more of these so she just jumped smoking's yeah seven more day that's good who knows what we're gonna see and that's to see a bear swimming good to catch fish on demand basically instead of doing or not okay gets a couple you catch a couple that dinner was on point those were really good looking caribou alright guys that's it for today it's almost like 12 o'clock you see it up and watch the moon come up as you saw really cool seven more days see you guys in the morning good night good morning what gasps I see might get this corrected sure showoff Oh Mike night switch it up a lawyer you know variety it's like exactly

well good morning folks so bright it is right now this is not a camera trick this is not overexposure this is 5:30 in the morning look at the brightness I got a plastic 2p like I normally do okay it was almost as bright as it is now with the moon out look at that shine BAM so on well Sean I was gonna have some pike for breakfast if I want to make myself up some pancakes maple syrup some are some old fish crisp from my frying pan ah I can barely open this there's no way bear can get at this so we're using the earth sack for our foodstuffs this trip there's not a lot of places to hang a bear bag here because a lot of the let's bore reel right so a lot of the trees are colorful black spruce so the earth SAP Kevlar bag we've got a like the lock sash airtight bag inside of it to bag beats I got like one and a half actually yeah first time using it for me Shawn uses it all the time with good success so yeah I'm sure it'll Orko fine we're good last night still have our food sleep all right slept pretty good yeah me too slept pretty good considering my mattress went to nothing over there deflated about a good thing wasn't even loud we had a bed of lichen and moss along pretty soft yeah yeah what time do you get to time we go to bed late 11:00 he was almost 12,000 11:35 it's gonna catch up to ya got a light and get flight so early like we were saying I woke up and I thought it was like 7:30 I mean complete complete platens lighten it brightener are you late son this is what I was talking about into that lock sack place cylindrical shaped bag deals up really well and fits perfectly in the earth sack so the scent is contained in there and then uh I have eight everything individually wrapped anyways advantage inside barriers inside bags inside bags so I have mainly oatmeal for breakfast but I have some pancake next to I feel like having some pancakes and maple syrup today fry it up on the heavy cover frying pan not so bad little crunch on one side but okay you have maple server something for ya feeling the feeling the your muscles from yesterday I know it's I'm pretty good yep like the feel the cuts and bites on my hands and stuff like you're saying like they are starting getting affected every time I touch something it's yeah but other than that no I feel good mmm very good good job Joe okay just tore down camp and I pack up the canoes and head out 8:05 and yeah it's starting to get pretty windy we have a lot of creek travel today not even river but creek travel so yesterday we went through a couple and it was pretty uh pretty sketchy nice and small and a lot of scrambling so if we might be in and out of the canoe today getting real wet another adventure today little choppy today got a paddle into the wind quite some time until we reach that Creek

we've got paddlin on this Lake same Lake we camped on I'm going ashore a choppy now we got a cross over on the other side and a big open spot so making it easy I'm really comfortable in this boat I don't really have any kind of gears and super stable stuff so eggs on toast end way across the blowdown we've been doing the Portage's web packs first just so we can get a feel where we need to go and it's easier to see without the canoe on your head but the downside of that is you see all the blowdown and you just like fear coming back with the canoe knowing how hard it's going to be but it's amazing what you can do with the canoe on your head port are going so bad look at this poor Todd for some ratings very strange little rectangular taken away to the creek digging a little bit slower yesterday okay we're going to take it easy get to the specific get to camp a little bit earlier switch up our road a bit or maybe even just delay a little bit less time every day so we have more camp time we realize a lot of it cause what I really enjoy the camping and camp time and the fishing definitely still want to coddle I still enjoy paddling I don't want to sit a panful days be very boring very much beauty don't have to really worry about it here you can camp wherever nobody else here

I'll be surprised if we see anybody else's full true just looking for our poor Taj into the creek all right we found the portage trail into the creek the creek looks wider than I expected at least in the spot that we can see that's a very good thing everything's coming up millhouse there's a huge pile of bear poop here I'm trying to show you I only have the GoPro with me right now but I'll try and get in the GoPro we just saw a movie would you saw cow moose and a calf a lot leaked so the first list of the trip and here is the bear flies all over it you got right there right there that bird flu obsession

sorry oh boy [Music]









broke my can - GoPro mount really nice and here

let's see some links maybe seems very Lucy plug it's real tight in here this is like two to three feet deep at most places and down to a couple inches eight to shallow spot it's nice for a change of scenery though be on this little creek nice to get on some strong wings to on the complete we've got a really big lake tonight we're probably camp on Thomas they get hot though Thunder it is I've made the decision I'm a soak this bad boy doesn't really sound it [Applause]

