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Off Grid : Man and Dog Live in Canvas Tent


I interview my friend Clint, on his decision to sell his house, and move off grid into a canvas tent with his Husky, Nanook.

Clint's Channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXEiY7vLtN3iQt1xX16owsg

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

so right now we're in a forest on a fifty acre parcel - my parents own we're in a canvas tent that I purchased about a month ago now I set it up with the idea to live in it right now I've got a house in the city where I've been living I've lived in the city for probably five years now about a house and then another house and I spend all my time on my free time out here the ten I'm living in is 14 by 16 canvas tent that I got from canvas tent shop I've got a wood stove that will heat this thing well down to minus 30 and I'm sure beyond that it'd still be livable it just wouldn't be that nice balmy 70 degrees right now I've got it set on a high piece of land it's got a dirt floor but the plan is to build a deck instead of running deck board on it I'm going to be running plywood stain it varnish it throw some rugs down get this thing up off the ground I've got a window out the back the doors both open they've got clips on either side at the clip - so you can have an open porch I can get it up to 80 degrees in here in a matter of 10 20 minutes and really nice there's a lot of dead ash trees around in our area because then rolled ash borer came through years ago so on this property I still got probably two or three cords of wood just in dead trees laying around so I've got a chainsaw I've been cutting those up in the future I do plan on buying cords of wood and hauling them back here putting them in a woodshed I'm going to be putting running solar panels out the back where there's a there's a field out there so now the probably a couple hundred watts of solar so I can run a freezer fridge in here in charge devices like

like laptops and stuff like that I want to be more in control and responsible for the life I live but if I want electricity I'll set up solar panels if I want water I have to go fetch it and I have to watch how much I'm using I have to find better ways so that's that's definitely a huge part of why I want to be out here for sure I'm just to reduce my impact to have the house and have this and not all of a sudden here you're consuming a ton of stuff just to keep that going and I found for me a lot of those things aren't what I want like I want to I want to take care of myself more than rely on other people to take care of me and have to continually keep that that ball rolling constantly you start to wonder why you need so much to to be happy and that's that's what I just started thinking well why don't I just do this all the time why don't I find that balance in my life that I'm comfortable with things uncomfortable with doing without things that I want to have I'll find a creative way to to make it happen and so yeah that's so I'm here now right now to store food that that's perishable I've got a cooler at the side and I've got ice packs and I'm fortunate enough that my parents have a house on the land and they've got an extra freezer so I've been swapping ice packs out of there every couple days it's been keeping my food well I just think ahead if I want to eat something that day or the next couple days I get the meat I cook it right away and and do that in it for backup I can put it in the cooler if I want to extend the life of it so the adjustment

food-wise that was one of the things that was

worried about I didn't know what I was going to do and I just kind of came out here and started doing and found that it's it's not that inconvenient at all to just have a cooler for now and there's a lot of good options for freezers and fridges that run off of they're made to run off solar in his hunting season right now as well so I've been fortunate enough to you know get some small game and most of what I've eaten lately has been wild game which has been awesome I was just up north and got some grouse so I had one of those in the pot got a squirrel the other day so if I can keep keep this rolling for a while it's cheap and it's it's about as healthy as you can eat oh yeah it's it's such an amazing feel anyone who hunts or fishes knows or grow has a garden even you you have so much satisfaction out of harvesting your own food whether that's with a gun or you know digging it up in your garden it just it makes you feel good you know where it came from you know what it's been eating and this there's there's also a satisfaction that it's kind of hard to define that you get out of it as well just a personal you feel independent you feel confident now I mean yourself being able to take care of yourself that way what I like to Clint's channel and the description below

his channel is called sold outdoors I highly recommend checking out you can already tell what kind of guy he is through this interview and just an asset to learn about this kind of stuff so I appreciate you guys watching I thank you very much for letting me have this or coming yeah for sure well uh beer yeah thank you for the beer Mikkel Chronicle more daddy pups I'd sounds good take it easy guys but I don't actually have any more daddy pocket it's just in Roos do need a spittoon

or they may look a legit hugger anybody got a spittoon out there let me know Quincy need

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