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Another skills challenge by put on by Iz Turley over at

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alright this is going to be my navigation with the map and compass we're obviously out in the bush up north and ken just taught me a little bit about it so I'm going to we're at Royce lake boat right there and I'm going to try to get to the power lines here it's about a kilometer so first off I've got to orientate my compass alright so now I gotta walk due south so I put snooping the dog house and I'm walk-in that away all right I'm walking up a big contour line right get up his humble take another bearing show you guys how I do that okay had a little clearing so put soap in the doghouse and then line it up you go dead this way come to this clearing I've been walking through stuff like that and came to a clearing it's nice and sunny so I want to take a bearing here and find out what's going to go I know it's this way but if I know exactly how you probably can't see that in the camera but I gotta go right that way I'm gonna aim for ah that tree pretty thick back here that's a nice another nice little opening here some beautiful woods way off how do we go on that way

this is an awesome place here it's all pine in and moss look um pick the moss is a foot almost sinks in its really really nice very glad I'm doing this alright i found the power lines that's obviously them right there and here quite a ways off still but it looks like i'm coming to a cliff here and if that's the case i'm not going to them I'm not going down the cliff but we'll see alright so it's a bunch of boulders like this pretty steep let me see if I can it's not the biggest deal in the world pulley probably get around it but well there's a little true look at that now let's another one to climb all right that's as far as I'm going I gotta walk through all this scrub and everything and then it's just drops off here I found the power lines like I showed you and I could get to them if I that was my destination if it was imperative that I did you just keep following my bearings but I can see them now i'm i'm done i'm tired i'm going to go back to camp i think that took me 25 minutes it's about a kilometer or so so yeah maybe i'll show you how i plan on getting back alright so there's the power line the power tower i saw that dot and i think that i'm here on this contour and i'm trying to get back all right elbow there where it dips in at voice lake so I'm going to turn the compass can do with both hands and I'll get back okay so it's all set up I've got to go back North I came south so I just turned it around orientated the map to it and I've got to go back that way up that crazy yes I was thinking my way back and I found a trail and the trail goes somewhat which way in these ago so I'm going to take advantage of that and boss on the top or as much as I can this is a really good exercise taught me a lot and I'm happy to learn it actually it's one of my week one of my weak strong my week skills I guess all this trail is nice a mode of all conifers all red fine now i'm like in a hardwood stand deciduous forest all these leaves everywhere pretty colors alright so i made it back to camp which is awesome ken must be still out doing his this is a camp same camp say that me and my buddy Steve that had a video on that as well

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