Rashid Oh bear cubs climbing a tree here you don't know that's a first for me well we're finally leaving the creek back up into the windy Lake John Lake I'm going to search around this lake we're gonna camp here or not oh I got one dude it's huge I got a big I got a big play gone

he's fighting big time oh oh my goodness him I got a big boy I got a big boy with this guy I need a picture of this i trolled i but i stopped i was playing with my line trying to fix something then I just couldn't even pull it in a different 37 inch or Bri Stokes and this guy with that battle to get him into both what I got him and I am seen it's a big big fish I was definitely the highlight of the day for me pretty stoked should have caught him on I put a leader on because I knew I was targeting big Pike this Len Thompson number four put a steel leader on I literally it was the first guy I hadn't had it in the water two minutes seriously I stopped because there's something wrong with my line stop trolling is somehow on my line I stopped to figurative when they started going again and he was he was thrown back I can eat the big old northern place right now I'm covered in slime was look their base rate temps are going to clean up I'm gonna get to campus clean up a thing oh he's not as big [Music]

I'm just catching the fishy just catching the fishies another one not too shabby there's a little guy this time not as big as the first time a good-sized Pike on the inside still a nice place man another nice one so you're such a good fisherman I know thanks Pike screw all those other guys you say you're not oh I hear you

that's not Len Thompson hey we know the silver all silver I got another one this is number four in like 25 minutes maybe with Len Thompson man it's a big one again blue not as big you're okay you're okay

another pike decent size okay well I guess I got to take a break from slaying the fish go take a pee on on the shore it's due time I'm do this I am cut another one we're just fishing from shore here Sean's just pulled a few out I got this guy in another decent northern nothing wrong with this guy here nice that's number five today for me you told the host he's bleeding from the gills I'm keeping this guy eat my supper tonight

Sean's got one too so Pike tonight folks we rock camp now Shawn thinking I'm talking to him but I'm really talking to the camera we uh we paddled here after I last saw you after catching all those Plake it's five o'clock now so I'll just write rest into my hammock for a few minutes when we got here I was dead tired ate a bunch of food waiting here for a good 20 minutes what yeah this is a great sight I'm actually super super pleased with this sight nice and big us one yeah invite me so for this trip because we're out here for a little bit longer and because we really want to focus on filming a lot we needed to make sure that we could continue filming so I bought I brought a ton of SD cards with the batteries like 100 ollars batteries you can't have too many can't buy too many I have six I've accumulated over a few years but we brought out the goal zero this is a solar charger you can charge it up beforehand it's not small it's not the smallest thing but any means it's also capable of solar panel solar charging with these panels here so this has a full charge before we came out and should charge a few few DSLR batteries so I got mine on there my nikons

charging up right now actually it has just a normal like a wall plug outlet on it which is perfect it actually it's the inverter sorry so this part it the whole part here is the inverter it comes with the pole-zero but this model is a sherpa 100

I think it's been around for a few years but yeah anyways first time for me trying it out I like the idea definitely uh normally I'm trying to conserve battery and then you can't always film everything you want to so yeah should be good hopefully between the two of us it lasts and then we have Sun to charge it right now let's play charge it's sunny so there's no point in charging it but yeah I think now you set up camp a little bit starting to feel a little bit more energetic clean up those pike I'm a nice fish Friday night I think I'm probably gonna do fish and rice for dinner yeah yeah look forward to it we started at 8:00 or so today so long enough day lots of time in the Sun lots of hours and bacon on the Sun want to play too is it turning out to be a really really good trip and it's only day two

did the five fillet method for these plate got a decent amount of meat take the back strap off there's need to normal fillets then you've got to kind of mess around getting the other ones off but works out it's worth it I'm going to cook mine in tin foil with some lemon and lard and have some rice with that not sure which on begin with aid yet there I go five one two three four five fillets let's go out skin on this guy so got my flake my tin foil I'm going to throw some lard in there it's a little bit a little touch of lard you know fat myself up a bit oh yeah let's try that again go throw a little little bit of lard in there just add myself up good okay we're going to squirt some one them all what makes is that you well this is a adventure so intrusion and all lemony or lemony snicket don't need to see the now I'm sure some pine tiny they've done their super good measure and I'm going to wrap it again so we don't need the whole thing why can't I rip tin foil there we go working on my muscles making making I'm making well they that was to make fish tacos so of course we've got three different kinds of flour in a bag pancakes

Vanek and flatbread it's a little bit different ingredient to me so whole dossier bag was what I thought was flatbread mix turns out pancake mix so what I had planned with soft tacos with home fried sun-dried tomatoes and cake slice some lard and secret sauce oxy for tartar sauce which you're welcome to that do you want for any money the tartar sauce

on flatbread said we're having it on pancake Phil I think it's event to the media and again you're welcome take a link it's maybe all of it what do you have how do you rice and oil fish think alike cool going on yet are you get away from my rice because in Berea take full

bhishan alright let's check our fish sniff she's done she's juicing a little bit low so that's a good fine little fool not quite he places in there different just lemon nothing getting 450 thank you it's like what's that little order if you guys yeah but uh you know pint Li I just wanted to spruce it up a bit

ah okay if that will probably helps one dirtbag here okay back on for another five well what do you think excellent like it really good one cake while they're about to hear of you watch them no I'm not right on the pancake pike thank you

okay everything's done my fish a little bit of lemon more lemon on that and then I've got my rice looking forward to that super hungry for a long time mmm I'm new Pike cheers guys shuffle it was fantastic nice and full I needed that it was really hungry I had to eat my lunch at like 11:00 in the morning I was so hungry and just burning calories like crazy so fish will help you find a good time with the rice catch a fish man so now we're out on the lake obviously not paddling and

I'm not paddling or Lind just going to try on some more fishing tonight 9:30 ish woodland caribou is a nice place this is unlike any place I've ever been in my life and the first day on the court colleges and stuff that was like understand what the difference is and then I mean it was always told the the poor cultures are shorter and flatter here there's not much different that Hawkins just less maintained they are shorter but when we go into the first first campsite it all changed understood

yes we will go spectacular day so many things happen double rainbow double rainbow got one walleye nice took it hard for a walleye always got some Pike scars on them the pike star Becky goes

another walleye all right last one for tonight going in now little walleye going back to camp I was a good night of fishing and up getting like probably five or six altogether I think one walleye or sorry one Pike in our FY all all small none that you can rivaled earlier yesterday but when we go so a lot of fun I'm starving Sean's fixing up the air mattress

I'm going to eat and go to bed mmm peanuts for the wind sell a full day only night to so on conserve you know you want to run out of peanuts still very bright outside it's 10:40 place please is so different I think I'm starting to understand the draw but this place seems like every night is special it calms down stays lately stay was too bright really late tons of fish there's so much wildlife too now can we saw two two bears Cubs today scramble of a tree this high bear yesterday I saw a bunch of woodpeckers we see animals all the time insects like crazy so full of life up here meaning is healthy pretty cool I'm headed to bed good night Shawn oh thanks but Shawn's all tucked away alright so got my couch over here Big Agnes ten I still got a mess I gotta clean up before I go to bed we'll get up bright and early start the whole thing again have a good night guys [Applause]

good morning folks it's about 7:30 or so 717 and it's too bright already I think yesterday we got a little bit too much Sun Sun all day that certain over early again today so I've got to keep layered up or closed up we're wearing long-sleeve shirts and the only thing really exposed is our faces hots on and everything so for the sunscreen on today and yeah we got a easterly wind as well which means she'll was having some weather you know get a little pressure system come in so I'm not sure what that means

whereas this quantity of rain hopefully not too much well it seems like there's a system here like a routine like in the morning row right now it's it's actually calm down but it's very very windy this morning and I assume it will be most of the day and then hopefully again calm down tonight but I'm doing oatmeal today get a little little stick to the stomach this morning so hopefully that gets better

we got another full day a full day of paddling in front of us so gotta get that fuel in my water filters slowing down considerably it's only day loading a day three so I'm gonna back flush I filtered some water into our little pan here well use filtered water because obviously it doesn't have particles in it shouldn't have particles in it just cool it their needs for back washing so just take up the syringe this comes with the Sawyer and then you put it in the part where you you drink out of and you flush it down supposed to do a couple times

no shouldn't do something I've had to do that plenty before I usually do it when I get home from a trip but seeing as how we're out here for a little bit longer you got to keep up on it so go get some water see how she works when I'm shaking it out I'm holding my finger over top with a white washer I've lost one before look at dummy so whenever I shake it out and just put my finger there protip normally only bring one backpack on trips like this but because this was an extended trip and because we wanted to do a little bit more camp life and not not go as far during the day we both opted to bring two backpacks so I'm just starting now to get into the hang of things about packing what into which backpack and doing it efficiently in the mornings we got one black plate but I got on the drive up here look at how nasty that looks I'm so happy we're not dealing with black leather enough I'd love to wear a short sleeve shirt today but I can't afford getting exposed to that Sun it's just too much but this shirts cool enough light enough so that's your big a deal that no no long johns no shirt obviously underneath this neck gaiter has been working really well I've been dipping my hat in the water as well - as well - all right I'll screw it away we want to be super diligent about putting on fires over here considering this is a high probability forest fire area so I got a dry bag here five liter dry bag holds water a good way to do it dump all around that is out I just got to try my camera bag in the morning ten minutes and be trolling a great big red devil well like that it'd be great back no be that way taking it slow right now going with the wind for once which is all something beauty day already you haven't seen anyone else date great doesn't seem like we're going to see anyone but you always think that but here is legit possibilities you don't see anyone

likelihood is more which is cool here we go maybe not or maybe yep fishy oh he spit him he spit him right there he chased it right up after his spit - boy yeah this is want to action right now

you spit it came back at it at the boat I cast again and he jumped over all right again

Oh bigger than is no not again see if I can get them into the boat this time yo Big E said oh that's alright you just saved me the trouble of taking a hooker you know what's always going for you know I'm like a conservationist got him on its dinner dope I got a little bait it's not my ex cool cuz you came into some some grasses you got that in there good and yeah it's gonna be dope I don't like you a great pace fishing on our way where we're going these fish are not committing they keep getting bites and letting go whatever just got welfare boat you spit it again but they're all just little pikes no big deal anyways it thanks relaxing pace I spent an hour on this Lake already having cover over sport are nice to know that's what I like about it man the kind of trip I want to do now on it's like it's hard to do that in Algonquin though you have to pick your sights and stay where you where you said you're going to stay so kind of got a plan you wrote beforehand and do it all like that whereas here anything goes and the fish is what hots a face can be filling there's lots of trouble Duncan too but you know Joe and they stroke everybody gotta have a touching moment so sake come on commit commit now we're coming up to our first real set of Rapids here we haven't really experienced much I know we have Rapids other than on along side of some for Taj's so I think we're gonna stop there and grab the walleye into a good idea I think maybe even have a shore lunch for lunch sounds good [Applause]

second cast decent pike going back in yeah I got a big one small big things leaving spots not that great football like they pull a pike so to here left and right foot we want to D the wall after lunch need a lot of plate glass things so we're going to move on there's another set of Rapids I'm going to be able to a customer it's not very deep water at all here so I assume that's why the fuck away assume let's fly the wall out here Shawn and I are here just paddling nice and leisurely areas again on this lake and we look up tables you will watch them fly closer yeah moose on the edge of it look at those guys I have another eagle putt up there before that we thought you saw on the at least a little quad like the very skittish fella seems like obviously they don't see people a lot we're not even remotely close enough to get it on film very very cool we're coming up to our second rapid portage we catch the wall out here just at the end of that four cars came across a pretty cool fine display either eagle feather

so I'm just napping on the job in any of my Algonquin trips this river looks very very similar to the nixing River and sections of it gets full olders what's a whiny very meandering bringing back memories for sure we're going to get out to the lake soon hopefully it would be a change of pace change of scene or you've been on this for a couple hours now but when we do we'll get out to the lake it's one of the biggest lakes in the park and the wind is kicking up as you can see from the trees so my peel well not Mike it will be a haul on that Lake so looking forward to that one we just came out into the lake we've been trying to get too old a few under the river and we're just deciding where we're gonna stay we're just down this big lake today with the maps here you can walk them through it were thickened yes we just came out of this nasty River sitting right here 3:30 now we'd like to get up to camp it with five o'clock so either head over here to that rapid the river coming out here let's take a fairly good-sized River too so either fish that windy point or see what the winds out on the way can get closer to our port ours down here it's pouring out kilometers the lake has yeah to our destination you could to the next camp set by the photog so now we're 4:30 so if the legs good would make sense we want to try that a fishing why don't we get out into the lake and see what what it's like really it's not that far it's not really easy to slip through there check that out so you want to stay not carry all right sounds good

there's a plan now exactly all right I got a fishy in the big lake I'm hoping at the walleye take mine or liquefy yeah Peter yeah [Music]

well unfortunately this traffic site it's not super shallow water before it then don't fish at a rapid pace starving using a crash floor toys campsite now we got to look at the mid-torso link and show in another camp spot like 5 o'clock on 4:45 oh my god so we're both on for the day right you've got to do it got to go across it which lake arms are done magley eggwin please moving some ancient land and bring in the waves I don't come on scare and I feel very state my bow is if not the most enjoyable battle especially at the end of a long day just ready to get the camp as please like nothing else I've ever been to I'm starting to feel it never feeling to it explain it really everything hands up I love it

very excited very happy I'm here very appreciative that's the only thing is happening we made it to our so you here we can't access it at the actual put in because around the bend on this island and the waves are too much I couldn't can't land it there getting pushed all around so hike up this is my gear and he's an all my pegs today normally I don't have to use old peg to peg me on all the points but she's windy windy we're expecting her to win to switch around too so right now we're a little sheltered in this back spot while the other side the wind's coming from but we're expecting it to switch around it's going to start raining real soon - so batten down the hatch tonight boys and girls normally when I set up my tent I like been putting my thing blow up my sleeping pad put my fitting bag in there and everything but I'm just going to toss the stuff that I know I'm going to need tonight student bag coat hello so you've had all in there just for now because I got to do a bunch of stuff still trying to get everything done before it rains so I'll just throw that in there and then work them towards I just put that together when I go to bed no big deal there I got my dehydrator first dehydrated meal going right now I can't wait to cook that fish so I'm just doing this so this is going to fill me up I know it so Sean's gonna eat that wall I don't need eel we got lots more time to get more walleye and stuff but yeah I just can't wait I'm like my brain is shutting down I need to eat food big time so it's already 6:00 practical if it was a 6:45 I don't feel like I want to stay up late tonight at all I need to sleep and stuff so quick meal and probably in bed early I cleared out the ground here best as I could before I started this fire this bush buddy the bush buddies the bottoms don't get hot at all I can touch it see to move it around and stuff so I'm not worried about the ground burning but a couple little embers did fall over the thing but I got my water right here I've seriously been laying here the whole time whenever anything fell out i'll just shorten it right like that as soon as i'm done on pour water right here as well just to make sure but i'm being very very careful about it I just don't obviously want to have a fire cause this is almost done so I'm making this is rice ground beef [Music]

vegetables yeah that Rice Krispies and vegetables I came to thank man so anyways that's almost done well let that sit

hook up and then feed my hungry belly gravel gravelly

don't let it sit now plump up this bush buddy stove man for the wind like I literally walked around and grab stuff off the ground lit it with a lighter you've got this going within oh it's been 20 minutes since I started the whole thing so yeah I mean I can just lift it up they're still glowing stuff in there I'm just gonna do that just to make sure yeah everything's cold and what they're no no worries there and then my the food is done yummy right yummy right actually doesn't look too bad we're on an island here this is as far as we could get on the lake today just because how choppy was you can say got here late obviously like I said but that's one of the reasons why I'm not concerned about cooking right in front of my cannon here and eating here and stuff there's no bears on this island we've walked the perimeter of it there's nothing at all on this island there is a bunch of moose droppings so we think it's a moose calving Island and they do that so that the Bears and the wolves don't get them I got mainly the wolves but yeah I'm Plus this isn't appetizing for me so I'm sure a bear doesn't want to have a little rice ground beef and carrots all in one one five smelling up meat stench getting tossed around or anything for you guys like that I didn't really they just picked my nose I figured yeah Shawn cook up and while I said you stay over there like really no concern

all bid

now getting into the rhythm I'm certain to feel like I belong here starting to feel like it's rough like there's two people filming we think we're talking to each other 90% of the time where there's like what what is that good shot film lonely over there I better shut this off and go talk to him all right Sean in this letter e not by yourself now beautiful thank you for people forgive me Thank You people forgive me go for it okay good doesn't it sound okay it's a night follow beans and a nice Chianti fire Kevin cost or not Anthony Hopkins [Laughter]

so let's see what Shaw knows got nice walleye on a nice bark plate primitive guy have carve that up lagers are waived right one hand yeah this is my Thai green curry fish soup actually I usually make that stuff but that's a dried peas and carrots all that white stuff is coconut flakes and spice occur spicy Thai green curry I'm going to boil that first action to put rice too much what is the house I wonder how the coconuts you go with that the headstrong coconut yeah well typically what if I made that at home I would actually be spoken only the coconuts good huh yeah I didn't want to bring a can of coconut milk with no no just two big potatoes and yeah I couldn't cook beef tastes often just too big Shonda sounds a lot more fancy than me I can't do all that stuff I don't have I don't have the palate for it either I don't like it look it doesn't really help you slowly go off with more before all this guys nod point right now.we with guru who is guru yeah employ the water up first throw the rice in there cook the rice and then on 12 August Milton and then the fish laughter that's going to take a couple of minutes for you store the fish right into it yep jump it up he'll go fish soup for this guy my nose so red and big how you're doing by the way your fish here it's all right

the Johnson man that other while I still went off later for dinner before dinner 7:37 midnight snack it's awful a selectively not a portage do it cut add a couple Phillips a fish off that portage back there [Music]

and we'll fish I wonder if x x adobe fish can you think I can no all done eating now food was good I think we're going to a fish it's super rough on that side but calm calm on this side oh yeah I take two separate Daisy almost so I got to grab my canoe which I've already got up and this on the shore way up here but that's okay got my canoe grab my fishing gear and head out Mean Girls and walleye for walleyes she's coming in boys and girls almost like a real man made him a couple more years crazy our shelter didn't Johnny Island here you're saying if you go on the other side it to not even not even fun it's so windy or shovel groobly go fishing you got a little bit Sean might be a minute ere got to take a doo sir you know he's wrong now we go another nice night and woodland caribou nights or something him and I know I said that I already where they are there's something different or something special about the nights here for real you can really see the Northern Lights here to this far up north but not this coming here usually that's something on my bucket up on shore over there I think I'm done I I didn't get any bites job we will haul my canoe back up into the woods I don't want to leave it at the shore in case the wind kicks up and we're up hung up in the woods so a little bit of work to get it up there but the wind will take this thing away in a second so tight so light is Glen couple drinks there's no late a fire in the bush blood here something it's already like kind of 20 after 9:00 so get up earlier sleeps mate I think great day today was it was a good day woodland caribou

all right well it's bedtime it's 11 o'clock at night I know I said that I wasn't going to stay up late tonight what it is what it is try to go fishing no luck then we came back and sat by them not even by the foot Wyatt

oh there's we shot just by nothing no fire no bush way or anything just sad some chairs out a couple drinks to some whiskey and talked it was a good night I enjoyed it enjoyed it a lot just hanging out the other nights we haven't really done that because even though fishing and then come back and then just going to bed but fishings no good right now - wait he's getting pushed around and stuff what is this getting pushed around and stuff well yeah good night talking to buddy Sean shooting the shooting the bull crap and had a good night so it's super windy still it's a little bit light still you can probably hear the one in the background but I'm hoping tomorrow is a calm day today was well perfect with the amount of cloud cover we had we didn't get too much Sun good tomorrow's like that the same kind of thing we have a 1500 meter port Hodge which is the biggest portage of the trip tomorrow right off the hop we have like an hour or two paddle through the rest of the lake and in that port Hodge so we'll see how she goes and it's going to be rough I've bought the gear about two heavy gear so probably lots of breaks but anyways more fish more trip and more fun to come I'll see you guys in the morning take care take care see you guys in one are you going to bed you're not even going to bed Doug pointed out to me you guys don't go to bed when I say see in the morning sweet dreams anyway [Applause]

it's 5:30 right now I just got up to pee it does not look good over here it looks like the wind is like not looking probably change super gray super dark windy cloudy

I don't know that we're going against that wind today at all it's yeah she goes but this looks like a stormy day to me state for and we're supposed to cuddle so in harmony or for tires against that wind yeah I don't think see happen boom back to that for a bit all right guys

it's quarter up to eight here's Sean starna boto out there too so I want to get up now and we got to make a decision or discuss what we're going to do whether or not we change our route we stay here win deeds for the day because there's no way we're headed the same direction we were going so changing the road is definitely an option and I prefer to do that than just to waste a day laying around here either way it's somebody deal let's go out there and figure figure it out well we've been we've been sitting here eating breakfast and taking our time just making up some sage tea right now I think we decided that we're going to switch up our rope obviously as you can hear it's just it's not so tight right now there's no way we're paddling up eat the way we're going so we're going to go back to the site that we stopped at yesterday where we tried to fish by the rapids and then we're going to hit up the blood vein River which is really cool the Canadian Heritage River system and it's going with the wind as opposed to right into it so it's nice to be able to have that option to switch up a road and seeing is how we're getting picked up and playing a floatplane at the end of the trip we don't have to do a loop come back with the car we can get picked up pretty much wherever so yeah I'm happy with the decision yeah looking forward to excellent so that's always been on my bucket list you look good blood bank yeah yeah yeah poll currently did a trip there are years ago and ever since I saw that goes something I wanted to do is to hopefully good walleye fishing down at the bottom of those Falls to the rapids and then into the whole river system so I think yeah we're just taking it easy man we don't need to get anywhere today we just probably end up on another large lake down down the way but I'm sitting here for a few hours at least it's nice its opening will change the route completely depending on the winter heat like five thousand lakes like you said in there oh sure they're in upon them out so that I've seen this thing was going completely different direction I totally recognize you can't do this everywhere can't do this kind of thing everywhere so alright guys I'll probably get back with you own packing up again just taking it easy today babes Dietrich are complete can your mom hook we have reopen some safety it is stage time the guns to my GoPro attachment that I use on my boat broke yesterday the bead or crashed so I don't want to lose my GoPro or lose the ability to film those angles in the boat so I'm taking my emergency tape I cut a a pen an old pen tube wrap a bunch of this orange strong orange tape on it so I had this in my pit for a long time never really had to use too much of it but this is a well worth that in my opinion so hope we're hoping that they'll still have some flexibility and strength finger work out the work oh good

smooth that oh yeah well everything's been decided we are going to do that route we said we're probably going to try to make it to that lake that we were supposed to be picked up on originally it doesn't really matter because we do have a Sat phone if we need to call and switch lakes that we're going to be picked up on but I think we can make it there yeah I think we put the the camera the DSLR away just because it's a crappy day and do GoPro in the canoe today my legs are feeling a little weak today a day for a 4 is the reality check we don't have a map for campsites anymore because we're switching up the direction so jump the rope so it'll be and they're not marked obviously campsites aren't marked so we got to kind of circumvent the lake looking for them without our bush camp so it will be interesting it'll be an adventure within caribou pumped ATVs it is actually Wednesday hump day in that from here on out I think muscle memory starts to take effect and don't feel it as much you start getting in that rhythm you don't like the part of it I agree I agree you serious Sean just cut a fish we literally just get literally just getting in the boat to leave cast out and going it's almost clockwork here man you can catch fish here you know I can catch fish here lots of fish yeah definitely all northern play what are you using the MEPS spoons are the name that game over here exploring the jigs and speculate but I left the spoon off for a couple days now it's a nail we got some big waves going on here man the coming out after a few different directions here pretty crazy role is not that River where we'll calm down

put a portage around some Rapids and the wind will give us the whip whip off where the wind switch I mean see these dragonfly paintings everywhere so the dragonfly larvae will hat a little climb up onto the rock or something like that and hatch and bust out of their exoskeleton similar to a cicada and they're all over the place eating up all the black flies and mosquitoes to love in the dragonflies those are the rapids we just pour tossed around we were expecting there to be hot fishing right at the bottom is your Rapids but there's nothing surprise this should be full of walleye

and head down trying to find some deeper pools and fish there I really am surprised like normally something like that is where you catch fish you burn here behind me I'm going to check it on the upper blood being river this is a pretty typical burn of a book in a boreal flora so we have climbed this hill and see what we can see some of them it's pretty cool from see the fire scars all on the trees this is a different kind of feeling here kinds of undergrowth growing up as what happens after a burned the animals can come in here and eat a bunch of food and the new growth comes up one cycle starts all over again wow we got a ways to go to get up there trying to get way up there I see up on that clearing it's taking a lot longer than we thought it's quite a bit farther than it looks on the river can't even see the rivers you can't see the river man oh my goodness it's wasn't carob with a pine beetle and fire driven forests if you're interested in that kind of stuff and you want to learn about it there's a guy named winter trucker on YouTube and he's got a bunch of videos he's a real smart dude he lives up here thinks what he does check him out if that kind of stuff interests you cuz he would know heck of a lot more than I would just the river way down there [Music]

get the bugs oh my goodness we can see Jackpine and Aston from up here burned I think that was the majority of this forest very cool spot has a different feel to it man quite a different feel I've never been in a burn like this awesome

a little trim announcement shoots the weight the reason a cold trembling accent because they have a flat petiole petioles like a stem on a leaf and it allows them to quake coach humble some people call it quaking aspen if you don't talking about coming up to another rapidly reportage around this one too [Applause]

that's fine we're just not touching anything today it's crazy we thought that this river system with all its Falls and Rapids and stuff would be hot this is a really important fish in a river kind of thing and I like neither one forget any bites very confusing and very confused confused boy we're going to head out to a big river or sorry a big lake and I would assume that the fishing will be on par with what it's been for the rustic the the previous time on the trip it was hard to say I would assume that the fishing will be better like it's been before like it's been prior before there's the most of the lake we're coming into a camp honestly tonight is the nice big one so we're just going to head down the left side of the lake maybe troll once it gets a little bit deeper look for a nice camp spot crazy clouds coming in I just have my Len Thompson lured my big spoon down real deep got a bite pull it up the boat and as you spit it I saw a white flash 100 Billy but Shawn because sounds to be like a lake trout I wouldn't know I've never caught one but he did it I was very good going to have about 1 pitch today we're on the lake we're going to camp out I would love to catch electro for being our electro would just make my day this is electro lake we believe so hopefully that will happen a little shop hearing out the positive movement plus your fingers I got a fish dude oh yeah

oh come on big boy is a Laker Oh what are you what are you come up here come to me

monster wall I thought a Laker but a monster wall i biggest wall I've ever caught easy that's a big fish ah big old wall I get going baggy to bigger thing happy with that well fam very cool I was a flight to man I was a big walleye no Laker yet but at least I caught a trophy fish today and it was a monster biggest wall I have ever caught for sure now going to find my way back down the lake I got blown down here trying to fight that thing good I may regret letting that walleye go super hungry I want fish for dinner but he's holding out for that Lake so tonight I'd rather catch up a smaller walleyes hook up in that big guy but you will see we'll see how that decision went I'm not known for making the greatest decision sometimes you know you guys realized that yet clouds coming in and through that sky just not Gibran back in there too just not paddling here just enjoying the beautiful country kind of reminds the Killarney with all this exposed rock and stuff we're just marveling over it and all the time we hear just huge thunder went on for a few seconds up in front is just dark dark as night so we have no idea where there's a camp set on this lake and it is all a big burn so there's no cover anywhere and then the burns there's like three to five foot pine everywhere there's no clear ground nowhere to set up a tent in order to the cook in order to do nothing like this we really really need to go find someplace that's suitable to hang up and we do it this thunderstorm or camp because she's coming down it's going to happen real soon

see what I mean is dark does start very daunting right now try to make it to that island with the palm trees this is rough man we got to get off the water right now oh man it's dark sketchy man super sketchy we cannot find anything we're just going to have to camp on the Goulburn here not what we want it to do but it can't be on the water anymore at all that real bad you

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